Lucky day for rape

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This happened earlier. I was young and ruthless. I never eve-teased anyone never did I stare at a woman so mainly I was a good guy in everyone’s list My family consisted of dad Mathew working in a company, my house wife mother Shiny, my sister Soniya 8 years younger than me(Its said dad was away for 7 long year visiting us only for a few days per year which normally was spend on visiting our relatives so the big gap {to show she kept her faith back then condoms were not much in use}) Also in this story stars Sheeja & Shiji the neighbors daughter and Soniya`s friend Ponumani. I use to eye them secretly once or twice Ponumani almost caught me. They would come to call her for tuition daily and once I got them alone but still lacked the courage to do anything until that day

That day was a normal day except that our old uncle had died. I acted a stomach pain to avoid going to the funeral so I would be alone to watch the CD in my house with my girlfriend Amitha but unluckily Soniya had a real stomach pain so my act was believed at once, so what’s the unlucky thing? Well I was stuck with my sis who would be around me always and would blow the whistle the moment I phoned my girlfriend. So here I was a horny bastard dreaming what I could do only if this brat wasn’t there. I kept dreaming of Amita`s soft body, the first touch in the theatre, the first sight of her panties under the desk unknown to her (till today), how she had to sit in my lap on the tour, her surprise when she felt a lump all added to my frenzy. My sis was in & out of the bathroom just like in comedy films, so peacefully I was rubbing my dick in pleasure when I heard a bang on the gate.

The big bang was the usual crash of Sheeja`s cycle which never had brake. How she rode it was a matter for Sherlock Holmes or perhaps her invention to do 2 things at a time – open the gate & stop the cycle. Anyway that’s how she always entered & opened the gate and stopped the cycle. Usually it was fun seeing her crash and fall but this time it made me angry. I was in a good mood or better to say in the best mood and was to ejaculate within sec`s perhaps a record in longest ejection all lost due to another brat. I began to curse her when I saw my limp dick, which was at its lowest time. I knew what she would do next. She would either ring the bell (or better to say jam the bell) or bang the door sure to raise the hairs of the passer by till the door was opened. Since Soniya was in the bathroom that left me to open or hear the roar. I decided to open. I pushed my dead meat inside and rushed towards the door as the bang started. I opened the door with guilt in my face but she didn’t watch my face but straight walked on and if I hadn’t jumped sideways she probably would v`e walked thru me as if I was a ghost. She went to Soniya`s room, I waited with a sneer for her to come and ask where sis was but she didn’t come. So I had to go to her room upstairs to check. I found her dangerously swaying on the ladder trying to get the dictionary.

“What are u trying to take?” I asked

“The dictionary” she replied

“Don’t put it that way, put the books above the dictionary,” I said

I must have distracted her for a couple of books near the dictionary fell down, as she began to descend I told her to stay there.

“ I will pick up the books and you put it back,” I said

I knelt down and took the books in a sweep and looked up. I was never to know that this would change my life forever n ever. As I looked up my eyes fell on her glazing thigh and the very end of her panties, the color not clear. I held up some books as she forwarded her hand and watched her climb up to keep the book. Now I could clearly see her dark green panties. An evil smile lit my face. Yeah-Baby Yeah.

I remembered the time when we went to the film. It was a house full film and we had got 3 pass admitting 6,so our parents allowed us to go. Soniya, Sheeja and 3 of her other friends were present along with me. The parents had left them in my charge; it was like leaving the hens with a fox. We arrived at time but the movie being house full had began earlier. We moved to seats in the dark, one by one all sat but the last seat was broken and I was left standing. So Sheeja being the skinniest of all moved a little and we sat together after some time I suggested her to sit on my lap and she agreed. She sat at my thigh. Her hot body made my dick rise. I slowly opened my zip and pulled out my man and massaged it. Then I dropped the ticket foil and asked her to get it, she took it and gave it to me. I slowly lifted her skirt in such a way that as she sat on my thigh she sat on her panties. I pulled her back and now she was sitting on my dick. My dick rose in acknowledge. I slowly put my hand on her thigh and massaged it. She pushed of my hand and wriggled to her left and her thigh pressed on my dick. The sudden movement of her soft panties to her hot thigh bakırköy escort was too much for me and I sprayed over her thigh. As the spray began she stood still and I pressed her pussy over her satin underwear. She jumped up but I held her till I fully ejaculated then rubbed my dick on her panties and left her as she scrambled over to her friends sitting with them. Luckily she didn’t tell them and they didn’t notice the smell or perhaps they did and thought it was her body odor?

