Gentleman’s Maid Ch. 02

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Sir Edward reflected on his delightful dalliance the night before with Cecilia… he’d never been the type to use his position in order to get young women into bed, but there was just something about her. Something very sweet and innocent about her vulnerability that made him want to do things to her, just to see the blush spread across those pale cheeks. He hadn’t missed the hesitation and anxiety she’d had about sucking him, and he’d really found it more charming than anything else. Oh the things that he could introduce her too…

Something else he hadn’t missed was the expression of delight on her face as he’d taken her… it seemed as though she was discovering something completely new! It had been obvious that no one had taken the time to lick her before – definitely their loss – but the entire experience last night had seemed to be one of wonder for her. Perhaps she was just unused to the amount of attention he’d paid to her… but Sir Edward had always been one who took his greatest gratification in delighting his women. Of course, right now he was thinking of so many things… some of which she probably wouldn’t be too delighted with at first, but just she’d come around to sucking him and to having him lick her delightful puss, she’d come around to the other new things he wanted to introduce her to.

They were going to have quite an interesting time of it in the study today… his dick was growing hard just thinking of it.


The first thing that Sir Edward had Cecilia do when she arrived at his study was completely undress. Then, as he was fully clothed, he inspected her entire body, making her blush as his hands and mouth moved over her bare skin. She felt incredibly open and vulnerable, very naughty as this upright gentleman – who was completely modestly dressed – examined every part of her bareness. His mouth lingered on her nipples and breasts, at the nape of her neck, licking up her thighs until he began to lick at her pussy.

Moaning, she stood there, her hands resting on his head with her legs wide apart, just trying to stay upright as the intense feelings washed over her. Cecilia couldn’t remember the last time that anyone had showed such a pleasant interest in her anatomy, and she was starting to think that her mishap with the stable-boy had just been a blessing… she’d always been a sensual creature, and this was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. So maybe the stuff with their mouths was a little perverted, it sure as heck felt good when he did it to her… and so she didn’t mind as much.

Therefore, when he pushed her to her knees in front of him – even though she hadn’t gotten off, he’d just teased her horribly with his lips and tongue, she eagerly took him into her mouth this time. Sucking hard, she ran her tongue along the length, searching out the sensitive spots that would feel the best to him, wanting to return the favor of wonderful sensations that he gave to her. Sir Edward moaned as he looked down at her, his eyes almost glowing with the passion that was rushing through him… Cecilia was so young and beautiful. Not only did she make him feel younger, but she also made him feel very powerful. The age that he had over her seemed more of an asset than a disability… pink lips moved over his dick as her cheeks plumped out, breasts jiggling casino siteleri and swaying gently as she moved back and forth.

Reaching down he began to tug on her nipples, making the sweet girl moan delightfully around his dick. Pinching them harder, he twisted a little, enjoying the increased vibration that her moans gave him.

“That’s right Cecilia… suck me you little slut…” he groaned as he palmed her large breasts, the excess flesh spilling out from between his fingers as he squeezed the large globes hard. Cecilia moaned and sucked him even deeper… although she’d always thought that “slut” was a bad word, it was turning her on to hear him call her that. Especially because she did feel a bit slutty… his dick in her mouth, doing perverted things to this old man, kneeling naked in study with his hands molesting her. Sir Edward was still fully clothed, just his dick pointing out of his trousers for her to suck… somehow it just made him seem even more powerful and in control.

Rather than cumming in her mouth again, Sir Edward pulled out after enjoying her improving oral skills for awhile.

“Get up,” he said softly, and pulled her over to the desk. Pressing his hand between her shoulder blades, he had her lean over his desk, her breasts flattening slightly on the hard wood as she braced herself on her elbows. This position was completely new to her, and she felt a little nervous that she couldn’t see him at all… but it was up to him. And everything else that they’d done had been wonderful, so there were only butterflies in her stomach rather than real fear.

Sir Edward observed her magnificent ass, running his hands over its creamy curves and digging his fingers into the flesh a little. Pressing his dick to her swollen pussy lips, he began to press into her tight pussy hole, making Cecilia moan with pleasure. This was a very different sensation, a different kind of stimulation; spreading her legs wider apart she pressed her ass up higher, liking the way it felt as he filled up her hot little hole. Taking a firm grip on her wide hips, Sir Edward began to plow into her, moving back and forth as he sawed deeper and deeper into her body. For Cecilia, it felt as though he was bigger than ever, the new position making her pussy tighter so that she felt as though she was stretching more than she had the day before. It was incredibly erotic, and she moaned as his balls began to slap against her clit, his hips pressing up against the firm cushion of her ass cheeks.

Sliding his hands up along her curvy waist, Sir Edward reached forward and leaned down to grab onto her breasts where they were pressed against the hard wood of his desk. Kneading her soft flesh, he pulled himself roughly against her, making her squeal with pleasure as she braced herself. His lips came down on her shoulder, kissing at first and then biting, his teeth digging in as he sucked on her soft flesh. It hurt a little, but it felt good too and she moaned with passion, her entire body feeling like it was on fire.

Humping her like an animal, Cecilia was reminded of the way dogs and horses were bred… that was exactly what she felt like in this position; facing forward away from her lover as he fucked her, completely vulnerable to his passion, her arms just barely holding her up. Moaning, she moved her ass back against him, turned slot oyna on by the entire situation, feeling his clothes against her bare skin. Tilting her head back she let out a guttural cry as she began to cum.

