Love Thy Neighbors Ch. 04

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Ms. Goodman and Ms. Lang

“—and life is good again.”

Robert Crane turned to hear Peg Small, who was seated next to him, mention that phrase to Kara Brown and his wife, Joan, who were sitting across the table. It reminded him of an evening that Peg had said the same thing to him after he had “comforted” her when she was sad about what would have been her anniversary. She was now divorced. He had no idea what the three women had been talking about, but it didn’t matter. Peg was right. Life was good in the new subdivision they had all moved into.

That sentiment was echoed by Lorna Goodman and Gale Lang who sat between Peg and Don Brown, who was sitting beside his wife, Kara, at the end of the table.

Lorna and Gale were the only two who had known each other before moving into the development because they were business partners. They were in their late fifties or early sixties, although neither would admit which. Regardless, they looked no older than any of the fortysomethings of Don and Kara, Peg and Brad and Roxanne Bullock on Robert’s other side. They attributed their youthful appearance to their work at and ownership of an upscale spa. The two ladies had purchased homes right next door to each other, and in addition to working together, they spent a considerable amount of time at one another’s home leading to speculation among their neighbors that maybe they were lesbians.

But Robert knew their real story.

He was a web site designer and administrator and managed sites for a number of clients. He worked from home, and so, did not keep normal business hours. To relieve the inactivity of constantly sitting at a desk behind a computer, he took frequent walks around the new neighborhood. This also afforded him the opportunity to see the progress of the development.

Robert met Lorna and Gale during one of these walks not long after the ladies had moved in. In his age group, he found them quite attractive. Upon hearing of his occupation, they mentioned that they were not particularly satisfied with their web designer, thought that maybe their spa’s website could use freshening and asked if he would take a look. Naturally, he agreed.

When he returned home not long after, he immediately checked out their website. It was attractive, simple and functional. That was not to say it couldn’t be improved. He decided to drive over to see its physical location. It was in an upscale shopping area, and when he saw the women dressed to the hilt driving expensive cars that came and went:, he knew the website was sub par for its clientele.

Before Robert could work up some design ideas, another client needed some urgent work, so he had to set the spa aside. It wasn’t until a few days later when he was out walking that Lorna arrived home, saw him and asked if he’d had chance to look at their website. She invited him in, and when she got out of her car dressed in those tight pants that looked sprayed on, he couldn’t resist. In addition, she had a loose-fitting top on but it was cut low enough to show off a pair of sizably nice and round breasts. Despite their younger age, Roxanne, Kara and Peg had no advantage.

As they sat on her sofa, she asked, “So, what did you think?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your website. It’s very nice. But I also drove by your spa and I don’t think its enough for the clientele you seem to attract. It needs a more refined look. Websites have become such an integral part of a business that people often judge a company by the appearance and quality of it.”

Gale had entered while he was speaking and said, “That’s kind of what we were thinking.” She was dressed in a short beige dress that looked almost like a an old nurse’s uniform. Her name and the name of the spa were stitched above her left breast, so it was obviously her work attire.

“Can you make it better?” Lorna asked.

“Absolutely,” Robert answered confidently. “I can give you some references if you’d like to see some of my work.”

“I think we’d prefer you to just work up some ideas to show us and give us a proposal,” Gale said, with a questioning look directed at her partner.

“Works for me,” Lorna agreed, rising and walking over to her bar. “Can I interest you in a glass of wine?” she asked while pouring one for herself and, without asking, Gale.


She handed him one of the glasses she’d poured and the other to Gale, then poured a third.

“So, what can you tell us about the neighborhood?” Lorna asked sitting very close beside Gale.

“We’ve only gotten to know a few of the other residents, but we like all of them,” Gale added. “Looks like it’s going to be a nice development.”

“We all think so,” Robert agreed. “Have you two owned the spa for long?”

“Our husbands were business partners and we became friends through them,” Gale explained. “We were both into fitness and we starting working out together, and that led to visits to the spa for massages and general relaxation. Our husbands’ business did very escort kartal well and at the height of their success, they were both killed in a small airplane crash. Of course, we were devastated. But fortunately, we had each other.”

