Hitting The Showers Part 2

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“What the fuck is going on here!?!?” said Tim, the senior captain.
“We can explain-” I began.
“-Alex!? Are you two naked!?” said Tim.
He reached forward and knocked our clothes out of our hands, revealing our dangling junk.
“Holy shit!”
Tim reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, he flipped it up and steadied it infront of us.
His phone made a ‘Click’ noise and he flipped it back down and put it in his pocket.
“You two are meeting me here after the next match for a little chat, or that picture goes up everywhere. Understand?”
We nodded.
“Now get dressed and get out!” he yelled, then he walked away.

We quickly scrambled about getting our things together and once we were dressed we basically ran out of the pool out into the car park where other players and spectators had already started arriving.
I led Jayden through the car park over to the trees where we could talk until the end of the match.
“Okay, that was Tim, the senior captain, and he’s a real asshole! He is going to blackmail us until we die with that photo!” I yelled between breaths. I was really working myself up, I was scared.
“Are you gay or bi?” I asked.
“Gay, why?”
“Well, are you prepared for everyone to know because I’m not. It’s not gonna be worth it, doing every little thing Tim says for the rest of our lives but I dont think I’m ready to come out yet.”
“Well, I dont really want anyone to know yet either, I haven’t made any friends yet.”
“Well, you’ve got one. Well, the whole team likes you really so you should be fine.”
“Thanks,” he said as he smiled. “You want a hot dog?”
“I really don’t think this is the time!”
“Well worrying’s not gonna help.”
“You’re right, yeah, I’d like one, thanks.”
We wandered over to the hot dog trailer and once we’d got them we sat down on the fence to eat. We ate in silence but I knew we were both thinking about the events that were about to take place when we had our “little chat” with Tim. We hadn’t even really discussed what we’d do.

After the game was finished and the crowd had all got in their cars and driven away Jayden and I walked over to the entrance of the pools and waited.
Tim came up to the door with two of the other seniors laughing about something.
“Well done guys, catch you later!”
“Congratulations on the match, Tim.” I said.
“You two, get in.”
It was worth a try.

We filed into the pool and walked past the bleachers to the changing rooms. I heard Tim close and lock the doors to the pool and when he came into the changing rooms he locked that door too. I was hoping he wasn’t gonna try and kick our ass because we could probably take him. Unless he had more of the seniors hiding in the cubicles! My heart rate sky rocketed and I shot a look at Jayden, clearly he wasn’t thinking what I was but he still looked worried. I steadied myself incase Tim jumped us and I kept my back facing away from the cubicle doors. Tim slowly walked past us and up into the showers. He took his shirt off, then he dropped his shorts and Speedos together and walked naked to one izmir escort bayan of the shower taps! He turned it on and started washing himself.

“Come here!” he said.
We quickly walked up to the showers far away enough so we didnt get wet. Tim turned around, I looked away, not wanting to catch his eyes.
“So what exactly was it you two were doing it here before I came in? Take your clothes off!”
“What?!” I said.
“Do it!”
We dropped our shorts and took our shirts off, standing there with our balls and dicks in our hands shifting uneasily from foot to foot.
“Alex, what’s this guy’s name?”
“Jayden, suck on Alex’s cock! Don’t even think about arguing just do it!”

Jayden got down on his knees, moved my hands away and took my soft penis in his mouth. He sucked on it and I couldn’t help but get hard.
“Stop!” said Tim.
Jayden stood up again and we both had hard-ons.
“So, repeat after me, ‘I Am A Homo’!” said Tim.
“I am a homo,” we both said quietly.
“Right, now that we’ve got that out of the way, Alex, suck my dick!”

I looked up into his eyes, he didnt look like he was joking. I knew from that point on that he wasnt going to tell anybody. There was a very good chance that Tim was expecting us to keep this a secret too. I walked up to Tim, the hot water poured over my head and back as I got to my knees in front of him. I took his semi-hard penis and lifted it to my mouth, he was about an inch bigger than Jayden and I, and a lot wider, I was looking forward to seeing how big it would get. I opened my mouth and took the whole thing in. His head pushed up against the back of my throat and because he was still a little soft he bent around in my mouth. I started sucking and moving my head back and forward, he started to get harder, I could feel him tensing in my mouth. I relaxed my throat and his soft head passed down the back of my mouth, not far enough to make me gag. As he got harder his cock passed down further and as I deep-throated his fully erect cock he put his hands on the back of my head and bucked his hips; fucking my mouth. I covered my teeth with my lips and his massive cock pounded into me, deep into my throat. I sucked as hard as I could and I knew that he wouldn’t last much longer.

Just then he pulled out and a trail of saliva connected his cock to my lip. I wiped my mouth and swallowed the excess spit.
“Jayden, bring that dick over here and put it to use, Alex, why don’t you get a taste of that sweet ass?”

Jayden moved over to us and Tim got to his knees, he grabbed Jayden’s cock and gave it a few firm pumps before flicking the head with his tounge. I moved around behind Jayden and buried my mouth in his ass. This was the second time I got to do this today, hopefully it wasn’t the last. I filicked my tounge over his hole and as he got more relaxed I stuck my tounge into his ass. Tim was going hard and fast on Jayden’s cock and I suddenly felt a hand grab my cock and start jacking me off. Tim had reached through Jayden’s legs and found my cock. I reached forward and grabbed his, buca escort it felt so different, jacking off a bigger dick, I felt like I should have been using two hands. I fondled down to his huge balls and played with them while I tounge fucked Jayden’s ass. He was bucking his hips, I could imaging the perfect rythym of him fucking Tim’s mouth and my tounge entering his asshole.

