Love (with Sister) in an Elevator

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All Characters 18+


Brittni was practically skipping as we walked to the elevator. Her dream was to become a runway model, and she just landed her first job. My sister was so nervous about the interview that she made me come with her for moral support. I had never been to New York City before, and I had agreed to come along with no hesitation. I punched the button for down, since we were on the 44th floor.

“I’m so excited! Maybe you can help me look for an apartment, Lucas.” I smiled at her eagerness.

“I don’t want to rain of your parade, Britt, but you only just got your first job. Maybe looking for an apartment is a little premature.” She gave me the stink eye.

“They said that I was a perfect fit for them. They use models all the time; not just on the runway, but also in ads. I can see me having a real future with this company.” I could picture her having a spectacular modeling career.

She had the whole package. She was tall, and willowy, and her body had a perfect amount of curves in all the right places. Her face was beautiful, but at the same time there was a little wildness, or mystery in it. Great models are not just beautiful; to be top tier, a woman needed to look a bit unusual. My sister has high cheekbones, almond shaped eyes with a slight tilt, and full lips. Our mother was of Irish descent, and our father was half white, and half Vietnamese. He was a product of the Vietnam War, so we really didn’t know much about his father, and our dad didn’t like discussing the subject. He just said that his dad was a soldier, and left it at that. His mom was allowed to immigrate to the U.S. because of her child’s parentage. My sister had our mom’s peaches and cream skin, with freckles, and mom’s coppery red hair. I couldn’t look more different than her. I was tall, but I had the dark hair and dusky skin tone of my father, with dark hair and eyes.

The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open. The car was empty, and we were the only people getting on. I was glad, because I really hated elevators. I was slightly claustrophobic, and being closed in a tiny box that hung over an abyss was not my idea of a good time; especially when it was packed with people. The elevator began to move downwards, and then stopped dead with a shocking amount of force. It felt like being in a low speed auto collision. Britt hit the deck pretty hard. I managed to keep my feet, with some difficulty, but only because I had a death grip on the rail at the time. All the lights died except for a red one in the middle of the ceiling of the elevator.

“Are you okay, Britt?” She was still flat against the floor, and I worried that she had been injured. I bent down, and touched her bare back that showed through the large cutout on the back of her dress.

“Um okay.” Her voice was a bit muffled, and I didn’t want to move her in case she was seriously injured. She negated my caution by rolling over onto her back. I couldn’t help but notice that one of her perky, freckled breasts had escaped the top of her dress. I had seen her partially naked plenty of times. She was my sister, so I don’t want to be negative. I will just say that she wasn’t body conscious, or easily embarrassed. Her loose boob was topped off with a slightly dark pink nipple that to my surprise, was pierced with a little ring that ended in a ball on either side. Her nipple stood up proudly, even though she was laid out on the floor.

“Britt,” I said clearing my throat. “You have a wardrobe malfunction.” She laughed riotously at this. I knew that she wasn’t claustrophobic, but being stuck on an elevator was one of my worst nightmares. Her loose tit was kind of funny, and it broke some of my anxiety. After a full thirty seconds of literally rolling on the floor laughing, she tucked her boob back into her top.

“Well, that was fun,” Brittni said with a grin.

“If you describe fun as being violently thrown to the floor of an elevator, then that was very entertaining.” She grinned at me again, trying to cheer me up. She sat up looking none the worse for wear.

“Well you got to see my naked boob. That should count for something.” She cupped both of her breasts and squeezed until they both looked in danger of setting themselves free.

“I’ve seen just about every part of you at one time, or another. Nice piercing, by the way.” Her grin widened.

“So, you noticed that, did you? That just means that you are a perv. What kind of people look at their naked sister? Deviants, that’s who. You, Luc, are a sexual deviant.” I knew that I wasn’t going to win any verbal sparring match match. The truth was that I never had to try to see her naked. She was always leaving her bedroom door open, or dropping her towel, or walking in on me in the bathroom. If either one of us was a deviant, it sure wasn’t me.

“I’m going to press the emergency call button and get us some help. If nothing else, it will alert them that the elevator is broken.” I reached out and pressed the red button on the control panel. Absolutely nothing happened.

