Diane Cheats Ch. 03

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Max’s show got extended. My hot actor boyfriend (as my friend Kelli would say) was halfway across the country performing and he wasn’t coming home for at least another month.

In the past when this kind of thing happened, it led to a fight. But not this time. Things have changed for me in the last few months. I started having an affair. With a co-worker. A tall, handsome, married, French co-worker.

What started as an unbelievable, unimaginable act of betrayal became a full-fledged relationship. It’s not exactly romance, but it’s not just sex either — it’s something in between. It’s astonishing that I find myself in this situation. I’ve never had a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life. Being half Mexican and raised Catholic, I was brought up with old fashioned values — lifelong monogamy being one of them. I’m not particularly religious, but monogamy became a value I cherished. It became part of my identity. Only horrible people cheat.

And I was being oh-so horrible with Jean Claude. Our first time together was electric. I was wracked with guilt, but I just couldn’t keep myself away from Jean Claude. I’ve resigned myself, gleefully, to Jean-Claude and to this affair.

So when Max told me that he would be away for even longer, it didn’t lead to a fight. In fact, I was genuinely happy for him. While I missed him and was very much looking forward to him coming back into town, waiting an extra few weeks wasn’t going to bother me. In fact, it was going to give me more opportunity to see Jean-Claude. I had to admit that I was excited about that.

I didn’t realize, however, how much opportunity I would have. Jean-Claude told me his wife and two children would be out of town for some time — they were going to France for a month and he was going to join them in a couple of weeks. He would have the house to himself. Would I like to come over?

I had invited Jean-Claude over to my place several times — our first time was at my place, in the bed I share with Max. And while that certainly gave me pause, it didn’t stop me from continuing our affair or inviting Jean-Claude over again.

But his place would be different. The house he shares with his wife and children. The bed he shares with his wife. I didn’t know how comfortable I was with being in the space he shared with Louise.

As I was debating the pros and cons of spending a few days in my married lover’s home, Jean-Claude filled me in on a minor detail — he wouldn’t exactly be alone for the entire two weeks. It turns out that he was hosting an old friend of his. I was perplexed. Did he expect me to come over and spend the night with his friend in the house? How would that work?

And then it dawned on me what he was saying — his friend knew about us. Jean-Claude had told him. I was shocked. I was hurt. I was livid.

Who else had he told? Jean-Claude repeatedly assured me it was only his friend Luc — he insisted that he would never want to jeopardize his marriage and that Luc was beyond trustworthy. I didn’t believe him.

Our affair was supposed to be our secret — our own private island of joy where we could find escape and solace. I hadn’t told a soul. I felt betrayed — as if I was a cheap side piece he could brag about to his friends. I didn’t speak to him for days.

But Jean-Claude begged and begged for forgiveness and understanding. And after much groveling, I acquiesced. He convinced me that he was telling the truth. But I warned him, that if he told another soul, I would cut his balls off!

That Friday I had dinner with Jean-Claude and Luc. I didn’t really want to meet Luc — to meet someone who knew our secret. But Jean-Claude insisted — he thought that once I meet Luc, it would put my mind at rest.

I had to admit, meeting Luc did put me at ease. He is exceptionally good natured, and we seemed to have much in common. Like Jean-Claude, Luc works in technology. I have great respect for technical talent. It’s a bit of a turn on. And it didn’t hurt that, like Jean-Claude, Luc is a tall, handsome Frenchman. I could see how a woman could get lost in his very dark bedroom eyes and charming accent — which was more pronounced than Jean-Claude’s.

None of us mentioned the elephant in the room — but by the end of our dinner, it didn’t seem to matter. We went back to Jean-Claude’s house — my first time there. We beşiktaş anal yapan escort sat in the living room, surrounded by pictures of Jean-Claude and Louise and their children. I felt uneasy as I saw pictures of family vacations and happy times. I contemplated leaving.

But Luc and Jean-Claude were having a great time. They are very similar — smart, well read, joyful guys. I started to feel comfortable again — even horny. Jean-Claude and I retired to the guest room, while Luc took the master bedroom in the house. As comfortable as I was feeling, I still didn’t want to spend the night in Jean-Claude and Louise’s bedroom.

As we undressed and I fell into Jean-Claude’s arms and felt safe. It had been some time since we made love — it felt good to hold him. It was late, so we didn’t have a marathon session as we often do, but a quick, efficient round of sex that satisfied both of us. We fell asleep quickly and soundly.

I woke up early the next morning. Jean Claude was sound asleep — his cock looked beautiful resting against his leg — even soft it was impressively large. I gave it a quick kiss before I got out of bed.

I walked down the hallway, found the bathroom, and washed up a bit before stumbling into the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I say stumble, because as I walked into the kitchen I saw Luc — and there was a moment of immediate awkward panic. Neither of us had any clothes on.

I had somehow completely forgot that we didn’t have the house to ourselves and didn’t bother to leave the bedroom with any clothes on. Neither had Luc. I instinctively tried to cover myself, as we both muttered our effusive apologies. I don’t know why I didn’t immediately leave, but the situation was so awkward that I froze. I eventually mentioned something about wanting a glass of water.

