Erica’s Man – Key Workers Ch. 04

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“Deal, but you stay with me tonight.”

Holly’s text that morning had been one short sentence, but it said a million things to Erica and I. Firstly, it meant I would be sleeping with another woman for the first time since we had got married. Not, to be clear, the first time I’d be having sex with another woman, but the first time I had stayed apart from Erica. Secondly, before that, I’d be fucking another co-worker, as part of their bargain to cover a shift. Also, for the first time, it would be a woman I liked, rather than one of Erica’s friends, who would join us in the bedroom the next day. Erica admitted to being a little nervous – always before, the other women had been friends of hers, and although often they’d been apprehensive about being with another woman as it had a first for several of them, they’d been comfortable with Erica, which had eased their own worries.

Holly was another matter. She didn’t know Erica, indeed they’d only met once… at mine and Erica’s wedding. She knew of mine and Erica’s relationship, and had been making the most of it, along with the strange times in lock-down meaning we had a skeleton staff, and that I had the keys to the school, fucking me at work after hours. Equally, Erica didn’t know Holly, although I’d shown her pictures and Erica agreed that she was very attractive, and someone whose face she’d happily have between her legs!

I had to admit to being a little surprised myself that she’d agreed to our deal, as I was pretty certain Holly was completely straight, and she had been very apprehensive when I’d first given my conditions for our deal. Still, in arranging for her friend Natalie to cover today’s shift for someone at school (Nat was another teacher at school), in exchange for me sleeping with her, she had essentially pimped out Erica’s husband to her friend. It was only fair that Erica gained from the situation too! Erica did add another condition for me to stay the night away though – pictures, and videos. If she couldn’t hear the story from me that night as usual, she wanted something to masturbate to!

So the deal had been struck, I would have sex with Nat, who apparently had been going through a dry spell ever since her engagement had broken down a few months earlier, tonight, before staying there to sleep with Holly, and Holly would join Erica and I the next day, to end the week.


I was pleasantly surprised when Nat and Holly arrived that morning, driving in together as Holly was living with Nat during lockdown to avoid being a risk to her mother.

Nat had taken becoming single just before lockdown as an opportunity to become extremely fit. While never fat, she had shed a fair bit of weight and her slimmer body, wrapped today in a summery, red dress, actually accentuated her large, pert chest even more than before. It helped, of course, that her dress today showed a generous amount of her ample cleavage, probably bordering the limits of the acceptable for work! Still, as I was in charge this week, I decided her dress was fine – she wasn’t actually showing anything inappropriate, and the TA working today, Karen, probably described what I got to enjoy looking at all day best when she arrived, “Jesus, Nat! I doubt the dads dropping off today will forget you were working today in a hurry!” Personally, I couldn’t help looking forward to sending my wife a video of me cumming all over them later.

Nat simply chuckled and got on with setting up the day’s activities, but Holly, also looking hot, but in a different way in skin-tight leggings and a tight vest top for teaching PE, also showing a little cleavage, although with a much smaller chest, shot me a look and a wink before we carried on, too.


The day was fairly boring. We only had 6 children in that day, so both Holly and Nat took some time to go and complete their weekly phone calls to the parents of their classes, while I had completed my calls at the start of the week alongside the paperwork and phone calls required of the team leader for the week. Karen and I led the activities for the day, but with so few key worker children in the day dragged. I couldn’t help being thankful for the view of Nat’s cracking tits, as well as Holly’s pert arse within her leggings, to help keep me entertained through the day.

Still, the day passed, and I let Karen go a little early due to the limited number of children in that day. I tidied and cleaned up with Nat and Holly, and with Karen gone, the subject of the evening was broached, as Nat asked if I’d like to jump in with them for the ride home, rather than driving separately, since I was staying the night anyway. I agreed, as Holly could bring me in the next day, and it did seem pointless driving both cars to and from the same place.

