Lara and Lori

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My name is Lara, I am 25 years old and a lesbian, yes, you heard me, I am a lesbian. Perhaps I should start with a little description of myself, to set the mood a little bit. Okay here goes…

I am four foot ten inches tall, tiny I know, but my height is not the only thing on me that is tiny. My breasts are 28 A cup, practically none existent really. Very slim build, a tight little buttocks and I am always free of pubic hair. On my 21st Birthday, I had laser hair removal of all pubic hair keeping me always clean and smooth down stairs; my waist is tiny, due to my petite frame. I always keep my dark red hair shoulder length; my eyes are an unusual grey colour with a slight tint of green around the pupils.

Being petite with a tiny frame may sound erotic to some people, but it is a real pain and used to annoy me, especially when on a night out with friends or buying alcohol from supermarkets as I always got asked for some form of identification to prove my age. Nevertheless, my height and youthful appearance has its advantages when it comes to sexual partners.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings I suppose you want to hear about my first sexual experience with another woman, since it was my first sexual experience with either a male or female and the reason I am writing this down for you to read and hopefully enjoy.

I suppose you could say I was a late starter when it came to sexual activity, do not get me wrong I watched many hours of porn on my computer and had a large collection of DVDs but it took awhile to get from a friend in a bar to ‘Take off your clothes’. Of course, all of that changed the night I met a goddess, at least that is what I call her. Now this is not one of them stories where we have sex after thirty seconds of meeting each other, if that is what you are looking for then you may want to check out another story, I will not be offended, I promise.

Okay, thank you for sticking around. Here we go then.

Although I had many male friends, the limit of sexual experience was a kiss and fondle, mainly the male’s hand under my shirt since I never wear a bra. Although, I had performed oral sex on a male friend, I had even enjoyed it but I had always refused or made some excuse as to why my companion could not return the favour. Each night ended with me alone either crying into a cold beer at home or with my sexual toys, generally I ended the night crying. From the age of 18 too 21 this continued almost every weekend unless I picked out a DVD or powered up my computer, that was until one weekend I entered a bar after being given the wrong directions either by accident or as a joke by my work colleges.

I approached the large wooden doors of the bar as a huge man stood in front of them, he almost covered the doors, as each shoulder was wider then the doorframe itself, I had never seen someone so large. One of his arms was almost twice as thick as my entire body. He had a square jaw and no neck due to what I called an insane amount of muscle that was barely contained by his black T-Shirt which hid nothing of his true form as the word ‘Security’ Stretched out across his chest almost deformed by his chest which was I am sad to say much larger then my own. He gave me a look which almost said ‘This is a school night for god sakes, go home little girl’ I smiled nervously and handed him my drivers licence. As he carefully examined my proof of age, I felt like a microbial life form as he checked everything on my valid identification until he finally handed it back to me and smiled slightly. His mere smile made me feel nervous as he gritted his teeth and his jaw muscles flexed before my very eyes. After what seemed like a lifetime of him eying me up, I was allowed to enter by this beast of man before me.

Before I entered the bar, he leaned down before and whispered something into my ear, something that made me blush as I passed him, he simply said. ‘I’ll be here if you need help… babe’. Unlike many of my female friends, I do not wear skimpy clothing to show off what I had, which was practically nothing really, just very little curves and almost no sign of breasts but I had learned to appreciate what I had. My hair hung to just above my shoulders, I wore a dark red ankle length dress and matching red high heel shoes. Although I rarely wore a dress like it, something about tonight made me pick it out of my closet for what reason I had no idea. It was a low cut dress from the back that went all the way down to just above my buttocks and at the front left nothing to the imagination.

As I entered, I could almost feel every eye in the room on me at the same time. It was almost like something out of an old Western Movie, when the bad guy or a stranger entered a Saloon and the music stopped. Clutching my back to my chest, I walked towards the bar as almost every eye followed me, stopping at the bar, I pulled out my Identification for the bar maid as I ordered my favourite drink, Scotch, Sake, Pepsi over Ice. With a smile, the bar maid a stunning woman around 21 years old placed the drink down before with a slight smile as illegal bahis I took the first sip of my favourite drink. Over the next half hour I had two more of the drink while lots of men attempted to talk to me or buy me a drink, however, as time past I had forgotten all about my work colleges I was supposed to meet as I had struck up a conversation with the bar maid.

