Daughters and Fathers Ch. 13

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“Oh, Daddy, that was so good!” Maren exclaimed softly and kissed him.

He agreed with an “uhn-hnn,” as their tongues caressed. She retrieved hers and whispered:

“It was so good the first time, enough, but I just couldn’t stop wanting more.”

He nodded and replied:

“And we got it, … thank you.”

“Um-hmm, … thank you! … Oooh! I got to go! Or I’m going to leak right here.”

“Hmm!? More than you have already?”

“I hope not!”

They chuckled as he stood up, and his cock slipped out of her pussy. She did leak a little, snorting as she felt their juices run down her ass. As he helped her off the table, she reached down and held her pussy closed, giving him a wry smirk before she replied:

“Hurry, I can’t wait. Want to do that too? I do, but I have to go first.”

He nodded with a smirk, and they hurried to the bathroom. He dropped to his knees in the tub, and her stream sprung out when she released her hold on her pussy. It splashed on his chest, and then he lowered his face in it, opening his mouth and catching it, gulping, as he grasped her ass and drew his mouth closer to her pussy. He wondered a little about what he was doing, but admitting to himself that he liked the raunchy postlude to their having sex. His open mouth was on her pussy, when her stream died down. She chuckled warmly, when he licked, and held his head, then drawing it up, murmuring: “Now for me.”

He rose up, and she dropped down, glancing up at him and then expectantly looking at his still elongated cock. When his stream appeared, she immediately reached out and directed it up to her face, letting it splash, before she opened her mouth and began to gulp, almost successfully swallowing it all, until her mouth was closed around the head of his cock. She swallowed the last of his stream and then caressed his cock with her tongue. He snorted and murmured:

“Nice, but don’t think anything else will happen.”

She nodded, still caressing, then raised her head with a grin and replied:

“I know; I just like to do it.”

He snorted with a nod and helped her stand up, and they showered together, silently, just exchanging smiles. They dried themselves and went to bed. She lay with her head on his shoulder and drew her thigh over his. When she cupped her hand around his cock and balls, he slid his hand over her side and held her breast.

“Nice, … a lot better than Britta’s date,” she murmured.

“Um-hmm,” he agreed, then adding: “a lot better.”

They were silent. As he was dozing off, he wondered about having so much sex with his daughter – with both his daughters – but excused himself with the thought that his wife knew and had accepted that he did, as he had accepted that she was sleeping with her father – no, tonight with her brother.

They were still lying like that a couple of hours later when the sound of Britta unlocking the door stirred them. When she turned on the light in the living room, Maren’s hand cupped closer around his cock and balls, waking him more fully and reminding him that he was lying with her, and indicating that she was also awake. They heard Britta snicker, and then the light was turned off at the switch next to the bedroom door. In the faint light of a summer night in Norway, he saw her enter the room and heard her snort and remark softly:

“I thought so.”

Maren turned her head and replied:

“Of course.”

“Hmm! You sure didn’t waste any time – your clothes on the chair in the living room.”

“Hm-hmm! What did you expect?”

“Hmm! Just that, I guess.”

Britta was already taking off her dress as she added:

“Oooh! I’ve got to go.”

She disappeared, and the light went on in the bathroom. As they heard her going, she remarked loud enough for them to hear:

“My panties are all wet. After the movie, we had a beer and then found a dark place to make out. He thought we could do it, and I sure wanted to, but thought it too risky, just did it to him. … Hm-hmm! He must have been saving it all week.”

They heard her flush and then turn on the water in the washbasin and then snort, adding:

“I told him that I hoped I would get mine when I got home. He snickered and asked: ‘with Maren?’ I agreed, of course, but I wasn’t really thinking about her – about you.”

Maren snorted and replied:

“I know why,” and then whispered to her father: “Can you again?”

Hmm! Maybe, with a little help.”

She fondled his soft cock in response, and Britta turned out the light and joined them, crawling under the covers from the other side of the bed. He extended his arm and offered his shoulder for her to rest her head. When her hand found Maren’s fondling his soft cock, Maren nodded on his shoulder and said softly:

“I’m just trying to help; he said he thought he could, ‘with a little help’.”

Britta scratched in his hairs, turning her head up to him, and murmured:

“That would be nice, just what I was hoping.”

“Um-hmm, with Maren’s help.”

