Educating Mom: Andy’s Story Ch. 06

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“Does this look okay for going out tonight?” my mother asked as she walked into the living room. I’d been checking my e-mails as I waited for her to get ready, but as I looked up from the screen, I realized the wait had been worth it.

She was wearing some of the new things we’d picked up for her that day, and my eyes immediately went to the soft pearl-gray sweater tightly adhered to those spectacular breasts of hers. It had a small turtleneck collar and little cap sleeves, but the way the tautly-stretched light-gray material hugged those large round tits looked absolutely amazing. I could make out the lacy edges of one of her new bras through the material, the heavily-structured undergarment lifting and pushing those heavy round tits together and up. Her enormous rack caused the light-colored fabric to put every enticing swell and curve on brilliant display. Dark shadows were cast on her slender waist by the imposing rack while her thick nipples protruded invitingly from the center of each massive globe, casting their own teasing shadows beneath. I had definitely advised her wisely when we selected that saucy little garment.

The sweater was tucked into a black cotton miniskirt; the jet-black fabric contrasting vividly with the soft pearl color of the top. The skirt ended midway to her knees and she’d left her toned legs bare beneath. Her full thighs and calves looking tanned and delicious as my eyes followed them downwards; her sexy legs naturally accented by her slender knees and tapered ankles. Her delicate feet were adorned in a simple pair of strappy black sandals, the tiny straps seeming to caress her feet in comforting bondage. A sensible 3″ heel made them perfect for a casual night out.

My eyes roamed all the way down and then slowly back up over her alluring form, my senses spinning with desire as I stared, virtually dumbstruck with lust as I zeroed in on those tremendous heavy mounds once more.

“Andy, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I replied, snapping myself back to reality. “Mom, you look fantastic. I love that outfit.”

“Do you really?” she asked as she spun around in a little circle, letting me see her from every angle. My eyes were drawn instinctively to her sumptuous backside as she turned, the fleshy round orbs being cupped nicely by the taut cotton of her little skirt. It had one of those little slits in the middle of the hem, and when she turned, the slit parted, revealing a glimpse of her white thighs beneath. A jolt went right to my dick, and I felt like grabbing her, throwing her onto the dining room table and fucking the shit out of her right there. I had to take a deep breath to control myself; but I called upon what little willpower I had and kept myself in check.

“You look incredible. I can’t get over how you could have gone all these years without clothes like this. Mom, you’ve got an amazing body that was made for things like that.” Little did she know I had a nasty little outfit I was going to give her to wear when we got back later. Although this outfit looked perfect for where we were going, the one I had for later would make this one look like a peasant’s rags.

“Oh Andy, you’re so sweet. I love you so much,” she said with a smile as she all but jumped into my arms and gave me a tender kiss. I felt my heart swell with joy, knowing my mother and I were becoming closer and closer, just as I’d hoped.

“I love you too. Now, are you hungry?” I’d planned for us to go a grab a bite at one of our favorite restaurants, and then take in an early movie. I wanted to make sure we were home in time so that I could make good use of that voluptuous sexy body of her before we went to bed; well, went to sleep actually. I planned on having her in bed for a few hours before actually catching some shuteye.

“I’m starving,” she replied as she stepped back and grabbed a new black purse we’d picked up for her as well. I took her arm as I led her to the car, opening the door for her like a gentleman, knowing this was something my dad had probably never done for her.

“Thank you so much, dear,” she said, a look of pure happiness twinkling in her warm blue eyes.

“My pleasure.” I was only too happy to let her slip into the passenger seat. I watched intently, her legs parting sexily as her sumptuous rump slid onto the seat, her skirt sliding slightly up as she drew in her tanned sexy legs one at a time, the soft skin of her inner thighs seeming to call out to me for attention. I felt myself beginning to sweat as I reluctantly closed the door and made my way around to my side of the car, audibly calling ‘Down boy’ to my stiffening dick.

It didn’t take long for us to get Rizzo’s, an old Italian family restaurant we’d been going to forever. The place wasn’t classy by any means, but it had its own old-world charm and the food was fantastic. The warm scent of roasting garlic and homemade tomato sauce wafted tantalizingly into our nostrils as a hostess led us to a vacant table. The place had a comforting ambiance, çapa escort with simple red tablecloths, empty bottles of chianti wrapped in wicker hanging from the ceiling, and paper placemats showing the original Rizzo’s hometown of Naples highlighted on a barebones map of the world’s most famous boot.

