Made to Turn Bi

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It had started out as just another ordinary day for Cynthia. She had gotten up, she dressed for work. Cynthia worked as a waitress at an all night diner, and she truly hated her job.

She had only been at work for about an hour, when they showed up. It was the feared outlaw biker gang. There were only nine of them together right now but they acted like there were a hundred. Cynthia was afraid, because she was alone The leader, whose name was Knife, saw that she was alone and just looked at her.

The gang sat down and ordered some food, they were acting very polite, so Cynthia started calming down tremendously. After the gang had finished eating, they got up and started for the door. Cynthia thought she had been afraid for nothing, but then Knife stopped and locked the door. He then turned around and said, Now for some fun.

Knifes gang surrounded Cynthia, she was terrified of what they were going to do to her. The gang caught her, then they tore her clothes off, then they threw her across a table on her back. Four of them pendik escort held her down, while three biker bitches went to work on her with their mouths. Two of the girls had their mouths on Cynthia’s titties, while the third opened Cynthia’s pussy as wide as possible, then she proceeded on licking and sucking on Cynthia’s clit.

The biker girl who was eating Cynthia was named Suzy. Suzy kept alternating between ramming her tongue in Cynthia’s pussy and in her ass. Cynthia found that she was extremely turned on despite herself, she was so turned on that without realizing it she was moaning out loud. When Knife heard her moan out loud, he had her picked up and then sat right back down on top of a guy. She was riding the strangers cock before she even had a chance to try to escape. She felt another hard cock being rammed up her asshole, but before she could cry out she had a third cock rammed down her throat. The bikers were fucking Cynthia roughly and it hurt, it HURT like hell. But at the same time, Cynthia was turned on maltepe escort that she didn’t care. They kept fucking her until she felt first one, then all three start cumming in her at the same time.

When the guys finished cumming, Cynthia was thrown on her back again, then Suzy was eating her pussy again. It was the first time Cynthia had ever had cum eaten out of her pussy, and Suzy was such an expert that Cynthia could not help but start to get horny AGAIN. At about the same time a guy, whose name was Chris, who had been in back came out and yelled WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Knife turned around, looked at Chris, then told his gang to get him. Chris tried to fight them but he was unsuccessful. Knife had Chris stripped naked as well and thrown across a table also. Chris was held down just like Cynthia had been, then Suzy started sucking Chris`s cock. She kept sucking until Chris started to responding to the blowjob. Chris could not help feeling that this was the best blowjob he had ever had, despite the circumstances.

Just kartal escort as Chris felt himself start to cum, he was yanked up and thrown onto his belly, in such a manner that Suzy was able to continue sucking his hard cock. About the same time that Suzy started sucking again, Chris felt a hard cock being rammed in his ass, and another one down his throat. Chris felt like he was being ripped in two, and choked at the same time. Knife told the guys to stop for a moment, he then told Chris that before the night was over he was going to be a true bisexual loving guy.

Knife then told his guys to continue and really pound the hell out of Chris. Because of the guys already cumming once they were able to fuck Chris for a long time. Chris had always felt that he was straight, but after about fifteen minutes he found he really enjoyed having a hard cock in his mouth and his ass. After about thirty minutes he felt both guys start cumming. The fact of Chris being made to eat another guys cum, made Chris cum harder than he had ever cummed before, he then decided he wasn`t going to mind being bisexual at all. While this was going on Cynthia had been made to eat her first pussy also, and she decided she wasn`t going to mind being bisexual either.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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