Maggie May Ch. 04

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Readers, I hope you’ve been following along since the inception of this series. If not, I respectfully implore you to go back and devour the first three chapters before embarking on this journey. Hurry, what’re you waiting for!?!? Enjoy!!


As Maggie stirred, beginning to recover from her brief, sex-induced slumber, John went to the dresser and returned the camcorder to its original position. Almost as an afterthought, however, he flicked open the compartment that held the cassette tape and removed it before putting the camera back. Maggie groaned a bit more animatedly, and John looked around for a safe harbor to stash the small cassettes.

It wasn’t as if he had any pockets at the moment. He reached down beneath the bed and placed the tape on the floor beneath the mattress, the covers and spreads still askew form the frantic sexual aerobic session that had just transpired. Just in time.

Maggie sleepily cocked one eye open and brushed the hair cascading down her forehead. John had never seen Maggie’s hair in any condition other than perfectly pristine. Never does a woman look so sexy when she has just been thoroughly fucked, he thought to himself.

Maggie reached out for John and sought his hand for comfort. She struggled to open both eyes and gazed at him sleepily, trying to regain her bearings. “Jesus, I must’ve had a dream that I had the best sex of my life and fainted,” she grinned.

“Hmmm, that’s funny, I had a dream myself that my cock nearly fell off from overuse.” John played along, hugging Maggie to his chest, holding her tenderly, despite his apprehension about the discovery of the camera. The fact that it was out in the open obviously meant that Maggie wasn’t trying to conceal anything, but still, he wondered about her intentions. But that was a question for later.

There was still some unfinished business to attend to, as his cock stirred again, almost impossibly so. Just the mere sensation of her fabulous body against his own brought his member twitching menacingly back to life.

Maggie cocooned herself inside of John’s strong arms. “So, how long was I out?”

John glanced at his wrist, as if feigning to look at a watch. “No more than a couple of days. It’s Sunday, I’ve been watching football.”

Maggie punched his ribs playfully. “Well, then, you’ve had plenty of time to recover, you should be ready to go again.” She looked around the room, her brow furrowing. “So, where is it?”

John felt an immediate pang of panic rising in his chest. How could she have known? He played dumb, though. “Where’s what?”

Maggie reached down between John’s legs and caressed his slowly rising cock. “Aaaah, there it is! My hard cock! I thought it left me there for a minute. Why isn’t it inside me again?” Maggie leaned up and kissed John deeply, stroking his cock more urgently, and bringing his free hand down to cup her still sopping pussy. “I need to suck it again, don’t I? Puh-leeze?”

“That’s a silly question, but Ok, since you finally asked so politely.” John climbed off of the edge of escort mamak the bed and stood at the base. While doing so, he eased his toes underneath the mattress, and kicked the tape a little bit further under the bed.

Maggie crawled on her hands and knees towards him, a ravenous feline again on the prowl for hard dick. She stopped inches away from his cock and stared directly at it, mesmerized by its length, desperately wanting to have this magnificent penis penetrate all of her holes. For now, however, her mouth was the immediate target.

She grabbed John’s buttocks with both hands and pulled him roughly into her. “Fuck my mouth, lover, fuck me, fuck my mouth.”

She swallowed about five inches of John’s girth whole in one dramatic gulp, testing her gag reflex to the limit, but not releasing her grip, except to extricate his cock from the oral lock of her throat to again encourage him. “Fuck my mouth. I want to lick your balls.”

Maggie rolled over on her back and crawled directly underneath John’s large sac. As her hands reached up to stroke John’s member from an upside-down position, she popped one of John’s testicles between her lips and sucked hard. She started a rhythm by alternating sucking on his balls, licking the ultra-sensitive place on the base of his pubic bone, just above his anus, and pulled on his cock harder and harder. She loved the sensation of again bringing John to his full length and thick ness.

She loved the feeling of complete seduction and power over a man. She hadn’t let herself express her sexuality in such wanton and uninhibited displays of lust in her entire life, until very recently, and she knew instinctively that she and John were just scratching the apex of many sexual adventures to come. For that, she silently thanked her friend Charlotte for encouraging her to indulge herself in such pursuits of pleasure.

While Maggie continually sucked and grabbed and licked and stroked John’s now fully turgid manhood, she couldn’t help but to ponder Charlotte’s motivations for being so interested in watching a videotape of John’s and Maggie’s explosive lovemaking. No, Maggie corrected herself just as quickly. Fucking was what this was. This was not lovemaking. This was fucking. Sport-fucking, perhaps, but just great fucking.

When you’re upside down beneath a man’s balls and starting to lick the rim of his asshole, lovemaking was not the most accurate verb, she correctly decided. “But I’ll bet this’ll look incredible on tape,” she mused.

This thought aroused her even further and she wriggled her talented tongue along John’s rectum, and her own hips writhed in excitement as she could hear his loud moans of surprise.

