Losing the Battle, Winning the War

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I lay on the leather couch, in the living room of my $500,000 suburban home. The mantle clock announced each passing second with quiet precision. The large screen TV, the stereo, and surround sound system I had bought last March at Circuit City, crouched, waiting in their usual spot against the far wall. The furniture, solid, expensive, spoke well of the people who lived here. What all these items said was: here was a family that cherished security, a warm home and domestic harmony.

A family portrait, Wife, Daughter and Myself, in an elegant Cherry wood frame(which coincidentally is set off beautifully by the “Kentucky Derby Green” wall color), overlooked this picture of upper class normalcy. Yes, everything would have been perfect, if I wasn’t lying here with my left arm tucked behind my head, and my right draped over the semi nude form of my daughter.

My name is Henry. Her, my daughter’s name is Finnula, a fine Irish name. Everyone calls her Finn. She is the light of my life, my little princess, I cherish her. And I just had the hottest sex of my life with her.

God! I mean shit, what was I thinking? This morning my life, well it wasn’t great, but this…fuck!

Granted, I’d fantasized about fucking her. This may sound like an excuse, or some lame attempt at justification, but my wife Cynthia and my relationship was strained at best, and so my fantasy life was quite well developed. But up until fifteen minutes or so ago I’d kept my vows. Up until fifteen minutes ago I’d only jacked off to the idea of making love to my voluptuous daughter.

What the hell was I going to do?

We cuddled, spoon fashion on the cool leather. From her breathing, I thought maybe she had fallen asleep. I kept my eye’s closed. My mind was turning circles, like a little dog chasing it’s tail, trying to figure a way out of this mess.

Short of packing up and running, which I briefly considered, I was at a loss to come up with any quick solutions.

I just knew it could never, ever happen again.

Now it’s funny how the mind works. As one part of me was swearing to cut off my hand before I sinned again, and the critical parent of my super-ego was doling out harsh judgements regarding my evil nature; another part of my brain was noticing how soft and wonderful my daughter’s large, young breasts felt through the thin material of her cotton T-shirt.

I istanbul escort mean I couldn’t let it happen but it was.

My cock was getting hard again.

I should’ve extricated myself from the sticky situation, but her warm soft naked butt felt so good.

I mean, I probably would’ve gotten up, but Finny choose that moment to snuggle in closer, wiggling her nice round ass against my rapidly swelling dick.

“Mmm!” Finn moaned gently.

I still couldn’t tell if she had dozed off or not. And though alarm bells were going off in my conscious, I just couldn’t stop myself from gently pushing back.

My right hand cupped her left breast, and I let my thumb play over her stiffening nipple. I looked down between us and saw my large purple cock head poking out between the fresh pink cheeks of her smooth ass.

“You’re so hot baby!” I whispered.

Finn tipped her head back. Her pale blue eye’s were misted over with lust.

“Oh Daddy, so are you.”

I leaned my head down and our lips met softly. And then a second time. Finn lifted her right arm and placed her hand behind my head. Gently we kissed, like timid virgins.

My hand fluttered under her T-shirt, re-discovered her breast. and traced gentle circles around her nubby areola. Finn sucked in my lower lip, delicately tracing her tongue along it’s length, while increasing her gyrations against my stiff manhood.

All thoughts of resistance had been drowned out by need and desire. I used my left hand to encourage Finn to lean forward with her upper body slightly. She understood immediately. Bending just a bit at the waist, she reached back with her right hand, grasped my cock and positioned it at the wet and waiting opening to her tight little pussy.

“Go Daddy, do it!”

I had momentarily planned to be gentle, to make love to her rather than fuck her. But, with those words, the plan flew from my head and I rammed my dick straight into my daughters cunt.

“Unghh!” she groaned from the force. “Yea, Daddy you’re thing’s soo big!”

Shit, she was naughty. How could I help but not fuck the shit out of her. I grabbed her hips with both hands and started humping away.

“Oh yea!” She screamed “Oh don’t stop. No wait…stop”

My mind spun. I stopped.

“What?” I asked stunned.

“Wait.” Finn said untangling kadıköy escort herself and attempting to stand.

“Baby, did I hurt…”

“No silly.” Standing in front of me she yanked the T-shirt over her head and tossed it in the corner by the sliding glass door.

