Emily Untethered Ch. 03

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All characters involved in sexual situations are over 18, and all of this work is mine. No one else has permission to reproduce or sell it.



Chapter 3

He knew about the pictures, and the videos and he’d deliberately lied to her! She was briefly furious, and then hurt, but then realized that she really couldn’t blame him, not with all that had been happening recently.

She swore loudly then, her mind a mix of jumbled feelings and emotions. She closed everything on his computer then and left it like she’d found it before returning to her room and sat on her bed, unsure of how to feel. Part of her was angry at him for lying to her, but a bigger part of her understood why he’d done it. Still, why did he save the pictures?

“Maybe he’s going to use them to jerk off to?she questioned herself. The thought intrigued and revolted her all at the same time.

She sighed and ran a hand through her blonde tresses. “I’ve gotta get out of the house,” she said to no one. Picking up her phone, she quickly sent a text to Dakota and asked if she could come over.

“Sure thing!” came the expected reply from her friend.

“Be there in a few…” Emily sent back, and grabbed her laptop before she headed out.

Around 10 minutes later, she pulled into Dakota’s driveway and headed towards the house. Dakota’s dad, Charles, answered the door and smiled down at her.

“Hi Mr. Sanderson,” Emily said, smiling back.

He stepped aside as he said hello to her. “Dakota’s in her room, go on up.”

“Thanks!” Emily said politely, and bounded up the stairs.

Knocking lightly on the door, she peeked her head in and saw Dakota look up from her desk and smile. With a wave, she ushered Emily to enter and came towards her.

“Hey there, slutty-two-shoes!” Dakota said as she grinned and moved towards her.

“Dakota!” Emily whisper-yelled.

Laughing, Dakota came up and hugged her. “He can’t hear me, don’t worry,” she said, pulling Emily into the room before shutting the door and locking it.

Emily glanced back at the door and then around to other girl as she moved to sit on the bed.

“Planning on raping me?” she asked.

Dakota nodded and patted the bed beside her. “Yep. Gonna rape my best friend with my dad downstairs.”

Emily smirked and sat on the bed. The look of consternation on her face must have been there awhile, and Dakota could easily tell that she was worried about something.

“So what’s bothering you this time?” Dakota asked. She reached over to the nightstand beside her bed and took a long drink from the glass of iced tea sitting next there.

“God, where do I start?” Emily replied, dropping her head as she scooted up next to the red-head.

“Uh oh, that doesn’t sound good,” Dakota said, rubbing a hand comfortingly on her shoulder.

Emily sighed. “Well, we had an okay weekend, but…” she stammered, unable to continue. “I uh… sorta…”

Dakota’s eyes widened then and she covered her mouth.

Emily looked over and rolled her eyes. “No, you lunatic, I didn’t sleep with him. Jesus, you go to dark places.”

Dakota’s face returned to normal then and she exhaled in relief. “Well can you blame me?”

Emily had to give her that. “I know. It’s not that far of a stretch for this tramp is it?” she asked.

“Emily, you know I didn’t mean it that way,” Dakota said, a hand moving to her shoulder.

Nodding, Emily looked up. “No, I know… I just… it’s been a trying day.”

Dakota moved closer. A sympathetic look came to her face as she looked up at Emily. “So this happened today?”

“No… it was like… Friday or Saturday of last weekend. We were having another of our talks. After we talked about how it was okay that he looked at me, I told him more of my California stories and I sort of condensed it all down for him. It seemed to be easier for him to handle it that way. I told him that I’d been with women, and men, and multiples of each at the same time. He got really turned on again, and I moved to hug him and that’s when I fell.”

Dakota looked confused. “That’s it?” she asked. “I thought you knew he was turned on by your stories already.”

“I fell in his lap,” Emily clarified, looking up at her as if she was supposed to piece it all together. She sighed, seeing that she hadn’t. “I fell so that I was accidentally straddling him…,” she said, “with my panties still on,” she added, seeing the question on Dakota’s face before she even asked it.

The redhead finally nodded in understanding. “Okay, so? I’ve seen you guys hug like that before. It’s not so weird.”

Emily sighed. “Dakota, I was sitting in my father’s lap and he had a hard-on…”

Dakota’s eyes were wide again, but then confusion crossed her face. “But wait, you said that you guys didn’t…”

Emily grew a little frustrated then. “I didn’t fuck my own Dad!” she said, exasperated. “I sat down on him and felt his dick slide right up the front of my panties.” The second part of the sentence was much quieter than her first proclamation.

