Doretta’s Mistake Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Thank you, SEVERUSMAX, my Lover, my Master, for helping me write this story.


She sat at the table and thought that she had really done it this time. What was she going to do? She had to come up with five thousand bucks and fast; otherwise she was in hot water- literally! Why had she ever borrowed that kind of money from loan sharks in the first place? Damn, she thought it was a sure win when she bet on that horse! Then, in the last lap, it had to stumble and break his leg! Shit- of all the luck! If it weren’t for bad luck, she would have no luck at all!

Doretta was trying to see how she could get out of this newest jam! FUCK, why didn’t she learn her lesson the last time? She dreaded going to him again! He warned her the last time around what would happen if she got herself into another such jam, and he had to bail her out. Why did her father have to put that fucking clause in his will! When she was 16, and that drunk driver killed her parents, she had found out that her brother was to be her guardian. Anton was 5 years older than she was, and she resented the fact that she could not touch her part of the millions that were left to them without his consent.

DAMN! Why did her father have to be so OLD WORLD! Even her brother had the same Old World attitude as him. She could understand her father, since he was raised in Greece and that was the way his family had lived for centuries. They felt that a woman had to be under a man’s influence throughout her entire life, and when he and his bride moved to America, his beliefs had not changed. Worse still, her brother believed the same thing! He had threatened the last time she had messed up that if it happened again she would no longer be a single woman and would fall under the complete authority of a man. Even worse, he claimed to know which man would be ruling her, and he refused to tell her his identity.

She did not mind the Old World manners; she just did not agree with their beliefs that a woman must be under a man’s absolute control. The very concept of being dominated by a man terrified Doretta. She was afraid that it would cost her the individuality that she had worked so hard to achieve. That was not an easy job, given her family’s way of life. While still a virgin at the age of 24, she was not narrow-minded or vanilla. She had simply not found the sort of man who interested her enough to give him her cherry. Her brother also made this difficult for her. He constantly “discouraged” any male attention, including from his own friends. He was extremely over-protective of his sister, especially since they had lost both of their parents and she was his closest relative left.

The ringing of the telephone startled Doretta. She knew, without looking at the caller ID, whom it would be: it had to be “Big Ed”, wanting his money immediately. She contemplated not answering the phone, but knew that this tactic would only infuriate him further. She had put him off for too long already. “Hello?” She answered.

“Ya got the money, sweet cheeks?” “Big Ed” asked impatiently, in a patronizing tone.

“Um…not yet. I’m having problems getting it. Can you give me a couple more weeks?” She begged.

“That’s what you said 2 weeks ago. I told you then that it was your last chance. Time’s up. I’m getting my money, one way or the other!” He warned her.

“What do you mean by ‘one way or the other’?” She asked fearfully.

“If I don’t get my money within the hour, you’ll find out, Missy. The clock is ticking, now!” He declared and hung up the phone, without saying another word.

Petrified, Doretta looked at the phone, realizing that she was in deep shit. There was no way she could get $5,000 in less than an hour, without going to Anton. What was she going to do? What would “Big Ed” do? She feared what her older brother would do even more than she was afraid of the loan shark. Should she call him? She picked up the phone and decided to ask him if she could have $5,000 to “gamble” with; that might just work, she thought to herself.

She dialed his phone number, waiting anxiously for him to answer it.

Anton looked at his caller ID, noticing that it was Doretta’s phone number that was displayed there. His sister seldom called unless she needed something, or was in trouble again. He knew that she disliked the idea of his being in charge of the money. He was not going to give his sister her share of the inheritance yet. She had yet to prove enough maturity in financial matters: in fact, just the opposite. He only hoped that this time she had not gotten herself in serious trouble, but he had a negative gut feeling that she had.

“Yes, Doretta, what is it?” He answered.

“Hi, Bro, why do I have to want something to call my favorite brother?” She buttered him up.

“Any time you start to butter me up, you want ‘something’. Now, what is it? How much money do you owe this time, and to whom, or is it that you want to gamble away money again?” He asked her, getting very close to the truth: too close for her comfort. He had always göztepe escort disapproved of her gambling habit. “Uh, I wanted five grand to take Candy to the casinos for a girls’ night out? She’s been kind of depressed lately, and I wanted to cheer her up.” Doretta requested.