I was almost spell bound by her soft and smooth voice with a hint of an Australian accent. Her name was Lori; she eventually told me she was working at the bar to pay her way through university as she was hoping to become a professional photographer one day, which shocked me slightly as I imagined she would have been a model or an actress. As the bar closed for the night I volunteered to stay around and help her tidy up the bar, as was her job at the end of the night, graciously she accepted my idea. For over an hour we talked as I helped her clean up the bar and as thanks for helping her she bought me one last drink for the night.

As we left the bar, I walked her too her apartment which was not far from where she worked. Upon entering her apartment I was almost in awe at where she lived, I had never seen anything so amazing as her work had been carefully placed on the walls of the living area. I studied the amazing photographs as she made a pot of hot coffee for us both, once we talked about her work and her studies she told me that some of them, her best work she was not allowed to submit to her course as they where self portraits, more then that they where nude photos of her self. Smiling she took my left in hers and led me into the bedroom where her favourite work hung on the walls.

As I examined each piece of her work, I felt my self-becoming aroused at her tastefully erotic photographs. Her body was even more amazing then I had imagined, toned almost to perfection with no tan lines what so ever. Blushing slightly at the sheer beauty before me I could almost sense her becoming aroused herself as she watched examine every inch of her photographs, and that’s when it happened and almost out of the blue she picked up her camera and snapped off a photograph of me.

At first I was shocked as I was tired and feeling the effects of the alcohol I had drank earlier that night, I had almost asked her to stop taking the photographs of me but there was something about the woman I could not say no too. As she continued to take her pictures of me, my confidence grew as I slipped off one shoulder strap from my right shoulder. For the first time since I had known her, she had almost blushed slightly as she positioned herself and took more photographs of me. I do not know what happened next or how it happened but I removed my dress and stood before her naked as she took more photographs of me. As the time passed, she had literally taken hundreds of pictures of me, before we knew it the time had marched on to almost 3am, being the gracious host, Lori said she could not send me home and offered me the opposite side of her bed, an offer I had excepted.

Exhausted both fell asleep in her king size bed. We awoke at around 10 in the morning; luckily, it was a Saturday morning. In return for allowing me to sleep in her bed, I made her breakfast in bed as I had awoken first. Over the next day or two we spent a lot of time together talking and having fun, she had even met me outside my work on more then one occasion. What we did not know was our relationship had grown beyond friendship, each night I slept at my home I had erotic dreams about Lori and myself once I had even awoke from an erotic dream with my left hand toying with myself. For two months our friendship had grown until one night, I had arrived at her apartment.

She had opened the door with a large smile on her face that lite up the entire room, looking as stunning as always as she wore a silk nightgown that hugged her every curve. Quickly she led me inside and placed before me the photographs she had taken of me on that first night, needless to say I was shocked at the quality of the images I was seeing, they where beautiful. She had explained that she had a small sample of those pictures in her by accident when her examiner at College had reviewed her work, although some of then where nude photos, a lamp of planet was placed before either my breasts or my privates making them tasteful enough to submit for her course. Needless to say, I was shocked but also aroused at the thought, she had explained why the photos had been in her portfolio and apologised, many times for the accident and any embarrassment she may have caused me. However, she had also explained that pictures of me had earned her top marks in her class ‘A natural beauty’ as her instructor had said. Blushing amazingly I accepted her apology and congratulated her on her success with her course, as it was something I know she had been working towards for many years.

