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Erin had always been mature beyond her years and a good student, so she had just reached her 21st birthday when she completed her undergraduate studies at the local state college and was ready to transfer to the university to begin work on her Masters degree. Unfortunately, she hadn’t yet figured out how to get rich while going to school, and so like most students, she was counting her pennies and looking for a cheap place to live. Fortunately for Erin, she also came from a family that was close, and had a relative she could count on for help in her new college town.

Ryan, naturally, had known Erin since the day she was born and had watched her grow from a baby into the bright and lovely young lady she had become. He was more than willing to lend a hand in her education in any way he could, so when Erin asked if she could move in with him temporarily, he agreed to the idea without giving it a second thought. He had plenty of room, plenty of money, and since his divorce, was really looking forward to having someone around the house to talk to.

Moving time came on a sweltering day in August, and Ryan drove his Ford Expedition to his brother’s place to pick up Erin and her things. The big SUV would have plenty of room for even a college girl’s stuff, and the two hour drive back to Ryan’s place would give them a chance to catch up on each other’s lives. Ryan had expected to work up a sweat loading the SUV in the late summer heat, but when he arrived he found to his surprise – and secretly to his delight – that it wasn’t just the summer weather that was going to heat things up on the trip home. When he pulled into the driveway, Erin came bounding out of the house dressed for summer in shorts and a belly shirt and Ryan noticed for the first time that Erin wasn’t a little girl any more. She’d become a sexy young coed with a tight, athletic body. Her long legs, firm abs, and perky breasts led Ryan’s eyes at last to her beautiful face. Ryan had only a moment to take in the enticing view because Erin practically tackled him with a bear hug and a big, friendly kiss before he was even out of the Ford. He felt the beginnings of a familiar stirring within himself as he felt Erin’s breasts pressing into him.

“Settle down, pal,” Ryan thought to himself, “she may be hot, but she’s still your brother’s daughter.” As Erin let go of Ryan, she quickly bounced back a step, struck a pose and asked “How do I look, uncle?”

“You look great, kiddo,” Ryan answered.

“I’m not a kid anymore, you know,” she said with a smile.

“Yeah, I noticed,” he said, and notice he did. As Erin spun around like a runway model, Ryan couldn’t help but notice that she looked just as great from behind as she did from in front. “I’d love to get my hands on that ass,” he thought, and then once again chastised himself for the impure thought.

“Hey, you’re looking pretty good yourself, stud,” Erin replied, giving Ryan’s biceps a squeeze. Ryan wasn’t sure, but that squeeze, the look in Erin’s eye, and the sly grin on her face seemed like a little more than playful flirting on her part, but he brushed it off as wishful thinking and a side effect of his reaction to her hot little body.

Now Ryan was no flabby, middle aged couch potato. He was the youngest of three brothers, and Erin’s dad was the oldest, so despite Erin being college aged, Ryan was still in his early 30’s and took pride in being athletic, active, and fit. He spent at least an hour a day on a bicycle to keep toned and played several sports for fun and fitness. He’d also been incredibly lucky financially. A computer programmer, he’d ridden the dot-com wave and sold the business he started in his basement before the bust. He invested the windfall wisely, and found himself independently wealthy at a very young age. The only place in which he had not found success was love. He had been married, but while his internet business had made him rich, it had taken a toll on his marriage. His wife of five years finally tired of the endless hours of work and left him. There was plenty of money to go around, but by the time he was able to leave work behind, she had moved on. Being a tech geek at heart, Ryan had found it hard to get back into the dating scene and still spent most weekend nights in front of the TV.

Erin was almost the complete opposite of Ryan. Her good looks, great body, and outgoing personality had made her popular and she never lacked friends or attention from boys, but she had no success with money and was always flat broke. Ryan’s financial wizardry was just the thing to help Erin get her life in order, and Erin’s outgoing ways were just the thing to give Ryan’s social life a kick start.

Despite the heat, it wasn’t long before Erin’s things were loaded in the Expedition. Erin said her good-byes to her folks, and she hopped in with Ryan and they started off for his place. Both of them looked forward to the drive because the hours on the road would give them a nice chance to get to know each other again.

