Led Astray By An Angel

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The day I came back from my holiday in the Bahamas, I was so tired I could barely see straight. The ten-hour flight and copious amounts of alcohol consumed while on it had caught up on me. When I walked into my house, I looked in the mirror. “Oh God..” I sighed. My normally bouncy, wavy dark golden brown hair looked mud-coloured and hung limply on my head, even with my golden tan, my face looked drawn and pale, and I could have sworn I was a few inches shorter than my usual 5 foot 3. I decided that the best thing to do would be to go to bed, and leave the unpacking until the next day.

I changed from my grey jumpsuit into a pair of comfy pajamas and slipped into my bed and fell asleep. It was only 6pm but I didn’t wake up until 1pm the next day when my mobile phone went off. I picked it up and answered it. “Rowan, is that you?” asked a familiar Romanian accent. Dalita. My dear friend Dalita is quite a few years older than me, at that point I was 20 and she 45. She looked closer to my age than her own though, she’s a gorgeous woman, about 5 foot 6 with light skin, corn-blonde hair and the most beautiful dark grey eyes you ever saw.

“Of course it’s me. Who else is it going to be?” I yawned. She laughed and asked if I wanted to meet her to tell her all about my holiday and show her photos. Looking at the clock, I told her I could be ready for around 4pm.

“Great, I’ll come to pick you up at 4!” she said before hanging up. I got up and got dressed in a pretty cream floral printed summer dress. I put on make-up to hide the signs of exhaustion still traced on my face, and curled my hair. Looking in the mirror, even I was quite impressed with how I looked. My 34B breasts pressed against the material of the dress, but my slim figure allowed it to swing freely around my body everywhere else before stopping halfway down my now caramel-coloured thigh. My rich, mahogany brown hair bounced around my shoulders and a bit of eyeliner and mascara had made my blue eyes bright again.

When Dalita’s little black sports car pulled up outside, I dug my gold wedge heeled sandals and my camera out of my suitcase, put the shoes on and the camera in my bag and made my way outside to meet her. When I got outside, she was standing beside her car, leaning slightly against it. She was dressed in a long red maxi dress with a beaded halter neck, her hair lying flat framing her face and flowing over her shoulders down to her chest. I’d never noticed before that Dalita had quite impressive breasts, I guessed around a D cup and surprisingly pert for her age. When I reached her she hugged me, as she always did when she saw me. As she held me close, I breathed in her smell. She smelled of vanilla, tobacco and tropical fruits. I also noticed that even with my wedge heels on, I still wasn’t quite as tall as her.

When she let me go, I walked around and got into the passenger seat. She was already sitting in the driver seat and smiled at me as I got in. “Where do you wanna go?” she asked.

“I don’t mind,” I told her. So she started the engine and started to drive. After about twenty minutes of driving, she admitted she had no idea where she was going and was now lost. I didn’t recognise anything around us and gave her an evil look.

“Don’t look at me like that,” she said, playfully swatting my head. “If you told me somewhere to go, we would not be lost!” I laughed at how she had made it all my fault. She laughed too, and casino oyna our eyes met. We both stopped laughing and just looked into each other’s eyes. I felt a flutter in my stomach as I realised how beautiful Dalita was. I’d never been attracted to a woman before, and in the 3 years I’d known Dalita I never thought of her as anything more than a friend. I took my eyes away from hers before she realised what was going on. She looked back to the road, then pulled into a little car park in a pretty wooded area. She pressed a button and the top of her car folded down, letting the sun into the car. “We will stay here,” she smiled. “We can talk here and then we try to find our way back.” I was quite happy to sit here in this sunny clearing in her car and talk to her about my holiday, as long as I didn’t look into those eyes again I knew I’d be fine.

