Darlene Chapter 1

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Isnt it great when your young, you can look past so much that as you get older you look back and wonder why you put up with it or why you allowed yourself to stay in that situation.

Back around 1998 I was late twenties, and I had a great job as training manager with a automotive company, that offered me sensational pay, travel all round Australia and brilliant hours. It also offered me many opportunities. One of them was the opportunity to purchase a franchise that worked within the automotive industry in a field that I had a clear knowledge of and a heads up of the fourth coming opportunities. Short answer was I purchased the franchise, employed a guy called Scott to do the manual labor so to speak, thus allowing me to maintain my cushy training manager job.

Scott used to go to all the franchisors factory restock all the supplies we required and then attend the dealerships we dealt with, with all the goods and services we supplied to said dealerships.

I was a pretty easy going boss with Scott, he really only worked 4 days a week offering him a pretty good work/home balance, we only dealt with dealerships that didn’t try to cut us down on price all the time and it allowed my franchise to be rather profitable and lucrative, unlike some of the other ones that were working their ass off.

Anyway we had been operating for exactly a year when I said to Scott it was our first birthday, I asked him and his wife out to dinner, Scott asked if he could invite a few staff from the franchisor, that was fine. So Scott invited the store man, David as that was the guy that always got the products for him, the accounts girl, Darlene as she was always very helpful and the receptionist Julie as she too was always helpful. I had no issue with that as Scott was doing the right thing, I told him make sure he invites their partners as its rude not too.

That Saturday night Scott and his wife, Julie and her boyfriend, David and his wife, Darlene and myself(I was happily single at that point) all met at a restaurant in Georges Hall(South West of Sydney). As bizarre as it sounds I kind of felt the odd guy out as whilst it was my business I wasn’t the front person. Dinner proceeded and everyone enjoyed themselves. Darlene being there on her own and me being single meant we kind of gravitated to each other, and being rather blunt she was pretty cute, she was maybe a few years older than me, and she drank like a fish, I just figured seeing I was paying for the dinner she was taking advantage of the situation, we all do.

Anyway dinner kind of finished and Julie and her boyfriend left, David and his wife asked Darlene if she wanted a ride home, she kindly refused saying she would be fine so they left, leaving Scott, his wife, myself and Darlene. We moved to the bar and had a few drinks, Scott and his wife asked Darlene if she wanted a lift to which she kindly refused, I thanked Scott for all his help and his wife came over and gave me a kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear thank you Scott is so happy, thus leaving Darlene and I.

I was driving so I wasn’t drinking a lot, I turned to Darlene and suggested I would drop her off home then go home myself, it was around 11pm. Darlene looked at me and she was pretty drunk. We were sitting on barstools looking at each other, she was wearing a pretty short skirt and really sheer pantyhose and high heels. She smiled at me at suggested we could do that, she giggled and said lets go. I threw my credit card on the bar and it was promptly taken and charged.

I signed the receipt and stood to leave, Darlene stood and she was a little unsteady so I gave her my hand, stabled her and off we walked, I opened the door, helped her in my car and got in myself. I started driving out of the car park and asked where she lived, I was a little miffed by the fact it was pretty much in the wrong direction to where I lived. I had only been driving for ten minutes when Darlene leant back and basically passed out. Women I thought, she needs to manage how much wine she drinks.

Twenty minutes later we got to her house, and she was still dead to the world, I shook her a little to try to wake her up, she didn’t stir. I switched the car off and thought what should I do now. I shook her shoulder harder and all it managed to do was make her mumble something. I looked at her legs and those sheer pantyhose looked so good, I couldn’t resist, so I ran my hand along her leg, stopping at her bottom of her skirt, it felt great. Knowing I could not keep doing that I, got out and walked around to her side, opened her door and lifted her from the seat. This still presented a issue as she lived alone and I needed to open the door. By this time I was at the front patio, so I put her down on a seat on the front patio and made the decision to go through her handbag.

Eureka I found a set of keys, I opened the front door, feeling like a stalker turned the front lights on and went back to lift Darlene up again. I couldn’t resist this time I put my hand under her skirt to lift her and my other arm behind her shoulders. I got her in and laid her down on the lounge. Darlene stirred a little but she wasn’t awake. Anyway I felt like a stalker so I made sure she was ok then I left and went home.

That night I got home and had a slow wank wondering how it would feel to tear a hole in those sheer pantyhose and screw Darlene while she was passed out, as I came I wondered what it would be like to cum on her pantyhose.

The next morning Scott rang and said Darlene had rang him and she wanted my mobile number, I said that was fine.
30 minutes later my mobile rang and it was Darlene, she sounded pretty hung over, but she was antalya escort bayan thankful that I dropped her home, she also asked if she left her high heels in my car, I had no idea but I suggested id look, she said why don’t I come over to her home that night for dinner, a way of saying thanks and I could drop her heels off. No worries id said id be there at 6pm.

