Dark Mirror

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He nuzzled my hand, wanting to feel my fingers touch him.

“Yes, pet.” I acknowledged, watching him rub his face across my knees.

He pushed upward, kissing playfully across my thighs, his eyes eager to please.

I indulged him, he’d been very good today, obedient and ready at my call.

As he should.

I reclined further upon the chair, letting my legs fall open slightly, allowing him access.

He pushed up on his elbows, his face darting forward, his lips kissing my skin, his tongue tasting me.

His eyes were now half closed and I could feel his hard on bump again my calf.

I slouched further down, open my legs and letting his mouth travel upward recklessly.

His mouth was hot and sucking wetly against my skin, setting my nerves on fire.

I gritted my teeth, retaining my sanity.

I grabbed his hair roughly, and directed his face to my cunt, feeling the coolness of his sharp intake of air, the slight pause in which he luxuriated in the feel of me.

He rubbed his nose against my clit, his tongue reaching forward to the slick honey oozing from my body.

I could feel his fingers trembling on my hips, daring to halkalı eve gelen escort touch me, daring to move me on the chair to allow him more entry.

I could feel tremors in my chest, from wanting him so badly; anger that made me not encourage him further.

He began to kiss my clit, soft, beautiful kisses.

His tongue pushed between my lips, curving and licking me steadily.

I fought the buildup, not wanting to allow him to make me come so soon.

I felt his face move down, his tongue move below my cunt to my asshole, probing and licking.

Unbearable, I thought, watching his dark head between my thighs.

His tongue pushed into my asshole, moving in and out, tasting me.

I arched involuntarily on the chair, beginning to slide off and not caring.

He slowed my fall, pulling me gently to the floor with him on my back, continuing his assault on my senses.

I could hear slurping sounds coming from his mouth, hear the gulps that showed me that he was swallowing everything he could lick.

My teeth clenched, my nerves on fire, my nails digging into my palms, and I was certain halkalı grup yapan escort that if he stopped for a moment, that I would expire on the spot.

He pulled away suddenly, coming up, daring to position his body above mine.

I watched his beautiful face, dewy and wet and glistening and saw the premonition in his eyes.

And it was clear, that he wasn’t asking.

Without hesitation, I lifted my arms around his neck and for the first time, kissed his perfect lips.

They were soft and hard at the same time, grinding into my mouth, making me taste myself– making me taste his need.

He was plunging his tongue in and out of my mouth wildly, uncontrollably and I couldn’t get enough of it.

And at that moment, he pushed his cock into me.

It was the first time, him and I.

And with an exquisiteness that I hadn’t known existed, he pushed himself into me, twisting his hips and making me throw my head back, my mouth open, my eyes squeezed shut.

It was like the sensation was too much for me to take in all at once.

He did this repeatedly, my thighs on either side of him, halkalı masöz escort my nails leaving scars upon his shoulders, his eyes taking me in like dark mirrors.

And then it was too much.

I exploded, shudder after shudder hitting my body, sobs that I didn’t recognize coming from my throat.

He kissed me, his tongue feeling the tremors in my mouth, myself incapable of anything except taking in the sensation.

It was more than ecstasy, more than heaven.

And I saw in a moment of clarity, that his eyes were exultant, like a dark angel.

He continued his thrusting, his motion smooth and uninterrupted.

He moved his face to my throat, his hands going underneath my shoulders to cradle my head and he fucked me harder, pounding me into the floor.

My legs went around his waist and I could feel another tremor within my body.

I felt wetness on my hands and knew that I had drawn blood from his back.

I heard him groan, low in his chest and knew he was ready.

“Please.” I whispered. “Come for me.” He gasped, his orgasm beginning.

I heard him growl my name, his fingers digging into my hair, his cock thrusting desperately into my body.

He calmed, slowly, lazily, drawing it out.

His body was damp and hot on top of mine, together in me.

He whispered my name again, his breath moving across my skin like a caress.

We lay there, on the floor, wrapped in each other like wings.

I smiled, secretly to myself.

I’ll keep him, I thought, smugly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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