Ryan filled güngören escort Erin in on what he’d been up to lately. Since he sold his business he’d been making a good living on his investments and spent most of his time doing volunteer work, mentoring other new business owners, and just generally doing whatever interested him. He’d spent a lot of time traveling, and captivated Erin with his tales of adventures in exotic lands. It wasn’t long, however, before the conversation turned to his love life. Unfortunately for Ryan, it had become a very short story.

“We need to find you a good woman,” Erin told Ryan. “You’re a good woman,” he shot back at her, laughing. This time it was Erin’s turn to wonder if he was just being playful, or if he was really flirting with her. And although it disturbed her just as much as it did Ryan, she also felt a familiar stirring inside herself.

“So how’s your love life, Erin?” Ryan asked. “It’s bad, Uncle,” she said. “I get asked out all the time, but most of the guys my age are just interested in beer and sex. I like a party and a hot fuck as much as the next girl, but there’s got to be more to life than beer, blow jobs, and screwing.”

Ryan was visibly startled by her blunt language, but also more than a little aroused, and decided to pursue the matter after taking a few seconds to regain his composure. “Really!” he said, deciding to be more direct himself. “Surely there must be a surplus of college age studs able to keep up even with a hot little number like you. Or are these guys always too drunk to get it up for you.”

“Uncle!” she cried, but before she could go on he said “Hey, you brought it up. So what’s the deal with these guys?”

“They just don’t seem interested in anyone but themselves,” she answered. “I put a lot of effort into pleasing a guy, but don’t seem to get much back.”

“It sounds to me like you need a good man just as much as I need a good woman,” he joked. “You’re a good man,” she said, and they both got a good laugh from her turning his corny line back on him.

“It’s getting hot in here, and the weather report shows no sign of this heat letting up soon” she said, changing the subject as she reached to turn the air conditioning up. She’s right, he thought, it is getting hotter. But he wasn’t thinking about the weather, and he hoped she wasn’t thinking much about it either.

The rest of the trip to his house was uneventful as the conversation turned to investments and class schedules and plans for the future, but Ryan couldn’t help noticing each time he looked at her that the cold air in the SUV had turned her nipples into hard little thimbles. She caught him peeking and it pleased her to know that he was checking her out, but not nearly as much as it pleased her to see the bulge in his shorts grow larger each time he looked her over.

At last they arrived. Ryan helped Erin unload her things from the Ford, gave her a brief tour of the big house, and helped her get settled into her new room just in time for dinner. They were both worn out from the drive and from loading and unloading Erin’s things in the sweltering heat, so they decided to just go out for a couple of quick burgers. They got to know each other again, now as two adults instead of as the hard working uncle and gangly little girl they had been just a few short years earlier. Their dinner conversation was subdued, with none of the flirty undertones that had been present when they were driving back, and they turned in early, exhausted from the long day.

Erin had moved in to stay. Ryan had given her a room, a car to drive, free run of the house, and even a small allowance so she wouldn’t have to live like a pauper and could enjoy her college days a little. His time was consumed by watching his investments and planning his next vacation, a three week trip to Ireland. Her time was consumed by learning her way around the expansive campus, setting up class schedules, and generally getting ready for the start of school. Despite being in the same house together, they hadn’t seen much of each other for a couple of days except at dinner. After two days of this, Erin went looking for Ryan in the big house, hoping to just chat and hang out together, but what she found was more than a chat.

Ryan had gone to his study to check a few stock prices and catch up on the news on his computer, but had drifted off to surfing porn sites fairly soon after sitting at his desk. He was divorced, he hadn’t been dating, he had a hot young coed living in his house, and he needed some relief. Within a matter of minutes he was rubbing his crotch through his shorts and his cock began to respond. A few minutes and a few downloads later, his cock had come alive and he was stroking it with a purpose. He wasn’t exactly in a hurry and wanted to make the most even of jacking off, but this wasn’t a prolonged love making session either. Eventually, despite himself, his thoughts drifted from the nameless porn queens spreading halkalı escort their legs on his computer screen to thoughts of his niece. He knew it was wrong, but couldn’t help thinking about those hot little breasts, that sweet ass, and he wondered what it would be like to slip his now throbbing cock between her luscious lips or into her hot little pussy.

