Dee’s Roadside Encounter

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Dee was bored. Her husband was out of town for several days, camping with his friends, and she had the next two days off from work, but she hadn’t really found anything to do with her time yet, so she had puttered around the house all morning, and now she was going shopping. There wasn’t anything she truly needed to buy, but it gave her something to do.

As she drove, she heard a singer on the radio whispering, “I want you so bad,” and she realized that besides being bored, she was also horny. Her husband didn’t seem to notice her often anymore, and their sex life had been reduced to a quickie once a week or so. Her right hand dragged across the crotch of her jeans as she drove, and she promised herself that she’d take a leisurely bath later, and see if she could relieve some of her sexual tension by taking matters into her own hands.

Still lightly playing with herself, and humming along with the sexy music, she guided the car onto Old Stage Road. This was her usual route to the mall, since it was quicker and had less traffic than the main highway. Old Stage Road also ran along Ormand Park, which was lush and beautiful in the late spring sunshine, and she smiled as she enjoyed the fresh scent of lilac drifting in as she drove.

An unexpected humming startled her mind back to reality, and she quickly turned the radio down. The hum grew louder, and she felt a light jiggling of the car. With a groan, she realized that something was wrong with the car, and she glided onto to shoulder and pulled the car to a stop. She turned off the engine and got out to look her car over. Sure enough, the left front tire was flat. Dee cussed under her breath and realized her day had just taken a turn for the worse. She had changed a flat tire once before, and was confident she could get it done, but it was going to spoil her afternoon. She was glad to be dressed casually in jeans and a light cotton blouse. As she opened the trunk to get out to jack, she smirked when she remembered she wasn’t wearing panties or a bra. She suspected that the guys at the tire shop might give her a discount later, if they liked what they saw.

Standing behind her car, with the trunk open, she decided to have a smoke before getting busy on the car, so she lit up and leaned against the fender, watching the birds darting around in the nearby trees. She then noticed a young man as he jogged along a trail in the park, about a quarter of a mile away. As he jogged along the trail, it intersected with the road, and he ended up jogging toward her on the shoulder. She expected him to run by, but he slowed to a stop .

“Hi,” he said, “Need a hand with anything?”

Surprised, she answered, “Yes, I mean, no, it’s just a flat tire. I can handle it.”

“I don’t doubt that, but I’m happy to help, and it’s easier with two sets of hands anyway, right?” he asked, smiling at her. Dee noticed that the jogger was maybe a touch older than she first thought. She guessed him to be around 40, roughly the same age as herself. And she also noticed that he looked very fit in his running shorts and tank. She decided a little diversion halkalı ucuz escort would be nice, and might give her a fresh image to think about later after her bath.

“OK, thanks!” she replied, “My name’s Dee, by the way.”

“Hi, I’m Rich,” he said, and shook her hand while looking directly into her eyes. She felt a tingle of excitement. Something about his gaze seemed flirty, even though his words were innocent. “OK, let’s get this show on the road,” he stated, and started pulling the jack and spare “donut” tire from the trunk. In a few moments, he had the jack positioned under the frame, and was lifting the car up slowly. Dee knelt next to him, noticing the light sheen of sweat on his body. She was glad that she was wearing her favorite perfume, because this guy was making her quite interested!

As he worked, they made small talk. Dee said that she was simply going shopping at the mall, and Rich explained that he was in town for business meetings the next day, and was just taking a short jog around the park near his hotel. He also said he planned to go buy some dress clothes at the mall later, and asked Dee if she could suggest a good store for that. She said there were several good stores in the mall that he could try.

Within about ten minutes, the tire change was done, and Dee was slightly disappointed that her time with Rich would end so soon, so she offered, “Hey, thanks a million, the least I can do is buy you a sandwich. I mean, a persons gotta eat, right?”

Rich grinned at her, “Yeah, that’s true, but I need to get back to my hotel, shower and then find a store.”

Dee shot back, “Perfect! I have to go get a new tire, and I was planning to go to the mall anyway. So I can drop you off at the motel, and you can shower while I get a tire, then we could meet someplace in the mall.”

“OK, on one condition,” Rich answered, “The one favor I would ask of you is to help me pick out some business clothes that match. I’m horrible at that. So if you’ll help me with that, I’ll buy our meal.”

“Sounds great!” Dee shot back, realizing that she just made a date to go out with a man she found quite attractive. She wondered if he felt the same. She had noticed his eyes on her more than once while he changed the tire, and he had caught her once looking at his shorts. But everything seemed outwardly innocent, so she told herself it was simply a meal of gratitude, and they were helping each other out.

As she drove Rich to his hotel, Dee explained that her day was free, because her husband was out of town, and that she welcomed the chance for some company. Rich answered that he too was married, and not in the habit of going out to eat with pretty young women, but that under the circumstances it made sense. Dee felt a shiver run through her when she realized Rich had just called her “young ” and “pretty”. Her husband hadn’t said anything like that in many years, and it felt exciting, dangerous, and wonderful. When she dropped Rich off in front of the hotel, he touched her hand, and said, “OK, I can clean up and be at the halkalı üniversiteli escort mall in about an hour. It’s an easy walk from here. Where will I find you?”

“How about Robert’s Menswear, then we can decide where to eat?” Dee asked, and Rich agreed. She drove to the tire center, got a couple of appreciative glances from the workers, then went to the mall.

