Hot Shower

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“So you spent three weeks on horseback getting here? You must be literally both saddle sore and grimy, Graf Cederhielm. Well,we have a good remedy for both: a hot shower,” beamed Colonel Riesenheim behind his large oak desk.

The colonel was rotund, surprisingly fat for a cavalry officer. I assumed he needed help to get in the saddle.

“You have a hot shower?” I asked, surprised. I had heard of them but never seen one, much less used one.

The colonel virtually shone with pride. “Our new officers’ gymnasium has several. Follow me,” he said, rose from his chair and walked out the door held open by his aide, the blond Captain von Königsberg, who looked surprisingly young for a captain. Definitely younger than me, and I was 23 and merely a lieutenant. That is why the colonel had used my aristocratic title, count, instead of my military rank. So as not to shame me in front of my younger colleague, who outranked me.

The captain closed the door behind us and followed a couple of paces behind, as we walked down the corridors and across the yard.

Being an officer, especially a cavalry officer, had its advantages before the Great War. We were a brotherhood of gentlemen – practically all blue blooded – and wherever you went, unless you happened to be at war with them, you could count on the hospitality of your brothers in arms, regardless of nationality.

Which was what I did, when I took a leave of absence from my regiment in Stockholm – not really a problem in peacetime, there were too many officers anyway – to start on my Grand Tour, a year or two travelling Europe and possibly the Middle East.

Being a cavalry officer, I of course scoffed the coach and headed out on horseback. Riding from Stockholm to Berlin had taken me three weeks, staying at inns and farms, sometimes sleeping in barns, and eating simple fare. In the three weeks I hadn’t even come close to hot water.

I did expect better, when I introduced myself to the guard at the cavalry regiment in Berlin, and in due course was escorted to the commander’s office. But being introduced to the luxury of a hot shower was far beyond my expectations.

The gymnasium looked much like any officers’ gym, equipped with Roman rings, wooden horses and suchlike. Half a dozen officers were occupied with boxing, wrestling and fencing. Next to it was a locker room with wooden benches and above them hooks for the clothes. Nothing exceptional.

But the shower room was out of the ordinary. It was all tiled and had the usual row of wash basins, but along one wall was a row of eight brass showers. I had seen showers before, but imagining that these dispensed hot water excited me.

“It’s a great invention,” said the colonel. “They do wonders for the hygiene of our officers, of course. But they are also very sensual. In fact, I think I’ll make you company and have a shower myself.”

He started unbuttoning his tunic and I sat down on a bench and started tugging at one of my riding boots.

“Felix will help you with those,” said the colonel, undressing.

Captain Felix von Königsberg turned out to be an expert footman. Although my boots had a snug fit, he had them off in no time. I did the rest of my undressing myself.

The colonel, undressed, turned out to look like an ape, completely hairy. There was not an inch of his fat body that was not covered with black curly hair. His crotch was a jungle of growth from which protruded a penis which was not exceptional, except for its head which was the size of a plum and made his dick look like a purple mushroom.

The colonel, naked and hairy, stepped under the showers and turned on one in the middle of the row. He adjusted the temperature, then moved on to the next one, illegal bahis leaving the first one for me, while the captain laid out towels and bars of soap for us on the bench.

I grabbed a bar of soap and hit the shower. The warm water felt divine on my body. I had never felt anything like it. I stepped back and felt the spray hit directly on my penis. It twitched and started to rise.

I stepped back in and started to wash my face. Soap got in my eyes and I stepped out of the shower and turned around to look for my towel on the bench. It was handed to me by Captain von Königsberg. I rubbed my eyes and noticed that the captain too was now naked, and that he in contrast to his commanding officer was completely void of hair on his body, obviously shaved. Not only did it make him look younger, boyish even, but it also made his penis, at half mast and rising, look bigger. Not fat, rather slender, but definitely longer than the colonel’s. Longer than mine too, I had to admit. Probably not less than seven inches at full attention, I guesstimated.

I turned back towards the wall and continued to wash off the grime of three weeks on horseback. Suddenly the colonel to my left gripped my wrist and started to wash my arm with a soapy washcloth. Seconds later the captain, who had stepped under the shower to my right, did the same with my other arm.