As I had a shower I had no idea if I was going to get lucky tonight or if I was just going to get a meal, at about 6pm I arrived at Darlene’s house, she was dressed in black leggings and a cream singlet. I had her heels in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, to be honest I thought after the amount she drank the night before there would be no way she would want anymore wine but I was wrong, she took the wine and left me with her shoes. She told me to sit in the lounge and relax while she got me a drink. 2 minutes later she returned with 2 glasses of wine and sat beside me, we both drank our wine and made small talk. The more I looked at her the more I thought Darlene was a pretty attractive woman. She asked if I wanted the TV on and I said sure why not, as she got up to get the remote I was trying to work out if she had any panties on as there was no panty line.

She sat back down beside me and turned the TV on, normally TV doesn’t interest me but I do often have it on when im alone, I guess more so just for a noise. Darlene and I continued making small talk and after about ten minutes I slid my hand around her shoulders. Darlene naturally leant over and put her head on my shoulder. Within a few minutes we were holding hands and a few minutes after that we were kissing pretty passionately. Darlene broke away and said she needed to get dinner plated. I politely asked if she required any help, to which she suggested I refill the wine glasses, my glass was still three quarters full hers was bone dry. There she was plating dinner and I had a nice look at her behind. I poured the wine and then as the table wasn’t set up I asked where we were eating dinner, she just said on the couch.

I went back to the couch and put the wine on the table, Darlene called out if I wanted any cheese on my pasta dinner., I said sure sounds good, a few minutes later she was back with two plates of lasagna. We ate whilst making conversation and to be blunt I would rather have been kissing her as we were before dinner. I finished my plate and Darlene had finished her plate as well as her wine, she took my plate, her plate and her glass and came back with a filled glass. She put her glass down and turned and we started kissing again. Pretty soon it was pretty intense again and soon she had me turned almost lying on the lounge and she was on top of me kissing me and grinding her hips in unison with mine. Whilst we were both still dressed it was pretty clear I was rather horny as she was grinding against my hard cock. I slid my right hand inside her black leggings and soon discovered she was wearing a g string.

My hand squeezed her ass cheeks, and soon my hand was freely fingering her pussy from behind, after a few minutes I felt Darlene quiver and shake a little, I didn’t think she was going to cum just yet but I was pretty sure she was enjoying herself. Darlene stood up, and started undoing my jeans, within a few minutes my shoes and socks were off as well as my jeans and undies. There I was my lying on the lounge my cock flying hard, Darlene was about to start sucking my cock and that wasn’t quite fair as she was fully clothed, I suggested she strip off a little, soon she had her leggings off as well as her singlet. Darlene didn’t have big breasts they were a very perky B cup, but she had gorgeous small dark nipples that were rock hard. Darlene was determined to start sucking my cock and she started by gently sucking my swollen balls, every one of her moves was slow and intense, she used her finger nails to gently tickle the underside of my cock, I really thought I was going to unload my cream there and then, soon she swallowed my cock, her tongue swirling around my member, her fingers were now gently kneading my balls. Her head was bobbing up and down and every now and then I would see her big brown eyes looking up. It wasn’t long before I felt the need to cum, I think I may have told her, Darlene started using her tongue with more vigor, and took as much of my 8 inch cock in her mouth as she could, she tickled my balls with her finger nails and that was enough to send me over the edge, I unloaded my cum deep in Darlene’s mouth. I could see her hungrily swallowing my cream. Not a drop spilt

This was all fun and good but I wanted to have a little fun with Darlene. It was my turn to please her. Darlene was up next to me on the lounge and we hungrily kissed, I stood and Darlene laid on her stomach, I told her to roll over and she said later she lifted her hips and slid a pillow under her thighs, her pink g string looked incredible and her pussy was presented waiting to be taken. In fact her ass hole looked like it too was begging to be fucked. Darlene slid the g string down a little and shook her thighs a little making sure I knew what she wanted. I was going to part her legs and she told me like this, her pussy was presented from behind, her legs were closed tight and I positioned myself behind her and kind of on top and slid my rock hard cock into her tight pussy, in fact it was real tight and it felt like I was fucking a 16 year old teen.

It dawned on me that I had no protection on, it must have dawned on Darlene too as she turned her head just as I was about to ask the age old question, Darlene told me she was on the pill, hearing that blissful statement I started fucking escort antalya this tight pussy like there was literally no tomorrow, Darlene grunted and moaned, all the time her hips met mine, she begged me to keep going as she was about to cum, and cum she did, she moaned, she called for god, she called for me, but most of all her pussy was squeezing my cock and very quickly that feeling came over me, I pushed my cock as deep as I could into Darlene’s pussy, and stream after stream of creamy cum shot deep into Darlene’s pussy. She told me she felt every stream squirt into her pussy. I collapsed on top of her my cock still buried deep in her pussy.

