Hypnotherapy Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

The first session

I have chronic sinusitis since my 20’s. Tried all the medications, nasal sprays without long term success, so when a friend recommended hypnosis -despite my general skepticism- I thought I’ll give it a try, what could go wrong?

A short research revealed that there is a local hypnotherapist with quite good reviews, people emphasized how they felt so safe and relaxed with the guy. He was absolutely recommended. For cherry on the cake, the office was within half an hour walking distance.

The website was professional. I had to register to be able to book an appointment and there was a pretty personal questionaire too. Not much about medical history, rather current lifestyle, diet, activity level and -I couldn’t believe my eyes- sexual preferences? For what on Earth I have to disclose that for a hypnotherapeutic session? Just so I could have personalized care? I picked ‘uncertain’ for fun and also because sometimes that’s how I feel. -Maybe this is his way of building rapport- I pondered. It didn’t end there. The only available appointment was for Saturday 6:30pm! I was hoping to get it done quickly so it was a bit disappointing having had to wait 5 days. Then there was a long page with instructions how to prepare for the session. Actually, I liked it! It made it seem real and personal, like I was already in the session without paying a penny. I always loved to take instructions anyway.

For the last 3 days before the session the instructions were very specific. Some of these were obvious, some seemed odd. For instance the morning ritual: sitting down and staring at the printed picture of the therapist, accepting him as my healer. So that I believe in him and trust him. He had gray hair, beard and a jovial face, kind eyes behind the glasses. Like Santa. It would have been difficult _not_ trusting him.

I also had to follow a specific diet, mostly just vegetables and lots of water to stay hydrated -OK I can do that, I fast anyway to stay skinny..- The last one was the hardest, to stay abstinent for 3 days before the session. I’m very sexual, I usually cum every day, otherwise my racing libido won’t let me focus on anything else. Oh well.. -Behave, it’s only one time and it’s important!

The days went by quickly and my curiosity kept me on track with the instructions. By Saturday, I was really excited and felt very energetic, couldn’t wait to see the guru.

The instructions also said not to bring anything unnecessary as these would be distracting. (Apparently our minds try to keep track of our belongings..) It was still really hot outside and the session was just 2 hours, so I was only wearing flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt.

Arrived on time and when I got buzzed in, the guru himself opened the door. He was the same as on the picture, like the photo was taken a few minutes ago. Only his piercing eyes were more apparent. He was also quite bigger than I am, like a bear.. at least 5’11 and thick everywhere. Strong, but not a gym bunny. Well not a bunny, that’s for sure. I’m skinny and only 5’7, so i got a little intimidated as he towered over me but there was no way I was backing out.

The office was small and dim with only an amber colored light on the wall. Some shelves with books, no desk just a small side table with a traditional tea kettle by the wall. A leather couch and in the middle, an old wooden high backed chair. I admired it for a second, it was almost like a throne. Tall and massive just like its owner. There was another door at the back, probably a private washroom.

The guru poured me a cup of tea to help me relax. He sat on the chair crossing almanbahis his legs and waived at the couch for me in front of him. The seat was soft and as I sunk in, I felt really small in front of him. As I was sipping my tea while he looked down at me with his piercing eyes I knew he was already analyzing me. I couldn’t look up in his eyes, his kind but firm authority was just so overwhelming.

He told me to leave the empty cup on the floor and as I leaned forward I felt my head heavy. He probably had something in the tea, but due to the cementing of his position during the last few days as my healer, and his kind attitude, I didn’t have any doubts. My curiosity was there and I was just accepting things as they came.

-Kick off those slippers, so you’re more comfortable. We will start with some initiation techniques. I will put you to a half sleep state and ask you a few questions.- he said. -For the best result please answer honestly. Understood?

I already felt sleepy, so I just nodded my head.

-Good! If all goes well, we will continue our journey deeper in your subconscious and possibly even plant some triggers, to help you with living a fuller and happier life.

I had no idea what he was talking about, but it sounded great and by that time I surrendered myself to him and to the therapy completely. He took out a pocket watch and started swinging it in front of my face.