“Maybe pendik escort they are busy talking to someone else.” Brittni said. “Maybe all the elevators are down.” The proof that wasn’t the case came about five seconds later when I heard a rushing sound moving up on our left side. I pushed the button again. We waited, but still heard nothing. “Maybe there is a camera in the elevator. If we make like we need to be rescued, maybe they will take notice.

“I would think that all the lights being out except for the red one would give them a clue,” I said acidly, as my claustrophobia started to kick back in. Brittni paid absolutely no attention to what I was saying. She slipped off her three-inch heels, and started waving her arms manically at the front of the elevator. “The camera might not be at the front, Britt.” She moved to the rear of the car, and waved her arms. It was amusing when she started jumping up and down while she was waving. The top of her dress seemed like it wasn’t built with physical activity in mind. It looked like her handful-sized tits were going to come popping out again at any time. I pushed the call button again, and again I got no response. I sat down against the back wall, and hugged my knees. It felt like the small space that I was trapped in was getting smaller, and would soon crush me.

“It’s alright, big brother.” Britt sat down next to me and began to rub my back gently. “We need to distract you. I know what,” Britt said with a devilish gleam in her eye, “Let’s play a game.”

“Oh great. I can see a marathon session of charades in my future.” She pushed my shoulder.

“I’m trying to help You out, ass-hat.” I grinned at her.

“I know.” I stated simply. “What do you want to play?”

“How about truth or dare?” I put my hand over my eyes.

“I know that you just graduated from high school, but I have been out of there for two years; besides, it wouldn’t be very much fun with a brother and sister playing. There are only so many truth questions that I would be willing to answer.” She rolled her eyes at me.

“Fine. Remember that scene in Star Wars where they were in the trash compactor, and the walls started crushing them?” If smug had a poster child, it would have been her.

“Okay! I’ll play… and you called ME an ass-hat.” She giggled. “Truth or dare?” She just tossed it right out there.


“Pussy,” she said with a slow exhale. “I’m not going to pull punches on the truth questions.” She paused for a second, but I thought it was for dramatic effect, rather than the need to think of a question. “Have you ever slept with any of my friends, and if so how many?”

“Those are two different questions. Define slept with,” I said with a grin. She sighed as if I were the most exasperating person in the entire universe.

“Have any of my friends had your penis in, on, or against any part of their body?” I laughed.

“You are really going for the broad definition, huh?” She sighed again, and massaged her temples like I was giving her a headache. My little sis was so goddamn dramatic.

“Are you going to answer me, or not?” It was my turn to sigh.

“Truthful answer? Yes. Five.” She looked more than a little surprised.

“Wow. Okay, I knew about Nikki, because she told me…” I cut her off.

“I’ve never had sex with Nikki. She kissed me twice, both times when you were watching, and I did absolutely nothing to lead her on.” Her brows furrowed.

“That lying skank!” I laughed. “So, who were the five?” I shook my head.

“That sounds like another truth question to me.” She looked irritated for a split second, and then brought her face under control.

“Truth or dare?” I asked.


“Did it hurt to get your nipple pierced?” She smiled at the question. She knew that I threw her a softball.

“Nipples. I got them both done at the same time. It did hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. Every time the pain throbbed, it would ‘you know.’ I shook my head. I didn’t know.

“No, Britt. I don’t know, that is why I asked the question.” Her eyes slid sideways before she spoke.

“Every time that the pain throbbed, so did my clit. So, it was a mix of pleasure and pain.” Hmm. I wasn’t expecting that answer. “I really like it because my nipples are hard probably ninety percent of the time.”

“So that is the reason you are always going around pointing at stuff with your chest?” She giggled.

“Pervert. You have been looking at my nipples.” I pointed to her top.

“It is hard not to notice them, Britt.” She looked down, and her hard little nubbins were protruding prominently through her dress. She brought both her hands up, and rubbed her thumbs over her erect nipples.

“They have been extra sensitive since I got them pierced. They were touchy before, but now…” She trailed off, looking absently at the ceiling, and tweaked her nipples again.

“Okay,” she said with gusto. “Who were my friends who have had contact with your silivri escort penis?” I shook my head.

“What if I want a dare?” She stopped short.

“Do you want a dare? If you do, I’m not going to hold back on this one.” She looked a little like a petulant child who just had their binky taken away.

“Dare,” I said. “Do your worst.” Her eyebrows raised.

