Desire Becomes Reality Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

I apologize if Part 1 contained grammatical and spelling errors. I hope Part 2 is an improvement. Anyway, thank you for your comments. If your comments are encouraging, I will continue with Part 3.

When Anna got home from her meeting, Mark had already left. She sat down on her bed and stared into the dressing table mirror. She still could not believe what transpired earlier in the day, here in this room. Did all of it really happen? She felt numbed and her body trembled. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to blot out the flashing images of their incestuous cravings.

She practically jumped when the phone rang. Composing herself, Anna picked up the handset.

She answered him quietly,”Yes… I’m ok.”

“No…,” she almost cried out,” you can’t come tonight, are you insane, John’s around.”

“Please Mark, don’t do this to me. I don’t even know what I’m going to do now, please…I’m putting the phone down,” she said, cutting him off, her voice shaking in despair.

She kept looking at the phone, hoping that he would not call again, and he did not.

Anna got up and took off her clothes. She showered and the moment she soaped and touched her breasts, the recollection of her brother’s hands kneading her flesh involuntarily made her nipples grow hard. She tried to banish and suppress the sensations but she moaned in surrender to the unbearable feelings coursing through her.

She toweled and put on her night robe. She went to the kitchen to make a hot drink.

“How was your day, mom,” John asked her as he walked in.

“Oh, hi John,” she replied, smiling at her son. “Ok, would you like a cup of hot chocolate,” she continued.

“Sure, thanks,” he replied.

Anna felt tremendous shame and guilt in the presence of her son. If only he knew what sin she had committed, as she nervously stole a glance at his innocence.

“By the way, mom,” John said, “we’ve got this field project this weekend at cadet camp. We’ll be leaving on Friday and be back the next day, probably by 1 in the afternoon,” he told her.

“Oh,” she replied.

“Will you be ok, alone, I mean,” he said, concerned for his mother. “Anyway, I’ll inform Uncle Mark that I won’t be around, so you don’t have to worry,”

Anna took a deep breath and silently made her son’s drink.

“I’ll call you when we arrive so you can pick me up,” John kissed his mother goodnight on the cheek and left her, walking back to his room.

Lying on her bed, Anna tried to focus, reading the points of her meeting but everything was a blank.

Friday afternoon

Mark had received his nephew’s call on Wednesday informing him of his impending absence and subsequent request to look in on his mom.

Mark had not been to the house since the fateful episode. He felt awkward and anxiety when he arrived.

As he got out of the car, John opened the door and greeted his uncle.

“Hi Uncle Mark, thanks for coming. Mom’s inside, packing something for me to eat on the way. I was about to leave as soon as mom’s ready; by the way, could you give me a lift to school instead?” John said. “Then I don’t have to bother mom.”

“Sure thing, John, I’ll wait antalya escort for you here, no need to go in,” Mark replied.

John went back into the house to collect his bags.

When he came out again, Anna was behind him. John turned to kiss his mom goodbye. She looked up and met her brother’s eyes.

“Hi Mark,” she said, hoping that John would not notice her uncomfortable distress. “See you later.”

She waved to her son as the car drove off. Walking back into the house, her heartbeat was rapid, her emotions in dilemma.

Anna had no contact with Mark after his last phone call where she had cut him off when she put the phone down. Sitting at her desk, she tried to concentrate on her computer but she knew that time was running out. Soon he will be back and they had to confront each other. There was no way out.

The sound of his car made her a nervous wreck. She heard his footsteps on the pavement and the sound of the door closing. He was in the hall.

Anna tried to sound as normal as she could and called out from her room. “There are sandwiches and a cup of hot drink on the kitchen table,” she said.

“Thanks,” Mark replied, relieved that Anna was in her room. He did not know how to face her nor what to say. At the same time, he wanted her so badly.

He sat at the dining table and then moved on to the sofa in the hall. For almost half an hour, he tried to read the newspaper but every minute his eyes reverted to the direction of Anna’s room. Finally he could not endure the silence. He stood up and headed for her room. He paused for a moment and knocked lightly on her door.

“Can I come in,” Mark called out.

There was no answer.

“Anna,” he said again.

When she did not respond, he slowly opened the door. Anna was sitting at her worktable, her back towards him. The computer screen was not lighted. Anna did not turn around nor did she acknowledge him. Taking a deep breath, Mark walked in and stood behind her. Her silence was deafening.

“Do you want me to leave,” he said softly.

Anna felt his closeness and she knew where they were heading. She felt helpless against the growing conflicting needs of her very core. She flinched when he reached down and held her hand.

Mark slowly pulled her to stand up and she followed his lead. His eyes were intently upon her face but she avoided his. For a while, they just stood beside her chair, her hands in his. No words were spoken as he unbuttoned her blouse. He spread it and pushed it off her shoulders, placing it on the chair. Mark unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. Anna stood in her bra and panties.

Anna kept her eyes down, looking at the floor. He gently lifted her chin so that their eyes met. Both were breathing heavily. Mark quickly took off his clothes and stood naked before his sister. Anna had no choice but saw the hardened penis so near her body.

Mark gently turned her around and unhooked her bra releasing the twin globes of her full breasts. He then pulled down her panties.

His arms went around her and pulled her tight against his warmness. The palms of his hands cupped her breasts and she felt his stiffness against kepez escort the cleft of her buttocks.