It was confusing, but as far as I knew, washing your guests could well be part of Prussian hospitality. I decided not to make a fuss.

After they had raised my arms high and washed my armpits, they turned me to face the colonel. While the captain did my shoulders and upper back, the colonel washed my front, being very thorough with my nipples. He then worked his way down and was equally thorough cleaning out my navel. And then, inevitably, he got to my crotch, where my pecker shamefully stood at half mast.

The colonel didn’t seem to notice. He just went on scrubbing the shaft, my scrotum, then the area behind it to my arse. Then he pulled my foreskin back and cleaned both the head and its rim with the soapy washcloth, which of course made my pecker rise to full mast.

“This needs to be impeccably clean, in case it should end up in somebody’s mouth”, he remarked. “Have you had your Schwantz sucked, mein Graf?”

I replied that a few wenches had accommodated me in that way. He was now working his way down my thighs, repeatedly touching my dick and scrotum with the back of his hand, accidentally on purpose.

“But never a man?” he asked, washing my calves. “Not even in boarding school?”

He lifted my feet, one after the other and scrubbed the soles and between my toes.

“I didn’t go to boarding school. I was tutored at home,” I answered, almost stuttering.

He turned me around to face the captain’s hairless, boyish body, long, slender cock and now an impish smile.

The colonel scrubbed my buttocks and then ran the washcloth up and down the crack between them.

“And your tutors never took advantage of you? So you’ve never been visited HERE?”

A soapy finger penetrated my anus and started wiggling. His other hand sneaked around, grabbed my now rock hard dick and wanked it slowly. I couldn’t answer and didn’t need to, but I almost came, then and there.

“No, I can feel that you’re an arsevirgin. We’ll have to see about that. But first let’s see about having you well shampooed,” he said as he released my dick and pulled his finger out of my arse.

Shampoo. These Prussians certainly had all modernities. Shampoo was another item I had heard, or rather read, about but never seen, and certainly not been in contact with. Back home we washed our hair with plain soap.

Captain von Königsberg pushed me one step illegal bahis siteleri outside the shower, then bent me backwards so I wouldn’t get the shampoo in my eyes. Then he poured some white shampoo from a glass bottle into his palm and started to massage my scalp, while the colonel did the same with my pubic hair, my dick sticking out like a bowsprit between his hands.

Then they turned me around and bent me forwards to rinse out the shampoo, at which time the colonel took the opportunity to tickle my anus. Then backwards again for a final rinse and a little wanking from the colonel.

The captain turned off the shower, and he and the colonel dried me off, much the same way that they had washed me earlier, each of them drying one arm and then turning me to face the colonel who dried my front, while the captain did my back, giving my buttocks a good rub.

I noticed that the officers from the gymnasium now were all in the bathroom and the locker room, more or less naked and sporting a more or less erect pecker.

The captain handed us woollen bathrobes with the imperial eagle embroidered on the chest, and the colonel lead the way through an oak door to his private dressing room.

He motioned me to sit in a wicker chair, and sat himself down on a footstool opposite me. While Captain von Königsberg pomaded and combed my hair, Colonel Riesenheim smeared a lotion on my feet. He reminded me how important it is for all soldiers, even in the cavalry, to keep their feet in good shape, and assured me that this particular lotion did wonders for feet that had been cooped up in tight riding boots.

When he had finished with my feet, he grabbed both my knees and spread them, thus opening my bathrobe wide, and took my dick into his mouth and started to suck.

Oh, did he suck! And swirl his tongue around my dickhead. And caress my balls and then tickle my arsehole. It was no more than half a minute before I shot my load, which kept pumping into his mouth for much longer. The colonel just kept swallowing. Finally, after he had sucked me completely dry and swallowed my last drop, he let my limp dick fall out of his mouth, licked his lips, and grinned triumphantly.

“See, a man’s mouth can be just as effective as a woman’s,” he said.

He laid down on his back on a chaise longue, letting his robe fall open. His purple mushroom rose proudly from the dense vegetation of his crotch.

“You may now reciprocate,” he suggested.

