I Swing, She Sings

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I walk into the high school for the last day before summer, dejected again over the thought of another academic year ending its course with my virginity still intact. Only this time, the sand of life’s hourglass is starting to weigh on my conscience. Only one more year until graduation, with nothing to look forward to; no Division I college will dare give me a scholarship over my lackluster grades. I’ve been told I have the rest of my life ahead of me, however it seems very cold and black; no fruits to look forward to.

Monique Rivers shares the locker next to me. Mo, I call her. I have known her since kindergarten, although she was ugly up until six months ago. She has seen me through all of my awkward phases, including growth spurts, facial hair, zits, anything and everything. I am six feet tall, weighing about 130 pounds, with long arms, no muscle, pale skin. She has silky smooth chocolate skin without an imperfection on her surface, a nice round butt sculpted by the hand of god right in the middle of her five foot-two or so frame, teasing my pupils with light blue air-tight jeans, a perfectly arc’d torso, and silky smooth hair. How I wish I complimented her all of these years.

The 3PM bell rings and the term is over. My mother and father have left for Cabo San Lucas for a week, entrusting me, their only child with their home for the next week. I go to my locker and Monique is cleaning out her belongings.

“Hey Michael,” she says. Her voice stings my chest, as I wonder who she will be fucking this summer. “Hey Mo,” I respond awkwardly, as my voice cracks.” “Who-I mean, what do you have planned for this summer?” She cracks a sultry smile. “Nothing in particular, just looking for a job.” I decide this is my time to act. I reason if I embarrass myself and the whole school knows, it’s only a year of humiliation. “Well Mo, I’ve known you since our youth and was wondering if you would ever like to get together out of a high school setting.” I ask her. I am not smooth. Her eyes dilate and I instantly get excited. “Of course, Michael! I’d love to. What are you doing tonight?”I couldn’t believe it. “Umm, nothing. Umm, I’ll text message you!”

I race out of the school, thinking I blew my chance for the last fucking time, as I hang my head in shame on the bus home. I gather my senses and text her when I get home. “Hey Mo, my parents are out of town and I would like to cook for you and we can watch a movie. Bring a title that you enjoy and let’s have fun tonight,” I write. Shockingly, she replies very quickly “Of course, I can come around 9. See you then.” My heart starts racing as I can’t believe what I have just procured. I am able to finally step into manhood, and release the beast inside. Unfortunately what Mo does not know that I have somewhat obscure interests.

Mo arrives at my front door several hours later looking beautiful as ever, with her long luscious hair let down and a pink romper almost fully exposing her perky tits, as well a backpack of supplies. She asks to take a shower, to my surprise, seemingly knowing where this is heading. I panic as I realize I have forgot to purchase protection. Instead of the elegant French chicken dish I elected to cook, I panic and whip out a frozen pizza and from the freezer instead and a bottle of vino from dad’s liquor cabinet. As our meal is cooking and I start drinking, my mind takes a dark twisted turn. I go into the garage and take out my wooden baseball bat and get several apples from the kitchen.

She comes down my steps in her one-piece robe. I ask her if she has protection for us, and blessed are we that she does. We eat and kill the bottle, and then go to my living room entertainment center, as we sit on my couch and proceed to turn on a cable motion picture as the air mattress inflates. At this point I am pretty sauced. I start to rub her shoulders and kiss the back of her neck and her cheeks with my tongue. It is really hot. She then turned around, gently moving in to kiss me as she puts the condom on my dick like a pro simultaneously. “Mo” I ask from beneath her. “Have you done this before?” Sounding like a film villainess in a hot, sexy voice, “That’s for me to know and you to never ever find out.” She giggles after.

izmir escort bayan I yank her robe off with one pull and toss it, exposing her beautiful, stainless body. She turns around and sits her round ass cheeks on my face with full weight , leaving me with no room to breathe. I’m in heaven as my senses go numb. I eventually roll off the couch and ask her to stand up and face away from me. She obliges.

I take the baseball bat and swing full force at the back of her kneecaps. She shrieks in pain briefly and falls to her knees ass in the air, while I continue to execute. I raise up her body and push her down on the couch tits in the air, dive right in and start eating her pussy. She is half-wailing, half-whimpering saying “Oh my god Michael, oh my god!”

I then turn her over like a pancake and slide right in, luckily with no qualms at all. I slap her fat ass cheeks over and over again until I see redness and the shrieks start to have me on edge. With sweat coming out of all of my pores, I’m fucking her with no mercy, I reach around her and take the apple and shove it in her mouth, with another loud shriek catching me off guard.

