Loving My Brother

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Big Tits

I was feeling annoyed, lonely and frustrated. There I was, miles from anywhere, in an isolated cottage in Wales and my husband was somewhere in the USA. What made matters worse was that we had only been married for two weeks and this was supposed to be our honeymoon.

As I paced from room to room my anger increased. I had looked forward to this trip for so long. I’d dreamed of how we would sunbathe naked in the garden and then make passionate love on the grass or against the old oak tree. Instead here I was alone, with no one for miles.

The cottage was idyllic with mountains in the distance and complete privacy. A perfect place for two lovers to sate their lust.

It was ten o’clock in the evening on my first day. I had a warm bath to try and help me relax and, as I got out, my nipples were hard and aroused. “Damn,” I almost shouted out, “He should be sucking on them. Oh God, I feel so frustrated.”

After I had dried myself I slipped into the comfy double bed and cried myself to sleep.

Next morning the sun was shining through my bedroom window and the world looked a little brighter. I padded downstairs naked, after all there was no one to see me, and made myself a pot of tea and some toast.

The sun looked inviting so I opened the back door and walked out into the enclosed garden. The morning chill caressed my skin and once again my nipples hardened. They looked so beautiful, big and brown. I touched myself with my hand softly and felt a thrill shoot through my body.

“Only another six weeks before my next shag,” I told myself and shivered at the thought, or perhaps it was the morning breeze on my warm flesh making me do so.

“I’ll go for a long walk and then, when I get back, I’ll have a cold shower to dowse my frustrations,” I told myself. And this is what I did.

I followed a similar pattern for the next four or five days. I walked and took cold showers but then I took to sunbathing in the garden. At first I wore my bikini, but I soon took this off and lay there toasting my nakedness beneath the afternoon sun. My skin warmed and so did my sexuality.

It was the sun oil that started to lead me astray!

I massaged some across my chest and my breasts seemed to swell with the pleasure of being touched. God it felt good. My hands travelled down to the softness of my tummy and I could feel my heart beat a little faster. I couldn’t stop myself and my fingers moved through the small trail of soft pubic hair and onto my secret entrance.

A firm finger slipped between my fleshy lips and I gasped out loud as I felt the lubricated silkiness of the inside of my pussy. Slowly, oh so slowly, agonisingly slowly I stroked myself enjoying every thrill and sensation of my inner self.

Towards the front wall of my pleasure tunnel I felt the almost walnut shape of my g-spot which, now aroused, was almost an inch in diameter.

My finger made a repeated beckoning action over my g-spot and the tension started to build within my tummy and inside my pussy. By now I was groaning as the sun beat down on my skin and my finger drove me onwards and upwards to heights I’d barely reached before. I was holding back, frightened to let myself go and then suddenly I couldn’t take any more and screamed out as an orgasm took over my body. As it did so I felt something, it felt like liquid, erupting from my depths and ejaculating out of me.

“Oh God! Oh God,” I cried out, “What’s happening, what’s fucking happening?”

Another orgasm took over from the last one and, as it did so, I took my hands away from my pussy to grasp and squeeze onto my tits as if I was holding on to life itself.

“Fucking hell, fucking hell,” I kept saying as my body finally slowed and I tried to regain what composure I could.

I lay still listening to my heart thumping under my breasts, making them vibrate, and I tried to gather my thoughts.

“Oh God, I think I’ve squirted, ejaculated or whatever they call it.”

I got up from the sun lounger and looked at the damp patch I had made. I giggled to myself and thought, “Who the fuck needs a man?” But then again, it would have been nice to have shared the moment with someone. Firsts in life are always special.

This then became my new daily pattern: walk, shower, sunbathe, masturbate.

I adapted to my new life quite well and had taken to spending most of my time nude. Even when I went walking over the fields I merely pulled on shorts and a thin top, never any underwear. I felt constantly aroused but regular masturbation quenched my desires for a limited time.

On about my tenth day I was laying naked in the back garden when I heard a car and then, to my horror, a loud knock on the front door.

I grabbed a satin robe I had and put it on quickly, knotting the belt around my waist. I made my way to the front door and there was this man.

I looked at him and he smiled. I felt frozen to the spot. His distinctive blue eyes took my breath away. For a moment I thought I knew him, but realised I couldn’t possibly have met him anadolu yakası escort before.