Once we’d finished, we left together and ankara sınırsız escortlar once I’d finished locking up I climbed into the back seat of Nat’s car, taking out my phone to text Erica. Unexpectedly, Holly also climbed into the back, leaving Nat alone in the front to set off driving. I soon understood why Holly had joined me though, as her hands almost immediately found the button to my jeans and she unzipped them, rubbing her hand over my rapidly growing cock through my boxers, before reaching in to take hold and rub up and down the shaft. A few minutes passed like this, Holly running her hand along my erection, before Nat realised what was happening from the driver’s seat. She re-positioned her rear view mirror to watch, and Holly released my cock from under my boxers, leaning over to take me in her mouth as her friend watched. Luckily the journey to Nat’s was only a few minutes longer, as Holly soon had me groaning in pleasure and wondering if I’d even last until the end of the journey. A thought occurred to me, and I quickly snapped a selfie, smiling at the camera as Holly’s mouth bobbed up and down on my cock, and sent it to Erica, letting her know the fun and games had started even before we reached Nat’s home.

As we pulled into Nat’s driveway, Holly sat back up and grinned at me, before climbing quickly out of the car, leaving me to re-cover my spit-soaked cock. Nat unlocked the front door as I climbed out of the car, and we entered the house, following Holly into the living room where she gestured for me to sit down on the grey couch by the fireplace.

Nat entered last, dropping her car keys into the bowl by the door with a clatter and offering me a drink. I accepted, and asked for a glass of rosé when Holly shouted the options through from the kitchen. Natalie was clearly slightly unsure of herself, and sat herself on a chair on the other side of the room to me, waiting for Holly to come back in with her drink, also a rosé. Suddenly, the clear nervousness made me wonder how much of the idea for me to fuck Nat had actually been hers, or had Holly talked the idea into her head? She started to ask how I was finding lock-down, and I responded as naturally as I could to try and ease her nerves a little, bearing in mind I was sat with a raging erection causing a noticeable bulge in my pants.

Holly returned quickly, handing Nat her glass first, before coming to hand me mine. Catching my eye, she smirked at the small talk, then knelt on the carpeted floor in front of me, placing her white wine down on the marble fireplace next to her. She cut through the small talk by re-opening my jeans and wasting no time in yanking my jeans and boxers down to my ankles, my cock springing to attention in front of her. Reaching down to take a sip of her wine, she eyed my cock greedily. “Told you he had a nice, big cock, Nat,” she said over her shoulder, before returning her mouth to the head of my dick, licking around it before opening her lips to take me in.

Natalie watched, gulping at her wine probably a little faster than normal. Indeed, it wasn’t long before she disappeared into the kitchen for a minute or two before returning with a new glass. From the redness of her cheeks, I guessed she’d downed a glass while she was in the kitchen too, but at least it seemed to have steadied her a little. She watched more closely now, sipping rather than gulping her wine, as Holly gave me a slow, sensuous blowjob. Not one designed to make me cum, or not quickly anyway, but enough to elicit a few groans of pleasure, and certainly enough to turn on anybody watching.

Sure enough, I soon saw Nat’s free hand stray between her thighs. her smooth, toned legs parting to show white panties as she began to surreptitiously touch herself. It wasn’t long then, before she stood, downed her remaining wine, then crossed the room and knelt beside Holly, observing to begin with as the brunette sucked my cock.

Holly retreated after another minute or so, and disappeared into the kitchen to refill both her and Natalie’s glasses, before sitting next to me on the sofa, watching now as Natalie brushed her blonde hair behind her ears and leaned in to kiss my erection. I can honestly say I’d never really expected, or particularly desired this sort of activity with Nat, but watching her impressive cleavage heave as she leaned in and began to stroke my cock with her tongue, made me wonder why.

Holly nudged my arm and gestured for me to pass her my phone, which she dutifully took and began to record Nat’s ministrations of my penis.

Nat licked around the tip of my cock for a minute or so, stroking slowly up and down the shaft, before she followed Holly’s example and took the head into her mouth, her tongue continuing to circle as she tasted the pre-cum oozing from me. Nat licked and sucked me slowly at first, exploring the new cock and, presumably allowing the alcohol to kick in as her friend not only watched, but recorded her sucking off a colleague.