“Oh…,” soğanlık escort bayan Dakota said, finally understanding.

“It had been so long since I’d felt an erection, and he was so… turned on,” Emily said, closing her eyes. “I felt him as I fell on him, and then again as I pushed him up against my pussy.” She lowered her face in shame then as a tear appeared at the corner of her eye. “I couldn’t help it… we were both just sitting there for what seemed like hours and I couldn’t help myself. I pushed into him and… and…”

She covered her face with her hands then. “I felt so bad about it afterwards, even during, but I couldn’t stop myself from dry humping my own father!”

Dakota nodded slowly, absorbing it all.

“I apologized immediately and ran upstairs, and of course he followed me and comforted me. He immediately said it was his fault, that he shouldn’t have been excited and etc, etc, etc… I just don’t know what’s the matter with me anymore.”

Dakota squeezed her hand and continued listening while Emily divulged everything that happened.

“Sunday morning, I went to church, and then came home and we talked some more. We seemed to move past it, and kind of accepted that it had happened, but we weren’t going to let it make us crazy.”

Dakota took another sip of her tea, but continued to listen quietly.

“That afternoon, I tried to use my laptop and get my email, but it had an error, so I asked my dad to fix it. He let me use his computer while he was working on it, and so I checked my email. I hadn’t checked in forever, so I was expecting something from my friends in California. I got an email from Shawn.”

Dakota nodded. “Was he upset?”

Emily shook her head. “No, he’d seemed to have accepted that I’d had enough of what had happened in California, that it had been too much for me and that I’d just went home. The email he sent wasn’t to check up on me, it was to send me something.”

Dakota continued listening.

“The attachment was large, and it took forever to download. I didn’t want to wait, so I went downstairs to fix us dinner while it downloaded and I just told dad that he could call me when it was done. I had no clue what it was, honestly.”

She flipped open her laptop and turned it on.

“Dad told me after it had finished that it was corrupt and couldn’t be saved, and got my laptop working after a few days. The week itself turned out to be pretty normal, and we didn’t see each other very much. When we did, it was business as usual. I mean, he would look at me when I bent over, or I’d catch him looking at my panties or my breasts, but it wasn’t anything that hadn’t happened before.”

Dakota nodded, listening.

“Then, when I finally got my laptop back, I checked my email again and re-downloaded the attachment that Shawn had sent me. I figured maybe Dad’s computer caused some error with it. When I opened the attachment, I saw that it was all of our pictures and movies together. See… I let him take pictures of us when we were fooling around…” she said, looking down and waiting for her friend to berate her.

“Can I see them?” Dakota asked, instead. She was too good of a friend to punish her for that small of a thing.

Emily shrugged, opening the archive and passing the computer to her friend.

“The problem is, I found an archive of these on Dad’s computer, after he told me that he couldn’t get them to open correctly.”

“No!” Dakota said, genuinely surprised. Her face fell then, “Well, he probably didn’t know what to do with them. I mean, they were of you and your lovers…”

Emily shrugged. “I don’t know, but he had them hidden under lots of differently named folders. I had to call the computer help desk at school to get help finding them.”

Dakota shook her head. “I’m sure he was just in shock… he’d just seen lots of nude pictures of his only daughter.”

Emily turned and looked at the laptop that Dakota was looking at. “What are you looking for?” she asked.

Dakota bit her lip nervously, then. “I don’t know, something with a little bit more action.”

Emily blushed and rolled her eyes. “And you call me pervert.”

Dakota shook her head. “I never called you that. I called you slutty-two-shoes and I was kidding. Besides, being a slut isn’t necessarily a bad thing anyways. If I was sexually active, I’d be a big slut.”

“Well, all of the pictures in there have me in them. Are you sure you want to see them?” She turned and looked at Dakota then.

“Yes!” the smaller redhead said, a little too eagerly.

Emily blushed a little then, as did Dakota, both of them bursting into laughter a few seconds later. The tension in the room seemed to lighten then, and she began to feel better. Scooting up to the headboard, she patted the bed beside her. “Here, I’ll tell you who the people are.”

Dakota moved up and sat next to her and then moved the laptop so that they both shared part of it.

Emily clicked on one picture and smiled. “That’s just Shawn ümraniye escort bayan and me.”

Dakota reached over and zoomed the picture in a little, causing Emily to giggle.

“He’s not very big is he,” Dakota said as they clicked through a few different sets over the next few minutes.