“Fine,” she said with cold calculation in her voice. “I dare you to suck each one of my toes for five seconds each.” I was a bit surprised at the dare, but what the hell. I moved in front of where she sat up against the wall, and I grasped her right foot. She startled a little as I accidentally tickled her, making her skirt ride up her thighs. I raised my sister’s foot, and I slowly sucked her pinky toe into my mouth. She let out a small sigh, and the look on her face was angelic. As I moved to the next toe, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was an interesting close-up, and personal view of her bald little cooter. I kept moving, and soon I was at her big toe. I not only sucked it, but I was evil, and I let my tongue flick the top of it several times. This elicited more of a groan than a sigh. I finished with her right foot, and moved to her left.

“Sister of mine,” I said in a sacrosanct tone.

“Hmmf?” I sucked her left pinky toe into my mouth, and she had a lazy, slightly dazed expression on her face. Her toe slid from between my lips.

“You have no panties on.” She rolled her eyes.

“Why would I? I didn’t want to have panty lines.” This didn’t explain anything to me. Her hairless snatch kept drawing my gaze. I think the forbidden nature of it made me look more than I would have if it were just any normal, non-sister type girl. “It’s not like you haven’t seen it a hundred times before; since you are a deviant and all.” I felt a little like a deviant, but I could swear that her pussy was wet. It was hard to tell with the weird light in the elevator. I flicked her big toe with my tongue, and she pulled her thighs together. When they parted again, I saw it. She had her clit pierced. That was unexpected.

“Truth or dare?” I asked.


“Did it hurt when you got your clit pierced?” She gave me a devilish grin.

“You really are a first-class sexual deviant.” She laughed. “It’s not my clit, just the hood. It really didn’t hurt at all. It was no worse than getting my ears pierced when I was a kid.” Her smiled turned into something else entirely. I wasn’t sure what it was though. “It really makes it sensitive, you know, when I flick the bean.” That was TMI; Too Much Information. She didn’t stop there. “You know, womansplaining, ménage à moi, paddling the pink canoe…”

“Okay! Okay! I get it.” She smiled at me like she had just scored a touchdown.

“Truth or Dare?” I thought about it for a second. I had to admit that although this was my sister, there was definitely some sexual tension in the air.

“Truth.” I knew what her question would be before her lips even moved.

“So, which of my friends?” She wouldn’t let this one go.

“Mandy, Grace, Chelsea, Marissa, and Gwen.” She paused to think about this.

“Gwen is a lesbian.” I snickered to myself.

“Gwen wasn’t a lesbian last Tuesday, or the Tuesday before that, back to probably about four months of Tuesday booty calls.” Gwen was bi, at least that’s what she told me. She was a bit androgynous; but she was also hot, of age, and available. That made being her booty call a sweet deal. Britt kind of looked at me with a shocked expression. “Your mouth is hanging open, Britt.” She closed it.

“So, I get the others, even Gwen. Grace is even more interesting than Gwen. She’s a goody-goody church girl. She wears a fucking chastity ring.” She looked to me for an answer. I toyed with the idea of telling her that would be another truth question, but I thought she might rip off my arm and beat me to death with it.

“Grace and I didn’t have intercourse. We did everything but that. She said that as long as she wasn’t vaginally penetrated, then she was still a virgin.” Britt giggled like a schoolgirl.

“When you say everything but; do you mean including anal?” I nodded. “That sanctimonious cunt.”

“Well, I suppose her cunt is still sanctified, it was her mouth, tits, and ass that were doing the devil’s work.” Britt laughed very hard.

“When was this?”

“In January, and February, right after she turned eighteen. It stopped abruptly. One day, I was going hard at her ass, and I slipped and almost accidentally penetrated her. I think that scared her a little, so she broke it off.” Britt shook her head in disbelief.

“So, Britt. Truth or dare?” She grinned.

“Dare.” I thought about it for a minute. Crazy things were running through my mind; the kind of stuff that you should never dare your sister to do.

“I want you to twerk for me.” She laughed at the request.