He smiled again and I stammered out a, “H-h-hello.” I felt like a rabbit trapped in headlights.

“I’m the electrician and I’ve come to check the cottage’s appliances. Here’s my letter from the owners as verification. It has to be done once a year for insurance purposes. I’m sorry to have disturbed you …”

I still stood still awestruck. I had no idea why this guy had such an effect on me. He was about 43, maybe slightly less and looked, well sort of average, but then there were those eyes.

At last I came to my senses and said, “Oh, right, you’d better come on in.”

“I’ll start in the living room with the television, if that’s okay.”

I tightened the robe around my body but realised that this simply emphasised my tits and my protruding nipples.

I blushed and mumbled, “Okay.”

I went to the kitchen and I was shaking, physically shaking and couldn’t think why. Perhaps I’d been on my own for too long. I took some deep breaths and called out, “Would you like a coffee?”

“Please, white with no sugar.”

I made the drinks and left his next to him.

All in all he took about an hour and a half to check that all of the electrical bits were safe. He said he had finished and would be off.

“Another coffee, before you go?”

“Please,” he answered.

I hoped he didn’t think I was coming on to him or anything but he appeared very polite and nice. We sat together at the table and chatted away. I asked him his name.

“Sparky”, he answered, “It’s what everyone calls me, what with being an electrician.”

I smiled and looked into his eyes and he smiled back. I talked too much and told him how I was 23 years old and that my husband was away at the moment. In turn he told me I should try out the village pub, about seven miles away.

“I’ll buy you a drink if I see you in there,” he volunteered and with that he left.

I slumped into an armchair as I heard his car drive away. I was like some teenager with a crush. I couldn’t think why he had this effect on me. “It must be his eyes,” I told myself.

I undid the belt of my robe and gently touched my tits. My hands were trembling and I had an overwhelming sexual desire building inside me. I shut my eyes and could still see his, the blueness and the friendliness. It was if I knew him. “In another life, I guess,” I told myself.

My hands were by now between my thighs stroking my clit, my breathing had quickened. I pushed a finger into my pussy, then two more. There was plenty of room, I was so wet, my fingers became slippery with my juices as I finger fucked myself. Then that feeling came again, the build up of tension.

“No I can’t, I can’t, I mustn’t,” I said over and over as my fingers pushed in and out of my pussy. Then it happened, just as before. I couldn’t stop or control myself as I orgasmed and felt a stream of juices propelled from inside of me.

“Oh God, no, oh no.” I’d made the chair seat wet and tears were running down my cheeks but I continued fucking myself until a second orgasm ripped through my body.

The next day I made a decision. I had to see Sparky again. I didn’t know why but it was almost out of my control. I made a plan. I’d drive to the big supermarket, which was about 18 miles away and then, on the way back, I’d look in on the village he had mentioned. I’d go in for something to eat. “Yes, that was what I’ll do.”

Late that afternoon I set out for the supermarket, got my provisions for the week ahead, and returned via the village pub. It was now about seven o’clock in the evening so into the pub I went to see if I could get anything to eat.

Inside was quaint and cosy but there was no Sparky to be seen. I ordered a glass of wine and some food and sat in a corner. There were only a couple of other customers and I sat feeling a bit conspicuous in my summer dress with the low neck line.

The food was hot and reasonably good and just as I finished in walked Sparky with a friend. Those eyes looked at me and he waved a greeting. The two men laughed and joked at the bar. I hoped they weren’t making fun of me.

Sparky came over to my table and said, “Hi! How was the food?”

“Okay,” I said in a weak voice.

He sat down opposite me and the tension between us was like a knife edge.

“Who the fuck is this guy?” I asked myself, but no reply came.

Sparky was now talking to me but I wasn’t really listening, somehow I couldn’t hear his words. I just had to get out of the pub and away from him. I was frightened at what I might do or say.

I stood up to leave.

He looked at me and said something about buying a bottle of wine and how we could share it at my cottage.

For some inexplicable reason I nodded in agreement.

“I’ll see you in about ten minutes,” he informed me.

I drove back to the cottage in turmoil. This was so silly. He was too old, I was married but … but … I ataşehir escort wanted him.

I was barely inside the door when his car pulled up and there he was standing in front of me in the living room, those blue eyes gazing at me longingly.