“No, though I didn’t know it at the time. He’s a little below average. It still felt good,” she said with a shrug. “It’s not like he was microscopic or anything. I mean, I could definitely feel him when we started to… fuck.” She turned to glance at Dakota, who giggled at her.

“Such language…” the redhead admonished.

Emily rolled her eyes. “I know… I can be gang-banged but can’t swear without blushing.” The statement caused the two to laugh a little, but then they settled down and began to click through several more sets of photos.

“You sure liked to give him head,” Dakota said, after a long silence and several sets of photos.

Emily shrugged and nodded. “At first it was more out of pity,” she admitted. “I didn’t like leaving him all hard and horny, so I gave him hand jobs, but then he got raw and said that I had to use lube or stop. He sort of… pouted his was into getting me to try blowjobs.”

Dakota scrunched up her face in annoyance. “That’s the way to win over a girl, pout and cry for it.”

Emily shrugged. “Apparently it worked on me.”

“So did you enjoy giving him oral?” Dakota asked.

Emily blushed, though the answer should have been obvious. “Once I’d tried sucking his cock and realized how much power I had over him. It was… kind of intoxicating, and I used to get very wet when I blew him. Eventually it got to be my favorite pastime out in Cali. I still love to do it, though I haven’t had anyone to… take care of…”

Dakota grinned as she clicked a few more. “Wow,” she said as she clicked to another.

“That’s the first girl I was with, Jess.”

The picture had a shot of the two of them laying on the bed, affectionately kissing each other. Emily clicked a few more and looked over at her friend. Her mouth was open slightly and her breathing was irregular.

“Getting turned on?” Emily jabbed.

Dakota blushed then and shook her head. “It’s just… she looks a little like me!”

Emily nodded. “Probably part of why it was so fun to be with her. She’s a redheaded slut, just like my best friend!”

Dakota rolled her eyes. “Never heard that one before.”

Giggling, Emily turned back to the laptop. The series of pictures showed Jess kissing down Emily’s body. The camera angle moved then and got closer, obviously being hand held.

“Wait, you two knew about the camera?”

Emily nodded, smiling. “At that point we did. The first couple of times, Brian, Shawn’s techie roommate, was sneaky about it. The lighting and the actual pictures weren’t very good so I skipped those. Jess was all for it, being Jess.” She turned and look at Dakota. “You’re sure you want to see more? It just gets raunchier, you might not see me the same way after this.”

Dakota reached over and clicked to the next picture. Shawn had his cock out and was on the bed next to Emily, feeding it to her while Jess’s head lay between Emily’s legs. The next shot caused Dakota to gasp and then grin. Shawn had obviously come from being too excited and Brian had gotten a close up of Emily’s cum covered face. The next photo was a close up of Jess, her lips and mouth pressed fully up against Emily’s pussy, the redhead’s tongue not visible.

“What… what was it like?” Dakota asked after a long silence, her eyes fixed on the picture.

“Being with a girl?” Emily asked, glancing over.

She nodded in response. Her breathing was a little irregular as she was obviously turned on.

Emily smiled. “Well, it was much different than being with Shawn. Other guys that I had sex with later, were better than him. Sex with Jess wasn’t necessarily better, just… different. It was always very… tender and soft… I guess. She was a really great kisser, and she was very good at… kissing other parts.”

Dakota nodded. “You know, I’ve often wondered what the difference is. I’ve had guys go down on me before, several times, but never another girl.”

Emily smiled. “Well, Shawn never went down on me. I guess he didn’t like doing it. Jess was the first person to ever do that, though later, other guys did it. Jess was always the best at it, however.”

For the first time, Emily noticed how close her friend had gotten to her, and could feel the body warmth emanating from her. She turned then, just as Dakota turned and looked up at her. A long, uncomfortable silence passed between them.

Emily slowly reached up and brushed a hair from her friend’s face and leaned in, her lips brushing softly against Dakota’s, who whimpered in apprehension and surprise.

Emily sat back then and snapped her laptop closed. “Fuck, what is WRONG with me!” she yelled.

Dakota shook her head and reached for her hand, pulling her back towards her. Emily aksaray escort had been sliding off the bed, and the action caused her to fall on top of her friend. She crashed into the redhead with a thud, her face smashing into her breasts.

Pushing herself up, Emily stared looked down at her friend. Obviously turned on, she looked back up at Emily with desire clear in her eyes. One of Dakota’s hands was on the small of Emily’s back, the other, still gripping the front of her shirt.