-Now start staring at the watch and empty your mind. Push all thoughts aside, nothing else matters, just my voice and the watch in front of you.

He kept talking to me in his deep relaxing voice while I was staring at his watch and I really felt sleepy, my eyes were closing, my head bowing down, there was nothing only his voice in my head and the instructions were just coming relentlessly and they got cemented in and I couldn’t resist just absorbed everything.

-From now on, you will call me Sir. Is that understood?

-Yes Sir!

-You will follow all my instructions to the letter, without questioning.

-Yes Sir!

-Every session I will decide a new name for you. Today you will be ‘boy’.

-Yes Sir!

-Milk will be your first trigger. You will drink a cup of milk every day before bed. You will close your eyes and you will think of me while drinking your milk.

-Yes Sir!

-When the cup is empty, you will lick your lips thoroughly and feel immense pleasure. Understood?

-Yes Sir!

-Show me!

My eyes still closed and still half asleep, I felt my tongue running around my lips. I was surprised how sensitive my lips were, it felt really great.

-Good boy! This will be your reward for a while. When I say ‘good boy’, you will lick your lips. Every time you will find greater and greater pleasure licking your lips for me. Now stand up!

I stood up. It was really interesting how my body would comply. There was no shakiness or imbalance, I was completely aware what I was doing, but seemed like the part of my brain that was in control normally was switched off.

-Push down those shorts and briefs and try to touch the ceiling!

And without hesitation, my body complied. In fact there was some pleasure to be free and giving all control to the guru. I unbuttoned my shorts and pushed everything down to my ankles. Then I raised my hands high above. It was clear they’ll never reach the ceiling, but I had to try and try hard. I went on my toes and I still kept reaching. The guru stood up and smiled down at me.

-Good boy! I like to see your calves working. Keep reaching to the ceiling!

Then he lifted my t-shirt and pulled it off. Since I almanbahis giriş was on my toes, my shorts and briefs also fell. I was naked, reaching up high. I felt very vulnerable and exposed, but surprisingly while being on my toes, also very stable and secure.

He put his big hands on my ribs holding me securely. Feeling his warm hands on the sensitive area and his thumbs close to my nipples gave me a good jolt of excitement, my cock started twitching.

-Look in my eyes! Now I don’t want you to move your feet, just imagine that your hands are chained to the ceiling. Without losing eye-contact, give me a gentle kiss!

I was on my toes still reaching up, my body firm as a plank of pine, he held me while gently pulling me towards him. I felt lost looking in his dark eyes. They were drawing me closer and closer and when our lips finally met, I was trembling from pleasure. He put me back on my feet.

-Good boy!

While I was still locked to his eyes, I realized I’m automatically licking my lips. I felt the pleasure again, and a tingling at my crotch like my lips were wired to my cock. He was smiling with satisfaction.

-Get down to your knees, spread your legs, hands behind your back. We will work on your nipples now and plant another trigger.

I complied. Behind me he lifted up one of the seats of the couch and took out some stuff. I heard metallic clicks and rubbing fabrics. Still in this weird state of mind, I had no concerns whatsoever.

-I will blindfold you to enhance your senses. Close your eyes.

-Yes Sir!

With that, he wrapped my head in some fabric. Layers and layers over my eyes. Felt like some very soft velcro that was sticking to itself and when it ran out, it stayed in place. I felt my head even heavier.

-Put your elbows together as close as you can!

As I complied, he taped them together with another piece. It wasn’t uncomfortable but definitely secure, it locked my arms completely. My chest was sticking out giving him uninhibited access.

-I will put nipple clamps on you. You won’t feel them at first, just very gradually. Understood?

-Yes Sir!

I heard the sound of some small chain, then I felt a bit of pinching first on my left, then on my right nipple. The coldness of the chain was more noticeable on my stomach.

-When I touch your lips, you won’t feel any pain, just pure pleasure. Otherwise your senses will return to normal. Clear?

-Yes Sir!

