Deborah , Alexis Play!!!

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Final part of my trilogy, hope you enjoy reading xx LS xx

Debs and Lexi showered, got dressed and went down into the kitchen, only to hear their voices being boomed from the television in the lounge. “For fuck sake guys I just had to go through that,” Lexi complained, as she walked through to the lounge.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about Lexi, you enjoyed every fucking second of it,” said Debby in a sultry tone whilst following her lil sis through to the lounge.

“Bloody hell Debs you look damn good on film my girl,” Lexi said, settling down on the sofa to watch the television.

“You don’t look bad yourself Lexi,” Debs replied with a smile, before sitting beside her sister on the couch. “No don’t switch it off, it’s coming up to a good bit,” she added laughing.

“I wasn’t going too, I’m starting it from the beginning, are you watching it with me?”

“Yeah why not, but only if we can open that bourbon you brought?” Debs replied.

“Okay then, I’ll get us some tumblers, and you sort the DVD out,” Lexi instructed.

Debby for once did as she was told; she was really looking forward to watching her little film, she never got to see the Manchester version. Lexi returned to the sofa with bourbon and tumblers in hand, pouring the drinks, she made sure they were large ones as she anticipated a bit of Dutch courage would be needed; she hated having photos taken, never mind starring in a homemade porn movie. It did make it easier though as the guys weren’t anywhere to be seen; Handing Debs her drink she joked, “Roll VT my beautiful co-star.”

“Oh what a shame the boys are going to miss it,” Debby said sarcastically, before starting the movie and then taking a drink.

“Fucking hell Debs, your tits look even bigger on screen,” Lexi said in a lustful tone; clumsily trying to kick off her shoes she spilt her drink in Debby’s lap.

“Lexi, you dizzy cow, I’m going to have to get changed now.”

“No you don’t, just take it off, it’s see through anyway; and I might want to grope your big nipples,” Lexi joshed.

Taken somewhat by surprise Debs looked at Lexi and said, “Okay then, but I don’t want to use any toys!” Then removed her dress; it didn’t really conceal much anyway. She had secretly hoped that Lexi would ask to play! Her pussy was getting wetter by the minute; watching the movie really turned her on, she needed to cum just a few more times tonight, she was insatiable. Posing herself provocatively at one end of the sofa, she watched as her lil sis crossed her legs one way and then the other, her breathing getting faster and deeper, Debs smiled and said to Lexi, “Just take off your clothes and come here, I want to give you something nice!”

“Don’t think I could take it twice in one night, well not like that anyway,” Lexi joked pointing to the TV screen.

“Look I told you no toys, I promise. Anyway I hope you enjoyed it, I loved Manchester!” Debs replied with a wink.

With that Lexi couldn’t get her clothes off quick enough; “So what is this something nice?”

“In that case on the table there are some bottles of oil, choose one and I will massage you.”

“Oooh okay then, not had a massage in ages,” Lexi replied excitedly. After several minutes, she finally picked one Nutmeg and Black Cherry. “Yeah this one will be lovely, thank you,” she said turning round to Debby. She was more than excited at the thought of Debby’s hands touching her body again that night.

“Erm good choice, now come and lie on here for me, face down,” Debby said pointing to the leather padded coffee table.

“I’m not going to fit all of me on there!”

“I don’t want to massage all of you.” Debby replied. “Do you want to have a massage or not?” That said Lexi draped herself over the coffee table, making sure that Debs could get at the bits he wanted to;

“Okay, I’m ready!” she said to her big sis in anticipation.

Debby poured some oil into the palms of her hands and began to gently massage Lexi, starting at her shoulders moving sensually down back to her shapely ass, Lexi could do nothing but groan, Debs asked, “How’s that then Lexi, hope you like it, would you like me to massage your front?”

“Fucking hell, yes please Debs,” Lexi groaned desirably. She turned over slowly, revealing once more her waxed pussy, which was glistening in the dimmed light of the room, her nipples were more than erect and her tits were soft to the touch. Debs continued to massage Lexi’s body, trying to control her wanton urges to kiss and caress the body that lay before her; Lexi’s groans were getting louder and her breathing was becoming deeper.

“Are you enjoying this sis?” Debs asked, smiling and knowing that she needn’t have asked the question.

“YES, YES,” Lexi cried, “Please don’t stop there!” she begged, as Debby reached antalya escort her pussy.

“Why lil sis, are you asking me to make you cum,” Debs said in a lusty tone.