“We knew nothing about their business,” Lorna filled in, “so we sold it. The spa had been our saving grace; a place where we could go to relieve the sadness and stress. So, we decided to offer to buy it. The owner accepted and here we are ten years later.”

“I’m sorry about your husbands,” Robert offered. “But it seems the two of you have adjusted.”

“Time is the great healer,” Gale said.

* * *

It didn’t take long for Robert to design an elegant, upscale refresh of the spa website. But he still waited a couple of days before presenting it to his new neighbors. Once again, they met at Lorna’s house, but this time, they were both already there. The other difference was that neither woman was dressed in work clothes, but rather in tight jeans and low-cut tops as though they were going bar-hopping to pick up younger guys.

Robert had brought his laptop, and the ladies directed him to sit on the sofa where they sat snugly close on either side of him, a lot of body parts touching. It was difficult to concentrate on what he was telling them as they stared at the screen on his lap.

Still unable to judge their exact ages, Robert once again thought that they were not only in good physical shape, but could easily pass for women a dozen or more years younger. He must be turning into one hell of a dirty old man because they were quite attractive to him, as much as Joan, Kara, Roxanne or Peg.

He needed to have his head examined having such thoughts. He had more than he could handle with the other female neighbors, not to mention Joan. Was he trying to become the neighborhood gigolo? On the other hand, he was just a man who loved women.

Generally, the women liked what Robert had done, but they did have some suggestions; nothing major, nothing that would require massive work, mostly minor technical things. He agreed to have the changes in a couple of days.

“We hope you don’t mind these suggestions,” Gale asked, tapping his leg.

“Not at all. It’s your website. I want you to be happy with it.”

“We like you, Robert,” Lorna said. “You’re very knowledgeable. And you’re very handsome also. Nice to have a good-looking guy in the neighborhood for a couple of old broads like us to drool over.”

Robert was taken aback by that statement. Not knowing what else to say, merely offered, “Thanks.” He packed up his laptop. “If there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know.”

Now Lorna patted his other leg. “Oh, don’t worry. We’ll think of something.”

* * *

Over the next two days, as Robert incorporated Lorna and Gale’s ideas into their website, and worked on other clients’ sites, he was repeatedly reminded of a thought he had during his initial presentation to his new neighbors and clients: he needed to have his head examined because he had more than he could handle with the other women. However, there was just something sultry about these two older women that he found deliciously enticing. Perhaps it was that at their ages they could still have such allure.

He actually finished the revisions to the spa website sooner than two days, because he was anxious to see Lorna and Gale again. But he restrained himself—also because he had a lot of other work—and delivered the final site at the appointed time, which just happened to be a Friday that Joan was out of town. He even had to make an excuse about having to work—which wasn’t far from the truth—to get out of an evening with Roxanne and Brad.

Robert didn’t really have any expectations about his visit with the two ladies. Sure they had a certain feminine appeal. But aside from a few suggestive remarks, they had given no indication that they were any more than a couple of ordinary businesswomen. If anything, there was circumstantial evidence to suggest that they might even be into each other.

But when they greeted him at the door to Gale’s house wearing matching tops that appeared to be little more than black bras—though they weren’t actually bras—and black yoga pants that looked sprayed on, Robert began to think differently. Perhaps his expression said it all.

That prompted Gale to explain: “We just got home from the spa. Fridays are very busy for us.”

“Would you like us to change?” Lorna asked in a sultry tone.

“Not at all. If you’re comfortable, I am.” Particularly, since the two of you can get away with it at your age, Robert thought. He realized that was one of the reasons he was enamored of these two women. One would expect the early forty-year-olds Roxanne, Kara and Peg to be attractive. But for these two fifty-plus-year-olds, that was more remarkable.

Once again, they sat on the sofa with Robert’s computer on his lap. As before, they sat on either side of him as close as possible maltepe escort bayan without otherwise sitting on his lap. When he brought their website up on his screen, as though choreographed, both women twisted slightly toward him pressing their breasts against his arms.

“That is magnificent!” Lorna exclaimed.