I leaned forwards ankara suriyeli escortlar on the sofa, taking hold of Nat’s dress by the shoulders, and eased the sleeves down her arms. Nat obligingly pulled her arms up and out of the sleeves one by one, before releasing my erection from her mouth and leaning back a little, allowing me to pull the front of her dress down and, standing now, with my cock waving just in front of her face, quickly unhook the clasp of her bra, to reveal two beautiful, large, but extremely pert, natural breasts. I was utterly taken in by the magnificent chest, by far the most emphatically sexual bust I’ve personally ever seen, and my mouth dropped open in anticipation at the sheer perfection of them. They weren’t the biggest I’d seen, but were big, probably an F cup, I thought, and retained a pertness I’d not seen before in larger boobs. Her tiny, erect nipples had very small, very pink areolas which stood out in sharp contrast to the pale skin of her chest. I stayed standing in front of Nat as she gazed up at me with her big blue eyes, and I stared down at her stunning chest.

As Nat leaned back in to take me in her mouth again, Holly leaned across with Nat’s rose wine, and slowly poured a long trickle over my cock and balls.

Nat seemed to like the idea and proceeded to lick the wine from me, sensuously lapping every last drop from my shaft and head, before taking my balls into her mouth, rubbing along the shaft of my erection with her right hand. The coolness of the wine and the warm wetness of Natalie’s mouth soon had me groaning in pleasure, Holly still recording every second of the blowjob.

Once the wine was gone, I laid my hand on the back of her head and helped to ease Nat’s throat further along my cock, slowly but surely helping her take a little more every minute or two. Soon, Nat gagged a little, strings of spit hanging from her lips and chin as she coughed, and afterwards returned to a standard blow job, sucking along the length and head of me. Holly began to kiss me, turning my head to meet her, having found a suitable place to prop the phone to continue recording Natalie’s mouth working on my erection while we kissed. Never one to only receive, my right hand quickly slid up Holly’s dress and I slid my fingers over the top of her pussy, above her damp panties. I wasted little time and moved the knickers to one side as my fingers now explored up and down the slick, wet cunt, before sliding a couple of fingers inside her.

While I finger fucked Holly, Natalie had clearly decided to get her obligations for the night sorted early, with the blow job video being recorded already, and she began to speed up, delivering a fantastic blow job which began to bring me towards an orgasm,

Suddenly, perhaps recognising the change in tone of my breathing after the week we’d spent fucking, Holly slipped off the sofa and disappeared back into the kitchen, reappearing again with more wine for the three of us. She took me by surprise then as, instead of returning to her seat next to me, after handing myself a new drink and placing Nat’s down next to her, she lifted her sports vest off over her head and quickly removed her bra, before she knelt, topless now, alongside Natalie in front of me. Almost imperceptibly, Nat shuffled up to allow Holly room. Both women now took turns wrapping their lips around my cock, while their hands continually rubbed up and down the shaft. Reaching for my phone, I brought it close to them, gaining a wonderfully detailed view of the pair of them working my cock with their tongues, at points flicking their two tongues together over the tip of my cock, and at other times one taking my testicles into their mouth while the other’s head bobbed along the shaft.

I knew I wouldn’t last long the moment Holly knelt next to Natalie, and sure enough I soon whispered a warning that I was going to cum. Holly grabbed the phone out of my hand and held it as though taking a selfie of the scene, while she also rubbed along my shaft with strong, well gripped strokes.

Natalie leaned back and as Holly continued to rub me over the edge, a groan escaped me as hot, sticky cum streamed from the tip of my cock onto Nat’s chest, leaving a trail of white from her left breast up to her collar bone, and a large splatter towards the top of her right breast. A second spurt hit Nat’s cheek as she leaned forwards again, and then Holly turned my cock towards herself, leaning in to take a third, weaker string of spunk onto her tongue. She leaned in and wrapped her mouth around me again now, sucking and licking the remaining cum from my erection, leaning back with her tongue out, cum pooled on it with strings attached to the top of her mouth. She made sure to get a good shot of both Nat’s cum-covered tits and face next to her own mouth full of my spunk before she swallowed the load.

Ending the video, Holly handed me my phone back and I took a couple more photos of Nat’s chest covered in my cum, sending both them and the long ankara türbanlı escortlar video to my wife. Looking at the time, the night was yet very young at just quarter to 5, and as Nat took a long swig from the glass of wine Holly had brought her, still on her knees, with cum sprayed across her cheek, I decided it was time to return the favour.