For the first time I got to ogle her completely exposed body. She was exquisite, flawless. I didn’t have time to enjoy the view for long, however.

“That wasn’t the best position.”

Finn turned around and got down on all fours facing her ass and smooth wide open pussy my way.

“This will much easier.”

She didn’t have ask twice. I fell to the floor. Before I continued, I had to taste that sweet young clam again.

Any man who isn’t starved for juicy pussy is no man at all in my book.

When Finn realized what I was going to do, she arched her back, lifting her ass higher, allowing me free access to all her delicious treats.

I teased her extended outer lips with my tongue, then making it stiff like a little cock, dipped into her tight love hole.

“Mmm!” Finn let me know I was on the right track

I raised my right hand and began to massage her over sized clit in a circular motion. Over and over I fucked her wet hole with my tongue. She ground her mound against my hand, while her moans continued to escalate in pitch.

“God Daddy you’re so good at that.” Finn mumbled through the carpet.

She pushed her ass back against my face in time with my tongue fucking, and I found the tip of my nose was tickling her anal sphincter with each of her thrusts. I stepped up the tempo of my hand on her clit and let my tongue drift up, dancing across her pee hole, and settled firmly against the puckered rose bud of her ass. “Oh!” Finn groaned in surprise

I stuffed my thumb into her pussy while continuing a two fingered attack on her clit. As I did this I lapped her ass hole like a little kitten.

“Oh fuck yea, Daddy, do that!!” Her ass started bucking like crazy.

The more I licked, the more her sphincter relaxed until, soonl, I was worming the tip of my tongue directly into her ass.

Finn was moaning unintelligibly, her body nearly jumping back wards onto my face. Her pussy was juicing all over my hand as I buried my thumb deep in her hole and cupped her mound, rubbing back and kağıthane escort forth over her stiff clit.

“That’s it Daddy I need your cock.” Finn choked out.

“I’m gonna’ cum soon, and I need your big dick back in my pussy!”

I was only happy to oblige.

I crouched over her and began to feed inch after inch of my thick meat into her now gaping hole. I’ve never measured myself, but I know my dicks long and much thicker than other men I’ve seen Still Finn didn’t wait for me to be gentle. She lunged back, impaling herself on my stiff meat.

“That’s it, now fuck me hard Daddy.”

Again, I was only too happy to oblige. I started jack-hammering her over worked cunt. Looking down at my stiff cock stretching her little hole, sliding in and out of her pussy, covered in her sex, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I came.

“Oh God, Daddy! Oh fuck me! Fuck me!” Finn’s words came out in ragged breaths to the rhythm of our fucking.

Her ass was turning red under the punishment I was delivering, but she seemed to eat it up.

“Oh baby.” I told her “Hurry ’cause Daddy’s gotta’ pull out before I cum.”

“No Daddy!” She moaned “Cum in me. I want your cum.”

“Baby no.” The words were there, but not the will.

“Yes Daddy! Cum!” She was screaming now, loud enough I worried the neighbors might here.

“Cum Daddy. Cum in your little girls pussy.”

I could never refuse her anything.

“Oh…God…” I stammered “Alright then, here it comes!”

“Oh yea Daddy cum” I saw her hand fly under her body to her clit.

“Shoot your load in my pussy.”

“Baby, here it comes.” I joined her in shouting “I’m cumming in your little cunt!”

I let go, buried my cock to the hilt. Finn’s pussy clamped down tight on my dick. Her whole body went rigid, as visible tremors shook her well developed frame.

“Oh Daddy I’m cumming too!!”

I fired load after load into her spasming hole while my beautiful daughter shook with orgasmic rapture.

“Baby. Babbby.” Was the most I could manage through my own mind numbing release.

Finally the effects washed through us both and for a second time in less than an hour I collapsed in post coital bliss.

Finn was in the opposite mode however. She jumped to her feet and bent and kissed me on the cheek.

“That was better than the first time stud.” She giggled.

“I’m going to take a shower.” My darling daughter said with a flip of her short brown hair. She turned and I watched that cute naked ass jiggle down the hall.

I lay there, trying hard not to think about how good that smooth young butt had looked.

“Never again.” I said to the empty room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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