Kim’s New Life Ch. 02

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“Whoa, Kim! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you so upset. Please forgive me. Since you have, or rather recently had, a serious relationship with your boyfriend, I know you couldn’t be a lesbian. That’s why I said you answered my question. Therefore, I assumed you must be bisexual.”

I think the alcohol was helping me to be more than a little pissed at her innuendos. “And why the hell would you assume that. You invited me to your table. While I do find you nice and attractive, I haven’t made a pass at you. I am not a lesbian and am not bisexual either! I also resent you implying the possibility that I might be. Shit, all I did was accept an invitation to join you for a drink. I am going back to my hotel.” Kelly grasped my wrist lightly when I stood. I was glad she did. Truthfully, I really didn’t want to leave. Yet, in my own stubborn way, I said, “Please let go.”

Kelly just stared at me for a long while before replying. “Come on, Kim. Please sit down. I sincerely apologize. I know one should not assume. Let’s start over. If you aren’t lesbian or bisexual, tell me why you picked this particular place to drown your sorrows.”

I missed her emphasis on the words “this particular” and told her that the hotel concierge recommended it. “O.K., that’s a start. Exactly what kind of place did you ask her to recommend?” When I told her what I said to the concierge, she laughed. “Oh, shit! Now I understand. I hate to be the one to tell you, but she must have misunderstood your request or just figured she was doing you a favor by recommending Lisa’s.”

“Kelly, what are you talking about? You’re confusing the hell out of me; or maybe the alcohol is causing me to be confused.”

“Damn! First of all, and quite frankly, I must say that I am deeply disappointed. I was beginning to think this might turn into a great evening for me. Look around you, Kim, and tell me what you see.”

The restaurant was almost full now, and several people were sitting at the bar. “OK, I see a bar, a bunch of tables, a dance floor, a raised platform full of musical instruments, and a room filled with people. So what! I didn’t expect the place to be empty. I simply didn’t want some guy trying to pick me up!” My tone was more indignant than I had intended, but I didn’t even think about apologizing.

“You’re missing my point. I can virtually guarantee that you won’t have any guys trying to pick you up here. Look again. How many guys do you see?”

I looked around again before it suddenly hit me. “Oh, shit. This is a gay bar.”

“Ladies, she’s finally got it.

“Since you came here alone, Kim, I just assumed you were looking for…well, some female companionship. Allyson probably assumed the same thing. She should have dug a little deeper into your soul. I will be having a discussion with her about that.”

I interrupted her by commenting, “Then you must be a…”

“… yes, I confess. I’m a lesbian,” Kelly quickly said, interrupting me. “Personally, I dislike the word ‘gay.’ I prefer lesbian or bisexual. I already said that I once had a boyfriend. Now my sexual partners are exclusively female, Kim. She paused to see my reaction. “I hope I haven’t shocked or upset you.”

“No, not really. I do have a couple friends who are lesbian. I just didn’t expect you to be one… I mean…”

She laid her hand on mine again. My heart skipped a beat at her touch. The contact felt different this time. I didn’t know why but realized that she was affecting me like no woman ever had. “Don’t worry. I know what you meant. It’s like that adage, ‘You can’t tell a book by its cover.’ You couldn’t identify me as a lesbian any more than you could tell I am a Doctor of Letters.

“I apologize for the misunderstanding. Just for the record, though, I was bisexual, and my boyfriend had no problem with it. Some people do not differentiate between the two terms where women are concerned, but I do. I won’t be offended if you still want to get out of here, but I would like very much if you would stay and talk. At the least, it would be nice if we could become friends.”

I was enjoying her company and, as I indicated, felt comfortable being in Lisa’s, even though I’d never been in a lesbian bar. If I left, I would just go back to the hotel and be alone. I didn’t want that. I would end up crying myself to sleep, again. I finally realized that casino siteleri there really wasn’t any real reason to leave.

“Well, as you said, I won’t have worry about any guys trying to hit on me if I stay,” I laughed.

“And I promise I will protect you from the women,” she joked.

“Yea, but who is going to protect me from you,” I teased.

“Now, I will not make any promises there,” was her reply. A shiver went up my spine as we stared at one another.

The silence was soon broken. “Another round of drinks, Dr. Peters?”

“Not at the moment, Sam. I don’t want to get my new friend too intoxicated…at least not yet,” She commented, smiling. Then to me she asked, “I normally don’t eat dessert, but would you consider sharing a piece of cheesecake with me? I have a sudden urge for some, but do not want to eat a whole piece myself.”

“That’s wild. I absolutely love cheesecake. Would you consider drowning it with a shot of Amaretto?” I asked.


As our conversation resumed, I shared more of my private life and thoughts with Kelly, feeling more and more at ease with this beautiful, intelligent woman. The band started warming up at the same time our dessert arrived. I turned to look at the stage and saw that the band was made up of five women playing guitar, sax, drums, keyboard and bass. Three wore short skirts and two wore slacks. All wore black, turtle neck sweaters. I had been so engrossed in our conversation that I somehow had missed them walking onto the stage.