“I positively agree,” Gale eagerly echoed. “I think that is exactly what we are looking for.”

“Are you certain?” Robert asked. “I want you to be completely satisfied.”

“Oh, we are,” Lorna said excitedly, grabbing his thigh and running her hand up and down.

Gale leaned closer against him—if that was even possible. They really had him wedged in. He squirmed.

“Are you nervous being sandwiched in between two horny old broads?” Lorna seductively asked.

“I would never be upset about being the meat in a beautiful woman sandwich.”

“Hmmm,” Gale mouthed. “I think meat is the operative word here.” She now ran her hand up his left thigh stopping just short of his penis. But she wiggled her fingers to see if they would connect.

“I’ve just been hunched over a computer almost non-stop the last few days. I think I’m just stiff.”

The two women looked at each other knowingly. “We love it when a man is stiff,” Lorna said.

“And we have just the thing to fix it,” Gale noted.

“Oh, and what might that be?” Robert had to ask.

“What we do best. Massage.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that,” Robert said. “I’ll be alright.”

“We want to,” Lorna insisted. “You’ve done all of this work for us and we haven’t even paid you a dime. Consider our massage a down payment.”

“I’ve never had a massage.”

“Then you’ve come to the right place for your first,” Gale told him. “Go into the bathroom and strip down. Get a towel and wrap it around you while we set up the table.”

The two women stood and faced him with their hands on their hips. He was certain he wouldn’t get out of their house until he allowed them to do what they wanted. So, he might as well give in. Besides, it might just be what he needed. And what else did he have to do? Following their instructions, he reported to the spare bedroom clad only in a thin, white towel.

The women stood on either side of the massage table.

“You can either be a prude and keep the towel covering your privates or realize that we’re eventually going to see it all and shed it now,” Lorna said.

With a shrug, knowing even before she’d said it, that that would probably happen, he pulled the towel, and handed it to Lorna. He was semi-erect and he noticed her eyes widen. Without looking at Gale, he presumed her reaction to be the same.

“Well, aren’t you a healthy specimen,” Lorna remarked. She guided him onto his stomach on the table.

Gale placed a rounded support under his abdomen which propped his ass up a bit. Underneath, his cock lay flat between his legs. “We do a full body massage so we will be touching you all over,” she informed him. “If you’re not comfortable with that, let us know now, or if during the massage, we do something you don’t like, speak up.” She oiled his back and shoulders and went to work. In seconds, he was feeling quite relaxed.

Lorna started down on his legs, kneading his calves and the back of his thighs. This went on for a few minutes. When she felt that he was totally relaxed, her hands slid up his thighs and over his ass cheeks, then down and back up his inner thighs and around his scrotum. She wasn’t shy about holding his cock and pressing her thumbs into the underside of his shaft again down to his scrotum. He could feel it growing. She let go a moment, and when her hands touched him again, she had obviously squirted more oil on them. Again, she pressed her thumbs into the shaft from his balls up to the tip. When she rubbed the crown with her fingertips, his dick involuntarily pulsed.

That done, the women lifted him up onto his knees and elbows. Gale continued to work his upper body, now his arms. She then pushed his upper body down, and with his knees still up, his ass was pointing up in the air, and the position caused his cheeks to spread slightly. His dick was going soft and simply hanging between his legs. Her hands returned to his back.

Lorna’s hands were on his behind and moving down the back of his thighs. With four fingers, she pressed them into that area between his scrotum and anus and rubbed clockwise. This actually felt pretty good, and not necessarily in an erotic way. Her other hand cupped his balls, kneading them. Then she seemingly stroked his shaft, though again, not in a sexual manner.

Though Robert was beginning to be aroused, it was really more in his mind than because of any intent on her part. But when she pulled his cock completely back was when he achieved full hardness. However, when she tilted it back up as though she was going to press it into the crack of his ass, he knew she was just stretching a muscle. Lorna’s thumb rubbed the underside foreskin pendik escort bayan and the crease in the head, and even though he wanted to believe this was part of the massage technique, it was becoming awfully stimulating, particularly oiled up as it was.