“Yes please,” she replied, easing open her legs to reveal a dripping wet cunt; just the kind that Debby likes.

Debby knelt on the floor and began to kiss Lexi’s pussy, slowly moving to her rock hard jewel which she began to lick and suck, making Lexi mew like a kitten; with her fingers she teased her cunt firstly putting one and then two deep inside her; Lexi’s jewel began to throb beneath Debby’s tongue and her cunt was dripping sweet honey all down her big sis’ arm, she knew that Lexi was very close to the edge. “Don’t stop Debs, please don’t stop!” Lexi groaned. Debs sucked her love button even harder and began to thrust her fingers up Lexi’s cunt.

“Ooooohh, fffuuuccckkk, don’t stop, yes, yes, yes,” Lexi screamed as her body tensed, beads of sweat dripping down her body. Debby continued to thrust her fingers in and out, she wanted her sis to squirt, she had her mouth there ready to catch Lexi’s sweet, honey juice; She didn’t need to wait long, what felt like wave after wave of juice flowed from her lil sister’s cunt and she swallowed it all not losing a drop…

“Fucking hell Debs, that was fucking fantastic, I can’t believe you are so good at it.”

“Believe it or not I’ve had loads of practice!” Debs replied with a wink.

Debs held out her hand to help Lexi up from the table, to her surprise Lexi said, “Let me lick your cunt, I can see its wet;” beads of Debs’ love juice trickling down her thighs.

“You can later, but for now let’s have a drink.” Debs replied smiling, knowing she had another thing on the agenda before she would let Lexi go home.

“Aww okay then, but haven’t you just had a drink?” Lexi smirked.

Sitting back down on the sofa, Debs topped up the tumblers with bourbon, gulping hers down so that she could put a proposition to Lexi.

“Bloody hell Debs, slow down a bit, we won’t be able to roll around on the floor like we used too when everyone was out of the house. Do you remember?”

“Yes I remember what fun we had as kids, back then it was innocent.” Debs replied whimsically.

Taking Lexi’s advice, Debs slowed down with her drink; after all she wanted to feel the benefits!! They sat on the sofa like two book ends, the difference being they wanted to pounce on each other like wild cats, each wanting to devour the others pussy. “Hey Lexi, remember that time in the garden when we were messing about?”

“You mean when Dad caught us using the hosepipe,” Lexi laughed. “That was when we were about eighteen, nineteen, wasn’t it?

“Yeah I think so; do you remember what we did afterwards? Debby asked lustfully.

“No not really, show me again,” Lexi replied playfully.

Putting her tumbler down, Debby crawled along the long sofa; like a purring cat, her back arched; longing for her sister to play once more. “Well we were doing this,” Debs said kissing her sister. “Now surely you remember?”

“Erm yes I do,” Lexi replied licking her lips; then slowly pushing her sister back towards the other end of the sofa; falling purposely face first into her stomach. “Oh dear, where do I start first!” she teased; firstly lapping towards Debs pussy, and then lifting a hand towards her awesome tits.

“Please start at my tits and work your way down,” Debby pleaded, her cunt getting wetter at the thought of her lil sister devouring her body.

Lexi did as Debs asked and started with her tits; making her sit in an upright position, spreading Debs’ legs she knelt in between them and started to caress and suck her tits paying particular attention to her huge nipples; they were rock hard, like bullets she sucked them for what seemed like ages, Debs was groaning telling her not to stop; Lexi continued to squeeze the mammoth nips, but slowly began caressing her way to Debs’ sweet honey pot.

“Oh Lexi that feels so fucking good, don’t stop baby,” Debs mewled; spreading her legs wider so that Lexi could get even closer.

Lexi spread Debs’ pussy lips wide revealing her rock hard love diamond, glistening with her sweet juice in the glow of the light; slowly Lexi licked the hard jewel, Debs groaning in ecstasy, sweet honey juice dripping from her cunt. Lexi lapped at the escaping nectar her tongue probing deeper into Debs’ delicious honey pot, before flicking her jewel once more to the point of no return; Debby’s groans and mewls getting louder, her breathing becoming deeper, shallower…

“Please, please fuck me with your fingers?” Debby screamed lustfully. Her lil sis began slowly pushing two fingers into Debs’ cunt, before starting to thrust harder and harder all the time still nibbling on the delicious love jewel; bringing her big sis serik escort to an earth shattering climax. Debs began to paw at the sofa with her nails gripping into the cushions, her body tensing and her thighs beginning to grip Lexi’s head; not wanting Lexi to stop licking her rock hard jewel.