Sam placed the plate of cheesecake, dripping in amaretto, and two forks between us. Kelly casually handed one fork back to Sam. “I don’t think we will need this, Sam.” Wondering what was next, I watched closely as Kelly cut a piece with the remaining fork. Although a little surprised when she held it up to my lips, I automatically opened my mouth to receive the tasty morsel. “Ummmmm,” I moaned, “fantastico.” Kelly watched me slowly lick my lips before cutting a second piece for herself, using the same fork.

I laughed as she mimicked my moan and lip licking. Watching the tip of her tongue slowly clean her lips was unbelievably erotic. Her eyes never left mine as I watched. “You’re right, Kim. It is great with amaretto. I’ll never eat it plain again,” she commented before feeding me a second bite. I liked the attention.

The band’s first piece was slow and mellow. Holding another bite of cheesecake for me to taste, Kelly said, “Kim, I don’t want to insult you, and I’m not trying out a pick-up line, but I would consider it an honor if you would dance with me.”

Without hesitation I accepted her offer. The ‘lesbian’ issue didn’t enter my mind. In high school the girls always danced together while the boys stood against the wall shooting the bull. Still, butterflies churned in my stomach as she held my hand while we walked onto the dance floor. I liked the feel of my hand in hers, realizing that it was a sensation I had never experienced.

We started dancing an arm’s length apart. “You know, Kelly, now I do feel a little awkward.”

“I understand. It’s not a problem. I don’t mind just sitting and talking.” She was still holding my hand as she turned to go back to the table.

I started laughing. “That’s not what I meant, silly. I meant dancing while attempting to remain so far apart; it reminds me of seeing two little kids trying to dance at a wedding.”

“But I don’t want you to get the wrong idea,” she said.

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t. After all, the suggestion is mine,” I replied, as I put an arm around her back and pulled her against me.

I immediately noticed that she wasn’t wearing perfume, but smelled, well, clean and fresh. Permitting her to lead, my head drifted down to rest on her shoulder and my arm tightened around her. I was enjoying the closeness of another person and didn’t really care that it was someone of my own sex. I guess I simply needed the warm contact of another human being. It was like hugging one’s mother when one is feeling down; well, almost. We continued to dance through the whole set, all slow songs, shuffling our feet while barely moving from one spot.

The band took their first break and we returned to the table where I, again, enjoyed more of the cheesecake, eating from Kelly’s fork while she fed me.

“Kim, may I ask you a very personal slot oyna question?”


“Well, you seemed insulted earlier when I suggested you might be lesbian or bisexual, but I am curious. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman?”

While I carefully thought about my answer, she swiped her index finger across the amaretto and cheesecake crumbs remaining on the plate, slid the finger between her lips and slowly sucked on it. “Can’t let that go to waste, can we?” It was a redundant question. I remained silent and in awe as the finger returned to the plate to acquire more of the liquor and crumbs. This time the sweetness was presented to my lips. I sucked on the finger a lot longer than she had. My tongue enjoyed the intimate touch as it swirled around the stiff digit, removing its syrupy coating.

Once my mouth was empty, I answered her pointed question. “Yes, I guess I have thought about it. I have looked at some lesbian clips on the internet, and my boyfriend had some lesbian porn magazines that I scanned.”

“Just thought about it, huh? Well, then have you ever seriously wanted to discover what it would be like?” Instead of answering, I just stared into the hypnotic glow of her deep blue eyes. She quickly saved me the embarrassment of having to answer the question, by saying, “Excuse me for a minute, I have to go to the loo. Promise me you won’t leave while I’m gone.”

“The loo?” I laughed. “Are you British?”

“No, I just like the word better than restroom. I also prefer knickers to panties in case you wondered,” she replied with a wide smile. When I didn’t comment on her previous statement, she said, “Please don’t leave while I’m gone.”

I assured her that I would be right there when she returned and watched her walk away. My previous question was answered. Her pants were tight in back, making the material hug her rounded ass while dipping into the cleft. “Damn,” I thought. “Jeff was right. That is sexy.” I loved the way the garment seemed to roll with the movement of her cheeks. “What is she doing to me?” I asked myself. “I’ve never thought about any woman in a sexual way.” Right now, my thoughts were definitely sexual. The alcohol must have been working on me, and I didn’t try to fight the feeling.

Just about the time I was thinking that Kelly was taking an extraordinarily long time in the “loo,” Sam set two more drinks on the table and said, “Kelly ordered these and said to tell you that she had to run a quick errand and that she will be back in less than ten minutes.”

“I thought she just went to the restroom.”

“I don’t know about that. Maybe she just changed her mind on the way. She also asked me to insure you didn’t leave since she would be gone longer than you expected.”