They antalya escort all chuckled softly, and Maren began to fondle his cock more purposely. Then her hand stilled, and she chuckled again, remarking:

“Oh, I can do what I missed before.”

As she began to move down the bed, her sister asked:

“You missed something before? Seems unlikely.”

“It was already all stiff before I started; we had been kissing.”

“Hmm! And you like to start when it’s soft?”

“Don’t you?”

“Um-hmm. If that’s the kind of help you need.”

“Sounds like a good idea. … And I could see if you taste as good as I remember.”

“Mmmm! Also a good idea.”

As Britta began to move up on the bed, Maren said:

“Yes, good idea. Oh, move around, and we can do it like we did that time in our room.”

He and Britta knew immediately what she was suggesting, As Maren moved off the bed, he twisted around with his hip at the edge of it, and then Britta knelt over his face. He felt his soft cock slip into Maren’s moist, warm mouth, and then he was licking Britta’s pussy, soon tasting moisture that wasn’t from her just having washed it. His cock slowly – deliciously slowly – grew longer and fuller and then stiffened.

For a minute or two, it seemed that Maren had forgotten that she was supposed to just help, and Britta was obviously enjoying what he was doing, encouraging him with pleased moans. But then she urged Maren to raise her head and moved down his body. One of their hands guided his cock to her aroused opening. As she lowered her hips, and it slid into her slippery, tight, warm pussy, they both sighed with a moan. He felt Maren’s fingers caressing and jostling his balls and heard her begin to lick Britta’s clitoris, eliciting a pleased and encouraging moan from her. He reached up and fondled her nipples. “Um-hmm!” she agreed and clasped her hands over his.

Then he relaxed, except for his fingers’ squeezing and rolling Britta’s nipples, enjoying the arousal of his cock when her pussy clutched it, and enjoyed the thought that there couldn’t be anything nicer than his and Maren’s wanting to give Britta the pleasure that they had experienced in the evening.

They were; she was purring, and the pulsing in her pussy confirmed her arousal and shared it with him. For what seemed a long time, she managed to enjoy just being passively aroused, but then her hips began to move, twitching to and fro on his cock – much to his delight. He felt that his sack had drawn up, Maren’s fingers just clasped tightly around his balls. Britta’s hips began to move more insistently. He drew his feet closer to the bed and began to rock his hips up. She gave a louder moan and murmured: “Yes! Fuck me!”

He did, drawing her back and fucking as hard and fast as he could in the tight clutching of her pussy. “God, yes!” she gasped, then just gasping and groaning, as his cock pumped in her pussy. Her hands had left his and were clasping her sister’s head to her clitoris. Her body convulsed, and a spurt of her hot pussy juice wet the base of his cock and his tight sack. He grunted and came, feeling his semen spurt again and again in her pulsing pussy. He continued to fuck her, until she gasped with a final groan and relaxed, pushing Maren’s head back.

They panted and sighed, his stomach rising and falling under the weight of her body. Maren licked her wet hand and then his sack and murmured: “As good as it was for me.”

He thought that she was being more polite than honest, but hoped that Britta liked that she had said it. She replied: “And a lot better than I was hoping, when I told Lars that.”

They all chuckled and were silent for a moment. Then Maren drew his softening cock out of her sister’s pussy and licked up it, catching the fluid that oozed out. Britta snorted and fondled her hair. Then she licked his cock, up the back of it and then on each side, and then sucked it into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue. He snorted and murmured:

“Now we don’t have to wash. Thanks. Come in bed.”

Britta rolled off him and they moved back around, as Maren joined them, drawing up the covers. He lay with his arm around Britta, holding her breast, and Maren curled up behind him, sliding her hand down to hold his soft cock and sack, and they fell asleep lying like that, as they so often had in the cabin.

They were still lying like that in the morning, except that Maren’s hand had dropped away, and his cock was poking between Britta’s thighs. When he awoke, he unconsciously moved it a little. She murmured:

“If you want to,” and rocked her hips back.

“Not really, just got to go.”

“Hm-hmm. … Hmmm, … but come back. Hm-hmm! I want to see if you taste as good as I remember.”

“Hmm! If you want, … but it won’t be as much as Lars’.”

“Almost too much; … as long as I can taste it.”


