Lottery Price Pt. 03

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We got back from pools tired from all that swimming and me a little extra as I still had morning scene in the kitchen in my head, both heads in fact. Cucumber on a desk reminded me on morning even more. That day my cock was more time hard than being soft and that is not what I like.

We were resting on a sofa in living/kitchen room and drinking after lunch coffee.

“Let’s go to the city!” Rosie said suddenly and rush into her room before I could say anything.

I must admit I would prefer to stay here and had some fun with girls. I would really like them to take care of my dick after half day of torturing.

“I shell talk to her to see what she have in mind!” said Jane and follow Rosie in the room.

“Stand up and get yourself ready!” Jane ordered to me when she got back.

I left the sofa and went to our room. She undressed everything and watched her excellent body. I reached for the camera and took few photos. If she would not put something on so fast we would go nowhere else except the bed. I put on shorts and T-shirt and went to a toilet to brush my teeth.

When I got back she was already dressed in things I have never seen before. New top that showed no bra was under, new short, an ultra short skirt that left a part of her gorgeous ass outside. Ah and yes, new shoes. She was so hot that my pure dick could not stay cool. She saw me watching her with a surprise and lust in my eyes.

“Everything I have on is new,” Jane said and continue, “I bought that last time when I went shopping with Rosie. You like it?”

She turned around so I could see her gorgeous ass even better.

“Sure I like it! Sweetie, you could dress a black garbage bag and you would still look excellent!” I returned.

I took a camera and checked for replacement batteries and spare memory card. I had feeling more good photos will be taken today. She took a small purse and we left our room to see if Rosie is ready. She was ready indeed and dressed exactly the same.

Not just similar but THE SAME. One hot girl I can handle but two? At that point, it was clear to me that girls planned all that weeks back. I felt like all my blood went down to my dick that was hard and just wants to fuck sisters. I raised the camera and ask them to pose a little as that for sure is something that is worth to take a photo.

Girls took it seriously and make faces, kissed each other very passionately. Air was full of lust and I could smell those horny bodies.

“Come on girls! You two want to kill me? How can you imagine my dick and I can survive that?”

“We will figure something out,” said Jane and throw me the car keys.

“For a start, you will drive today,” she continued.

Jane set on codriver seat while Rosie found her position back in the middle. I tried to make it less sexually tensed as for me It really was hard to drive so I just start talking.

“Where should I drive to?”

“Just follow the road boy! Don’t worry I’ll tell you to stop if I see some nice place,” said Rosie and smiled.

Our eyes met in the rearview mirror.

“Nice place, what that supposed to be?” I more murmured than say.

“I mean some bar or something, ” answered Rosie.

“O.k. Just tell me soon enough for me to be able to stop!”

We enjoyed kartal escort bayan listening music and chat for a while.

“It is so hot here!” said Jane, lifted her legs on a dashboard and set AC exhaust to blow between her legs.

She moved them a little wider and skirt went up by itself. I noticed her new gentle purple underwear were wet from her pussy juice. I wanted to say something to Rosie but then I noticed her skirt was up and her arm between her legs. Her eyes were closed. As I did expect she also had same purple panties.

“I can’t drive like that girls! Look, my dick will tear my pants!!”

“Perhaps you should find some place to stop? ” Jane replayed and moved her pants away from her pussy showing me all through the wet flower.

“Damn! There is no place to stop!” crossed my mind.

Jane put her hand on my pants and in next moment she was holding my dick in and started to jerk it gently. She put down her legs, turn to me and took it in her mouth. Getting a blowjob done while driving is not the smartest idea. I knew I need to stop fast.

“Girl you will kill us all! Can’t drive like that!”

I looked back to get some support from Rosie but she was leaning forward and try to kiss me. I just could not drive anymore. Luckily there was a small bus station and I stopped. There were no people and no traffic at the moment.

Jane has continued to do me a blow job while I kissed Rosie. I tried to reach Jane’s pussy from behind but my arm was too short, but Rosie’s pussy was right at my fingertips to reach. I played with her clit and fuck her pussy with two fingers.

“You are so wet, so horny Rosie! Seems that your ex BF did not fuck you good enough!”

“Will you correct that? Will you fuck my horny pussy like you used to?”

She gave me a really good kiss that did take me back in time when we as a couple fucked like rabbits.

I noticed a farm tractor that was coming in our direction. I knew driver will saw all as he sits on higher position but I just could not stop, enjoyed too good in the situation. But the guy did stop and it was clear he enjoys seeing us like that.

Rosie smiled to a driver and returned back to kiss me. I used my left arm to show him an o.k. sign while kept kissing and playing with Rosie’s pussy. I could not hold anymore. I wanted that sex scene, I want those two pussies, I want to finish from morning already.

The farmer drove further in next moment so we could enjoy freely. I grabbed Jane’s head and help her a little with her movements.

“Ohh, you slutty girl! Suck my dick, a little more! Yesss!!”

I felt her teeth gently rub my dick’s head and her tongue making circles around it. She sucked and licked really good and played with my balls. Her other hand fingers found the way to her pussy. I hold her head firmly on my dick when I got close to my finish and in next movement, I gave her everything I kept in from the morning. She ate it and lick a dick a little more.

Meanwhile, Rosie almost got my fist in her tight pussy. I felt her wet all over my fist.

“Is it better now? Will now you be able to drive?” Jane asked knowing that she did the amazing job.

I wanted to move in position to play with Jane’s pussy and also to help Rosie.