The place was pretty crowded; not surprising for a Saturday night. I watched many eyes, both male and female; follow our short journey to our booth, with all eyes focused on my mother. I knew if I was in their place, that’s what I’d be doing too. Jesus, she looked great; those new clothes sensually accentuated that fantastic body of hers, a body made for just one thing.

“Andy, are you sure I look okay?” my mother asked as we sat down, her nervous eyes scanning restlessly around the restaurant.

“You look great. What’s the matter?”

“It felt like everyone was looking at me when we walked to our seats.”

“I noticed it too,” I said seriously as I leaned across the table and took her hand as if something was drastically wrong. I waited until she leaned closer, eager to hear what I had to say. “But I thought they were looking at me.” A big smile spread across my face and then across hers as well. She knew I was pulling her leg; but it worked, I saw her visibly relax.

“But why were they looking at me? All those times before we’ve been in here, nobody’s looked at me like that.” She looked down at herself to see if her sweater was untucked or a stray napkin was clinging to her heel. “Is something wrong?”

“No, nothing’s wrong at all.” I paused for a second until she looked up at me, her eyes still restlessly confused. “Those people were looking at you because you look fantastic.”

“Really, that’s why they were looking?” she asked innocently, her eyes slowly glancing around the room. I didn’t need to look, I knew by her reaction of quickly looking back at me that some of those hungry eyes were still feasting on her. I had figured this might happen, so I’d asked for a booth rather than one of the tables sitting out in the open, the partially blocked off space providing us with a bit more privacy I knew she needed.

“Yes, Mom, that’s why they were looking. I told you, those clothes look incredible on you; but really, I think it’s you that make that make the clothes look so good, not the other way around.” She smiled tentatively when I said that, her momentary anxiety easing away as she settled into her seat.

I was happy to show her off, but I knew she was still tentative in her new-found skin. Like an exotic animal brought from far-off lands to a local zoo, the masses were happy and excited to view the new attraction; but this much attention was all new to my mother. She’d get used to it in time; I’d make sure of that. I’d continue to dress her up the way I liked; in stylish tight clothes that emphasized those substantial curves of hers but didn’t make her look slutty.

I glanced around the room and the gawkers instinctively averted their eyes as my searching gaze found them, even though there was not a glimmer of aggressiveness in my eyes. I noticed that there were almost as many women as men looking my mother’s way, and that made me smile. The looks on their faces told me I’d been right in the type of things we’d picked out for her to wear; the women looked envious of her, not critical or judgmental. That was good, that’s just the reaction I’d hoped for.

“Thanks for saying that, Andy. I love all these things you’ve gotten for me. I’ve never had clothes like this in my life; I feel so spoiled.”

“You’re worth spoiling, Mom. You mean everything to me.” The waitress interrupted us, offering us menus which we refused. “The usual?” I asked, my eyes meeting my mother’s.

“Of course,” she replied.

“A large Rizzo’s deluxe and I’ll have a Dr. Pepper.”

“And I’ll have a ginger ale, please,” my mother added before the waitress hustled away. My mother reached across the table and took my hands as she continued the conversation we’d started. “Andy, you mean everything to me too. I have to admit these last few days have been the happiest of my life. I….I never thought I could feel this way, both physically and emotionally. I can’t thank you enough. I do love you, son, more than anything.”

Her words were music to my ears; her sincerity ringing clear in her kind words. “I love you too, Mom,” I replied, giving her soft hands a gently squeeze. “Your happiness means everything to me, and I’ll do whatever I can to make sure you’re happy and no one ever hurts you or makes you feel bad again.” She smiled contently, her eyes brimming with tears of happiness. She was close to crying, and I knew she’d be embarrassed if it happened right here. I had to lighten the mood a bit or the waterworks would be flowing. “That’s why I’m taking you to see that new horror movie with all the headless zombies running around.”

That broke the mood as she drew back and laughed, wiping away a single cihangir escort tear. “You little brat; you know I hate scary movies. Really, what are we going to see?”