I asked her where that came from and she whispered she needed me. I slid off her and it was pretty clear Darlene was spent, I wanted some more, but Darlene was gonna need a little time. I laid beside her on the lounge and after a couple of minutes I could see she was regaining a little. I sat up and pulled her pink g string completely off, Darlene turned her head and I said I want more. I sat her up on the lounge but spread her legs and pulled them up, presenting her little cunt for the taking, she wasn’t shaved completely down there she had a little tuft of pubic hair above her little pussy. My cock instantly rose and soon I was teasing her slit with the head of my cock. Darlene was telling me to fuck her, but I was gonna tease her, I slid the head of my cock in, then slid it out and let it slid up over her clit, Darlene shuddered and got her hand and forced it back in. No I slid it out again and again let it slide up her slit over her clit.

Darlene begged to be fucked, and I put both hands under her arse cheeks and lifted her so my cock was just inside her pussy, she had her legs wrapped around me pulling me in. I wasn’t ready to just fuck her just yet, I wanted to tease her a little more, I eased her down on the lounge, the head of my cock still in her willing pussy and I took my hands off her arse and started pinching her nipples. Darlene’s eyes open wider and she again used her leg muscles to try to pull my cock in deeper. She used a more aggressive voice and told me to fuck her. I kept pinching her nipples as I started pumping her pussy. As my cock drove deep into her pussy Darlene told me to keep pinching her nipples. I pinched her nipples and pumped her pussy, Darlene’s legs were still wrapped around me trying to pull me deeper into her willing pussy. Darlene’s hand started rub her clit and soon she had a rather powerful orgasm, again finding religion, she begged me to cum in her pussy again. I pushed my cock deep and Darlene felt my moment as she locked her legs around me not allowing me to pull back and at that moment I came, stream after stream of cum in her pussy. Darlene smiled and said I must like to cum a lot.

We stayed in that position for a couple of minutes, she was still gently quivering and her pussy was still squeezing my cock. I pulled my shaft out of her pussy and dribbles of my cream leaked out of her pussy. Darlene got her finger and wiped up some of my cum from her pussy and then licked her finger. Darlene looked at me and said she needed a drink, I too could do with a glass of water, I said I will get her a drink, she said the wine is in the fridge. I had water but got Darlene a wine from the fridge, to my surprise the bottle I brought was already in the garbage empty, there was more wine in the fridge.
I did wonder then as I had only drank about two thirds of my glass how much Darlene had drank. I took her glass filled with wine and gave it to her, she was still naked on the lounge. She moved over a little and I laid beside her, holding her from behind. Within a few minutes I don’t know if it was her being naked or whatever but soon I was hard again, Darlene felt my cock poking in to her and she lifted her leg and threw it over me and used her hand and guided my cock back into her drenched pussy.

Darlene bent a little to ensure I completely filled her pussy with my cock, I used my left hand to rub her clit and soon Darlene started to quietly moan a little. I was pushing into her slowly, and rubbing her clit at the same time. Darlene asked if she wanted me to put her leg down as that may make her pussy feel tighter, I didn’t want her to move she felt great, wet and loose but she was so easy to fuck like this. In fact I said I wished she was wearing pantyhose because I wanted to feel her legs in them, she laughed and moaned as I was really working her clit harder at this point. Just the thought of her sheer pantyhose was making me fuck her harder and within a minute I thrust deep and blew my load again. This was the first time I had came before Darlene and she told me not to stop rubbing her clit, she was gonna cum and cum she did. Both of us stayed in that position for about ten minutes, my semi hard cock still in her pussy.

With suddenness Darlene rolled over and looked at me and said did I want to fuck her in her pantyhose, I said absolutely, I have always had a thing for stockings so I thought this was just a progression of that thought. Darlene got up and returned with another glass of wine for herself. I wasn’t counting the amount she was drinking but it was pretty clear she drank alot. I was hoping she would return with just her pantyhose on. We laid on the lounge naked for a few hours just cuddling I think both her and I were pretty spent. I know I was not used to cumming that much when I had sex before.