We walked towards each other as if magnetised. My arms went around his neck and his strong hands held my waist. His mouth was on mine, kissing me hard. His hands started to undo my buttons and my dress was soon on the floor. He squeezed my bare buttocks with rough hands and I almost orgasmed .

He smiled into my eyes and lifted my naked body with his strong hands and carried me up the stairs. It was if a movie was playing and I was simply watching it all happen.

Gently he laid me on the bed. I didn’t try to cover myself. I wanted him, no needed him to see my body and how much I desired him. He stood by the bed undressing and as he took off his boxer shorts I almost couldn’t breath as I saw his penis upright and hard. The size seemed enormous to my inexperienced eyes. I’d only ever had two lovers.

I sat up. I felt compelled to touch and hold his erection. He remained still while my shaky hands touched his warmth and solidness. His penis head was shiny, like a ripe plum and was leaking pre-cum. I bent my head to lick the clear liquid. It was as if I was worshipping something more powerful and wonderful than I had ever seen before.

He gently moved my head away and said, “I want to fuck you, right now, straight away.”

I was suddenly frightened of this stranger with the familiar eyes and his thick rod.

I knew I couldn’t stop him now and I opened my legs wide in acceptance. He leant over me kneeling between my thighs and gently lowered his body onto mine. His cock was at the entrance to my pussy and I felt it nudge on my lips. I was sure it would never fit but as he pushed slowly I opened up like an oyster and felt him stretch my pink softness.

Slowly more of him went inside me and my velvet walls moved further apart until at last he was fully inside me. I was stretched and filled like never before and I felt that my pussy was now a cunt.

He began to fuck my cunt. First at a steady pace but then faster and harder like some engine building up steam. His piston ploughed into me, filling and emptying me over and over. I was simply a vessel being used until I felt that tension once more in my tummy, a fluttering feeling inside my pussy exploded without warning and I orgasmed as he pumped his thick sperm deep inside my hot chasm.

Like a wave crashing against rocks I shouted out welcoming the release only to have my breath taken away by a second cumming and then a third. My cunt was leaking my juices as his penis gently wilted.

“Fucking hell”, I moaned holding hands to my head feeling it could explode as well.

His blue eyes smiled at me.

“Talk to me,” he said.

So I told him about my interests and so on and then I mentioned that I was born in Uxbridge, west of London.

“Me too”, he said, “What a coincidence.”

“Why did you leave?” I asked.

“It’s a long story but my mother re-married an accountant, they had a baby. I was 18, he was boring, we argued, so I left home. Never been back since.”

My hand was on his cock and I felt it growing hard again but my mind was elsewhere and my heart missed a beat. Something scared me.

“And what’s your real name?”

“John,. John Pringle.”

He moved towards me and kissed my neck, “Let’s stop the talking.” His hand was on my breast.

“No”, I yelled out, “No. I-I feel sick. You’ve got to go. Please go. Now. Please.”

He looked at me puzzled and with a frown.

“You’re married aren’t you?” I shouted at him.

“Well sort of but …”

“Just go. Pleeeaaase. I’ll phone you.”

He tried to say something else but I screamed at him like a mad woman.

He got out of bed, his cock flapped against his tummy. My God, his body was amazing and then there were those eyes. Those bloody eyes.

Sparky, John, or whatever his name was left my cottage and I stayed in bed not knowing what to think or do. Over and over in my head were the words ‘an accountant, an accountant’. My dad’s a Chartered Accountant … but he’s not boring … I must somehow have drifted off to sleep.

I awoke, sweating, dreaming that my grandfather – now dead – was fucking me. This old man was shagging me hard and then I looked at his face, all crinkled and lined. Then he opened his eyes, blue eyes, and the face turned into Sparky.

“Nooooooo,” I screamed.

I jumped out of bed and was violently sick in the bathroom.

I pulled on some jeans and a sweat shirt and went out to make a phone call. My mobile phone wouldn’t work in this remote area. I drove my car to a public phone box and rang my mother.

“Mum, it’s me,” I said when she answered.

“Do you know what time it is? It’s four in the morning, darling. What’s wrong.”

“Mum, you’ve got to tell me. Did you have a child before you married bağdat caddesi escort dad? With your first husband?

The line went quiet.

“Mum … tell me.”

“Yes, darling, I did. But I haven’t seen him since just after you were born. There was this big argument … and … and …”

I could hear that she was crying.