“Open your legs Debs,” Lexi whispered. She released the hold on her lil sis’ head; Lexi unleashed her tongue once more, lapping all the way from Debs’ clit right down to her cunt and plunged it deep inside as far as she could reach; drinking every last drop of her delicious sweet nectar. Once again her body went tense, her wanton groans now much louder than ever…

“Oh fuck … I’m coming, aaaaahhhhh, yes, yes, ooohhhh, don’t stop, yes, yes!” yelled Debby ecstatically, her body starting to go limp like a wilting rose, as the sensation left her.

Moving back onto the sofa next to her sis, Lexi whispered, “How was that then?” into Debs’ ear, and then began kissing her passionately sharing the nectar that was still on her tongue.

“Fucking fantastic baby, now let’s cuddle like we used to,” Debs replied; snuggling up to Lexi. The two of them sat there nuzzling and caressing each other’s bodies, their hands moving over each other’s tits and pussy’s as they kissed wantonly.

Breaking off a kiss Lexi asked shyly, “Debs can we have a roll around on the floor like we used to?”

“Yeah why not,” she replied with a beaming smile.

Lexi kissed her then took her position on the floor.

“Bloody hell Lexi you’re keen! Here put this throw on the floor, I don’t want splinters in my arse from the floor,” Debby said.

Lexi laughed and put the cover on the floor, Debby hesitantly walked over to where her sister was kneeling. “Are we playing by the same rules?” Debs asked.

“Of course, why change them now,” Lexi replied adding, “Are you scared of losing?”

“No I was just making sure that’s all,” Debs said tentatively.

“Now come on get on the floor,” Lexi ordered laughing.

Debby knelt on the floor her love jewel pulsating from the anticipation; she could already feel her love juices being released and trickling down her leg; Lexi always won when we played this game. “Are you ready now Debs?” Lexi asked.

“Give me a minute, stop rushing me,” she smiled, “Right now I’m ready.”

Lexi made her move knowing that if she could get Debby on her back, she would almost certainly win the first point; the first one up to three points get to do whatever they want to their opponent; so Lexi lunged herself at Debs, pushing her softly to the floor; holding Debs arms above her head whilst straddling her body with her legs either side, pinching and gently twisting her massive nips, sliding her fingers into her waxed pussy and rubbing her rock hard love jewel. Debby started to breath heavier almost a pant, Lexi rubbed harder, knowing that her sis was close to orgasm; she let her groans build up for a little longer and then stopped. She climbed off Debs and held out her hand to help Debs off the floor…

“Aww, why did you stop? Debs asked with a confused look on her face.

“Because my lovely, we are having another drink and then we will continue; and I think its one nil to me!” she replied sassily.

“Come sit beside me,” Lexi said patting the sofa next to her. Debby reluctantly took a seat next to her lil sis; Lexi put an arm around her and Debs began to suck on Lexi’s tits making her groan in ecstasy; turning into Lexi’s side she then slipped her hand between her lil sisters legs pushing them apart, longing to reach her love button and beyond; slow sensual, rhythmic movements towards her waxed pussy and down to hard throbbing love jewel, rubbing sensually feeling Lexi’s icing melting on her cupcake; Debs couldn’t wait to get her tongue down there for a taste of her sis’ sweet juice; “Lie down baby let me eat your cupcake,” Debs suggested to Lexi.

She lay down and Debs lapped at her pulsating jewel licking it over and over as if it were a candy cane; Lexi’s groans lustful, wanton of her imminent orgasm… “Please lick me where you used to?”

“Tell me baby, where is that? Debs asked, with the air of desire.

“Rim me please, rim me?” Lexi pleaded.

“Lie down on the dining table and I’ll rim you my sweet sister,” she replied lustfully.

“You mean in the dining room! You want to eat me in the dining room? Lexi asked.

“Yes I want to eat all of you off my dining room table, do you want me to?”

“Okay then, but no toys you did promise.” Lexi reiterated.

“No toys, I swear, now please lie on the table,” Debs pleaded; knowing full well that the bananas were just ripe enough to eat!! Lighting the candles she knew this would turn Lexi on.

Softly placing herself on the table Lexi asked, side escort “Am I okay here?”

“No, please move up a little more,” Debs said watching her sisters cupcake glistening in the candle light; “You do want me to eat you all, don’t you!”

“That’s perfect, now which part do I eat first!” she said licking her lips.

“Eat all of me; start at the top and work your way down,” Lexi said lustfully.