About 3pm, she walked into Robert’s, and found Rich already there, browsing among the dress shirts. He asked her opinion on a few shirts and ties, and she helped him find perfect matches. He tried on a blue shirt, and she couldn’t resist running her hand across his chest as she checked the fit. She said it looked hot, and he whispered “Takes one to know one, Dee.”

After he made his purchases, they walked through the mall searching for a place to eat. Finally Rich offered, “Ya know, I’d be happy just getting a takeout pizza and a six-pack of beer and inviting you to my room, if you’re up for that?”

“OK, why not?” Dee gushed.

Forty five minutes later, they were sitting in his room, each on a wooden chair with the pizza on the bed corner next to them. By the time they had finished most of the pizza, Dee had downed three beers, due to nerves, and she was glad Rich had bought a twelve-pack. Her buzz made her relax a bit, and she asked, “Do you mind if I take off my shoes and put my feet up?”

Rich grinned at her and teased, “Babe, you can take off whatever you want!” They both laughed at that, although Dee also felt her nipples harden at the thought, and she wondered if he noticed she was braless. Rich moved the pizza box to the table, and she slipped off her shoes and rested her feet on the bed. He reached over and started massaging her feet, saying, “I kind of have a thing for pretty feet; you don’t mind, do you?”

“Mmm, hell no, I don’t mind, that feels amazing!” she blushed. As Rich continued kneading her feet, she felt herself getting wet, thinking about (and hoping about) where things were heading. Dee moaned quietly once or twice, and Rich smiled at her.

“It sounds like this is doing something for you, but it’s also doing great things for me!” he winked. With that, he lifted her feet and placed them on his lap, where he continued massaging them. Next to her right heel, Dee could feel the swell of Rich’s cock, as it made a lump in his jeans. As he worked on her feet, the lump grew, and she found herself slowly wiggling her foot against it. Now it was Rich who moaned lightly.

Suddenly, Rich stood up and said, “Wow, that’s feeling great…maybe too great. I better get another beer,” as he started toward the cooler on the table. But Dee grabbed his arm as he walked past, and pulled herself up next to him.

“Wait a sec,” she begged, “This is one of my favorite songs, how about a quick dance?”

“Um, OK,” Rich stammered, and she pulled him to her. Their bodies began swaying together, partly from the music, and partly from the buzz, she thought. Now she could really feel his hardness as it pushed against her tummy. It felt large haramidere escort and stiff, and she fought the urge to grab it. She noticed her breathing was rapid, as was his, as he nuzzled against her hair.

His hands drifted down her back, and held just above her hips. She felt him pressing against her, and he mumbled, “Mmm, we probably shouldn’t be doing this.”

Dee’s hands were slowly caressing Rich’s back, as she whispered, “I can’t stop, and I don’t want to anyway.” With that, she lifted her face and kissed him, softly at first, but more firmly and passionately as his lips responded. She opened her lips and felt his tongue hungrily tasting her own. Her body was on fire as she felt Rich’s hardness grinding against her tummy, and her body pressing back to him. Her breasts were standing firm, pushing against the fabric of her blouse, and Rich reached up to cup her left breast in his hand. He squeezed, and she felt herself melt into him. “Oh god, that feels great,” she sighed.

De felt herself being gently pushed backwards, and when the back of her thighs touched the bed, she found herself slowly dropping onto the bed, with Rich on top of her, still kissing her urgently. Now his hands worked the buttons of her blouse, freeing her breasts from the confines of the silky fabric. He firmly groped each breast, then lowered his mouth and sucked a nipple into his mouth, which caused Dee to gasp in surprise and pleasure.

She felt more wetness between her legs, and wondered if she had soaked through her jeans. Her right hand reached down and pushed against Rich’s hard cock, swollen even larger than before. She unbuttoned his jeans, and they both helped slide them off his hips. He stood a moment while sliding his jeans off his legs, then he lay atop her again, and she pumped his cock in her hand.

Then he was unbuttoning her jeans, and sliding then off her. As he gazed at her shaved, swollen lips, he whispered, “Mmm, nice, I need to taste you'” and he lowered his face to her, breathing in her scent before his tongue brushed against her outer lips. She writhed in ecstasy as he licked all around her, bringing her to the verge of orgasm several times, but always stopping just short of the edge. She pulled on his hands, urging him back upon her.

Finally he pulled his face away and moved back upon her. She reached down and felt his hardness, pulsating in her hand as she guided it to her eager folds. As his hips slid against her, he entered her waiting sex, sliding gently into the furthest reaches of her tunnel. “You feel so good'” he whispered into her ear, as his cock paused before withdrawing again. He began a slow and steady motion, in and out, and she felt her pussy muscles squeezing him, as if to milk the nectar from him.

His pace gradually increased as her orgasm neared, and he held her hands above her head as he pumped harder into her. Her climax arrived, and she clenched hard around him, bucking and squealing as she came. Faster and harder he pumped, filling her pussy with each thrust. Just when she was about to cry out for mercy, he began to come inside her, filling her with come and satisfaction. For what seemed like minutes he continued thrusting and coming in her, and she continuing riding the waves of her own climax. As his own orgasm subsided, Rich lay next to Dee and held her close, kissing her. Exhausted, they fell asleep together, both smiling and knowing they’d need strength for the evening ahead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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