“But I can’t reach it” she said

“I will help u,” I said waking from my dream

I climbed on the ladder before she could say anything and lifting her above my head told her to place the book while I had a good view of her panties, then slowly I brought her down rubbing her ass on my face and giving a good kiss on her ass I brought her ass to my dick and pressed my throbbing dick on her soft ass which seemed to plung in. I brought my right hand on her pussy and pressing it pushed back and at the same time pushed her ass forward with my dick, I felt my cock would burst on her ass as I applied pressure from both sides. At first she didn’t understand but then she got the knack and began to struggle wriggling her ass and making my dick stronger. I pulled her legs up and with a swift movement got hold of her panties with my 2 fingers pulled it off and placed it on the highest rack and removed my left hand slowly. Now she was upside down. I watched her naked split and her beauty little ass. I pulled up her legs with both hands and neared her pussy to my mouth. As I licked her pussy, she tightened the hold with her legs, which was around my head. I pressed her ass and separated her cheeks and drove my finger to her asshole. As she wriggled her pussy neared my face opening up her legs and I could easily suck her pussy she then moved back only to find my finger going deeper so whatever she did it only made me more comfortable. I slowly opened my pants and let out my man, as she was upside down my man sprang to her face. With one hand I held her while with the other I pressed her face towards my man. I felt her lips on my dick and I pushed forward with my dick and held her head but she was a stubborn bitch and wouldn’t open her lips how much ever I tried, so I let my man grope all over her face. Then without notice I pulled her up and put her on the top shelf telling to take her underwear. Her face was hot red. She moved on to take it I climbed up and pressed her ass, she gave me a push, which was what I hoped and as if falling down pushed off the ladder. Now I looked angrily at her saying

“Look what u have done, now how are we going to get down?”

“Its not my fault” she replied “ Why did you remove my dress”

I acted like stupid and said “ What dress. When I was helping you from the ladder my fingers got stuck in ur dress and if I hadn’t pulled off my finger ur head would have struck down so in that hurry I didn’t notice ur dress. That’s not my fault.”

She seemed confused or without words for she looked down without a word.

“Now I am going to call ur dad and say what u did and he is going to beat u.”

I knew her father was a drunk who beat her whenever he was angry for no reason at all and she was shit scared of him. I was betting on it and I knew I won when I saw her face. She began to cry.

“OK don’t cry I will help u but only if u listen to me and do what I say”

She nodded wondering what was to come.

“First we have to get down. I have to move to ur side and try to reach the stool, since there is only room for 1 to pass I have to go over u but u may move or something in fear when u see me coming and I will fall down so lie down and close ur eyes and say OOMM 50 times, by that time I will have gone over u and the stool will be ready.”

She agreed and lay down and began her chanting. I watched her lips with my dick in hand and stroked it then moved towards her I let my man move touching her body and stopped when I reached her face. She was chanting closing her eyes shut. I once more stroked my man and as she said OO plunged my man into her mouth I did a quick 5 pushups as I lowered my dick to her throat and pulled it back and pushed it again. She unknowingly closed her mouth and I felt her soft lips wrap on my dick .I could hold no longer I held her head and fucked her mouth she started to move and as I felt her teeth, the pain, the sensation, the pleasure all together came in and I exploded in her. I don’t know for how long but it seemed to never end. After some time I looked down and to my surprise there wasn’t a single drop to be seen. She had drunk it all. Since I was lying on her face literally she had no other choice. I moved and wiped my dick on her dress. Usually the moment I ejaculate I feel drained and guilty but now I didn’t feel drained nor guilty instead my cock was still rock hard başakşehir escort and my mind still weaving evil plans.

“ I can’t go over u see what u did now do one thing u try to take the stool.”

