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This is a work of fiction and all characters are over the age of 18. All rights reserved. If you do not enjoy group sex, incest, anal and gang bangs, then I would suggest you move on. All feedback is appreciated.


The night started innocently enough. My wife had invited a friend from work over to spend the weekend. Our youngest daughter was over at a friends house for the weekend, and the oldest was expected home from college on Saturday morning. Suffice it to say, we decided to let loose.

Ray arrived home from work with her friend Sara at about 4pm. I had just made a batch of margaritas when they walked in the door. Ray, my wife and best friend is the sexiest woman I know. At 5’4″ and about 140lbs, she is perfect in every way. Great tits, a great bubble ass, incredible legs and a nice tight pussy. Sara, on the other hand, was striking in her own way. With long blonde hair, huge tits, and all the right curves, she contrasted nicely standing in the doorway next to my wife.

By 5:30, dinner was on the table and we were all very tipsy. After many adult beverages, and a number of shots, we were already on the topic of sex. Ray and I had spoken on a few occasions about the idea of inviting someone else into our bedroom. It had never gone any further. But tonight, at this early hour, we were discussing everything. I listened as they spoke of fantasies of 3-somes, 4-somes, gang-bangs and the things that they dream about. I felt like a fly on the wall, but I was right there.

I had gotten up and gone into the kitchen to fetch a few more drinks. When I arrived, Sara suggested we play a game of truth or dare. Ray immediately agreed, as did I. We moved to the Living Room and took seats. I sat on the love seat and the girls sat next to each other on the sofa. I should fill you in on what we were wearing. Ray was in a sun dress, the kind that buttons from top to bottom, hugs her cleavage, and looks sexy as hell. Sara was in a short denim mini skirt and a white blouse. I was just in jeans and a polo.

We did rocks paper scissors to see who would ask the first question. The rules were simple, anything goes. If you were the recipient of the truth or dare, you asked the next question. Other than that, it’s all fare in love and war.

I won the right to go first. Turning to Ray, I asked her if she would ever be a part of a gang-bang should the opportunity arise. Without delay she said yes. It was a heck of a question to start with, but it worked. Turning to Sara, Ray asked her if she has ever been with a woman. Blushing, she said she had made out with one but only light touching and lots of kissing. Sara then turned to me. I took the first dare. She smiled and then said, “I dare you to call a few friends and watch your wife get gang-banged here, tonight, in front of me!” I looked over at Rachel who was smiling with a sort of “Go Ahead” kadıköy escort look. I grabbed my cell phone and called a buddy of mine, Tim. After a quick hello I asked what he was doing. At this point he was watching the ball game with a buddy. I told him to get his ass over here because I needed some help, and to not ask questions, but to bring his friend along. He agreed and said he would be here in 30 minutes. Tim is a good friend of mine….He is well built…And he is black.

I turned back to the girls and told them they both get a dare now. Remove each others clothes except for your panties. They both stood and moved to the middle of the room. Slowly, Ray worked Sara’s mini skirt down, exposing a lacy white thong which barely covered her. I could already see a wet spot. Ray then stood back up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse pushing it off of her shoulders. Sara had on the cutest demi lace bra which Ray quickly unhooked in the front dropping it to the floor. Sara’s tits were fantastic. Sara then slowly started unbuttoning Rays dress from the top down. At this point they started to kiss. It only took a few buttons before Sara pushed the dress off of her shoulders and dropped it to the floor exposing my wife’s bare tits and her black thong. They broke their kiss after about 2 minute and then sat back down on the sofa. Ray then pushed Sara onto her back and began licking her tits and sucking on her large nipples.

Not to long after that, the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and let Tim, and his buddy Alex in. We said hellos and Tim introduced me. Alex was also black and about the same size in stature as Tim. I turned to walk into the living room and the guys followed. As we were walking I said to the guys, “I need help with this and figured you two could lend a hand.” As we turned the corner, they stopped dead in their tracks. On the sofa, they say my wife on top of Sara, kissing and fondling each other.

Ray, noting the guys arrival, got up, walked over to Tim, and wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him deeply and then whispered in his ear, “I want you to both fuck me hard tonight. I want all three of the cocks in this room in me at once, so get undressed and get to work!.” Tim wasted no time and removed his clothes quickly. Alex did the same thing. Both had cocks about the same size at 8″ and they were ready to go. I removed my clothes as well. Ray fell to her knees in front of the guys and began sucking their cocks going back and fourth.

At this point, I went over to Sara, who was on her side on the sofa watching my hot wife suck her two new black cocks. I walked up and offered her my already stiff cock. She wasted no time in taking me deep into her throat. After a few minutes, I moved on top of her in a 69 and began fucking her throat while I ate her pussy. She was kağıthane escort sopping wet. I could hear her gagging on my cock. It was amazing.