Anton objected to Doretta’s friendship with Candy, who always seemed to get her into trouble. Candy was also, unfortunately in Anton’s opinion, a very modern, “liberated” woman. She was notorious in high school and ever since as indiscriminate with her sexual partners, which was something that Anton frowned upon. He did not hold to the “abstinence until marriage” school of thought, but neither did he like the whole promiscuity business. Candy seemed to have a LOT of “one-night stands”.

“No, I’m not going to give you and your ‘friend’ cash to fritter away on slot machines and alcohol! You’re both liable to lose it all, get drunk, and find yourselves ‘knocked up’ by some irresponsible jackass! If she’s so ‘depressed’, go over there and find an alternative way to cheer her up without blowing a shit load of money and being wasted. That is my FINAL word on the matter! Understand me?” He adamantly declared.

“But…” She started to say.

He interrupted her, saying, “NO, that is my final word! Or is there another reason you need this money so bad as to ask me after you know I already have put my foot down?” He asked her, getting increasingly suspicious.

“No, no not at all. I was just hoping that you would let me do it this one time, since I have been good lately?” She implored.

“You ask me again and I will take you over my knee! I am the head of this family and you will continue to be in my hand until I give you over into marriage! Now, do you want to continue pressing your luck? You are way overdue for a serious spanking, you know.” He stated.

“I’m 24 years old, and this is 21st America, not ancient Athens! I’m far too old for a spanking from my BROTHER! I just want to spend time with my best friend! Why do you have to be such a male chauvinist…?” She replied angrily.

“If you say ‘pig’, I will show you how much of a chauvinist I can be! Feminist slogans are no way of getting money out of me! Like it or not, Dad left me in charge of this family and your money, so get over it! If you want anything, ask me with the right kind of attitude, and with a legitimate reason, not some silly request and a defiant attitude! Now, if you want to continue this conversation, I suggest that you walk up to the main house, and talk to me in person without being a smart-ass!” He interrupted her.

“I’m sorry, Anton! I didn’t mean to be defiant and rebellious! I’m just somewhat embarrassed at being treated as a child when I’m in my mid-20s, and most of my friends can do as they please. They control their own finances, but I have to depend on my brother’s approval. It’s just so old-fashioned.” She acted contrite.

“Your friends also get themselves into more trouble than they can handle, especially that Candy! Old-fashioned or not, that’s the way we were brought up, and that’s the way I will remain! I don’t approve of the “modern, feminist” attitude that women have these days. The old ways worked well for Mom. She had a great husband and provider. She never once complained either! Like it or not, that’s the way this family will be ruled. We are Greeks, not silly WASPs with more money than common sense!” He stated authoritatively. “Now, come up here for dinner in an hour and a half, and we’ll discuss any other requests of yours at that point. Cora will have supper ready at that time.”

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be up there within 90 minutes. Bye for now.” She replied, hanging up the phone when she heard his response.

Now, what is she going to do? She thought to herself. She would just have to tell her brother the truth, and face the consequences. She knew that he would be furious over her initial deceit, not to mention her waste of money, but he would be even angrier if he found out what was going on through another source. She looked at the clock, and realized that forty minutes had passed since she had talked with “Big Ed”.

Doretta decided to get ready to go up to the main house. She chose to wear a dress that her brother particularly liked. He was none too fond of pants on women, but he never actually forbade her to wear them. He picked his battles, but in this instance, she resolved to do his bidding. She did not want to unnecessarily upset him even more than she already had. She knew that he would angry enough when he learned the truth. She didn’t want to make it worse.

An hour and a half later, she walked from the guesthouse into the main house, letting herself in. She walked nervously toward his den. She could hear his raised voice on the phone, and she thought that she heard her name in the conversation. She heard the tail end of the less than pleasant discussion.

“I will take care of Doretta shortly! You will have your money within the hour, Mr. Bancroft!” He hung up the phone istanbul escort furiously.