“Not now! escort maltepe Later my dear. That was your moment instead of the morning!” Jane said gently.

At the same time, Rosie set back like nothing was happening a few seconds before.

I parked in the city and we went to the old centre. We were kissing each other and every now and then we stopped in some less visited street and do some pussy licking or even a few strokes of my hard dick now in one now in another horny pussy. We were sexually aroused all the time.

I took many photos. Girls showed her attributes while sitting on a bench or when we went to drink some tea and camera caught them all. We also visit shoe shop. Jane tested few really hot looking high heels shoes. I call such shoes as under bed shoes. I could not resist not to buy them. Rosie’s sad face expression made me buy two pairs.

At some point, we found ourselves at the door of an adults toys shop. We did not say anything just entered the shop like in any other. 1001 different dildos, butterflies, vibrating fingers, amazing anal toys. We were so turned on from before that we could use them all.

“Girls let makes a deal! You can choose three things each and I’ll pay for them but under one condition. We test them together!” I said perhaps a little too loud as I saw a sales girl blushed.

“Anything?” Asked Jane.

“Anything you wish my dear!”

It was interesting walking around and collecting toys together. Girls looked really strange things but luckily we ended with “normal” one.

We left a shop with a full bag. Rosie chose a black 25cm long dildo with very realistic skin felt like surface, a remote controlled butterfly and a big set of anal toys.

Jane took double dildo with an extra feature for stimulating the clit, female strap on with dildo on both sides and special g-spot stimulating dildo with 10 functions.

I felt that perhaps we will need those toys faster than we think, so I add few things like a box of condoms in case we would not have time for prewash toys and a water-based lubricant in the shopping basket. I took the 2nd butterfly as some idea raised in my mind and also necessary batteries. At the door, both girls kissed me.

Jane put her hand on my dick and whisper into my ear, “Are you two ready?”

“I was born ready!” I said in half joke but to be honest I was also a little scared as It was clear girls have huge plans.

While I was driving girls on the back seats had a job with unwrapping toys. I knew they will not be able to wait till housing as we really were on fire whole day. I knew those pussies need to be cool down, need to be fucked well.

I heard Rosie’s big black dildo first and suddenly her leg appeared on codriver seat. Her other leg was fixed behind rear seat headrests. I looked back and she was laying on her back while Jane just puts a black condom on that big dildo and started to push it in her tight pussy. I knew I need to stop somewhere and I need to do that fast.

I turned to a river and stopped in a dark but I left car lights on. Jane was playing with Rosie’s pussy and fucked her with a dildo. I saw the pussy wet shining on a black condom, I liked that view of huge black dick enters a white pussy. I like such contrast from a time of black pendik escort and white photography I used to do.

I opened a door on her side and said, “Step out with your legs sweetie!”

She did as I asked her and I got access to her horny pussy. I went on my knees and lick it.I can’t help myself, I’m a pussy licker. I like to lick nice, good smelling, wet pussies. Jane said to me many times we would be the richest person If I would lick them for money.

Rosie took her camera and just start to take photos. From her position, I don’t know what those photos would look like.

Jane was so wet and ready for anything so my dick slides into like a charm. I fucked her while she continues to fuck sis with a dildo. I used my hand to play with her body. Her clit and ass were both in my reach.

“Ahh, that feels so good! Lick my pussy, sis!” was Rosie’s words while still pushing camera shooter button.

I speeded up fucking Jane’s horny pussy. We fucked like one. I took the cock out from Jane’s pussy she took dildo from Rosie’s. I entered back slowly and she did same to Rosie. I like that full dick length fucking. Jane started to shake as she was close to her finish and I speed up. Somehow she managed to keep doing the same to Rosie.

That flashing from the camera made our fucking to look like we produce heavy thunderstorm lightning with sex.

I heard somebody saying something from another side of the river but voices that came from girls were just too loud and neither of us did care about it.

“Aaah, yesss!” came from twins and I speed up even more.

I hold Jane’s hair with one hand and ass with other and just fuck her like crazy. I fucked her hard, feeling how her pussy squeezing dick that tries to stretch it for joy. We did not make love we simply fucked.

Rosie finished first but Jane continues to push the dildo into her pussy. Then it was my time to fill what I had into Jane’s pussy. I kept my arm on her clit and continue to fuck until she finished also. As in the past sex was amazing and we were in sex heaven, tired but satisfied.

In next minutes only our breathing can be heard in the silence of nature. Jane went in front of the car and set in a car spotlight on a grass with a naked ass to cool herself down. He took off the shirt on the way.

Rosie was still on her back with the dildo resting deep, deep inserted and camera in her hand. Her breasts were just amazing, really nice shaped.

I took a camera from her hand and start taking some photos. With a dildo in her pussy, she looked hot. Flashlight reflected on her wet pussy and her sweating body. I made a few more close ups and went to front part of the car to take photos of Jane.

She was sitting there, relaxing. Sperm dripped out of her pussy but she looked amazing. I start to take photos and the camera just liked her. Matted hair, no shirt, panties on her ankle. She smiled and start to pose but I asked her to just be her. I turned off flash light as the whole scenery with spotlights was perfect.

I set close to her and hug her. We all needed time to get back on earth before we could go further.

We dressed, set back in a car and took the way to the house. We did not talk but from smiles, on our faces, I think we all composed plans in our heads about how we will test the other toys.

We took shower together. Nice gentle showering, washing each other. No sexuality was present just pure human skin contact. We simply enjoyed. We went in our room and feeling each other calm us down to fell to sleep in moments.

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