Tim released my cock and stood up. I did the same and reached around for Jayden’s dick, it was hard and slippery.
“Get back here and put that where it belongs.” said Tim.
Jayden walked forward confidently and Tim bent over slightly. Jayden aligned his cock with it’s target and moved his hands on to Tim’s hips, he moved forward slowly and closed his eyes. Tim moaned and screwed his face up. I put my finger in my mouth and put saliva on my ass, I pushed my finger in and it was easy. I slipped in a second one and started pumping my ass for a few seconds. Jayden was slowly fucking Tim’s ass by this point, Tim hadn’t done any prep for his ass so it must’ve been a tight fit. I moved forward and bent over, pushing my ass into Tim’s crotch. I felt his cock line up with my hole perfectly so I pushed back and his huge cock pushed hard up against my hole but wouldn’t go in. I waited for a few seconds trying to relax my ass when Tim grabbed my hips and pulled me back, slamming his cock right into me. It hurt a lot and my ass was throbbing but Tim just kept pounding me, pushing my hips back and forth at triple the pace that Jayden was going, and this cock was huge.

I reached back and steadied one hand on Tim’s thigh and put the other to my cock, it had gone soft from the pain. I massaged it back to fully erect and Tim released his death grip on my hips and I started moving myself at my own pace, fast, just not that fast. Tim’s hand joined my own and he started jacking me off so I used both hands to steady myself and increased the pace. It didn’t hurt anymore, it was sort of numb but I could feel it throbbing and that felt great.
Jayden started speeding up too, maybe he was coming close. We held together for a while, grinding crotch into ass, dicks sliding in and out of holes. Jayden started breathing heavier and went faster, he let out a loud moan and held there for a long time, softening inside Tim’s warm hole.

When he was soft, Jayden slipped his soft penis out of Tim’s tight, contracting ass, he came around to me and got on his knees.
“Time to finish what I started before.” he said, smiling.
Tim stopped jacking me off and Jayden wrapped his mouth around my shaft and started sucking me hard. Tim took over the pace again and held on tight to my hips. Jayden was going at a decent speed on my cock and Tim was going nuts on my ass. His ball sack slapped hard into mine with each thrust, and the sheer force of his fucking sent my cock deep into Jayden’s mouth, fucking his face wildly as Tim’s huge member caressed my anal walls, up deep, way past the prostate until I could almost feel him in my stomach. His thrusts became deeper and more timed. I was close too, Tim squeezed my ass izmir escort cheeks tight and spread them apart. He pulled out completely and my ass closed up, he pushed in again, all the way, he did this a few more times until I couldnt take it. He pushed his huge cock through my tight hole, all the way to the base and my ass contracted and my cock throbbed. I shot load after load of hot cum into Jayden’s mouth, I could see it dribbling down the sides of his cheeks as he struggled to swallow it all, I saw his throat working hard to get as much as possible. My ass was contracting with such speed and force that Tim’s cock exploded deep into my ass. I felt his thick cream make contact with my walls and slide in and all around. He gave me a few more thrusts and it all mixed around in my ass, I felt him softening inside me, shrinking until finally he slipped it out at the right moment and my ass closed in as he left, catching the foreskin.

Jayden released my cock and stood up. We stood there, making out under the hot water, washing the saliva and semen from eachothers bodies, letting the cum dribble out of our asses, down into the drains. The feeling of the other two’s tounges running over my neck was enough to get me hard again. I looked down and they both had hard-ons too. I grabbed one in each hand and started jacking them off wildly. Tim grabbed my cock and returned the favour. Jayden walked around behind me and I let his cock go. Tim and I kissed as we jacked eachother’s dicks, Jayden lined his cock up between my butt cheeks and started dry fucking me. He would go up along the ass crack, then down through the channel in my legs which were tight together as I was leaning forward slightly to give Tim easier access to my cock. It wasn’t long before Tim closed his eyes and slowed down his pace on my cock. This gave me insentive to quicken mine and he shot load after load of cum onto my chest, my stomach, my cock and my hands, I kept going and it dribbled down the side of his cock. I squeezed the last few drops out and let him go. He got down on his knees and started jacking me off with both hands at super speed. As I came into Tim’s gaping mouth I felt Jayden unleash his load onto my back. We collapsed on the tiles just letting the water run over us. We lay in eachothers arms, puffing heavily and making out occassionally until we finally had the energy to get up and wash ourselves properly. When we were dressed we gave eachother a long, passionate kiss then Tim unlocked the changing room door. We walked along the pool side, out the front entrance and down the street, laughing and joking like old friends. After Tim had diverted off it was just Jayden and I heading towards his house.

“So, Jayden?” I began.
“Do you like, wanna be my boyfriend? Like, in secret and all?”
“Yeah, but what about Tim?”
“Well, he won’t tell anyone.”
“No I mean like, what about Tim?”
“Oh, well, he can join in, I don’t mind.”
“Cool, hey, Alex?”
“My house was actually way back there, I was just waiting for Tim to leave.”
“Oh, sorry, umm, catch you later then?”
He leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips. I didn’t care who saw at that point, I was going out with the hottest guy in the school.

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