“That’s the best that you can do? I don’t really have the ass for twerking, şirinevler escort but I can see what I can do.” She turned around and put her back to me, and I saw that there was a little wet spot on the back of her red dress. It had to be from where her pussy leaked onto the fabric. I had a bit of a chubby when I sucked her toes, and got an eyeful; but for some reason that little spot drove me nuts, and my dick got harder that a steel girder. She bent low, and started shaking her ass in my face like a stripper. She had a runway model’s bottom, in other words, it was small; but she shook it like she knew what to do with it. She dropped low so it was almost touching my thighs, and when she came back up, she let her ass brush against my face. “Did you like it?” She startled me a bit.

“Yeah, it was really great.” My voice sounded like it was coming from somebody else.

“Truth or dare, Luc?”

“Dare.” She smiled, showing way too many of her perfect teeth.

“I want you to do a sexy dance.” I just laughed. She was a great dancer, but I couldn’t dance to save my life. “I had to twerk for you, so let’s see some beefcake!” I turned my back to her, and imitated her twerking motions. She slapped my ass. “Nice ass, big brother! Turn around and dance. I want to see the good stuff.” I turned around, and did a little shimmy. I’m not sure if it even qualified as dancing. She looked like she was enjoying it. Britt reached out and grabbed my thighs, and pulled them forward. I tipped up against the wall, with just my hands holding me upright. This had the net effect of putting my swollen member right in front of her face. I tried to shake it like I imagined a male stripper would, and earned catcalls from my little sis. I finished, and before I sat back down, she slapped my ass again. “Nice wood, bro!” I think I blushed at this, because she laughed again at my expense. I was way too sexually excited to be confined in an elevator with my sister. My head was swimming a bit.

“Ok Britt, truth or dare?”

“Duh, dare.” She looked at me challengingly.

“I want to see your nipple piercings up close.” Her eyebrow quirked up, but there was still a roguish grin on her pouty little lips. She straddled my thighs, and went down to both knees. This effectively put my erection, that was already straining to get out of my pants, against her firm ass. Against the red dress with the wet spot in it where her pussy leaked; leaked from me sucking her toes, and from her knowing that she was brazenly showing her big brother her pretty little twat. She shrugged her shoulders to gather extra material in her top, and pulled the front of it down under her breasts. They were gloriously perfect. They were definitely a mouthful, but maybe less than a handful. I estimated that they were maybe a B cup. The way that they stood out proudly from her chest made it appear like they were weightless. Her nipples were perfect little rosebuds, with the little metal rings threaded through them. Her pale skin was flushed, and it made her hard, little points even a darker shade of pink than they were before.

When I said close up, she kept exactly to the letter of the dare. They were right in my face. If I wanted to, I could tilt my head and lick either one of her nubbins. She flicked her thumbs across them, and she moaned, and pushed her ass back against my erection. I think that the atmosphere was so sexually charged that neither one of us were capable of making any good decisions at that point.

“You can touch them.” She said this in a quiet voice, with an almost little-girlish vulnerability in her tone. I moved my hands, and pulled the front of her red dress down a little more to give me more access. I wrapped my hands around her small globes, purposely avoiding touching her nipples. She let out a sharp exhale of breath, and ground her ass against my shlong again. I wished that I had been adjusted the opposite way, so that she could have rubbed against the sweet spot on my cock.

Her tits were hot, literally. They felt extremely warm against my palms. I gave them a squeeze, and got appreciative feedback from my sister. I reached out my thumbs, and slowly ran their work roughened surfaces across her tender skin. She moaned wantonly. There was no other way to describe the sound. I felt a tiny little voice in the back of my mind telling me that this was wrong, and I should stop.

“Truth or dare, big brother?”

“Dare.” My voice seemed like a whisper that came from someone else’s mouth.

“I dare you to suck both of them.” Her green eyes looked directly into my brown eyes. I could tell that this wasn’t a joke, or a game anymore. I leaned over, and sucked her right nipple into my mouth. “Oh god, yes!” she exclaimed. My tongue flicked the ring, and I felt her knees buckle. I removed my hands from her breasts, and instead moved them around to hold her ass. She pushed against the back of my head, as if she wanted me to take more of her flesh in my mouth. I complied, sucking hard, and taking at least half of her tit in one go. I made sure to center my tongue on her nipple, so that I continued with the same flicking motion that I used on her big toes. She came, her whole body convulsed, and she crushed my head against her chest. It lasted over a minute. It was the sexiest thing that I had ever seen. She finally finished, and relaxed her death grip on the back of my head.

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