“Mum, I need to know. What was his name.”

Almost in a whisper she replied, “John. John Pringle.”

“Mum, can I come and stay with you and dad. Can I come tomorrow, I mean today. I could be there by this evening ..”

“Of course, you can. But … but … what’s this about John?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow, I mean later on today. I must go.”

I left the phone box and was sick again.

I went back to the cottage, packed my things and put them in the car. I had to keep occupied, so I set off for mum and dad’s house straight away. It was about a seven hour drive. I kept saying to myself, “I mustn’t think about John, I mustn’t.”

I drove for about four hours and stopped for a break at a lorry stop and service station. It was now about 10’oclock on a lovely sunny morning. I ordered strong coffee and an English traditional full breakfast.

There were two truckers at the next table who seemed determined to chat me up. It was a nice distraction from my thoughts.

After I had finished my food they asked if I’d like to see their truck.

“Okay,” I agreed. I new what they wanted. “Hope you’ve got condoms though.”

I couldn’t believe what I had said. I’d only had two lovers, well three with John, and here I was offering myself to two trucker guys.

The back of the truck was empty and the three of us got inside and pulled the doors shut. There was a low light and I stood there waiting, not fully knowing what they expected.

The biggest guy come over to me and lifted up my sweat shirt and then over my head.

“Nice tits,” he grunted, his hands now on my jeans pulling them down. I stepped out of them now fully naked.

“No knickers or bra. She’s a dirty slut,” said the other bloke.

I stood there while they pawed at my tits and one of them told me to get on the floor. I lay down on my back with my legs slightly apart and fondled my nipples.

“Let’s see your cunt properly,” ordered the bigger guy.

I spread my legs wide and bent them at the knees. My hands moved to my pussy and I pulled the lips apart showing them my pinkness.

“What a fucking slut.”

The other bloke unzipped his trousers and pulled a rubber condom over his cock. His trousers dropped to the floor and I remember thinking how silly he looked. He wasn’t in a joking mood though and soon mounted me, his cock forcing into me. I wasn’t over lubricated and it hurt as he pushed fully into me before humping me for all he was worth. His rough hands mauled my tits until he grunted and ejaculated.

He got off me and said to his mate, “I’ve opened her up a bit for you.”

The bigger guy also had a bigger cock, much bigger and the condom didn’t cover the full length of his erection. He knelt between my legs and pushed a thick finger into my cunt and then two fingers. I groaned out and I orgasmed shooting my cum over his hand.

“Fucking hell, did you see her squirt?”

It obviously excited him and he was on top of me his weight crushing my tits. His cock thrust into me hard and I screamed out. It was like I was out of control, a different person but at least it took my mind off other things.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” I moaned.

And by God he did, almost ripping me apart with his size and forceful pounding. He kept going for what appeared to be ages. I thought I might pass out but he eventually came and squeezed my tits violently as he did so.

He quickly got off me and the other bloke wanked over my tits.

“Get going slut,” one of them said, “We’ve got to get moving. Get your clothes on.”

I pulled on my jeans and the sweater over my sticky, messy tits and slipped on my shoes. They virtually pushed me out of the truck like some used rubbish. I made my way to the car and was disgusted with myself but thought, “What the fuck, let any bugger fuck me, what the hell.”

I drove non stop, after filling with petrol, to my parent’s house.

Mum was on the doorstep when she heard my car pull into the driveway.

“Darling, darling. Oh goodness, what’s happened to you?”

Mum was crying and dad looked very sad.

“Can I have a bath or a shower first, then I’ll tell you what has happened.”

“Of course you can, darling.”

I took my bag, with a change of clothes and had a hot shower. As I looked in the mirror afterwards my face looked strained and my tits were bruised and cut. My pussy felt sore and the lips were still swollen.

I dressed properly with a bra and knickers and a pretty dress. On the surface I didn’t look too bad after doing my make-up and blow drying my hair. My mind though was in turmoil.

Mum, dad and myself settled in the living room with tea and cake and I told them about John. Not everything of course. Just how I had met him when he came to check the electrics and again in the local pub.

“I’ve got his phone number, if you want it mum. He doesn’t know that I might be his sister.”

Mum, poor thing, was white and had tears in her eyes. Dad was in control but didn’t say much.

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