I cum minutes later but not without slapping her in the face full force and throwing her off the couch. She seems to be slowly getting into my ‘style of play’, as she smiles from the floor as I stand on top of the couch banging my chest like I’m King Kong. I go to the restroom and take a piss, apply a new barrier haphazardly, and come back to see Mo lying ass up on the air mattress moaning provocatively.

I take a deep breath, start running towards the mattress and take a Superman dive on top of her back. I question whether I heard a bone break but I assume a positive attitude. I stick it in her tight asshole on a leap of faith and she starts shrieking again. I wonder if she is fully conscious. I grab another apple from off the floor and shove it back in her mouth. We’re fucking, and I’m in heaven. I bruise every inch of her back side until it’s beet red. I feel the end is near so I punch her in the back of the head and I’m in heaven again. She starts gagging and I ask her if she is okay. In a clearly broken voice, she asks for water and I get her some. While I’m in the kitchen I grab my dog’s bowl, fill it with water, and conceal it from Mo as I return, putting it inches from the air mattress.

We lie down and skip the idle conversation. In a state of mutual speechlessness, we begin making out on the air mattress and I prop her up doggystyle like the bitch she is. We begin fucking as I jam another apple in her mouth yet again and begin pulling her hair. The shrieking is loud but nothing I’m not already used to.I pull her hair so fucking hard she begins to start sounding like she is singing somewhat. I ride her for a good ten minutes (time flies) then pull out and move her head toward the dog bowl.

“Drink it, bitch” I say. She starts doing so, ass in the air and everything. I take the baseball bat and start teasing the perimeter of her anus with it. This goes on for several minutes. After she’s done drinking, we sit on the couch, she is lightly crying, but still refusing to speak. I wonder what number partner I am with her and whether she’s enjoying this at all.

We drink more wine as I continue to let thoughts of dominance flow through the flesh of my temple. Her body is pretty badly bruised with mascara running down her eyes. She mentions how her step-father molested her at the age of four and that she’s been with five different men. With a buzz going through my adolescent body and the night still fairly young, I decide to keep going with this freaky shit. I walk up from the couch and spark the fireplace to a light flame.

“Michael,you’re different.” Mo chirps softly.

“Babe,you have no idea.” I respond. I go to the kitchen and get the duct tape from out of one of the drawer.

When I return, Mo is lying on the couch ass up. Without saying a word, I bind her wrists and ankles together shoving another apple in her mouth. The shrieking is absent buca escort but a weird ‘jumbling’ noise is coming from her mouth. At this point the fire is blazing, as I place her drunk ass over a beanbag chair and move her towards the fireplace. I’m not sure where this is going but I feel exhilarated.

I go outside to retrieve the garden hose, turn it on, and put my thumb over it to avoid a scene. Mo seems to be losing consciousness so I decide to act fast. I move the beanbag chair towards the fireplace with her ass just close enough to avoid direct contact to the fire but enough for sensation. She begins panting as her ass quivers on the chair. I can tell she has developed a unique sense of trust with me. I untape her mouth and let the water from the garden hose burst into her mouth. I put my thumb over the hose every thirty seconds or so until she starts gasping for air like the bitch she is.

After about ten minutes I end this charade and untape her from my trap. I place the water hose in the kitchen sink briefly. I retire to the air mattress and she joins me, caressing my chest. I struggle to comprehend that this is actually happening. I then rise up again, take the water hose and start teasing her asshole with it. She enjoys it as she starts shaking her ass and slapping it. I then unleash a burst of water from the hose to her face. I tell her to get ready.

I shove my dick in her mouth and she starts sucking the shit out of my dick. I claw at her cheeks with my fingers, feeling like the President of the United States. I take the hose and start spraying her quivering body with water as she starts shivering. I cum in her mouth and move her towards the fireplace and lie her down there ass up. I eat out her butthole briefly. I tape up her limbs again, block her mouth, and throw her on the beanbag chair again. I move her towards the front door and get my dad’s electric carving knife out the pantry. I rev that shit up, turn it on, and she shrieks.

As I move towards her with a menacing grin, she starts flopping like a fish. I get close to each of her orifices but don’t make any contact as her shrieks get louder. I then lightly graze the tip of her left buttcheek and she lets out a wail. I begin to feel like I am going a bit too far as a trail of blood begins to leak from her ass skin but nothing too serious. I clean her up and we start making out on the couch a bit more. She slaps me in the face which I don’t really enjoy but put up with.She gets up and starts twerking and doing cartwheels. I enjoy the show.

I decide to bring her upstairs to the master bedroom. I throw her on the bed and shove the comforter in her mouth. “Take it bitch”, I proclaim. Our attic is connected via a shitty rickety ladder in my parents’ dresser closet, so I decide to climb it and see what kind of shit I can find up there. It is dusty, pitch black, and smelly. I yell down to Mo “Bitch find me a flashlight!” About ten minutes later she returns with a flashlight. I have no idea where she found it but she’s making me proud tonight.