With months of intensely erotic dreams behind me, all I had wanted to do at this moment was to jump on her and tear off her clothes, I wanted to see her amazing body with my own eyes and taste illegal bahis siteleri every curve of her, but somehow I had restrained myself after all, I had no idea if she had even felt the same way about me and that is when it happened for the first time, I felt her hand on my inner thigh as she looked deep into my eyes and smiled. The moment our eyes met, I saw her true intentions as we sat looking deep into each other’s eyes with a smile on our faces. For months, this was the moment I had been waiting for as we slowly leaned towards each other for a simple kiss. Our lips where mere inches away, I could feel her hot breath on my lips as I almost panted with excitement while her hand squeezed my inner thigh softly. My heart was pounding in my chest at her touch as her lips almost touched mine, the moment seemed to last forever as we moved closer to each other slowly until her telephone rang and broke the moment between us.

For the first time since I had known Lori, I heard her curse too herself as she answered the phone. She appeared to argue with whoever was calling her until she finished the call and laughed aloud as she turned to me and apologised for the inconvenience. Lori explained to me that she had been called into work at the bar as a co-worker had called in sick and would be gone for most of the night, with my heart still pounding and my body now aching for her touch, I gracefully nodded but all I wanted to do now was to strip her naked and make passionate love to her where she stood. I could not believe my luck, I was inches from the one kiss I had been waiting for, for so long and she had to leave now. It would be fair to say that I was more then aroused as a wet patch had appeared on my trousers and unmistakable to anyone and my nipples where almost bursting out of my top, throwing caution to the wind, I stood and walked towards her quickly and explained my feelings towards her. Although I did not wish to loose her as a good friend she had become to me, I ached for the touch of her lips on mine and her body pressed against my own.

As I explained about the intensely erotic dreams I was having about, her cheeks began to flush red as she listened with interest at my decryption of my erotic dreams of her. As I had finished, and very embarrassed by what I had just said to another woman, she confessed of having similar fantasies about me. Taking a half step backwards Lori untied her robe and allowed it to fall to the floor freely, I was amazed at what I saw. Her perfect toned body was finally revealed to me, her large 32-D cup breasts where amazing as I stood before her with my jaw almost on the floor. Lori’s amazing figure was everything I had imagined and more as she took my left hand and slowly moved it too her lips for a soft kiss of my palm before she slowly moved my hand over her large breasts and finally down to her neatly trimmed genitals. My hand was shaking as I brushed my fingertips over the thin strip of neatly cut pubic hair as we both slowly moved in for the all-important first kiss between us.

Finally, it was about to happen between us as our lips met I felt tingles all over my body while her tongue parted my lips and for the first time entered my mouth. It almost seemed like time stood still as we embraced each other in a passionate first kiss as she picked me up and legs wrapped around her perfectly slender waist. I could feel her hands squeezing my buttocks as she carried me too her bedroom and carefully placed me on her large bed, I could see from the look in her eyes as she could in mine that we where both tingling with excitement at what was about to happen between us, our first taste of each other. My hands had began to shake even more as she slowly took off my shoes and kissed up my legs to the ever growing wet patch between my legs, biting my bottom lip in pleasure I moaned at her touch as she slipped her hands under my top and slowly caressed my tiny breasts while she sucked at the wet patch between my legs. I had confessed to her two weeks earlier of my limited sexual experiences and I was a virgin, but now I knew that nothing could stop us as she ran her tongue up my body and kissed me passionately once again.

After a long passionate kiss, she laid on top of me as our eyes met once again, her long beautiful curly hair hung above me as she smiled and begun to remove my top as for the first time, he amazing lips locked onto my right nipple softly. I almost had an orgasm right there as I moaned with pleasure at her sensual touch as she kissed, licked and sucked on my breasts while one of her hands pushed under my trousers and rolled over my clitoris slowly as I shrieked with pleasure at Lori’s soft sensual touch. I had no idea what to do at this point as she was giving so much pleasure I would have done anything she had asked of me as she inserted one finger inside of me and begun to slowly masturbate me. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life as the pleasure given to me by Lori; I was so close to a powerful orgasm as Lori stopped and licked her finger seductively and moved in for one more kiss. canlı bahis siteleri With my taste still in her mouth we passionately kissed before she finally removed my trousers, for a brief moment she simply looked at my pussy with a smile as she licked her lips slowly. With a wink she sat me up before her and pressed her pussy against mine as we kissed and rubbed ourselves together mixing our juices while we both moaned with pleasure and finally we both came to an orgasm together.