Maren chuckled and rolled back to let him roll towards her and clamber over her under the covers. He went to the bathroom and used the washbasin, antalya rus escort holding his cock down. It had relaxed by the time he finished and rinsed the basin. He returned to the bedroom, surprised to see that the girls had flung back the covers and were lying waiting for him, Maren with her head already on Britta’s thigh, both of them grinning at him, as Maren raised her thigh invitingly. He stopped for a moment to enjoy the view of his naked daughters, grinning in return, as his hand unconsciously jostled his loose sack.

He joined them, sliding his thigh under Britta’s head as he drew Maren’s hips closer and buried his face between her thighs. Maren turned her face down on Britta’s thigh, and Britta rolled her hips towards her, drawing her other thigh up over her. Her lips slipped around the head of his soft cock.

Many minutes later, they relaxed and rolled back, three hands finding a breast to fondle, as they exchanged satisfied hums. After a few moments, Maren murmured:

“Nicest thing to do in the morning, but now I’ve got to go.”

“Um-hmm,” the others agreed.

Maren got up and went to the bathroom. Britta and her father snorted when they heard that she wasn’t using the toilet. Britta moved around and put her arm around him, and they embraced, just lying comfortably together with their legs overlapped, as they heard Maren run the water to rinse the bathtub. She returned and snorted, asking:

“Nice, but you’re not planning to do anything else, are you?”

“Hm-umm. Just ‘nice.’ … Hm-hmm! Just wanting to hug the man who fucked me so good last night.”

“With your help,” he added.

“Um-hmm. … Want me to start breakfast? You have to shave, and maybe Britta wants a shower.”

“Um-hmm, but I like the way she smells now … and tastes.”

Britta smirked and offered her mouth for a good kiss. Maren snickered and went to the kitchen. The others also snickered, continuing their kiss and drawing their thighs up between each other’s crotch, as they hugged closer. Then they relaxed with chuckles and grins and got up. He shaved, while she took a shower, and they joined Maren in the kitchen.

Britta noticed the dried spots on the table and floor from his and Maren’s fucking. She snorted with a grin and wet the dishcloth to wipe them up, remarking that she didn’t have to ask what they had done.

After a hearty breakfast and cleaning up, Maren looked out the window again, and said:

“Oh, good; it looks like it’s going to rain all day.”

“Why good?” her sister asked.

“We don’t have to think of something to tell Mother about how we spent the day.”

“But we’re not going to spend it in bed, if that was what you were hoping,” he replied.

The girls smirked, both shaking their heads, and Britta replied:

“Of course not, just as she said.”

“We’ve still got all night,” Maren added with another smirk.

He smiled wryly, suddenly wondering if his wife -their mother – imagined that they had such conversations, then wondering how she envisioned that he and their daughters spent the weekends when she wasn’t there – but she was sleeping with her father and brother. That went through his mind so quickly that he could reply:

“I’m going to read the Sunday paper – all of it. Maren, put on your dress and get it.”

She smirked with a nod, smirking again as she made a performance of rocking her hips and holding the skirt up so that they could her nipples pop out of sight as she pulled the waistband down over them. While she fetched the paper, Britta got towels for them to sit on, returning as Maren came back and gave him the paper, then letting him watch her gather up her skirt and reveal her red pubic hair and then her breasts again, as she pulled her dress over her head. He snorted and gave her a grin when her face reappeared.

He handed the girls the inside sections of the paper, and they sat down to read. Before he finished the first page, he looked up and remarked:

“I don’t know about you two, but it’s too cool to just sit around like this.”

As he got up, Maren smirked and suggested:

“We could all read in bed.”

“If you want to, … in yours.”

“That wasn’t what I meant.”

“I thought not.”

Britta put her paper aside and agreed with her father:

“You’re right. We don’t have prove anything by staying like this.”

“Hmm! Sensible older sister, always agreeing with Daddy,” Maren remarked.

They all snickered and went off to put on something, he and Maren taking their clothes from the previous evening with them. They rejoined wearing sweaters and long pants and returned to reading, then passing around the sections of the paper.

When he was perusing the women’s page, he recalled that Maren had started arousing herself the previous afternoon. He glanced past his paper. She wasn’t. He snorted slightly, wondering if he had wanted to discover that she was, or maybe just had her hand up under her loose sweater, antalya ucuz escort holding her breast. He finished his reading and looked up and asked:

“Anyone want a beer? Have to drink a couple so that you can return the empty bottles tomorrow morning.”