Debby started by kissing her sis adoringly, whilst squeezing her ample tits pinching her nipples, Lexi groaned with ecstasy; tenderly nuzzling her neck making her way down sucking her now rock hard nipples; Debby gently kissed all over her sisters soft, voluptuous body; reaching with her hand she caressed Lexi’s fleshy pussy, pushing her fingers inside her dripping wet cupcake and with her thumb she gently massaged Lexi’s rock hard love button…

“Yes, yes please don’t stop!” Lexi whimpered softly.

“Oh I won’t, I promise,” Debs replied pruriently.

Debby stopped using her thumb on her sister’s jewel and began to lick, suck and chew it; Lexi’s body started to buck like a wild horse, beads of sweat trickling down her belly; her jewel began to pulsate beneath Debs’ tongue; sending Lexi into a frenzy…

“Aaaahhhh mmmmmmmm, yes yes, don’t stop, licccckkk mmeee, please please,” Lexi shrieked.

Debby reached for one of the bananas, peeled it and started to push it into Lexi’s cupcake; her lil sis began to mew like a kitten, thrusting herself up and down onto the banana, “Fuck me, fuck me,” she cried;

“I can’t,” replied Debs, “You said no toys, remember.”

“What the hell were you just using then?”

“This, do you want a bite?” Debby answered, holding up the banana before taking a bite, “It tastes even sweeter now!”

“Okay then, I am a bit peckish,” Lexi said laughing.

They ate the banana end to end meeting once more at each other’s lips, kissing softly; Lexi said “That was gorgeous thanks Debs,” before resuming the kiss but with more passion. Debby’s hand glided again over her sister’s pussy and cupcake, slowly massaging her mound, she slipped a finger into Lexi’s cupcake; making her open her legs, she moved down from her cupcake and gently began to finger her lil sis’ asshole, Lexi was loving it, her cupcake dripping its sweet icing; Debs couldn’t resist the temptation and once again began to lick her lil sisters cupcake lapping up her sweet juices, she didn’t stop there Debs continued down to Lexi’s asshole, delving her tongue deep inside; Lexi screamed ecstatically and Debby began thrusting her fingers quickly in and out of Lexi’s cupcake making her sweet juices gush out and down onto her waiting lips, Debs tried her best not to spill any, swallowing it all.

“Fucking hell that was immense,” Lexi gasped lustfully.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” Debs replied smiling and kissing her sis; sharing the sweet taste on her lips.

Whilst the naked sisters were kissing Tom and Alan came in through the patio doors; reaching the dining room where Lexi was still lying on the table…

“What the fuck have you two been doing?” Tom asked smiling.

“Each other,” Lexi replied adding, “You don’t mind, do you Tom?”

“Yeah sorry you both missed the show, it was even better than the other two we made,” Debs said teasingly.

Both Tom and Alan looked at each other in bewilderment, trying to hide the fact that their cocks were getting hard, very hard and quickly;

“Why didn’t you call us? We would have joined in,” Alan asked Lexi before kissing her.

“Girls only, sorry babe,” she replied smiling.

“Are you ready to get off there now? Has Debs finished with you for tonight? Al asked looking at both of the sisters.

“Oh go on then you can have her back for tonight!” Debs said smiling, before once more giving Lexi a smouldering kiss.

Alan scooped Lexi up off the table and carried her into the living room placing her on the sofa; pouring them all a drink they began to chat about Maddy,

“Who was that mysterious woman here earlier Debs?” Tom asked.

“That was my old friend Madeline from my University days,” Debs replied, “we had such fun, but tonight with Lexi took my memories back even more,” she added looking lovingly at her lil sis.

“I’ve had fun too Debs, you’re the best!” Lexi said beaming a huge smile towards her sister.

“So Debs…” Alan started to say.

“No I’m not telling you now, I’ll tell you another night,” she laughed.

“Where did you two disappear to tonight then?” Lexi asked.

“Oh I took Tom to the S&M club,” Al replied.

“So you met Maddy again then!” Debs smiled.

“Yeah we did, we’ve got the marks on our arses to prove it,” Tom laughed, winking to Al.

“Did I forget to tell you she was the new Mistress at the club… she is a woman of many talents!!!!” Debs sniggered.

They all laughed and drank their drinks, then drank more much more…

Thanks for reading; I hope you enjoyed the trilogy…

Loosening up Deborah
A lesson from Deborah
Deborah & Alexis play!!!
xx LS xx

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