She got up angrily and looked down then tried to reach out. I watched her swinging while her skirt a little up showed the panties end. I smiled and neared her then grabbing her waist lowered down.

“What the hell do u think u r doing u creep #$*%!@ ?” she shouted

“Just shut up and try to get the stool instead of thinking of ur fuckin ass ego.” I screamed back.

I could picturise her biting her teeth and cursing me as she tried to grab the stool. I slowly inserted my 2 fingers into her underwear and acted as if pulling her up, as I began my pull her underwear slowly began to move up this time she couldn’t do anything because she was upside down and in my hands. I threw off her underwear and slowly licked her she began to struggle and I kept on licking till I heard her cries and anger turn to moan, she could control no longer as I continued licking, though her mind resisted her body was going the opposite way I moved my hand towards her breast and massaged her nipples I felt her responding and I increased pressure as it grew in between my fingers. The growing of nipples in my hand gave me more pleasure than ever. I slowly pulled her up and at the same time removed my pants and placed my dick on her naked ass and pressed both her breast together I could feel my dick grow on her ass as she began to shudder. I slowly inserted my finger to her pussy and dug deeper as she began to wriggle in pleasure, with my thumb I began to circle her ass my finger fucking began to speedup and she was almost jumping up and down I was frightened that we may fall off the shelf but sex is like drugs we feel almighty so I continued finger fucking her harder then turned her around and put my dick to her mouth she began to suck at once as if it was regular I loved her lips on my man I held her head and pushed to and fro I pushed harder and she was on the verge of vomiting but still we both continued then I removed my dick from her mouth and licked her pussy and slowly parted her legs then lay on her with one leg over my shoulder I parted her leg as far as possible. Her cunt stood up bulging as I looked with greedy eyes I slowly kept my penis on her vag and pushed. Unlike my fear it slipped in like it was greased. It looked like her cunt swallowed mine it was a tight fit I pushed deeper as she began moaning I held her breast with both hands like a horse reins and pushed further like a mad man. My dick went in and out smoothly. I ran my finger over her crack and rounded her asshole.

Suddenly the door flew open and in walked Soniya. Both of us were surprised. I almost forgot about her. She was in the bathroom She looked at us amazed and asked

“What r u doing?”

“Well, eh I, we u see, climbed up and lost our dress?” I stammered

“What” she asked not understanding.

“We just lost our dress. Would u mind picking it for us” I said angrily pointing to the floor. She looked around and found her panties and my pants. She picked them up and stepping on the stool lifted it towards us laughingly. As I saw her smiling face, I got another idea. I grabbed her hand and swinging her pulled her up. With the swing I intended to knock off the stool but it didn’t work it just shifted. But it was okay to me since only I could reach it. I pulled her up and laughed aloud. She too smiled then she noticed my dick pointing out and her face turned red. She quickly shifted her face to her friend. I told her to move this side, as I would try to reach for the stool. I lifted her and placed her on my lap. I was surprised to find that she wore nothing under. She moved on.

“Where is ur shude (underwear)?” I asked

“It got wet, so I was on my way to take another one when u lifted me” she said going scarlet.

I looked at her and told her to stand up and turn around. She did, I slowly lifted her skirt and saw her little tight ass. I told her to bend down and touch her toes she touched her toes and I saw her split open my man raised in salute. I got up and pressed my man on her split ready to push in when suddenly the door flew open and Mr.Pandi walked in. he looked around and found us above.

“Come down what r u doing there?” he asked angrily

Now I felt fear, shame, and disgrace all at once. Had it been his daughter I wouldn’t mind but my own sister! I would be banned from the state itself. None showed any mercy for the one fucking his own sister, and to think of the disgrace- I almost cried and got down. When all of us were down he said

“Put on ur dress. Your age is a hard time to pass.0 what u did was ok but none should know. Once u r caught u should be ready to accept punishment.”