“Well, okay then,” I replied with mock disappointment as she tenderly held my hand again. “How about that new movie with Chelsea Barker and Brock Miller?” I asked, suggesting the new romantic comedy with a pair of Hollywood’s hot young actors I knew she liked.

“Oh, I’d love that!” she gushed, a broad smile lighting up her pretty face. It was sad how the simple little things most of us take for granted could mean so much to her; evidence of the strict and controlling life she’d had with my prick of a father. They rarely went out, and if they did, it was pretty much straight back home as quickly as possible.

The waitress soon brought our drinks and then arrived shortly thereafter with the piping hot pizza, the Rizzo’s deluxe which was the house specialty. It never failed to impress and today was no exception. We savored the delicious flavors as we greedily ate, finishing the succulent pie between the two of us.

Pleasantly full and happily nourished, we drove the short distance to the cinema. I was happy that my mother naturally took my arm as we got tickets and made our way to our seats; like lovers, happy and out on the town. She chatted gleefully and watched the other moviegoers take their seats. I could see her checking out what other women were wearing, something she probably had never done until this new wardrobe had arrived on the scene. The lights dimmed and she shifted over towards me, once more slipping her arm through mine. It felt natural for me to slide my arm over her shoulder, allowing her to snuggle closer, which she instantly did. The trailers led into the movie and my mother watched intently, entranced by the whole experience. I found myself watching her as much as I watched the movie, feeling happy for her as I saw her smile and laugh at the funny parts, and become anxious and teary as the plotline shifted from one scene to the next.

It wasn’t long before my wandering eyes were drawn to those tremendous tits of hers, the soft pearl-gray of her sweater catching the flickering light enticingly. I loved the swell and curves of those massive guns, the shadows cast by their immense size becoming deep and dark as the changing light flickered across her lush body. I looked down at her bare thighs, her black skirt riding high on her legs as she shifted slightly in her seat. I wanted to slip my hand between those full creamy thighs and feel the intense softness that only a woman’s inner thigh can provide. I had to call on the reserves of my willpower to stop me, knowing this night out was for my mother; also knowing there’d be time for me to have free access to that spectacular body of hers just a little bit later.

The movie came to its predictable finale, the hero and heroine riding off into the blissful cinematic sunset. My mother held onto me as we made our way with the streaming masses to my car, a look of contented satisfaction on her face. The ride home was spirited, with my mother chattering about how much she had enjoyed the movie, and just being out with her son.

“Thanks so much for a wonderful night,” she said as we entered the house.

“Isn’t it customary for the girl to give her date a goodnight kiss?” I asked as I locked the door behind us.

“Of course, forgive me.” She moved into my arms and turned her face up to mine. The lingering scent of her perfume wafted into my nostrils, setting the sparking ember of my desire afire once more. I lowered my lips to hers and found them parted and waiting. I pulled her close as I pressed my lips to hers, my tongue sliding slowly into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm,” she purred warmly as I held her against me, my tongue exploring the moist warm treasures inside her mouth. My hands slid down and cupped the soft round mounds of her plump behind, my fingers sinking into the warm flesh.

“Oh Andy, that kiss was beautiful,” she said breathlessly as our lips finally parted.

“I’ve got something else for you that’s beautiful,” I replied as I stepped away from her and grabbed a couple of unopened packages that I’d come back with after leaving her earlier in the day.

“What’s this?” she asked, her eyes wide open with interest.

“Something special for you to wear to bed tonight,” I said as I passed her the packages. “Now, why don’t we each take a shower and meet in your bedroom in say…….twenty minutes or so?”

“Okay,” she replied, blushing slightly as she turned to go.

“One other thing, Mom…..” She stopped and turned. “Put on some of that lipstick I got for you, and pull your hair back with one of the black elastics. I don’t want your hair getting in the way of that pretty mouth of yours.”

“Okay,” she said, blushing more intently.

She disappeared into her bedroom, be-ribboned packages in tow. I went into my old room and peeled esenyurt escort off my clothes. I heard the shower running from her en-suite as I stepped into the bathroom near my room. Although I kept my pubic hair nicely trimmed, I grabbed some scissors and did some serious manscaping before I entered the shower, trimming away as much hair as I could. I soaped my abdomen and used a razor to trim away the final vestiges of stubble, leaving a nice clean surface around the base of my dick. I re-soaped my hands and lathered thoroughly, knowing I’d be having my mother’s pretty mouth on me soon enough. Rinsing clean, I toweled off and ran a comb through my hair. Naked as the day I was born, I made my way to my parent’s bedroom, the illicit thrill of knowing it was the bed she had shared with my father making it even more exciting for me.