There was a loud knock on the door, but both girls continued to stare, locked on each other.

“Heading out to Steve’s Friday night poker game, Sweetie,” Charles said. “Y’all have fun. Money for pizza is on the kitchen counter.”

“Thanks Daddy!” Dakota called. “Have fun!” She pulled harder on Emily’s shirt. Emily resisted and shook her head, sliding off and then out of her bed.

“I can’t do this to you,” she said, standing. Dakota followed suit and moved quickly over to where Emily was slowly backing up against the wall.

“Stop, please,” Emily said, her face a mix of desire and apprehension.

Dakota grinned wickedly and shook her head. “You liked that kiss just as much as I did. Get the fuck over here.”

Emily whimpered as she felt her knees go weak then as Dakota came forwards. One hand moved immediately to one of Emily’s breasts, the other wrapped around her neck and pulled her face down to meet her friend’s pursed lips.

Emily moaned and finally gave in. She wrapped her arms around Dakota and pulled her tightly up against her, softly whimpering into her best friend’s mouth. Arousal filled her body then, and she gently prodded her friend backwards towards the bed.

Dakota’s hands began to pull Emily’s t-shirt off while she began to kiss lower and lower on her body. She sighed then as the warm wetness of Dakota’s tongue and lips caressed her neck, and collar bone. They paused as Dakota worked the shirt up and, with Emily’s assistance, off. She reached back and unclasped her bra as Dakota’s lips worked downwards, quickly engulfing one of her nipples, and then beginning to kiss around it.

Emily, thoroughly excited now, reached down and pulled off Dakota’s shirt. She smiled and looked down as the shorter girl went back to kissing and sucking at her breasts. She’d seen her naked before, but this was different. Her friend had a very sexy figure.

“You’re so fucking sexy,” Emily said, pushing her back towards the bed.

Dakota blushed and grinned. “I’ve always thought you were the sexy one,” she admitted.

Emily looked at her with lust-filled eyes and came forward as Dakota scooted back onto the bed. Emily reached up and hooked her fingers into her friend’s shorts. Looking up, she saw surprise and a little apprehension on her face.

“Are you okay?” Emily asked, suddenly apprehensive.

Dakota smiled sweetly then, and lifted her hips so that she could easily be rid of the offending garment. “Just a moment of reality,” she said. “I’m about to make love to my best friend.”

Emily giggled and leaned forwards. She looked up as she gently nibbled and sucked at her friend’s collarbone.

“You’re really going to enjoy this,” Emily said. “Jess and I were together more than a few times out in California. We taught each other a lot.” She paused then, briefly concerned. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“More than anything,” Dakota said, smiling.

She moved her lips lower, alternating between kissing and sucking, nibbling and licking at Dakota’s soft skin. She assaulted her neck, breasts, collarbone and lower, down to her hips.

She looked up then, her eyes focused on Dakota’s green orbs peering down at her as she kissed her inner thigh. Sighing in pleasure and seemingly unable to contain her desire, Dakota spread her legs for Emily and reached down to caress her face.

Emily giggled and pushed her hands away. “You’re going to lay there and let me do this like I want,” she said. A grin found its way to her face as she kissed the little mound of pubic hair that Dakota kept, causing the lithe redhead to moan in anticipation and pure wanton desire.

She moved lower, kissing the inside of Dakota’s pale thighs, right and then left repeatedly. Finally, she figured that her friend wouldn’t be able to take much more. She lifted her head up slightly and looked at her.

“Put a pillow or two under your back and head so that you can look down and watch me. It will be so much more exciting for you to watch me as I lick your pussy.”

Dakota groaned and rolled her eyes back in her head briefly at the way she was talking so nonchalantly about sucking her pussy. Quickly, she shoved some pillows underneath her back and head and spread her legs again. Emily quickly moved back to where she had been, between Dakota’s thighs.

No pretense left, Emily looked up directly into Dakota’s green eyes and reached out with her tongue, sliding it gently along the redhead’s incredibly wet slit. Dakota moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head. Emily immediately wrapped her arms around her friend’s thighs and pushed her tongue deep into her pussy before running it directly upwards, flattening it and rubbing it directly onto her clitoris. Again and again she assaulted Dakota’s clit, her arms wrapped around her thighs and pulling her tight up against her mouth. Dakota began to come almost immediately, her back arching as she pushed up against her headboard in an effort to get more of Emily’s tongue.

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