I pulled the camera out of my bag and turned it on. I snapped a picture of Dalita, and she covered her face with her hands just a moment too late. When I pressed the button that allowed me to look through my photos, the first thing that came up was Dalita’s face with widened eyes and a cute but comical shocked expression on her face. She shook her head and called me silly in Romanian, but then we both burst out laughing. That was the kind of friendship Dalita and I had – not dissimilar to a pair of teenage girls. We then looked through my photos from the Bahamas. When we got to a picture of me and my sister standing under a palm tree in matching white bikinis, she looked closely. “Rowie! Your bikini has gone see-through!” she cried. I looked and sure enough, although my sister Amie’s bikini covered her, mine showed my dark brown nipples and the pants showed the dark landing strip of hair on my pussy. I tried to click the picture onto the next one, but much to my surprise, she didn’t let me. “I didn’t notice you were so tanned,” she said, zooming in a little. I felt my face flush as she surveyed my as good as naked body. Thankfully, she then clicked the “next picture” button, taking her to a much more innocent picture of me sitting underneath a palm tree. After a few more photos, she put the camera back into my bag and looked at me.

Suddenly her hand was on my knee. I felt my nipples getting erect, which wasn’t good as I didn’t have a bra on. I felt them pressing against the material of my dress and prayed to God that she couldn’t see it. Or maybe I wanted her to.. Dalita’s voice suddenly cut through my thoughts. “Yes, you are very tanned!” she exclaimed. I sighed, maybe from relief or maybe from disappointment. She was just comparing my skin colour to her own. I felt dirty for thinking she had any other motive for touching me. Then she was looking into my eyes again, and this time I knew she wasn’t comparing skin colours because her hand slid up my leg and now rested on my inner thigh beneath my dress. “You’re also very attractive, Rowan..” she said, in a much quieter voice. “Your eyes are just.. wow.”

I caressed the side of her face with my hand. “You’re gorgeous too, Dalita,” I told her. She leaned forward and kissed me tenderly on the lips, and I gently licked her lips. She opened her mouth and we started kissing passionately, I straddled her and held her hair while we kissed and she moved her body beneath mine. I started moving my body too, grinding against her while she bucked her body upwards while our tongues played with each other. I felt her hand on slot oyna my thigh again, then she moved my thong to the side and slid one finger inside me. I shuddered from the wave of pleasure that shot through me, then she added another finger and used her thumb to rub my clit while she finger fucked me. I moaned into her mouth, then moved down and started kissing her neck while moaning and sighing with pleasure. She slammed her fingers harder and harder into me until I came. My body shook and my tight pussy contracted around Dalita’s fingers while I screamed her name.

After I recovered from my orgasm, I moved off Dalita and back into the passenger seat. “Get into the back seat,” I told her. She got out of the driver seat and into the back without a word. I climbed through the middle of the front seats to join her, and instantly started kissing her hungrily again. Her long dress stopped me from touching her, so I untied the halter neck and pulled it down, then she lifted her ass so I could remove it completely. She was completely naked underneath it. I put one hand on the back of the seat behind her and used the other one to slam three fingers into her while I sucked and gently bit her large, mauve-coloured nipple. She moaned loudly and talked quickly in Romanian, and her whole body was twisting and writhing.

Suddenly she spoke in English. “I’m coming!!” she screeched. I lifted one of her legs and moved my head underneath it. I licked and sucked at her clit until I tasted her juices flowing into my mouth. At that point I probed my tongue deep into her, lapping up every last drop of her sweet honey. She whimpered loudly, at one point I’m sure she was crying with pleasure. It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard, and I felt the irresistable urge to come again. I got back into the front seat and removed my dress and shoes, and told Dalita to lie down. She kicked off her shoes too, and reclined across the seat. Before I went back to her, I looked at her for a few seconds. She looked beautiful, her skin not much darker than the cream leather of the seat, her golden hair lying around her face and upper body and her eyes sparkling with excitement. She looked like an angel, but she certainly wasn’t one.