I looked at him not bayrampaşa escort understanding. Sheeja came forward crying blaming me for everything. I didn’t say anything. But Mr.Pandi said if caught all will be punished

He watched us changing; his drunken bulging eyes were on Soniya as she bend to pull up her panties. He told us to all stand in a line in order of age so I came last, Soniya first and Sheeja in-between us. He pulled Soniya forward and she began to cry but he took no notice. He told her to bend and he looked at me I met his eyes then looked towards soni`s ass. He slowly massaged her ass from both sides then lifted her skirt; her green panties were a treat for eyes. His fingers then roamed all over her ass tracing her cracks then he knelt in front of her and removed her panties to her knees and kissed it, then removing his belt slowly beat her ass. Even though it was a slow hit it soon turned red, after 2 more round he asked her if she needed a hard beating or will she do what he says. She agreed at once. He got up and told her to kneel and open his zip. She hesitated. I told her to do what uncle says or he may beat us. She didn’t hesitate any more and removed his zip. He opened up his pants and threw it off. Now told her to remove his underwear. She looked at me, I nodded. She pulled his underwear down. His man sprang forward, rubbing his dick he told her to suck this time she didn’t look at me. Perhaps she knew I would say yes whatever it was I had a doubt but seeing her suck uncles dick made me hard again and I was ready to sacrifice everything to see this. I watched her suck as a professional to uncle was mouth fucking my sister Soniya. He continued and then began to increase his speed. He pulled and pushed her head as if he was checking if there was anything in her head, u could say he was shaking her head to & fro, then his thrust began harder & deeper. Soniya held his ass for support as things began to get faster harder and out of hand. Then suddenly he thrust deep into her throat and held her head. Not an inch could be seen all the full length was in her mouth. I could hear her gagging as he came in her mouth. Seeing her swallowing hurriedly I could understand a lot was being sprayed in. after some time he released her but did not take his cock out and started to fuck her mouth again, this time slowly- the finishing strokes- after some strokes he pulled it out, his cock was wet with saliva but not a single sperm could be seen. He sat down drained of all energy and looked at me.

“She’s a born cock sucker,” he said “Let’s see how the next one is”

He signaled his daughter to come forward. He removed her dress and pressed her puffy point then made her sit on the floor and began to lick her then fingered her as she hmmmed then he told her to get up and placed her hand on his dick and told to rub it then he told her to move the skin up & down, later he put it in her mouth and made her suck it, then he looked at me and said

“Join the party, begin with ur sister”

I moved forward and she readily began to pump me with her hands I was too hot and I feared I may ejaculate before I get her sweet mouth also I was afraid how long this may go. Any time this may stop so I quickly stopped her and pressed my dick on her lips. She opened and in jumped my dick as if it was a known territory I held her head and fucked her mouth. Compared to uncle’s dick my dick was a laugh so she sucked nicely so before too long I spurted in her mouth and I felt paradise. I looked at uncle who was now ass fucking his daughter. He smiled and said

“ Try to put ur dick in her ass when it’s small.”

I turned her around and looked at her pussy then fingered her ass. I felt like her ass held my finger I slowly twisted it and pushed in and turned, I could feel the hole getting bigger. I removed my finger and kissed her ass. I took my dick, which was limp and looked like a parker pen. I placed it on her ass hole and with a slight push saw it entering. I had never ass fucked in my life though I tried a lot so this added to my new sensation and I began to rock her holding her small breast.

“ Go on but don’t take it. U will feel it grow slowly that’s when it becomes exciting to fuck. Keep fingering her pussy so she wont know the pain and in the excitement her ass will open wider giving pleasure to both.”

Like a student studying from guru I acknowledged and continued fingering and teasing her breast. Soon I began to feel the tightness and now I began to move my dick in and out till the tip of the round but was careful not to bring it fully out co`s I knew once it was out it was impossible to get in. I felt a never before pleasure as I ass fucked her, slowly I felt the tension rise in me and I began to fuck my sister deeper and harder as she moaned in pain & pleasure I held her tight over her both breast and fucked harder and then I felt as if I lost my dick in her ass as I ejaculated in her ass. I stood there holding her in the same position for some time till uncle called me for another round. I phoned my best friend Matthew to come over telling him the details who screamed in joy and within minutes reached my house. He entered the room naked it looked like he had began to undress at the gates itself.

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