Gentleman’s Maid Ch. 03

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Sir Edward was having the most delightful time with Cecilia, introducing her to new perversions every day. One memorable morning he spent the entire time putting various fruits and vegetables into her holes while she moaned and writhed in front of him… when he’d popped a ripe red cherry in her ass he’d made a dirty joke that caused her to squeal with laughter, her ass clenching down on the fruit and crushing it. Red sticky juice ran from her ass as he plundered it… she’d become quite addicted to anal sex, almost as much as regular sex.

Having such a youthful, vibrant young lady in his bed made him much more randy than usual; he was feeling very virile and cheerful most of the time. It so happened that eventually he felt the need to share his joy with his friend Sir Rudolph, who immediately wanted to see the girl. They watched her from a window as she ate a picnic outside with some of the other servants who were enjoying half a day off. Sir Rudolph was quite taken with Cecilia, complimenting her enviously and congratulating Sir Edward on his ingenuity at keeping her on the staff.

“You know…” said Sir Edward, looking thoughtfully at his friend’s envious expression, “When I was in France I was at a rather risque party where I watched a young woman being taken by two men at the same time…”

“I’ve heard of that!” exclaimed Sir Rudolph, his expression containing dawning hope, “But do you think…”

Sir Edward grinned, “Cecilia is quite a lusty maid… I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt her in the least. That little minx will probably enjoy it more than we will. Besides, finding new ways to use her and shock her is quite the past-time for me now.”

The men looked at each other and grinned; Sir Edward with satisfaction and anticipation, and Sir Rudolph with surprised glee and excitement.

That evening Cecilia was called up to Sir Edward’s bedroom, she assumed that his gentleman friend had left and went barreling up the stairs. Her sexual appetite had never been so satisfied before being caught by Sir Edward, and she blessed the day that the older man had taken her. Undoing her corset, her breasts were spilling out in front of her as she bounced into the room; coming to an immediate halt she screeched and covered her bare breasts as she was confronted with Sir Rudolph.

“It’s alright Cecilia,” Sir Edward’s voice came from behind her, and she jumped as his arms went around her waist and pulled her hands down off her breasts, “Sir Rudolph will be joining us tonight.”

Cecilia felt faint as her mouth worked soundlessly as Sir Rudolph stepped forwards, his eyes locked on her creamy globes with their strawberry nipples. Sir Edward cupped her delicate breasts, offering them up to Sir Rudolph as he leaned forward and sucked one of the hard buds into his mouth. Closing her eyes, Cecilia felt both faint and aroused as the two men began to pull the clothes from her body, their experienced hands running over her smooth skin, caressing and exploring.

The trio began to move towards the bed, the men divesting themselves of their own clothes as they went… Cecilia found herself covered with four hands, her mouth constantly kissing… someone. Moaning both slight shame and a growing desire, she gasped as both of casino siteleri them suckled on her nipples at once… wetness and nibbling on both her swollen buds that sent electricity shooting straight towards her pussy. As if both men had the exact same thoughts, they pressed her reluctant hands to their groins, and she wrapped hesitant fingers around both their members, able to feel the slight differences between them. Exploring their manhoods, she gasped as both of them slid hands up her thighs and into the crevice there, tickling her wetness and anus, pressing inwards and sliding against…

Feeling as though she was drowning in pleasure, the shame of being used like a whore was quickly dwindling when set against the promised ecstacy. Already her body was vibrating like a harp-string, eager for more; she tightened her hands on their dicks, caressing them with strong, firm strokes. Sir Rudolph’s mouth traveled from her breast down to her pussy, Sir Edward brought his hand up to pinch and twist the nipple that had been abandoned as Sir Rudolph began to taste of her sweetness. His tongue slid up and down her slit, sliding erotically into her hole and back up towards her clit. She gasped with shock as it traveled down to the sensitive area of her anus, tasting the crinkled hole… it was something Sir Edward had never done although he had constantly used his fingers and dick there.

Her hips lifted in convulsive pleasure as Sir Rudolph continued to lick at her crinkled hole, trying to stiffen his tongue and force it into the smaller crevice. It was like nothing she’d ever felt before, her pussy was leaking copiously, and although she wanted some relief there, she wasn’t sure she wanted his tongue to leave her anus. Between the stimulation at her breasts and nipples and that of her ass, she thought that she very well might just explode. Sir Rudolph’s tongue managed to wriggle its way into her ass, and he pinched her swollen clit at the same time… Cecilia began to cry out in complete ecstacy as she came, pleasure washing over her in heady waves as the two men manipulated her body.

By the time she was coming down from her fantastic orgasm the men were already beginning to change position. They turned her over so that she was on all fours, her breasts hanging beneath her like udders… Sir Edward gave over her lower half to Sir Rudolph as he’d already pleasured himself in each one of Cecilia’s delightful holes, and so gave his friend first pick. Pressing his own hard member to Cecilia’s lips, he sighed as she swallowed him eagerly, her body still humming with pleasure from the first orgasm. She moaned around his meat as Sir Rudolph began to press into her sopping and needy pussy, filling up her neglected hole.

Stuck like a pig on a roasting stick, Cecilia realized that she had become completely degenerate, allowing two men to take her at once… and already they’d done such perverse things to her body that she was sure more was to come. Rather than horrifying her, the thought just made her pussy wetter and she pressed her hips back against Sir Rudolph’s thrusting dick as she dick her best to swallow Sir Edward on the other end. It was difficult attending to two men’s pleasures at once, especially when they were doing such slot oyna deviously wonderful things to her own body.