Luc immediately poured me a glass of water — as he handed me the glass, I kept my arms over my breasts. Feeling awkward and uncomfortable, I quickly excused myself, but somehow Luc sucked me into a conversation. I initially was far too self-conscious, but Luc has a quiet, humble confidence that put me at ease.

Like Jean-Claude, Luc is a man of the world — we started talking about travel, something I love to do. Luc has been all over the world apparently — Africa, India, Japan, South America. He spent a few months in Peru and Costa Rica — I was fascinated. I wanted to know all about Costa Rica as that’s a destination I’ve always had in mind. I was so distracted by his stories, that I let my guard down — moving my arms as I engaged in conversation and revealing my breasts.

I had almost forgot I was naked. Feeling the cold air, my nipples started to harden. I had always been somewhat embarrassed by my protruding nipples and large areola — I always wanted smaller nipples and larger breasts. But I will say, for a nearly 50 year old woman, my breasts are quite lovely.

I think Luc might have agreed, as just for a second I caught him staring. And perhaps for a second or two I caught a glimpse of Luc’s pretty, uncircumcised penis. The conversation came to a lull.

I excused myself, thanking him for the morning conversation. I went back to the bedroom, snuggling next to Jean-Claude and fell back asleep.

A few hours later, feeling rested and frisky, I woke up Jean-Claude with my head buried in his crotch. I somehow went from someone who hated giving head to a consummate blowjob queen. With Jean-Claude, I become a porn star — looking up at him with lust and hunger as I beg for his cum. That morning, I gently removed his cock from my mouth and with his member tickling my chin, I told him seductively — “I want your cum. Feed Me.” I have never been this brazen with any other lover — not even Max — it’s just something I do with Jean-Claude. And he loves it.

My bold request sent Jean-Claude over the edge — he groaned loudly while unloading several long spurts into mouth — I swallowed each one. Swallowing used to make me gag — it used to disgust me. But with Jean-Claude, I just love it. I do it with sluttish pride. It’s so satisfying. It turns me on.

I moved up his body and kissed him passionately, hoping for a quick recovery, but I had worn my lover out. He fell soundly asleep. I was disappointed — I was wet and wanted more — but I was very pleased with myself for making him beşiktaş bdsm escort cum so hard.

I let him sleep and walked down the hallway to the bathroom to clean up. I brushed my teeth and was gargling with mouth wash when I again saw Luc. Again, neither of us had bothered with clothes. I wasn’t nearly as embarrassed by our nudity as I was last time, but I was certainly aware. I spit out the mouthwash, along with the remnants of Jean-Claude’s cum into the sink and said hello. I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom. He didn’t.

“You guys woke me up,” he said with his sexy French accent.

I blushed and muttered an embarrassed apology.

“No need to apologize,” Luc said shyly as he stood at the doorway to the bathroom.

He was only a few feet away from me. His slim, nude form was even more impressive up close. And his cock was unmistakably bigger than before. I noticed. I also noticed his deep dark eyes and how handsome he was. His hair was beautifully unkempt, and I had an impulse to run my hair through it.

I was hoping he would break the tension with conversation, but he remained silent. Words escaped me as well. I shyly excused myself. With my back to him, I brushed past him through the narrow bathroom doorway. Before I could get past him, I felt his semi-erection against my backside. I froze.

There was a moment of panic, but that gave way to tense anticipation — like deciding if I wanted that piece of chocolate cake I know I shouldn’t have.

We remained frozen in this position for several seconds. I was still wet from my earlier encounter with Jean Claude and my body wanted badly to grind myself into Luc. My head was screaming at me to stop this — I was already cheating on my boyfriend, was I going to cheat on my lover too?

I turned around, ready to get out of this situation immediately, but in that instant Luc kissed me. He kissed me beautifully and gently and I melted into him. I felt his cock against my pussy and pressed against him as I continued to make out with this beautiful Frenchman.

I shocked myself at how bold I was being but sucking and swallowing Jean-Claude got my juices flowing. I wanted it. I lifted my left leg up — Luc held it up and slid himself into me. It felt glorious. I silently gasped.

In this precarious position Luc kept a steady pace and had I been in better shape, I could have continued fucking him in this position. But my nearly 50 year old body couldn’t quite maintain it, so I lowered my leg and turned around. I guided his penis inside of me and Luc continued to fuck me. In this position, his cock felt even more glorious. Luc came in several spurts — I didn’t cum but feeling his cum shoot into me gave me an intense, perverse joy.

I turned back around, ran my hands through Luc’s hair and gave him a long kiss. I could have made out with him all morning, but I excused myself, knowing I should get back to Jean-Claude. I tip-toed back into the guest room to find Jean-Claude still fast asleep.

I sat on the edge of the bed, admiring Jean-Claude’s nude body, watching his slim belly rise and fall with each breath. I contemplated what I had just done and how radically my sexual life had changed in the last few months.