Unable to keep silent anymore, Anna moaned out a gasp when Mark’s thumb and finger tweaked her nipples, making them grow puffy and hard.

The man and woman stood clasped against each other for a long while just savoring their intense desire for each other as he caressed the flesh he craved for almost in desperation.

His hand moved down to her tummy, rubbing it with loving care. She moaned again when he caressed her fur and touched the wetness, already seeping out of her vagina.

“I love you so much,” he said haltingly against her ear as his finger entered her.

Anna could hardly stand firm when Mark penetrated her with his finger. All her pent up and suppressed emotions exploded when Mark’s finger began to move in fucking motion inside her slippery channel.

Her knees buckled as she lost control, squirting a stream of her juices onto his hand.

“Oh God, oh God,” she groaned in submission.

He held her firmly around her waist and with his finger still inside her; he walked her to her bed. Pulling out, he laid her down on her back. Mark lifted Anna’s legs onto his shoulders. He spread her open and his mouth descended onto her mound. Intoxicated by the odor of her secretion, he kissed her opening like the lips of her mouth. He made love to the softness of her vaginal lips, occasionally taking her clitoris between his lips. He inserted his tongue inside her.

Anna bit her lips, unable to contain herself as waves of multiple orgasm coursed through her body, making her ejaculate more squirts upon her brother’s wondrous ravishment of her womanly opening.

Quivering in need and desire, she moaned out, “Fuck me….please fuck me.”

Mark raised himself up and reached out for his trousers with his leg. He rummaged through his pocket and extracted a condom. He placed it onto his straining penis where his precum had already seeped out in copious amount.

Kissing his sister’s mound one last time, he placed the hard flesh against her opening. He entered her easily and felt her inner muscles took an instant grip on his phallus.

Mark’s mouth was on Anna’s as their lips locked in passion. He fucked her with strong sharp strokes, and as the intensity increased, he penetrated her as deep as he could until their bodies were meshed together as one.

When he came, they shuddered simultaneously but both felt incomplete even in their release. He had constantly dreamt of splashing his seed inside her and she felt the emptiness when his semen spurted not against her flesh but inside his condom.

He caressed her with tenderness when they came down from their peak, kissing her and confessing his deep love and care for her.

Anna had never experienced such erotic love making with her late husband as she lay in Mark’s protective arms. She felt a new woman, a complete woman. When he pulled out, she felt a slackness in her vagina. Shyly, she looked down to see his condom covered penis where his whitish sperm coated the sides of the rubber. In a moment of unadulterated love for this man, she sat up manavgat escort and gently unsheathed the protective piece. Mark’s firm girth was soaked and slippery.

He moaned in wonder as Anna dipped her head and took him into her mouth. The taste and smell of him did not offend her as she sucked him tenderly. She felt him growing in her mouth as he began to push his hips up deeper into her. When his body tightened, she felt him spurt. She pushed down and felt his head at the entrance of her throat. She had to swallow the last few ejaculations directly down her gullet.

Mark took her face in his hands and brought her towards him. He kissed her sperm wet lips.

After they rested, she took his hand and led him into the bathroom. As they showered, he washed her and in the process, fucked her between her breasts as he had no time to retrieve a fresh condom.

Hungry and exhausted, the siblings sat at the dinner table eating an instant chicken pie that Anna rustled up from the freezer. As they ate, they sat looking lovingly at each other, with their own thoughts.

The first night they slept together, Mark fucked his sister twice more and they dropped off to sleep, cuddled in each others arms, too tired to clean up after their last climax.


Anna’s eyes fluttered open and felt the glare of sun shining through the louvered windows. Stretching herself, she was aware of an arm over her breasts. That pushed away the cobwebs immediately. She sat up and looked at Mark, still asleep and breathing lightly. The smell of stale sex was prevalent in the air. As she got off the bed, she noticed the tell tale spots of dried semen and her love juice on the bed sheet. She moved her hand to her crotch and felt her caked pubic hair. Anna looked at the table clock beside her bed and saw that it was almost 11am.

She shook Mark. He mumbled incoherently and opened his eyes. Anna’s nude body came into focus and he felt stirrings in his loins. He made a grab for her but she stepped back out of his reach,

“Come on, sis, I want you,” he implored.

“It’s almost 11 and I’ve got to fetch John soon,” she said hurriedly. “You must leave and I have to clean up this room. God, we have to be careful, what if he ever suspects anything,” she continued.

Mark was brought back to the present and appreciated her concerns. He got up and went into the bathroom.

While he was in the toilet, Anna quickly changed new sheets and made the bed. She noticed the used condom and wrapped it in a tissue.

Mark waited in the hall while Anna dressed. When she came out of her room, they held each other and kissed.

“I hope my lipstick is not smeared,” she said demurely.

“You look gorgeous dressed or naked,” he said, caressing her cheeks.

“You sure you going to be all right?” he enquired.

She just smiled at him, nodding her head.

“Mark,” she said softly. “We have to be very, very careful. I don’t know where we are heading and I don’t want to think about it. There’s John, Linda, mom and dad and heaven knows the whole world. I will die if someone ever finds out,” she continued with a catch in her voice.

“I know, my love,” Mark answered. “I will come to you only when you tell me to. You know I want to be with you always, anytime, anywhere,” he told her gently.

“Take care,” he said, “and call me, ok.”

Mark left her and Anna got into her car to fetch John.

To be continued.

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