The younger girl was caught between two very experienced men who were quite enjoying their sexual prowess. Sir Rudolph loved the way that she energetically responded to them, taking everything that they had to give her without complaint; and her young, tight pussy gripped him so wonderfully… his hands ran over smooth, firm flesh that wriggled against him. Sir Edward, of course, was more used to the delights of Cecilia’s body, but derived much pleasure from watching the incredulous delight of his friend.

Holding her young face firmly against his crotch, he felt her lips pressing against his groin as he began to spurt into her mouth… eagerly Cecilia swallowed, wanting to concentrate on the dick that was plugging away at her pussy. She began moaning loudly as soon as he vacated her mouth, enjoying being able to vocally encourage the man behind her. Sir Edward moved to the side, idly playing with her nipples as his eager eyes watched her pussy get royally pounded.

Cecilia moaned and bucked as he rode her like a stallion, her plump ass pushing up against him with every stroke… gripping her hips he plugged her even harder, almost as though he was trying to ram her down into the bed. Squealing happily as Sir Edward pinched her nipples and Sir Rudolph plowed her from behind, she writhed and jiggled in pleasure. Holding herself up with her forearms she pushed back against him as she began to cum, his balls slapping against her clit in a firm tattoo that made it pulse with energy as she orgasmed. Sir Edward pinched down hard on her nipples, sending an electrical spurt of painful pleasure shooting through her ecstacy, heightening her response.

As her young pussy spasmed and convulsed, sending ripples of pleasure up Sir Rudolph’s body, he bellowed and thrust again, his dick pulsing inside her rippling tight confines. He groaned as he filled her youthful pussy with his cum, his hands tight on her hips, fingertips digging into her tender flesh. She sighed with contentment and her head dropped between her arms as the last spurts of his cum flowed into her.

“Clean Sir Rudolph off, Cecilia,” Sir Edward’s soft voice compelled, his hands still caressing her sore nipples. Pulling her pussy off of Sir Rudolph’s softening member, she turned on the bed and began tiredly licking at his groin. Their combined juices were sticky on her tongue, and she felt so deliciously naughty… although she was very tired Sir Edward’s persistent hands were stoking the fires in her pussy again, so that she was confused as to what she really wanted – sleep or more sex.

Sir Rudolph moaned as she licked at his balls and groin, sucking his chubby member into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. As Sir Edward’s hands began to draw more of a response from her body, she began sucking harder on Sir Rudolph’s dick, encouraging it back to life and vigor. His hands traveled under her body to grasp her hanging teats, playing with the hard nipples himself and enjoying the way her moans vibrated over his hardening dick.

As Sir Edward saw his friend recovering his vitality, he pulled Cecilia off of him and lay on the bed, canlı casino siteleri ordering, “Ride me you delicious slut.”

Cecilia shivered as his words rolled over her… she really was a slut, here she’d been pleasured twice already and she wanted another one. Not only that, but she was in bed with not one, but TWO men, both of whom were old enough to be her father. Still… eyes glowing she abandoned her efforts with Sir Rudolph (successful though they were) and climbed on. As Sir Rudolph watched her sloppy pussy swallow up Sir Edward’s dick, he could feel his own dick responding, almost completely hard as it already was. When Sir Edward pulled the little minx forward so that her asshole was winking at him, and he divined exactly what his friend meant to do, Sir Rudolph’s recovery to full length was complete.

Although Sir Edward had introduced her to many perversities and delights, Cecilia had no experience whatsoever with two men and so was quite innocent as to their intentions. Indeed, when Sir Rudolph’s turgid member pressed eagerly against her asshole, she became quite frightened.

“Please no!” she cried out as he began to push in, stretching her backside most horribly… although she loved anal sex there couldn’t possibly be room for both of them down there… and the pressure he was putting on her was almost as painful as when she’d lost her anal virginity.

Sir Edward stopped her protesting cries with a kiss, holding her head against him so that his lips swallowed up her cries. She writhed in between the two men, struggling uselessly against their superior strength as her backside was forced open; it was a tight fit with Sir Edward already filling up her pussy. To her utter shock, both of them did fit inside her, and she felt incredibly overfull and stuffed; when they both began to move inside of her, she moaned in painful pleasure… because it did hurt, a burning cramp in her ass, the feeling that she was overly stretched and used… but at the same time she could almost feel the possibility for incredible pleasure.

Her body slowly adjusted to the abuse as they took careful slow strokes, enjoying the way her holes tightened over their questing dicks as she was caught between them. Eventually her moans changed flavor, becoming more aroused, her body writhing between them with pleasure as she pushed back against them. The men took that as their sign and began thrusting harder, not quite in unison, but taking their own pleasure in her. Cecilia shrieked shrilly as they pounded her, sure that the orgasm buildling in her was going to be her complete undoing…

Could a woman really take this kind of sexual onslaught and live through it? She felt faint with the building ecstacy of it, almost trying to fight it, until their combined attack finally broke through her defenses and she screamed passion, thrashing between them until she was almost fighting them. The pleasure mounted and mounted, more and more, forced out of her by their constantly thrusting dicks. She fainted from the sheer ecstacy of it as both of them began to release inside her at once, her holes clamping down on their spurting cocks as she convulsed and collapsed.

The men left her on the bed, smiling down at her ecstatic face. She still twitched a little, sighing with pleasure, when either of them touched her.

“She just needs some rest,” Sir Edward said, smiling genially at his precious maid. Sir Rudolph nodded and the two of them went to enjoy a brandy.

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