Kissing each other and laughing, I pushed her onto the bed before climbing on top of Lori, at that point, all I wanted to do was to taste every inch of her body and now I had my chance. I started with a kiss on her lips, a simple soft and sensual kiss before I moved down to her neck and shoulders before I reached her large breasts, her hands played with my tiny breasts while she moaned at the feel of my tongue rolling over her erect nipple while my fingers gently probed her wet pussy lips and finally I softly pushed in two fingers as I slowly kissed down her body to her pubic mound before I pulled out my fingers and sucked and licked her sweet juices from my hand, now I was their as I looked at her beautiful sweet tasting pussy she moaned with excitement at what I was about to do too her.

Her legs almost locked around me as she lifted her buttocks off the bed almost begging me to taste her as for the first time, I ran my tongue over her lips and that is when it happened, once again, her phone rang. Cursing too herself, she answered the phone next too her bed as rolled my tongue over her clitoris slowly as she almost giggled at my teasing her with my tongue.

Slamming down the telephone, she screamed at the ceiling before she explained that the phone call was from her boss asking if she was on her way to work. My mouth was dripping with her juices as she sat up and kissed me once more, I would have done anything for her at that moment, but as she had explained she needed to go too work but she did not wish to leave.

Quickly, we both took a shower together as we washed every inch of each other’s bodies before she dressed. As Lori walked to the door, I stepped out of her bedroom naked and walked towards her seductively as I told her that I would wait in her apartment until she had returned from work so we could finish what we had started. A large smile appeared on her lips as we kissed passionately once more before she left her apartment.

By that time I was alone and incredibly turned on by what had happened earlier, I had noticed other women in the past, even masturbated myself to girl on girl porn but too have actually tasted another woman was the most erotic experience of my life but I knew we would continue our little exploration of each other’s bodies once she had returned from work. Now all I had to do was make this night perfect for the two of us as all I wanted to do was make love to the goddess I had found.

Quickly I pulled on my clothes and shoes before I left her apartment and locked the door with a spare key I had found. With excitement and my body aching for her touch once again, I ran as fast as I could to a lingerie store that was near her apartment building. After buying some silk lingerie which hugged my petite figure perfectly I once again ran to a supermarket for a few bottles of champagne, candles and what ever else I could find to make the night special for us both and quickly ran back too Lori’s apartment. I knew I had not been gone long so I had plenty of time to make things perfect for us both. For hours, I worked to make things just perfect before I heard what I had been waiting for, her key in the lock. Excitement gripped me as she entered her home and stopped with a large smile on her face as she had seen what I had done to her apartment.

The lighting was almost turned off as a few candles burned safely giving the room a romantic feeling as soft music filled the air. Wearing the new Lingerie I had bought specifically for Lori, I walked towards her slowly carrying two glasses of champagne. Lori’s jaw dropped as her eyes slowly ran up and down my petite body, the silk lingerie I had bought earlier left nothing to the imagination although she had seen every part of my body earlier in the day.

Smiling widely she walked towards me and took one glass of champagne as we kissed softly before we both took a long drink from the glasses I our hands. Slowly, I took the glass from her hand and placed them both on a table next to me as she softly ran her hands up and down my body and cupped my breasts softly while mirrored her movements almost exactly. For a brief moment, we stood gazing into each other’s eyes until Lori kissed my neck and shoulders tenderly before she stood before me and asked me to remove her top. I had been awaiting this moment for months and now it had finally arrived as I reach out slowly and pulled her blouse over her head exposing her amazing large breasts and kissed them softly once again. Lori moaned with pleasure as I kissed down her perfectly sculptured body and unbuttoned her cut-off denim shorts and slowly pulled down the zipper. I could not see what was happening too her as I pulled her shorts down, but I could make an educated guess by the moans of pleasure coming from her while she stepped out of her shorts and I kissed her lace thong.

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