Feeling her pussy convulse around him, Sir Edward fucked her harder, spurring her to more glorious heights of pleasure. Cecilia convulsed underneath him as she screamed her pleasure. In the midst of her orgasm Sir Edward pulled out, she barely noticed until suddenly something was pressing against her much tighter and dryer asshole, pushing in painfully.

Ecstatic pleasure was interrupted by a burst of uncomfortable pain and stretching as the head of his dick popped into her tight hole. Cecilia sobbed and jerked forward, trying to get away from the invading shaft, but he just followed her down, stuck in her hole. Flattened against the desk, she tried to struggle, but the only way she could push herself was backwards which only impaled her further. Tears came to her eyes as he began to push inwards, violating her backside and she began to plead with him.

“Please… please Sir… it hurts… oh it hurts… please don’t… you’ve got it in the wrong hole…” his hands under her were pressing into her skin, her breasts flat against the desk and slightly painful as he pulled her towards him, making her push her own body more firmly onto his pole.

“I have the right hole,” he whispered in her ear, gasping with pleasure at the exquisite tightness, “You just need to relax… it won’t hurt if you relax… it might even feel good.”

Cecilia stifled a sob, whimpering as he continued his invasion, resigned to the fact that for whatever reason he wanted to put himself in her back hole. More perversions from an older man, one that she hadn’t expected from him either. When he had buried himself completely in her ass he held himself there for a moment, his crotch pressed against her open ass cheeks, and he moved in little circular motions; his dick bobbing and bouncing inside of her. Cecilia whimpered again, her cheek pressed flat against the hard wood of the desk as tears leaked from her wide eyes.

Sir Edward squeezed her breasts hard as he began to pull out, thrusting back in and pulling her body back against his invading cock. She cried out as her ass was plundered, a burning path in her backside that seemed impossible to overcome. Clenching down did nothing but make it hurt more, and he just groaned harder and thrust deeper when she tried… and as her ass slowly adjusted to the movement and size of his cock, it did indeed stop hurting as much. Slowly she relaxed… and slowly it started to actually feel good as he plundered her ass.

Her whimpers changed as she was confused by whether she was feeling pain or pleasure, her ass moving slightly against his thrusts. Feeling the difference in her body, Sir Edward pinched her nipples, rubbing them energetically and helping along the feelings of pleasure that were starting to course through her again. Lowering one of his hands to her still wet pussy, he began to tease the pink folds, sliding his fingers through the slippery pinkness. Moaning, Cecilia’s hips and ass began to move even more against him, wanting him to bury himself in her ass.

Rather than hurting it was becoming a strange and erotic fullness that made her pussy tingle as his fingers pressed into it. canlı casino siteleri Moaning she pushed back against him, wanting him to move faster, to hurt her a little… her ass strained as it clenched down on his thrusting cock, tightening around its thickness. He began to rub her clit steadily, building the tension in her body… Cecilia found herself falling victim to this new degradation, this new perversion… she wanted it. Even if it made her a whore, a slut… a young trophy for an older man to pervert; all of that just turned her on more in its own way.

Legs trembling with exertion she slammed her ass back against him, squealing as he found new deeper places inside her body. Throwing her head back she screamed her triumph as she came, juices spilling over his fingers and her ass massaging his dick with its tight muscles, convulsions that traveled over his questing member. Sir Edward thrust hard, slamming her down against the desk and burying himself so deep that it brought tears to her eyes and more squeals as she came.

To her delight, she could actually feel the pulse of his dick pushing against the tight ring of her ass, every spurt obvious as it spilled into her dark hole.

Sir Edward lay on top of her for awhile, his dick slowly shrinking inside of her body. Cecilia just panted with his heavy weight on top of her, her ass feeling rather sore and chafing but she also felt extremely content. It was almost a disappointment when he pulled off of her, his dick popping out of her body.

When he came around to the front of her face he had already zipped up his pants and was fully clothed, smiling he leaned down and kissed her forehead in a disturbingly father-like way and she was again reminded of the vast differences in their ages. It was both strange and erotic.

“You have the rest of the day off,” he told her smiling. Cecilia smiled back tiredly. After he had gone from the room she slowly got to her feet and redressed.


That night Cecilia masturbated furiously, but couldn’t quite get back the same feeling as before. Frustrated, she stuffed a third finger into her hot pussy hole before realizing that it wasn’t quite the right feeling of fullness. Pausing for a moment, her frustrated sexual drive took over and she brazenly stuck her finger into her ass… it was sore and tight, and her finger felt good. Pushing fingers in and out of both her holes, she arched on the bed… this was much better… but couldn’t there be more? After all, her finger wasn’t nearly the size of Sir Edward’s dick.

Looking around frantically she grabbed up the brush on her night stand, its blunted and rounded handle might be just the thing she needed. Smearing some cream onto its thick length, she pushed the handle of the hairbrush into her ass, moaning with pleasure as her tight hole was forced open. Shoving it in and out of her asshole, Cecilia rubbed her clit frantically… finally she was getting almost the exact right stimulation.

Her orgasm was everything she wanted, thrashing on the bed with her ass convulsing around the wooden brush. Afterwards, as she lay there content yet again, she realized that she lewdly lying naked on her bed with the wooden handle of a hairbrush up her ass… blushing furiously she pulled the offending object out of her and rushed to wash off any sign of its new use. Cecilia wasn’t sure what was becoming of her… she felt naughty and decadent. But the hairbrush remained on her night stand, within easy reach… and next to it was the little jar of cream.

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