I got on top of her so that we were in a 69 position. Her pussy wasn’t shaved but it was well trimmed and she had a perfect little pink clit. I lowered my head and began slowly teasing her slit with my tongue. She licked and nibbled my clit expertly, making me push my hips into her face. She jabbed her tongue into me repeatedly, fucking me with it until I squirted all over her face. I kept licking her until she came too, then turned around so I was still on top of her, but now looking down into her face. She kissed me, and we both tasted each other on our lips. As we were kissing, I took one of Dalita’s nipples between my thumb and finger and started playing with it. She moaned softly and I felt it harden again almost instantly. She broke her lips away from mine and told me: “Let’s go back to your place.”

We got dressed and Dalita drove back onto the main road. “If we follow this road, we will get back where we came from,” she said. She was right, after about half an hour, we found ourselves back in my area. She drove to my house and stopped the car. We kissed passionately, then we got out of the car and went inside.

I led her into my bedroom and took off my clothes before untying her halter canlı casino siteleri neck again and pulling the dress down. As I stood up, I flicked between her legs with my tongue. I lay down on my bed and beckoned for her to lay next to me, so she did. I got on top of her and kissed her lips, then started moving down, first kissing her neck, then a soft bite on her shoulder, then I sucked her nipples to erection. Now that she was prepared I trailed down across her stomach with my tongue and started eating her out. She moaned softly and pushed my head into her pussy. As she did that I reached into the drawers beside my bed and felt around my underwear until I felt it. My big pink vibrator. I gave her one last lick, then turned the vibrator on and touched her clit with it. She shuddered and let out a low, guttural moan. I turned it up and slid it slowly inside her. She was surprisingly tight, but not too tight to take the 8 inch toy, so I pushed it almost completely inside her. I pulled it out again and she begged me to fuck her, so I did. I plunged the toy into her and pounded her pussy fast and hard with it. She screamed and jerked and pinched her own nipples and I knew she was coming again. I lowered my head and gently bit into her clit as I slammed the toy deep into her. She let out a scream and grabbed my hair so hard I thought she might pull it out. She kept screaming even after I removed the toy and my mouth from her. She screamed a good five times before lying limp on the bed, breathing deeply. “Rowan.. that was fucking amazing.. I’ve never come like that before,” she whispered. I just kissed her cheek and stroked her hair.

Seeing my Romanian vixen screaming like a possessed whore had made me unbelievably horny, so I turned the vibrator back on and started to pleasure myself with it. I fucked myself gently with it while rubbing my clit. As soon as I started breathing heavily, Dalita’s eyes flew open. “Let me do that,” she smiled, devilment glinting in her eyes. She took the dildo and sucked our juices from it, even deepthroating it at one point. Then she pushed it back inside me and fucked me with it, slowly at first, then fast and hard, making me scream. She spat on my clit then rubbed it hard while still fucking me hard with my vibrator. I came three times before she stopped. When she did, I kissed her hard and held her close.

After a while, her breathing grew slow. She’d fallen asleep in my arms. I wondered if I should wake her up but decided that, purely because I wanted to keep her there, I’d let her sleep. I felt tired too, so I pulled the blanket up over us and cuddled into her again. Her hair still smelled of tropical fruits and vanilla but was now marred with the smell of my pussy. I kissed her gently on the forehead. Out of nowhere I heard the words “I love you, Dalita.” As I realised they had come from my mouth, I just held her tighter, realising that I really did love her.

She opened her eyes and looked at me. My heart stopped. I was so sure she was asleep, and I thought I’d freaked her out. But she just kissed my lips and whispered in my ear “I love you too.”

Dalita and I were a couple for six years, before she found a man and moved to Germany with him. I’ve found a man since then too, his name is Raman and he is amazing. I’m still in contact with Dalita, who is now 60. She has invited us to go and see her in Germany, but I made my excuses not to. I’d rather remember her the way I remember her now, as my beautiful blonde angel who I loved more than anything. Maybe I still do. But people change, friends and lovers come and go and life doesn’t stop for anyone, so all I can do is be grateful for the time we had together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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