Taking Nat’s hand, I lifted her to her feet and gently guided her round to sit on the sofa I had recently vacated, reversing our positions as I knelt between her legs, removing my shirt on the way down. Holly and Nat exchanged a wordless look as I reached forwards to hook my fingers around Nat’s knickers, pushing her dress up so it was now bunched round her waist, top part down and bottom part up, and Holly disappeared into the next room, leaving via the door just behind the sofa where I was now gazing at a clean-shaven, pink pussy, lips wide with arousal. I wasted no time in leaning in to kiss the glistening mound, my tongue exploring the groove between the lips, searching for the engorged clit I knew I would find. Sure enough, it took only a couple of seconds before a gasp greeted my tongue finding its target, the sensitive, little button sending a tingle of pleasure into my co-worker as my hands caressed her thighs.

I worked Natalie’s clit with my tongue for a few minutes, focusing purely on her pleasure and exploring to find out what she liked. I soon settled into a rhythm of slow, sideways movements interspersed with faster, up and down flickers, which seemed to be bringing the most instinctive reactions from Nat, her body tensing and her thighs clamping around my head whenever my tongue’s movements increased in speed. It was only a short while after I settled into this rhythm that Nat’s breathing began to quicken to top speed, and her moans raised in volume, her fingers gripping my hair as she pressed me down against her cunt. I continued to press my tongue against her clit, movement restricted now purely by the pressure of her hand on the back of my head, but it seemed Nat was already on the way to climax, as despite the change from flickering tongue to a heavy press against her mound, the moans quickly reached a peak and her body convulsed in pleasure, orgasmic juice flowing out of her, to be lapped up by my tongue as Nat released the pressure on the back of my head and allowed me to manouevre lower to lick at her soaked pussy.

Nat’s body remained tense, despite the obvious orgasm, and I sensed the opportunity to give her another quick finish. I immediately returned my tongue to her clit, but brought my right hand around from her thigh to slide two fingers easily inside her. Her sharp intake of breath told me how close she was to a second climax, and I decided on a fast, hard fuck with my fingers, which only a few seconds later brought a sharp squeal from Nat as she came again, her pussy clamping down around my fingers so hard I physically couldn’t remove them for a good few seconds until her orgasm subsided.

Already hard, having never really gone down following my own orgasm, my cock practically sprang to full mast at the tightness of Nat’s sopping cunt. I couldn’t wait much longer to feel her tight, warm pussy envelope me.

Nat clearly had the same thought. As her orgasm subside, she stood me up and turned herself over on the sofa, her face to the cushion and knees drawn up onto the sofa as she presented her bare arse and pussy to me. I rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her sopping wet groove for a few seconds, enjoying the anticipation of entering her tight cunt.

Natalie moaned softly as I finally slid the tip of my cock between her lips, sliding easily into the moist warmth of her pussy despite the enjoyable tightness. And she was very tight. Soft, but firm walls stretched around my length as I slowly pushed my way in, Nat gasping with every inch. At about six inches I stopped as I felt resistance, pulling back before pressing forward a little further. I continued slowly, pushing further in as Nat groaned softly in pleasure. Painstakingly, a few millimetres at a time, I slid all eight and a half inches of thick cock into Natalie’s soaking pussy, pausing as my testicles finally rested against her mound. She moaned as I reached around and under her to touch her clit with one hand, and pinch and play with her nipple with the other, gently stimulating her while she was full to the brim with cock.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a movement at the door, and I looked up, not pausing in my manipulation of Natalie’s full cunt. Seeing nothing, I began to

look down to Nat again, but suddenly caught another tiny movement. Between the door and its frame, in the thin gap, I realised Holly was watching everything. If I knew Holly, she was masturbating furiously at the same time, and it’d probably turn her on to know I knew she was there.

I flashed her a smile, knowing I wouldn’t be able to see any returned, and increased the speed of my hand rubbing at Natalie’s clit.

A few seconds of this was all she could take, and a gasped, “Oh God, just fuck me!” was an instruction I couldn’t ignore. First sliding almost all of the way out of her tight, wet pussy, I proceeded to fuck Nat hard from behind, pounding hard into her as she moaned against the sofa cushions.

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