Indeed, gradually I started feeling the clamps, more and more, the pinching in my nipples became uncomfortable. Then he placed his finger on my lips and suddenly the pinching disappeared and I felt pleasure and tingling in my cock. When he removed it, the pain returned. He then gently tugged on the chain, but the pain was so sharp, I leaned forward trying to follow his hand. He let it go.

-Good boy!- As I licked my lips he placed his finger on my lips again. It was so good, I started licking and kissing his finger, like it was the best treat. He kept playing on my lips and when my mouth opened complacently, he put his finger on my tongue, I immediately started sucking it.

-Enough!- he said and he removed his finger. The pinching immediately returned and I felt a crazy desire to get him in my mouth again.

-Excellent!- he said seeing me reaching for him with my eager open mouth. I heard clothes rubbing and I knew he was undressing. I couldn’t have cared less, all I wanted was his touch again.

He put his finger back on my lips and I immediately opened my mouth. He grunted with satisfaction. The pinching subsided and he started playing with my tongue, almanbahis yeni giriş swirling his fingers in my mouth, running them along my tongue to the back of my throat. I was moaning from the pleasure. Then he stepped closer and when I felt the musky smell, I knew what’s coming. Perhaps due to being in a very vulnerable state of mind or bondage and the torture or everything together (or perhaps I always had it in me) I really really wanted him to put his cock in my mouth. I felt immense desire to satisfy him. He removed his fingers and as I felt the pinching coming back, I leaned forward and reached for his cock. When I found it, I sucked it in and didn’t let go. I felt it becoming hard and it made me happy, proud and satisfied.

He placed his hands on the back of my head and started backing towards the big wooden chair. Since I was locked on to his cock, I had no choice but to follow him on my knees. He sat back with spread legs and it didn’t take long before he started spasming and grunting and I felt him erupting in my mouth. I kept bobbing on him but he lifted my head up and I felt all his milk pouring down on my lips and my chest.

A ‘good boy’ triggered my inadvertent licking of my lips. I felt really slutty, but it didn’t bother me, I was happy.

-Come, sit on my lap- he said. As I got on my feet, he gently guided me over his lap, my legs wrapping around him. He reached behind me, removing the bondage.

-Now kiss me and make it good!

I leaned forward wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him, when he suddenly removed the clamps from my nipples. A sudden jolt of pain raced through me as the blood rushed back, but as our lips connected it all disappeared and I wanted to eat him alive as I melted with joy.

I woke up on the couch disoriented. I felt tired but I didn’t remember anything what happened. I was dressed, but I felt the salty taste in my mouth, my nipples were aching a bit and my t-shirt was soaked with cum glued to my chest. The guru stood above me.

-Welcome back! How are you feeling?

-Ummh.. Pretty good Sir!

-Excellent! Well, we shall continue our sessions next week. I would like you to log back to the site for further instructions and preparation. Understood?

-Yes Sir!- I realized how weird our conversation was.. Like I was back in the mili talking to my commanding officer. But strangely, it was the only way that seemed appropriate.

-I have other chores to attend, so I won’t hold you any longer. Go home, take a shower and have a rest. Trust me, everything will fall in place soon. See you next time!

With that, he gently pushed me out through the front door to the busy street.

As the door closed between us, it suddenly struck me that my face, my hands, my t-shirt were all sticky, full of cum. I’ve never felt so humiliated! I was sure everyone on the street was watching me! I ran all the way home and fortunately managed to avoid my neighbors.

The clothes went in the laundry basket and I jumped in the shower.

Watched the news and a movie, but I couldn’t pay any attention. My mind was racing about what had happened today. Nothing.. I couldn’t remember anything.

I had to make a serious effort to switch off. Went to bed. As I was reaching for the lightswitch, I felt my mouth was dry, I needed a drink. Got up again and went to the fridge to get some water, but my eyes fell on the milk and I knew that’s what I needed. Poured a glass and as I started drinking, suddenly the memories returned. Drinking the milk I remembered everything. Being naked, on my knees looking up at the towering guru and his dick above my face. I remembered his grunts and his taste in my mouth and finally the joy I felt passionately kissing him.

-Wow, this milk was good, I must have been really thirsty!- I thought while licked the remaining drops off my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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