Erin saw the dim glow from Ryan’s study and walked up to the door, but came to a quick stop just outside the room. The door was ajar, and there she saw Ryan at his desk, stroking his cock while looking at porn sites on his computer. She knew she should just walk away, but couldn’t take her eyes from her uncle. She had played with him, even flirted shamelessly and deliberately tried to tease him, but hadn’t really thought of him as a man until that moment when she saw him gently stroking his cock. She wasn’t even aware that her hand had drifted under her shirt and was gently stroking her breasts and toying with her nipples, and she couldn’t stop herself from slipping her other hand into her panties and fingering her rapidly moistening pussy.

Ryan had completely forgotten about the porn sites on his computer and lost himself in his incestuous dreams of his nubile niece. The more he thought of her, the hotter he got and the hotter the fantasy became. He imagined himself groping her ass, stroking her breasts, and sucking her nipples. He pictured himself sliding his pulsing cock into her mouth and could almost feel the sensation of her tongue swirling around the shaft as the head drove to the back of her throat. He wondered – no, he somehow knew she liked to swallow, but in his fantasy he knew she liked one thing even more.

Erin was fingering herself hard while watching her uncle masturbate, and her knees nearly buckled when her thumb finally found its way to her clit. She was on the brink of orgasm, but noticed that her uncle was completely ignoring the computer screen. His eyes were closed, and he was whispering something to himself that she couldn’t hear at first, but that she soon realized was her own name. “Erin, oh God, oh fuck, Erin,” he said loud enough for her to hear him clearly. He was calling her name and furiously pumping his angry, red cock. Each time he said her name, it seemed to get even bigger, and his pumping seemed to become almost impossibly fast. Hearing him call her name put her over the edge, and she couldn’t help but let out a groan as she came.

“Ahhhh, God!” he heard as the pulsing in his loins reached their peak. He turned just in time to see her in the door – her shirt pulled up to completely reveal one hand massaging her breast while the other was down her shorts thrashing at her pussy. She’d been watching him and she’d enjoyed it. The massive wet spot on her shorts and the juices dripping down the insides of her thighs left no doubt about that, and when she came her orgasm overwhelmed her. She fell against the door frame and needed her free hand to catch herself, leaving her beautiful breasts to hang free. Despite having been seen jerking off by his niece, he couldn’t stop himself, and as close as he was already, the sight of her playing with herself was more than enough to push him over the edge. “Erin!” he gasped as thick ropes of his come flew from his throbbing cock and landed all over his belly and chest.

He sat staring at her, embarrassed at having been caught masturbating but too dumfounded to even put his cock back in his shorts when she stunned him yet again. She pulled her hand from her shorts and licked each finger clean, seeming almost mesmerized by her own pleasure and the scene in the study. His cock was rising fast, but before he could say a word, she seemed to snap out of her trance and bolted out of the room. He heard her footsteps trail down the hall and the door to her room slam shut.

Ryan knew he had to talk to Erin, but he needed a few minutes to compose himself first. If nothing else, he at least needed to clean up the ribbons of come that were dripping from his belly and chest. As shocking and embarrassing as this scene had been to him, he couldn’t help but be aroused by the thought of his nubile niece’s stunningly hot body, and his cock began to swell when he relived the image of her furiously rubbing her pussy and finally licking her come from her fingers. But this was not the time to indulge in reliving a fantasy, it was a time to try to undo the damage that had probably been done between them. He loved Erin dearly and the last thing he wanted was for her to be alienated from him, either because she was embarrassed by what she saw him doing, or because she was embarrassed by what he saw her doing, or – if his worst fears were realized – because she was mortified by seeing him jerking off while thinking of her. He didn’t know how long she had been watching before he saw her there, but it had surely been long enough for her to have heard him breathlessly calling her name.