Oh SHIT, Doretta thought as she heard him hang up the phone. How had “Big Ed” gotten a hold of her brother, and how did he know about her brother? She was in deep shit now. She should have told him the truth before now. She walked into her brother’s office, saying “Hi”, as if nothing was the matter.

Anton turned around and looked at her. He was more than furious: she had never seen him this mad! She contemplated on turning around and hiding out for a few days until he calmed down to a dull growl. He must have seen what she was thinking about doing.

“FREEZE right there, young lady! I have just gotten off the phone with a ‘FRIEND’ of yours, and I can tell you this: things are going to change right now! As of this moment, you will be living upstairs and no longer on your own in the guesthouse! All of your extra spending has been CUT OFF! I am going to cancel all of your credit cards and your store charge accounts! You will be getting the spanking of your life after we have eaten dinner! How could you think to get away with borrowing money from a loan shark? Did your brain quit working or something? I told you the last time you got into trouble you would not like the outcome! Now I find out that not even a week later you go and do something that reckless. Did you think that I would NOT find out? Not to mention, you LIED to me earlier when you told me that FUCKING story about wanting money to go gamble with Candy, when in actuality you needed it to pay off an earlier GAMBLING debt! That is the precise reason I do not like you to gamble. That is why I don’t trust you, Doretta. You’re too immature to run your own life. Basically, you are grounded for now, and you will live under a man’s control from this moment forward.” He shouted at her.

Doretta was at a loss for words. He had even found out that she had broken her word within the week of her promising not to get into trouble again. She turned around and started to run for the door, but he was quicker than she was and stopped her in her tracks!

“Where do you think that you are going? Shall we begin the paddling now? I can make sure that you won’t be able to sit down at the dining table. Think of how the servants will view that? Of course, they will be hearing your cries later, when you are in my suite getting your punishment! They won’t come to your rescue though, no matter what happens! They are loyal help, and come from a long line of servants, back as far as our great-great grandparents, before Mom and Dad arrived in America. Now, I believe that Cora has dinner waiting for us. I don’t like eating a cold supper.” He announced.

“Yes, Sir.” she said meekly

He took his sister’s arm and led her to the dinning room. Just as he had said, Cora had dinner waiting on them. He sat his sister at his right side as he sat at the head of the table and Cora served them their food. Doretta sat there and said very little, while she ate her dinner. She was fearful of what was to come. What did he mean that she was to be under a man control now? She was not ready to marry. She didn’t even have a steady boyfriend. Whom did he have in mind? She was also afraid of his paddling her. Was he going to do it on her bare bottom like her Dad had always insisted on doing, or was he going to do it over her dress and panties? Damn, she thought, she should have put on a regular pair of panties, not these thongs that she had decided to wear. They would add no padding whatsoever. If he decided that she was to be bare, what would he say about her thongs and the fact that she shaved? She shuddered at that thought. She was jolted out of her thoughts by his next statement.

“Since it appears that you are no longer hungry, we shall adjourn to my suite. Cora that was a very pleasant dinner you made. Good as always! My sister does not seem to be very hungry, as she is about to be punished severely for a few mistakes she has made. Can you please have all of her things packed and brought up from the guesthouse? She will be using our mother’s sitting room and bedroom, connected to my master suite.”

“Yes, Sir!” Cora replied, not at all surprised at what was going on. She had heard the previous master discipline his wife. Her mother had told her that was how this family handled their wives’ disobedience and wrongdoings. It was about time, she thought to herself. That girl had needed a serious spanking for a long time to come.

He led them up to their parents’ suites, into which he had moved after their untimely deaths.

“I’m glad that you chose to wear a dress, though, of course, it will be removed for your bare-bottom spanking. You will like the changes I made to Dad’s old study. I haven’t had the opportunity to use it since the renovation. Tonight is the perfect moment to put it to use.” He laughed wickedly at his hidden meaning.

“What kind of changes did you make? Why do you have to spank me on my bare bottom? Can’t I just wear my dress? I’m sure it’s kadıköy escort not proper for me to be nude in my brother’s presence. What would Dad and Mom say?” She asked nervously.