Switching up, Lorna spent a few moments on the muscles of his rear, but then grabbed the base of his cock just above (or below considering it was hanging down) his ball sack. She squeezed his shaft tightly for several seemingly long seconds. Robert had no clue as to the purpose of this, but he didn’t resist. Now, she did just the opposite and reversed her hand so that she was holding his scrotum up. With her other hand, she rubbed his balls. As she did this, she tugged them upward to his asshole, then let them down, then back up and so on.

Lorna stepped aside and Gale helped him to return to a prone position. In this relaxed position, she massaged his back and shoulders one more time before having him turn onto his back.

Robert felt more awkward supine like this with his hard cock laying flat on his abdomen stretching up to his naval.

Gale worked his legs and thighs, but each time she reached his hips, she ran her palm over his shaft, and then returned to his ankles. She spent some time on his feet, which actually felt good. Then she took care of his upper thighs using hands, arms and elbows. One of those parts of that appendage made contact with his cock a number of times, but nothing more.

Lorna had now taken up his upper body rubbing his chest, shoulders and arms. His penis actually went semi-erect from no direct touching.

Now Gale took hold of his cock rubbing his shaft and balls much like Lorna had done when he was prone. Somehow it felt better in this position. She dribbled oil on the tip and let it roll down where she spread it around. Needless to say, he returned to fully hard. She took his balls in one hand and the rod in the other and pulled them in opposite directions as though she was attempting to separate them. But it did feel good. When she concentrated on the crown and foreskin, he didn’t know how much of it he could take.

With each cupped hand in turn she went from top to bottom of his shaft, then rubbed underneath his scrotum. She did a twisting motion on the crown and foreskin, and again, he didn’t think he could last much longer.

Gale apparently sensed that, so with his cock as hard as it could get and standing up like a flagpole, she held the top half between her palms and moved her hands backward and forward as though she was trying to make a fire with a stick. It caused him to breath heavier. She caught his ejaculate in her hands and rubbed into his shaft.

Lorna reached down and rubbed some of the residue semen into his abdomen.

It didn’t seem that intense, but as Robert came down from the orgasm he realized that it had been. When he opened his eyes, the two women were looking down on him with huge grins on their faces.

“We’ve wanted to try that,” Lorna told him.

That got his attention. “What? It seemed as though you’d done it a hundred times.”

“Oh, no,” Gale said. “We do something like that at work and we open ourselves up to all kind of problems if someone reported us.”

“Yes, I guess you would. Well, it was amazing.”

“Well, I hope you’ll let us . . . practice . . . on you again.”

“A guy could really get used to this.”

“We can only hope,” Lorna remarked. “Any time you want another, just ask.”

* * *

Once again, the nosey neighbor witnessed Robert leaving Gale Lang’s home, and not surprisingly, he had stayed much longer than his previous visits. The neighbor knew that Lorna Goodman had also been there, and judging by the length of his visit, there was no doubt what he was doing. The stallion now had two more mares in his stable. The Bullocks, the Browns, Peg Small and now these two. What was becoming of this neighborhood? This was not the housing development this neighbor wanted to live in. Something had to be done, and this homeowner was going to do it.

* * *

At dinner Sunday night after her return, Joan asked how the new neighbors like his re-design of their website.

“They loved it,” Robert told her, “so much; they gave me a free massage.”

Joan grinned. “How was it?” she asked with much excitement.

“Very nice and quite relaxing.” Of course, he didn’t go into detail.

“Sounds like I might have to buddy up to them.”

Robert shrugged. “Go right ahead. But I have to tell you, there’s something about them. They might be lesbians.”

With raised eyebrows, Joan asked, “What makes you think that?”

“They work together and yet one is always at the other’s house. They just seem very comfortable with each other.”

“And that makes them lesbians?”

“I don’t know. Does it?”

“What does it matter?”

“It doesn’t really. I’m just telling you that if they are and you buddy up to them, they might take it as interest in . . . you know.”

With a sheepish smirk, Joan asked, “Are you afraid they might make a pass at me?”

“You’re not?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I might like it.”


“You afraid I might?” She asked lightheartedly.

“Not if I can watch,” Robert chuckled.

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