I roam the attic trying to find some more shit and I see a large dictionary dusty to the core. I shut the lights, bring it down, and start attacking her ass with it. The shellacking goes for about twenty minutes. Her ass cheeks are bruised as to the core, as she quivers in delight wanting more. I take my mother’s hairbrush, tease her asshole with it then begin giving her booty another good beating. I start raw dogging her again like a cow as I pull her hair. I cum and throw her off the bed, and then roll off and jump on top of her. She screams in pain, but I don’t care.

I go back in the attic and look for more freaky shit to have fun with. After minutes of searching I find an evil clown mask. I tell Mo to get her fat ass back downstairs and she goes. I run down to the kitchen and put the mask on. I lunge into the living room in my new ‘outfit’ and she wails, running upstairs. I chase her, but she is nowhere to be found. After several minutes of searching, I find her in my bedroom in a fetal position.

“I’ve got you right where I want you.” I say. I take off the izmir escort mask, open my bedroom window and dangle her torso. She screams out the window. I should be nervous but the alcohol has me fade. I throw her back on my cold bedroom floor and close the window.

“Get some clothes on bitch, we’re going for a drive.” I yell at her. We dress and I start my Dad’s Honda Civic. She is shivering the whole time. I get her a coffee from Dunkin Donuts. “I lied earlier. You are the 30th person I’ve fucked,” Mo proclaims. “And you are nothing like the others.”

We get back to the house and she undresses quickly. I tell her to chill the fuck out as I’m actually pretty exhausted. I turn on the television and it’s all a bunch of bullshit, until I come across the Yankee home game against the Minnesota Twins. It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. I become depressed for a hot minute when I realize that will never be me. I take out my hard cock and start smacking Mo across the face with it. I shove it in her mouth every now and then to catch her off guard; element of surprise.

The Yankee game is still on and Aaron Judge is up at the plate. The bases are loaded and the Yanks are down 13-10. Big Bartolo Colon is pitching. He throws a nasty curveball and Judge knocks that shit out of the park. I scream at the top of my lungs while I cum in her mouth. At the same time, a glorious moment arises over me. I tie up Mo’s wrists and feet together again and tell her to get on all fours by the wall ass facing towards me. I am the star power hitter for our school’s baseball team and I don’t want to get rusty over the summer.

I take the baseball bat and the apple and knock a line drive straight towards Mo’s fat ass. It lands all over her backside and thighs. I’m a good shot. She squeals in delight. I do this about thirty times (I had a lot of apples). I grab another bottle of wine out of the fridge and pour it in the dog bowl. I tell her to drink up while I eat out her pussy and butthole. I’m in heaven yet again. I can see the sun beginning to rise on the horizon out of the living room window, but I say to myself that the party isn’t over yet.

“Mike, I am in so much pain right now.” Mo says as we collapse on the mattress together. “But, I also feel so free. So alive. I’ve known you since before we even knew what sex was. And now we’re doing it. Exploring each other bodies like Lewis and Clark.”

I reason that this bitch clearly has paternal issues.

I put my finger over her mouth to get her to stop talking. She starts sucking my dick some more. I scratch her upper back and tell her to make her ass clap. My buzz is starting to wear so I reach for my phone and open Facebook. I pull up Mo’s page and scroll through her archive. It turns out she has several pictures with the star pitcher of our rival school’s team. This angers the shit out of me.
“You fucked Joe Boner, you crazy bitch?” I roar at the top my lungs. “What?” she replies. “How did you know?”

I throw her off the couch on to the living room floor and begin violently slapping her ass cheeks. I’m actually so angry that I take the baseball bat and begin hitting picture frames in the house, our flat screen television, as well as the couch, and air mattress. I then take the baseball bat and start slamming the floor several times mere inches away from Mo’s head. She begins crying and I wonder if this finally where the buck stops.

“Mike, I’m sorry! It was two years ago, when we were sixteen, and we only dated for a couple months! Please, just let me suck on your cock!” I accept her offer and pass out sometime before climaxing.

I awoke several hours later to Mo passed out next with my sweatshirt on but no pants. Her ass cheeks looked bigger and rounder than ever. I start exploring it with my tongue. She wakes up, seemingly disoriented and jumps to her feet.

“You are a son of a bitch.” she cries. “I am in so much pain. I can’t believe what we did last night.”

“Mo, you—-”

Before I can even finish my sentence, she covers my mouth with her hand.

“And I can’t wait to see you again.” she says.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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