His Ch. 02

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And now, his Pet lay there, hips elevated by the pillow as her Master’s seed flowed deep into her. Her mind raced, dizzied by the intensity of the orgasms she had just experienced. She turned her dark eyes to meet her Master’s. “Did you really mean it?” she finally asked, her voice small.

“Mean what, my pet?”

“About the pills… did you really, truly mean it?” Her voice was not full of fear, but rather of hope; she had longed for this day with every fiber of her being for so, so long. But part of the allure of total submission included allowing him to make this choice. He was, after all, her master although his power came entirely from her willingness to submit. And submit she did, no more so than in this very moment as his seed seeped deep into her waiting womb. She panted, staring up at him for the much awaited answer.

“You’ll see.”

Her eyes went wide and she began to squirm “What do you mean, I’ll see? That’s not an answer, and you know it.”

“Well, pet,” he began, tracing lazy lines around her chest, glistening with the sweat from their lovemaking, casino siteleri “When these begin to swell…” he squeezed a breast, grinning at her gasp and obvious arousal despite her frustration. The line continued downwards, his finger dancing lightly over her soft stomach “And this follows suit, I think it will become apparent. As will, of course, you and I.” Chuckling softly at his pun, he kissed her gently, his lips pressing firmly to hers. She closed her eyes, breathing in his scent, not even noticing him untying her until her hands were released.

“There’s my pet. Now, roll over on your side so I can hold you.” He commanded, running his hands over her curves as she complied, “Good girl.” Those two words never ceased to make her moan, the sweetness of them somehow also sexy. His hands caressed her, massaging her wide hips and then moving upwards, finally resting on her slightly soft belly, pulling her close to him. She could not help, in that singular moment, to imagine them in perhaps eight months time, her belly round and swollen with their child, heavy in his hand as they lay slot oyna like this, her swollen breasts resting atop it. She rested her head back on his chest, feeling his breaths as he held her tight. Could there be any feeling more complete than being wrapped in her master’s arms, his seed flowing deep into her waiting body?

It became a new daily ritual in the little world contained in that house. Every day, he would return home, call for her, and every day he would tie her waiting, willing body to that bed and fill her to the brim with his hot seed.

And then it happened- she was late. At first, she could not believe it, checking her phone app and the calendar twice. But one day passed, and then two. So on the third day, his Pet went to their room and quickly changed into some clothing. She was going out.

Clad simply in jeans and a tshirt, long cardigan over it and hair up in a ponytail, she drove to the store. First, the usual shopping. Milk, eggs, butter. And then into the “family planning” aisle. She browsed the shelves, finally selecting a test both cheap and effective, canlı casino siteleri and rushed through the checkout line, practically speeding home.

She threw the groceries into the fridge, barely stopping to close the door on her way to the bathroom. This was it. And in a few minutes, minutes of pacing and checking the clock again and again, she had her answer. Looking in the mirror, she smiled down, placing a hand on her slightly pudgy abdomen. “Hello in there,” she whispered, overwhelmed. Before it had been just a fantasy, a naughty fantasy that had occupied a corner of her sexuality for as long as she could remember. But now, now her master had impregnated her and she would grow for him, change for him. Biting her lip, she smiled a bit to herself.

“He’s had his game, little one, getting you here… how about we play one of our own? Let’s see how long my attentive master takes to realize what’s going on in here…” smiling wickedly to herself, she went about her business yet again, only taking some time to schedule a doctor’s appointment for a time when he wouldn’t be home. He’d had his fun, that was true, but where was the enjoyment in a relationship if she let him have all the fun and all the power? She’d tell him in her own time, and when she did, he could ravish her as he saw fit.

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