“As to the changes, you will soon see them for yourself. As to the bare-bottom spanking, that is the ‘proper’ way to do a spanking, period. As to the nudity issue, I am the master of this house, and like Dad during his reign saw you naked, so will I. I want to make sure that you don’t have any silly piercing or tattoos that you might have hidden from me. As to what our parents would say, they wouldn’t have a problem with you getting your bare ass whipped.” He firmly replied.

At this point, they had reached the master suite. He led her through the sitting room, into his new and improved study. She was, to say it mildly, “taken aback” by the changes she saw. It appeared that her brother was heavily into the BDSM scene. Why, it looked like a torture chamber in there! Their father’s old desk and couch were gone, and in their place was what appeared to be a spank bench similar to what she had seen in her internet surfing one time with a small table near it. She had a good idea that it was for him to lay his weapons of choice on it, while the victim was being prepared or punished. The walls were lined with paddles, whips, and floggers of all shapes and sizes. There was a metal table set against one wall that had various handcuffs, chains, butt plugs, dildos, and vibrators on it. She also spotted what appeared to be a collar of some sort. There were also bolts mounted to the ceiling and on the floor. He stood there, watching her take in the new look of his STUDY.

There was also a large “spreader bar” that would allow the master to place the victim in such a way as to do the intended job of restraining and spreading a person’s legs for any reason. The biggest shock of all, in the middle of the room, was a large bondage bench that enabled a victim to be bound to it in any position that the dominant partner wished.

“What do you think of my remodeling? Now, do you see my spanking bench? You will soon be turned over it and strapped in it, BUT first we need to remove your clothes- every last stitch! I suggest you do it now, or I will do it for you!” Anton demanded of her.

“I… Uh… When did you do all of this? I did not know that you were into the BDSM scene. What are you planning on doing to me?” She stalled for time.

“Enough stalling! Get those clothes off NOW!” He reiterated.

Doretta quickly started to remove her dress while her brother watched with hidden but growing excitement. Once the dress was off, she was reluctant to remove her under garments.

“The panties and bra too, Sis.” He instructed.

She removed her bra first, and then slowly removed her thongs, unaware of the fact that by doing so, she was turning her brother on more. How long had he wanted her in such a position? It had been way too long and he finally had her there. He would not let her get away from him either!

That was his major reason for chasing off the other men; no potential husband was going to steal his sister before he could take her for himself. He had been planning this for several years, seeking the opportunity to take what society denied him by its taboos. In his own way, he was as much a rebel as his sister.

As he had remodeled the room, and bought everything in it, he pictured his sister on or in every piece of furniture. He imagined every toy being used on her. Every whip, paddle, and flogger he had handpicked to re-train his sister into the proper role Nature had assigned her. While he planned to correct her misbehavior, he would so without damaging or maiming her perfect olive skin. He was stunned to see that his virginal sister had shaved her pussy bald, after she had removed her underwear.

He watched his younger sister stand in front of him, naked as the day she was born. He was pleased to see the absence of any piercing or tattoos on her smooth flesh. He instructed her to remain still, hands down by her side, as he circled her, inspecting her entire body. He ran his hand over her bottom, which would soon be red from a serious assault with a whip.

She did not seem to realize the severe danger that she could have brought upon herself by going to low-life scumbag like “Big Ed” Bancroft to borrow money. The loan shark was notorious for taking payment from women in the form of brutal rape and sodomy. She was lucky that “Big Ed” wanted his money more than he wanted sex this time, and in this situation, the loan shark knew how to get what he wanted most.

Anton also made it clear that he had better leave Doretta completely alone in the future, neither lending nor “collecting” any other loans. He was determined to inform his dear “Sis” of the truth behind the gangster’s vague threats. The brother had found out the ugly facts about Bancroft after his friend’s girlfriend had been sexually assaulted for failure to pay up. He remembered the man’s name after the frightened woman told her beau and refused to go to the police about it. That was when he especially started cracking on his sister’s gambling habits and became even more protective of her in general. There were too many “Bancrofts” in the world, looking for an easy victim like his sister’s and his buddy’s girlfriend.

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