The girls nodded and smirked slightly, understanding that their extra supply of beer for the weekend had to be reduced. He got up and returned with three open bottles, and they said “skaal” and drank. He sat back down and picked up the paper again, just pretending to read as he wondered how they would spend the rest of the day and the evening. He was pretty sure, more just wondering who would suggest that they take a nap after lunch: Maren, who hadn’t been fucked since the previous evening – but then so good! Or Britta, with the excuse that she hadn’t gotten much sleep? He wasn’t going to suggest it, although he admitted to himself that he knew that “a nap” wouldn’t be just that, and that he – obviously – was more interested in what else it would be.

With sips of his beer, he slowly emptied his bottle, relieved when Britta took the initiative and suggested that it was time for lunch. He agreed, and they all finished their bottles. Maren immediately agreed to help her sister prepare lunch, and the girls got up. He remained sitting and thanked them. As they went to the kitchen, he wondered if they had been having the same thoughts.

After a while, they called him to the table, where three fresh bottles of beer were opened. They sat down and ate, making talk about what they had read in the newspaper. They finished their second beers more quickly. As they were clearing the table and putting things away, he was a little surprised at his suggestion that it would be easier to wash dishes after dinner. His daughters immediately agreed. They were out of his sight, so he couldn’t see their exchange of slightly smirking smiles behind his back, but he heard Britta add:

“I could use a nap.”

“Me too,” Maren immediately agreed.

“Nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon,” he heard himself agree.

The girls gave him a smile as they joined him with the last things from the table, and they all returned to the master bedroom. They all snorted slightly as they took of their sweaters and pants, revealing that that they all had foregone underwear. Naked in bed, the girls curled up with their heads on his shoulders and their thighs over his. He obligingly spread his and drew them up a little between theirs.

They all snorted , and he murmured:

“Just a nap?”

“Not unless you really insist?” Maren replied, squeezing his thigh between hers.

Britta snorted and squeezed his other thigh between hers. He snorted and remarked:

“I guess not. Whatever you want, as long as I can just lie here.”

The girls chuckled, and their hands met on his crotch. He chuckled as he felt their fingers settle which girl’s fondled his cock, the other’s slipping down around his balls. His hands found one of their breasts in response, and they nodded on his shoulders and then chuckled again. He felt one girl’s other hand slide down between them and find her pussy. When the other one’s hand did the same, he wondered a little about their common response to his fondling their breasts, squeezing one’s nipple and then the other one’s. He snorted and asked:

“Both with the same idea?”

“Really?” the girls both murmured.

He thought he felt their cheeks move on him, envisioning their grinning at each other across his chest. Then one nodded again and replied:

“Just seemed like a good idea.”

“Um-hmm, since you just want to lie here,” the other agreed.

“Whatever you want, … as long as you remember that.”

The girls snorted with another nod, and their fingers began to fondle him more purposefully. The ones on his cock doing the obvious, the other girl’s gently massaging his balls, and then rubbing below them, easily finding his asshole, since his thighs were spread between theirs.

“Um-hmm,” he responded.

He felt their hands moving on their pussies, and his cock began to stiffen. The girls’ thighs tighten on each of his, and they all chuckled in anticipation. He knew Britta was arousing his cock and that it was Maren’s fingers rubbing his asshole. Whatever they wanted to do, he thought, wondering how they would agree. Maren’s finger was beginning to probe. His cock was fully stiff in Britta’s hand. He wondered if he should have been surprised when Maren murmured:

“I want to fuck; … you did last night.”

“Hmm! If you insist, … as long as you do something for me.”

“Hmmmm! And you, for me.”

“Hmm! But I want to stay under the covers; not like last night.”

“Couldn’t do it to you that way, anyway.”

“I’m going to just lie here,” he remarked.

The girls nodded with chuckles and continued to arouse him for a few moments. Then Maren murmured:

“Then we’re going to have to do it like when you wake up with your cock between one of our thighs.”

“But I’m not going even to roll on my side.”

“Hmm! You’re being difficult; … then we are both going to have to lie on you.”

“Hmm! Something new. … If you want to.”

“I do!”

Maren’s finger probed a little deeper, and he snorted in response and then added:

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