Kelly returned just as the band started to play its next set. I wanted to ask where she went but didn’t have a chance because she tossed her purse on the table, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. The band’s vocalist had a wonderful, sultry voice. She had announced that this set would be a selection of classical country songs. Once again, I laid my head on my partner’s shoulder as we swayed to Patsy Kline’s “I Fall to Pieces.” Kelly put both hands around my waist and pulled me tightly to her. “I just love this song,” she whispered in my ear.

My only reply was an agreeable, ‘Ummmmm.” Our sway became somewhat sensual. My head was beginning to spin. I wasn’t drunk, but I was high, and maybe not from the alcohol.

The next tune was another Patsy Kline and one of my favorites, “Crazy.” The third song, “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” was somewhat apropos for me. Halfway through it Kelly said, “I requested these songs especially for you, Kim,” then lowered her head and kissed my neck. I couldn’t believe how soft and sensual her lips felt. They stayed in contact with my skin for the longest time and I felt a strong desire to kiss her neck in return but resisted. When the song ended, she stepped back, looked at me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and said, “I can help you make it through the night if you want. All you need to do is say yes. Personally, I don’t think you should go back to your hotel room and be alone.”

Without waiting for an answer, Kelly led me back to our table. The words of the song kept running through my mind. Under canlı casino siteleri the situation they really could be prophetic. I was truly considering the possibility Kelly was suggesting. My heart was saying yes, but my mind was still holding me back.

As we sat, I noticed that the top three buttons of her blouse were undone, revealing the sides of her breasts. I was sure that only one had been open when we were first introduced.

She didn’t release the grip on my hand. In fact, she placed her other hand on top, trapping mine between hers. Trap really isn’t the proper word, because, at this point, I wasn’t trying to get away. Looking deeply into my eyes, almost as if she could see through me, Kelly spoke, “Kim, I need you to answer my question now. Please.”

“What question was that, Kelly?”

“Have you ever seriously wanted to find out what it is like to make love to another woman.”

“Yes,” I replied, meekly, and with eyes lowered.

Kelly placed her fingers under my chin, lifted my head and said, “I assume you never did find out. Is my assumption correct?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied meekly.

“Would you like to tonight?”

“Oh, damn, Kelly. I really don’t know. I’m so mixed up I can’t think straight.”

“Kim, I need to be frank and honest with you. When I watched you walk in here, I immediately knew that I had to have you. I cannot explain why since I’ve never tried to ‘pick up’ a stranger. Even though the desire was there, I initially decided I’d wait until I saw you here again before making a move. When Allyson came over and offered to introduce us, I told her ‘no,’ even though I felt that somehow meeting you was meant to be. I am positive I was afraid things wouldn’t work out the way I wanted. I told you I was disappointed when you said that the only reason you came here was because you didn’t want some guy hitting on you. I was even more disappointed when I realized that you didn’t know this was a lesbian bar. You definitely weren’t expecting some female to hit on you instead,” she laughed. “One of the reasons I left for a while was to clear my head and consider if and how I wanted to proceed. I decided the best scenario was to come clean.

“There is a saying that no one can make love to a woman better than another woman. In my experience, that is true. A woman knows which buttons to push, where they are located, and exactly how to push them. Men are fun, and I will admit that I used to like the occasional feel of a warm, hard dick in me. Once I had my first lesbian experience, I knew that making love with a woman is so much better. A woman is softer and, most of the time, she continues to think about her partner’s needs after experiencing an orgasm while most men turn over and go to sleep. If you give me a chance, I know I can make you forget all about Jeff and what he did to you.” I started to speak but she placed a finger over my lips. “Shhhh. Let me finish before you say anything.

“I want to take you to places you never imagined you’d ever go. Kim, the best prescription one can receive after a humiliating experience like you had is to spend the evening making love. Think about what it might be like to suckle my breast while I hold your naked body in my arms. I offer you this and much more if you agree. We both know, if you go back to your hotel room, all you will think about is him, and, sober or drunk, you’ll cry yourself to sleep. In short, I’d like you to go home with me tonight, so you won’t have to be alone. If you cry, it might be because you experienced the best orgasm you ever had.

“Of course, since I have just bared my soul, I would hope that you might also wonder what you missed if you decide not to go home with me. To sweeten my offer, if you simply want to cry over spilled milk, I am willing to take you home with me, or go to your hotel with you, and let you cry yourself to sleep on my shoulder, with absolutely no strings attached. I promise that I will not try to seduce you any more than I already have. I’ll even stay fully clothed if you prefer. In any case, I promise to hold you in my arms while you cry.”

I opened my mouth to reply, but she stopped me again by pressing her fingers over my lips again. “I’m not finished. Please don’t say anything yet. You need to know everything before deciding. First and foremost, Kim, I am a strong-willed woman and prefer taking the lead in a relationship whether it is a one-nighter or a long-term stand. I need to be the one in control. One might say that I even enjoy dominating my partner, and I know I would definitely love to dominate you.”

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