She had turned one bedside lamp on, the warm amber glow giving an intimate and sensual ambiance to the room. I was just starting to turn down the sheets when I heard the door of the en-suite open and my mother stepped into the room.

“Holy fuck!” I thought to myself as I simply stared at her, my jaw dropping to the floor. She was wearing what I had chosen for her, and I gulped as looked at the incredibly gorgeous angel facing me. Angel was probably the wrong word, because in the outfit I had chosen for her, she looked more like one of the Devil’s wicked little playmates. She had on a black leather boned waist cincher, the powerfully supported foundation garment leaving her magnificent breasts spilling free over the top. The cincher pinched in tightly to her waist, then flared out alluring over her motherly hips, spectacularly emphasizing her alluring hourglass figure. My eyes looked downward, black garters framing her succulent pussy invitingly before biting smartly onto sheer black hose, the intricate lacy bands ending high on her full creamy thighs.

As if in a trance, my gaze slid lower, following her sexy legs, full at the thighs and calves and teasingly slender at the knees and ankles. The shimmering black hose made her legs look wickedly sexy, and the sky-high black stilettos made them look even more incredible. There was a pointed cap over the toes and then the shoes were open beyond that, until a tiny leather strap rose up the back of her foot before being anchored in a small band just above her slender ankle. The 4″ heels made her legs look toned, muscular and absolutely spectacular.

I felt my heart racing as I drew my eyes upward, smiling as I glimpsed briefly at her shaven pussy. Yes, I’d provided no panties with this outfit; they’d just be in the way. I loved the way the waist cincher disappeared beneath her heavy round tits, the voluptuous orbs filling the full breadth of her chest as she faced me, her big thick nipples looking ready for some serious sucking. This was just what I had in mind when I spotted this outfit. I loved those tremendous breasts of my mother’s, and tonight I didn’t want anything to get in the way of my desire for them.

She was wearing something new and different I’d gotten for her to go with this outfit; a pair of shoulder-length black leather kid gloves. I could see the way they caressed her arms like a second skin, the wickedly soft kid reaching to her shoulders, perfectly complimenting the leather waist cincher. I pictured the feel of those soft gloves on my cock, knowing I’d be having her use them on me often from now on. A tingling surge went straight to my swelling dick as I pictured her delicate kid-covered hands sliding up and down my rigid shaft.

I looked higher and was happy to see she had her hair pulled back as I requested. I was planning on making good use of that hot mouth of hers tonight, and I definitely didn’t want her hair getting in the way as I worked my prick nice and deep into that buttery smooth oral cavity of hers. So it was nice that she’d heeded my request and pulled her hair tautly back in a tight ponytail. It also gave me a clear view of her long sensuous neck, teasingly adorned in a black lace choker I’d gotten for her. Geez, that choker looked sexy. I looked up to her face and it nearly took my breath away. She had applied a little more eye shadow and mascara, making her soft blue orbs look wickedly exciting. But her mouth; I felt my dick start to swell and stiffen as I looked at her mouth, her full bee-stung lips a mesmerizing red gash on her face. The brilliant lipstick looked vividly inviting as it shone boldly against her soft white skin. Adorned in bright cherry-red, her soft pillowy lips looked even more seductively beguiling than normal. I shivered in blissful delight as I looked at a mouth just made for sucking cock, which was precisely what I had in mind for her.

She stood with her hands on her hips facing me straight on, letting me see the hypnotically sexy outfit in all its cock-hardening glory. I was breathing raggedly, my eyes feasting on the intoxicatingly wicked form as I looked her up and down repeatedly. I felt my surging member continue to stiffen and lengthen as I stared in awe at the dizzying display of feminine pulchritude standing before me.

“Do I look okay?” she asked timidly.

“Oh Mom, you look amazing,” I gasped out as I stood staring, my cock lifting rapidly towards full erection. “You look so incredibly sexy.”

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