He needed time to think – even just a few minutes. He had içerenköy escort to get a grip on what happened and to find a way to try to patch his relationship with Erin back together, so he decided to take a quick shower. It would give him a chance to clean up, clear his head, and find some way to approach Erin. The shower worked. It cleaned his body and cleared his mind. He realized that the only possible approach now would be to simply speak the truth, which wasn’t really so bad, he rationalized. He’d been alone for several long years since his wife left, and unable to find any kind of sexual relief. When Erin moved in he had found her sexy and their casual flirting had let him forget that she was his niece. He would apologize not just for his indiscretion in having her walk in on him while he was relieving his pent up sexual frustration, but more importantly, for letting himself explore a terribly inappropriate fantasy. She was a smart and considerate young woman, and would surely understand and forgive him. She had to, Ryan hoped, because the alternatives were too hard for him to consider.

Ryan dressed after his shower in a t-shirt and a comfortable old pair of sweats. He stopped in the kitchen and poured himself a stiff drink. He knew what he had to do was going to be embarrassing, even humiliating, and a little liquid courage would help him calm his nerves. He upended his drink and solemnly walked to her room. Arriving at her door, he gently knocked.

“Erin,” he said, “can we talk?”

The door opened to reveal his niece looking very shy and sheepish. She had also showered and had changed out of the shorts and belly shirt she’d been wearing earlier and into a pair of frumpy looking sweats and a baggy t-shirt. Still, Ryan thought, even in a potato sack she’d be beautiful. “Come on in, Uncle,” she said. Ryan walked in and they sat down on the edge of her bed, both of them looking like they were wondering where to begin.

“I’m so, so, sorry, Uncle,” Erin blurted out before Ryan could start. “I should never have walked in on you to begin with, and when I did and saw what you were doing, I should have just turned around and walked out, but when I saw you … when I saw what … well, you know, when I saw your, your…”

“Oh, God, Uncle, this is so embarrassing,” Erin sobbed. “When I saw you jerking… I mean playing… I mean, well, you know, masturbating, I just couldn’t help myself. I know it’s wrong, but you’re so handsome and so sexy, and your… your… well, it’s so, um, ah, big. Well, anyway, I just couldn’t look away. And watching you m… um, doing that, it made me so horny, and it’s been so long since I’ve been with a guy, and, well, I just got carried away. God, you must think I’m the biggest perv on earth to stand there and just watch you. Please,” she gushed, “please tell me you don’t hate me and want me to pack up and move out right now.”

Ryan sat for what seemed like an eternity in stunned silence. Not only was she not infuriated or repulsed by the idea of him jerking off and fantasizing about her, she was actually apologizing to him for having walked in on him.

“Oh God,” she cried, waking Ryan from his stupor, “you do hate me, don’t you?”

“No, oh my no, Erin,” he said. “Please don’t ever think that. It was just that what you said was so completely unexpected. I came in here with this big speech planned where I would be begging your forgiveness – not just for having been indiscreet in leaving my door ajar, but especially for having been thinking of you while – well, you know.”

An impish grin crossed her lips, “Oh, for God’s sake Uncle just say it,” Erin said, “masturbate, jerk off, jack off, play with yourself, stroke your cock, finger your pussy, whatever, if we can’t get past just saying this stuff we’ll be talking here all night and never make any sense at all.”

Ryan couldn’t help but laugh, nor could Erin, and as they both roared over the absurdity of it they both felt all the tension slip away. They were both relieved. Relieved that they could at least talk – uncle to niece, niece to uncle – about watching each other masturbate, but more importantly relieved that seeing each other that way hadn’t driven a wedge between them.

“Erin,” he said, “I’m just so relieved that you don’t hate me and think I’m the biggest pervert on earth for having been thinking about you while I was jerking off. I know it seems sick – but it’s been a long time since there’s been a woman in the house, especially such a beautiful and sexy young woman, and I just haven’t been able to keep thoughts of you out of my mind. Can you forgive me for being such a warped, dirty old man?”

“Oh Uncle,” Erin said, snuggling up next to him, “you’re no pervert. It’s completely normal to fantasize about someone when you are so close all the time. You’re no more of a perv for thinking about me than I am for thinking about you. I know it’s a big taboo to think about family sexually, but it’s not like we were fucking or something. It was just some harmless masturbation.”

“Besides,” she grinned, “you should be relieved.” Ryan was slow picking up the double entendre. “That was a monster come shot you had there. I thought you might blast holes in the ceiling when you started shooting from that big, gorgeous cock of yours.”

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