Ray at this point was about done with cocks in her mouth. She instructed Tim to get on his back. He did so and Ray quickly mounted him taking his entire length with little resistance. She then looked up at Alex and told him to grab the bottle of lube out of the drawer. He did so and quickly applied it to his cock. He took the hint and then moved behind her and slowly started to push his cock into her ass. After a few seconds, he popped in and Ray screamed with pleasure.

I got off of Sara and told her to get up. I walked her over to the floor next to Ray and I laid down next to Tim. Sara immediately mounted my cock. She was so wet, I began playing with her ass as she rode me. After just a few seconds I realized I was about to cum and told her to stop. I did not want to cum until Ray was ready to eat it out of her cunt. We both sat there waiting for the trio to take a break. About 5 minutes later, both of the guys deposited their loads deep into my wife’s ass and cunt. She screamed with pleasure at the feeling and had another of her many orgasms. Alex pulled out and Rachel fell off to the side next to me in between Tim and I. Tim then stood up and walked over to Sara’s mouth and placed his cum covered cock into her mouth. I began banging her from below again and after another minute or two deposited my first load deep into her cunt.

Sara lifted off of me and then moved over Ray’s face. We watched as Ray ate her first cream pie, licking my cum from her best friends pussy. It was hot. When this was done, Sara excused herself and went to the bathroom while Alex began eating Rays pussy. I moved my cock to her mouth and she eagerly cleaned it while getting me hard again. Tim sat on the Sofa enjoying the show.

Little did we know, but our 19 year old daughter had decided to come home a day early to surprise her mother and I. It was about 10pm when she entered the living room to find her mother getting her pussy eaten and sucking on her father cock. She then looked over to find her fathers best friend in a chair stroking his cock. Transfixed on the scene in front of her, she stood silent. At this point Sara had exited the bathroom and found her standing there. Walking up quietly behind her, she reached around and grabbed her breasts pulling her into her while biting her neck. It took all of a millisecond or our daughter, Melanie, to melt into her and moan. Melanie was wearing a pair of low rise jeans and a very tight fitting long sleeve top. Our daughter is absolutely beautiful with her curly brunette hair. Sara turned her around and kissed her on the lips while still playing with her tits.

Tim noticed the arrival of Melanie and stood to go offer kartal escort his own personal greeting. Sara had dropped to her knees and was working her jeans down as Melanie was holding her own tits in her hands, not knowing what to do. Tim walked up behind her and lifted her shirt above her head. Melanie now stood there in her little blue panties and matching bra. Tim wasted no time in undoing the bra as Sara pushed the crotch of her panties aside and began to lick her clit.

At this point I looked up and was stunned by what I was seeing. As my wife sucked the life out of my cock, our daughter was being taken by our best friends. It was an incredible sight, one which caused me to immediately cum. I pulled my cock out of my wife’s mouth and shot my load all over her face and mouth. Alex slid up and placed his cock into my wife and began fucking her with great force.

As if on cue, Melanie let out a huge moan as Sara placed two fingers in her cunt while licking her clit. Tim had her pulled into his chest and was holding her tits from behind as Melanie did her best to continue standing. The sound lf the moan caused Ray to look up. She was stunned at what she saw. She remained speechless. Melanie pulled away and moved to her knees next to Sara. They kissed for a quick second and then both began working Tim’s cock. It was so hot that Ray’s look of silence turned into a big smile. She then relaxed and enjoyed the pounding her pussy was taking.

I stood behind Melanie and stroked her hair as I watched her deep throat my best friend like a champ. My innocent daughter still looked innocent, but in a different way. And for the first time ever, I found myself wanting to fuck her.

Alex deposited his load deep into Ray’s pussy and laid there for a few minutes. They then got up and took seats on the sofa. Melanie, seeing her mother looking at her with a smile, let Tim’s cock pop out of her mouth and said “Hi Mommy!” I moved over to the side of Melanie and offered my cock, not sure of how she would respond. She did what I had hoped and took me deep into her throat. Sara took over sucking Tim’s cock. After a few minutes of Melanie getting me hard again, I pulled my daughter to the middle of the room. Pushing her down onto her back, I immediately positioned myself between her legs and began eating her tight little pussy. She began to buck and moan and had an immediate climax.

Sara came over and started kissing Melanie while Tim moved in behind Sara and inserted his cock deep into her cunt. I slid up and for the first time pushed my cock deep into my daughter. It was tight and wet and felt so good. It was so hot it only took a few minutes before I exploded deep into her pussy. Tim did the same to Sara leaving her with another deposit.

As I stood up, Ray took my place between Melanie’s thighs and began eating her daughters pussy cleaning my cum out. It was hot as hell. At this point, the three girls continued to play while I walked the guys out. It was passed midnight and I was not sure where the rest of the evening was going to go. The only thing I knew was that I had three beautiful hot sexy women naked in my living room, and I wanted them all to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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