I had never been attracted to men or even played with the idea of sucking cock, and the fat, hairy colonel was just about the least physically attractive human being I could imagine. But he was my host in a foreign country, he had treated me to my first hot shower, and he was a colonel – a colonel who had just swallowed copious amounts of my sperm. I didn’t really see how I could refuse his offer.

So I kneeled on the floor beside him and tried to fit my mouth around his plumshaped dickhead. Then I felt my robe being pulled off me and a moment later fingers applying something moist and cool to my arsering.

“Since you are a virgin back there, Felix will open you up a bit for me,” the colonel said.

I realized that Colonel Riesenheim intended to arsefuck me. Again, I couldn’t see how I could rightly refuse. And considering the size of the colonel’s cockhead, some stretching of my sphincter in preparation was probably not a bad idea. So I went back to my task of getting his cock in my mouth.

It didn’t come as a surprise, therefore, when a finger entered my rectum and wiggled about for a while, but I did gasp. I think I may have moaned a little, when I had finally got my mouth around the mushroom and was into the sucking and licking, and canlı bahis siteleri suddenly the digit was replaced by two, twisting around in my bunghole.

When they were removed and replaced by three, it hurt so bad I tried to yell. But the colonel pressed my head down until his dickhead filled my throat, and all that came out was a kind of gargling sound.

“Relax,” he said. “You’re a man, not a boy. You’re a soldier. You can take some pain.”

Man or not, tears welled up in my eyes when Königsberg started to twist his fingers around. But by and by the pain subsided, and when he pulled his fingers out and added more lubrication to my arse, I actually missed the intrusion. But just for a few seconds. Then I felt the knob of his prick against my sphincter and tried to relax, as he started to press in slowly. He started an in-and-out movement that hurt a little, but not too much, and I got back to my duties to the colonel and his prick. I tried to move my head up and down on his shaft and roll my tongue around his bulb, but its size left little room for movement.

After a couple of minutes both officers pulled out of my holes and laid me down on my back on the chaise longue with my arse sticking over its end. They folded me like a jacknife, with my legs pressed to my chest and shoulders. The captain, smiling down at me at the head end, was pressing my calves down, while the colonel was applying lubrication to his fat cockhead.

On his first attempt the colonel didn’t even begin to enter. Then he spread my arsecheeks with his thumbs, leaned even more on me, and added more of his body weight to the pressure. Finally my ring muscle gave up and Colonel Riesenheim’s cock plopped into my rectum like a champagne cork coming out of a bottleneck. The pain made me want to yell, but when I opened my mouth, von Königsberg shoved his rigid cock straight down my throat, and effectively gagged me. He then took up a slow in-and-out rhythm, and I realized that he hadn’t ejaculated in my arse, presumably not wanting to leave a superior officer with sloppy seconds. I tried to accommodate him by closing my lips around his shaft and rotating my tongue around his dickhead.

The colonel at my other end was anything but slow. He was raping my arsehole at a vicious pace. Slamming into me as far as his belly allowed, pulling back until my sphincter stopped his cockhead,then slamming back in, grunting with every shove.

After a minute or two he quickened his pace even more, blurted out, “Aaach, herrlich!” and filled my entrails with his warm semen. Then he collapsed over me, and I feared that my hip joints would dislocate under his weight.

After a few seconds he came to and pulled out of me – like a painful champagne cork again, only this time the cork was followed by a gush of fluid.

They got me back in a kneeling position on the floor, sucking the colonel’s cock clean, and the captain stuck me from behind again. By now my arsehole was wide open and well lubricated, and he had no problem entering. I realized with a shock that previously he had only pushed his cock part way in. Now he gave me his entire length, which seemed to reach to somewhere inside my ribcage and made me feel that my inner organs were relocated with each long stroke.

When he finally delivered his salvo, he was so deep inside me that I thought it might come out through my mouth and spoil my cleaning work on the colonel.

Then I felt the captain pulling out, and heard him walk barefoot across the room and open the door. I dropped the colonel’s limp dick out of my mouth and looked over my shoulder.

Outside the door stood the six officers from the gym in a column, presumably according to rank and seniority. All naked and stroking their erect pricks.

I realized that it would be some time before I could resume my Grand Tour, before my arse would be in any condition for horseback riding. Then the colonel grabbed the back of my head and pressed my mouth back on his dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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