We must have dozed off on the lounge as I awoke to Darlene kissing and saying come on lets go to bed. I looked at the clock and it was after midnight. I got up and followed her to the bedroom, Darlene had a great little arse antalya escort and I wondered if she would let me. We hoped into bed and Darlene started kissing me and soon my cock was ready to play again, this time Darlene climbed on top of me, this is exactly what I wanted as I could use my hands to play with her tits or hopefully squeeze her arse or even better finger her little arse hole and see if she would let me go further. Darlene was riding me, my cock was completely engulfed by her pussy. She leant down and I kissed her neck a little and Darlene was starting to breathe heavily in my ear. As I couldn’t get my hands on her tits I used them to grab a arse cheek each, squeezing, massaging and rubbing her arse cheeks. Every now and then id let my fingers slide down her butt crack. Darlene seemed to have guessed my intentions and made it pretty clear she didn’t do anal. Bugger. We continued and both came pretty much within a few seconds of each other. Whilst I was disappointed I hadn’t completely given up on the thought of getting into her arse.

I awoke to her alarm at 6.30am. Darlene kissed me and soon I was on top of her, my cock hard and deep in her pussy, Darlene had her legs wrapped around my waist. After three or four minutes I felt Darlene quiver and within a few thrusts she came and within a few thrusts after that I unloaded my cream in her still orgasm quivering pussy. Darlene jumped up right after and said she had to get ready for work she needed to catch a bus. I said bus, don’t you have a car, Darlene looked at me and said she had lost her license because she was caught driving drunk. Again I thought problem here, but hey the sex is great. I told her slow down I would drop her off at her job. Darlene smiled and went to the shower suggesting she needed to wash all the cum out of her. I got up and decided I needed a cup of coffee, I was a little surprised to find two dead wine bottles on the sink, again the little guy in my head was overruled my the lump in my pants. Darlene got out of the shower and I asked her if she wanted coffee, she said yes so I made her one and made my way into the shower.

I got out of the shower a few minutes later and started processing what I was supposed to be doing today, the start of the working week. I dried and walked back to Darlene’s bedroom and she was dressing for work. This was fine as I got to see a little bit of a show. First up a black lace g string, matching black lace bra was thrown on the bed, in fact all her bras and panties were matching as I got a little peek in her underwear draw. Next much to my delight came a pair of pantyhose, Darlene looked across at me and winked. This little bitch was teasing me. Knowing full well I was gonna get horny. I got up and my cock was already hard making it look like a tent pole in my underwear. Right then right all I wanted to do was screw Darlene, she on the other hand was gonna control the situation, she pulled the pantyhose and g string down just below her arse cheeks and leant up and over the bed, presenting her little pussy. I couldn’t resist her but I wanted to taste her sweet little pussy as I hadn’t had that opportunity yet, my tongue probed her little slit, she smelt absolutely sweet and she tasted better, I knew time was running out and I had to hurry up, but I couldn’t resist gently letting my tongue run across her arsehole as I finished. I wished I could have spent a hour licking her sweet little cunt but I knew she had to get to work. I got behind her and slid my hard cock into her doggy style. My hands had her by the waist and I was pulling her into meet each one of my thrusts. Darlene was really moaning, I grabbed her hair with my left hand and she turned and said she didn’t like that, she didn’t but I was on the edge of just doing what I wanted to do.

Darlene was really getting into this and I soon felt her fingers rubbing my balls, I knew she was gonna orgasm and this was going to be her biggest. Her fingers were alternating between tickling my balls and rubbing her clit. Darlene’s orgasm was building quickly and she told me not to cum in her pussy as she didn’t have time for another shower, she said cum on my pantyhose, please baby cum on my pantyhose. I was close but I wanted to try one more time, I let my right thumb rub her pussy lubricating it, Darlene was really moaning and my cock was aching to squirt in those sheer pantyhose. I let my thumb start rubbing her arsehole and Darlene screamed she was about to cum, she moaned my name and at that point I let the tip of my thumb slide into her little arsehole. Darlene turned her head but she bucked her arse a little towards me and a little more of my thumb slipped in, at that point I knew I was gonna cum, so I had to pull my cock out, Darlene grabbed it as it slid out and pushed the head down towards her pantyhose and black lace g string. Stream after stream of creamy semen sprayed into her pantyhose, coating her lace g string, coating her pantyhose. My thumb was still in her arse only to the first knuckle, Darlene was still moaning and telling me she had never experienced a orgasm like that. My cock was still twitching and still in her hand, I had never came so hard and with so much semen.

Darlene turned and said look at all my cum, she said it would turn her on all day. I slid my thumb out of her arse and she took my right hand and sucked my thumb. She looked up and released my thumb and told me if I keep her that happy she may change her mind about anal. With that she rolled out from her position and pulled her g string up, it was drenched with my cum, then she pulled up her pantyhose they too were drenched with cum. Darlene looked at me and said maybe next time I might leave my pantyhose on for the night if you promise to cum like that again.

I dropped Darlene at work and made my way home, thinking about what I could get up to next……….. Read Chapter 2!!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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