Was it wrong? I wanted to fuck Luc. And he obviously wanted to fuck me. We both had a great time. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

My change in attitude would shock anyone who knew me, but most of all it shocked me. Even to think of it as ‘fucking’ was new for me. I had always been a bit of a prude really — never particularly interested in sex. I obliged my boyfriends to maintain relationships but was never motivated by sex. Even with Max, who I love dearly.

How things have changed. Not only have I taken a lover — I just fucked my lovers’ friend, while my lover is asleep in the same house and while my boyfriend is in another city.

I’ve gone from prude to slut. And while there was a time I would have thought very differently, there is nothing wrong with being a slut. There is nothing wrong with loving sex. There is nothing wrong with two people finding joy and satisfaction with each other. I loved fucking Luc. I love fucking Jean-Claude. I love fucking Max too.

What I don’t love is lying about it. Looking at Jean-Claude sleeping peacefully, I decided that I didn’t want to lie beşiktaş elit escort anymore.

I cuddled next to Jean-Claude, gently waking him up. I was resolved to tell him what had just transpired, but Jean-Claude woke up hard and horny. He rolled me onto my back and spread my legs. I simply couldn’t resist. I wrapped my legs around him as he entered me — for the first time in my life, I was penetrated by two different men in the same day.

Jean-Claude knows how to make me cum — and within minutes his cock was giving me the orgasm I had been craving all day. I came long and hard — screaming with abandon and filling the house with the sounds of my ecstasy. We both laid there — catatonic and satisfied. I became quickly anxious though, knowing that I had to tell Jean-Claude about Luc.

I got out of bed and paced. I looked at my lover and just told him. I ripped off the band-aid. “I fucked Luc,” I said.

He looked very confused. And after an unbearably long moment of pause, his confusion gave way to an intense curiosity. “When?” he asked pointedly. I told him about chatting with Luc naked in the kitchen and then running into him in the bathroom and the crazy impromptu sex in the hallway.

I was bracing myself for anger or hurt. But none of that was happening. I think Jean-Claude found it incredulous, perhaps even amusing — but he wasn’t hurt or angry. In fact, something extraordinary happened. He got turned on. As I recounted the details, I could see his cock recovering and rising to full attention. This was not the reaction I expected.

I walked back to the bed and gently stroked his cock. I laid down next to him, intending to blow him, but he had other ideas. He swiftly turned me onto my stomach — and without any fanfare, he penetrated me from behind. After the morning I’d had, my pussy was ready for him. He slid in easily and fully and just fucked me. Hard. As he continued to pound me, his right hand caressed my face — he slid a finger into my mouth. I sucked his long elegant middle finger as his long cock penetrated me. The sight of this sent him over the edge. He came long and hard.

We were dead silent post sex — overwhelmed I think at what had just transpired. Neither of us knew what to say, but eventually we started talking.

I felt the need to defend myself in pointing out that we had no agreement to be monogamous with each other. He conceded that point, but Jean-Claude asked how I would feel if he fucked a friend of mine — particularly in my home?

I would be devastated and hurt. The double standard hitting me in the face, I apologized.

“I’m so sorry,” I told him.

“No need to apologize,” he said sounding like Luc did a few hours back when he told me the same thing. I was relieved that I hadn’t hurt him, but I was still confused and fascinated by his dominant sexual reaction.

“You got really turned on” I commented.

“I did,” he conceded. “What can I say, you are a sexy woman. I’m turned on by you. I’m turned on by you having sex, even if it isn’t with me.”

“What about Luc?”

“He couldn’t resist you — I can’t blame him,” he mused. “And if you couldn’t resist him, who am I to stop you?”

He thought for a second. “Are you going to tell Max?” he asked.

“Yes. I will. Will you tell Louise?”

“You told me that if I tell another soul, you will cut my balls off!”

We laughed. And with that, it seemed that we were whole again.

It was late afternoon by this point — we stumbled into the living room to find Luc watching television. Again, nobody seemed to have thought to bother with clothes. We were all comfortable and despite being naked, there was nothing sexual about the moment. We were all spent sexually. We watched a movie as I snuggled next to Jean-Paul on the couch and Luc was curled up on a big comfy chair.

Jean-Claude did eventually bring up the elephant in the room.

“You two had some fun this morning,” he said to Luc.

“You two had more fun,” Luc replied.

“I had the most fun!” I exclaimed with pride.

It was a casual exchange that told me everything was ok — that I didn’t cause any friction between old friends. I suppose I should have felt embarrassed by my promiscuous behavior, but I wasn’t. I had an amazing, erotic day with two wonderful guys. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.

That night we finally put on some clothes and went to the grocery store. We returned home with groceries and wine and made ourselves a spectacular meal — beautiful cuts of steak, fresh veggies, tiramisu for dessert and lots of wine. We ate and drank and drank some more. And at an embarrassingly early hour, we all went to sleep. It was a lovely end to a day that I will never forget.

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