Dear Diary – An Entry

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Many girls and young women keep a personal diary where they capture their thoughts and feelings. I was an exception thinking it was foolish and silly until I began an affair with someone and since I couldn’t trust anyone to keep my secret, I found writing it down allowed me a vehicle to share my happiness, innermost thoughts, and feelings.


Thursday, May 16th

Dear Diary –

The room was dark and eerily quiet, I lay there on the bed naked curled into a fetal position. Without realizing what I was doing, anxious, and a little frightened, without thinking, I raised my hand to my mouth and began sucking my thumb. I remember my Mom once said that I had sucked my thumb until I was almost four and that usually, it was when I was unnerved or anxious about something that I would find comfort in doing this. Over the last six months, I had begun to think of him constantly, especially when I touched myself at night. Maybe because of this, I had embarrassingly started antalya escort unconsciously sucking my thumb again.

I knew he would come to me; he had come almost every night for the last week. I was torn . . . I mean, I don’t think I was afraid of him or anything like that, it’s just that it hurt when he put it inside me, and I didn’t like it when it hurt. He had held me and kissed me that first time, saying I was a big girl now, a woman and that only babies cried when a man loved them.

Despite my resolve not to fall asleep, I did and was surprised when I awoke to the sensation of him gently penetrating me from behind. I was relieved that it didn’t hurt as much as it had before and that this time he seemed to be taking his time.


Having rolled me over onto my left side, he opened my legs wider, and taking my top leg, rested it on his hip as he slowly stroked inside my small, tight pussy. I loved him so much, it almost made my pussy ache when I thought lara escort about him, what he was doing, and how much he enjoyed being inside me. I began to moan and push back against him; wanting him, in turn, to thrust deeper into my no longer virgin, unprotected pussy. Even before he had shown me what a man’s pole was for, he told me that I was now a grown woman and if I truly loved him, I would allow him to pleasure himself with me and be submissive to his desires. I was happy to do whatever he wanted.

Realizing that I was now awake, he reached over my hip and began fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples. I remember how not so long ago he would tease me mercilessly about my pointy, puffy tits with their hard, erect nipples, but now all he seemed to want to do was take them into his mouth and suck them.

Oh, God, it felt good.

He pulled out of me and rolled me onto my back, his hand going instinctively between my legs. I could hear and manavgat escort feel my breathing becoming faster, and I looked up into his piercing blue eyes and mouthed the words, “I love you.”

Moving between my legs, he began licking me with long, full swipes of his tongue. He slipped his fingers inside my pussy and smiled when he felt my muscles contract around them. I enjoyed a man’s touch, particularly this man’s.

“You know I don’t want to hurt you again, don’t you? Just relax and think about how good it’s going to feel.” After a few more minutes of pumping his fingers in and out of me, he said with confidence in his voice, “You’re nice and wet now, I think you’re ready baby.”

He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders, and I could feel the pressure of him entering me.

“Oh Baby, OH FUCKING SHIT you’re so fucking tight,” he groaned, overcome with the pleasure of riding me. He closed his eyes and began to fuck me harder.

I knew he was about to cum and holding him tightly to me, I whispered into his ear, “Daddy, Daddy, I’m cumming,” and kissed him hard on his mouth only moments before his body stiffened and he shot a large load of cum inside his daughter.


Dear Diary, will have more for you tomorrow . . . TTFN.

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