Regardless of Charlotte’s intentions, which would be fleshed out soon enough, Maggie couldn’t help but to concur with her friend’s spot-on assessment that being the star of your own surreptitious home-made porn tape was indeed the ultimate aphrodisiac. Well, perhaps it was a tie with a good long, steel- hard dick dangling in front of your nose, Maggie ofise gelen escort mused.

Maggie was quickly diverted from her musings as John rearranged his hips and placed his long cock directly into Maggie’s gaping mouth, now rhythmically banging Maggie’s throat repeatedly, going just a little bit deeper into her throat with each heated thrust of his pelvis. Maggie staggered to capture all of his length, determined to meet each thick inch of John’s penile challenge.

Suddenly, John orchestrated yet another aerobic position that brought the blood rushing to Maggie’s head, literally. he reached down and pulled Maggie up by her hips so that she was suspended in mid-air, held in place only by John’s grip on her torso, and he lifted her higher so that her dripping cunt was pulled into his face, lapping fervently at her folds now. They had assumed an almost defiant miracle of gravity, a vertical sixty-nine position.

Fortunately, the combination of Maggie’s long,slender frame coupled with John’s upper-body strength, augmented by hormonal adrenalin, made this position an incredibly erotic and surprisingly comfortable one. In this way, Maggie could easily engulf almost john’s entire shaft into her hot, talented mouth, while simultaneously John had unfettered access into each of Maggie’s vaginal and anal entries.

While Maggie frantically stroked and gulped John’s swollen dick, veins, and balls, John lapped eagerly at Maggie’s sweet cunt , sipping at the nectars flowing like a small waterfall down directly into his own mouth. he eased one of his hands from Maggie’s waist and eased a finger into her asshole. With that digital administration, Maggie exploded instantly into a volcanic orgasm, her hips bucking wildly, her juices cascading from her hole onto John’s face now in a torrent of white, milky fluids.

John himself was at the verge of yet another burst of semen, and wasn’t ready to end his assault on Maggie’s cunt and ass. So, he flopped Maggie over in a semi-somersault so that she bounced onto the mattress and in one motion he roughly pulled her legs down to the edge of the bed as he kneeled on the edge. He again slid his tongue into Maggie’s saturated pussy, his tongue encircling her clit, and pushed a second digit deeper into her ass, feeling it spread wider, preparing her virginal asshole for the pending insertion of his throbbing cock.

Maggie couldn’t even utter her filthy urgings to John any longer, her entire being was consumed with one orgasm after another, cumming in small, electric bursts, her stomach heaving and gyrating as each wonderful shock wave enveloped her one after the other. One hand gripped the bed sheet in a strangle hold while the other pulled the back of John’s head tighter into her lap.

She grunted and growled and wailed and whimpered and John knew it was time. He spit saliva into Maggie’s now gaping anal passage and rubbed the spit along her rim walls. The naturally lubricated combination of Maggie’s dripping cunt juices and the slick shaft of John’s own cock would make otele gelen escort the anal entry relatively pain free for Maggie, and intensely pleasurable for them both.

John stood on his feet and lifted Maggie’s hips to him as they looked each other squarely in the eye. With an unspoken gleam in her eye indicating both fear yet intense anticipation, Maggie nodded tentatively and bit her top lip as John eased his large swollen cockhead gently into Maggie’s heretofore forbidden tunnel. Her sphincter opened instinctively to meet the unfamiliar intruder as John felt the incredible tightness of Maggie’s rear entryway struggle to oblige his penetration.

Maggie’s eyes lowered now to watch her virginal passage begin to accept John’s cock quarter-inch by quarter-inch. She unconsciously dropped her left hand down to her clit and massaged herself into greater stimulation. The combination of her fingertips dancing along her hood coupled with the juices continuing their descent from Maggie’s pussy down to her ass made the sensation much more accessible than she had imagined.

Emboldened by the realization that the pleasure was winning the battle over pain with each small thrust of John’s cock, Maggie regained her faculties enough to mutter these words to John in a guttural demand.

“Now fuck my ass harder, give it to me, give me that big cock deep in my ass, fuck me, John, fuck my ass.”

John didn’t say a word now, such was his concentration and focus on this mutually erotic pleasure excursion. The tight anal passages of Maggie’s gripped John’s cock in an impossibly tight vise-like embrace as John now had three or four inches into Maggie’s rear. Maggie herself rubbed her clit furiously with each slight intrusion deeper into her ass, her muscles contracting and relaxing so that she could accommodate the pulsing welcomed stranger in her ass.

John knew he could not avoid the inevitable rumbling deep within his balls for much longer, and held his head back and closed his eyes as he pumper harder into Maggie, valiantly trying to meet her insistent verbal urgings. “Yeah, that’s it, I love it, fuck my ass harder. deep, that’s it. I love that cock in my ass, Oh, God, what have I been missing, I love this cock, I love it in my ass, fuck me, fuck me with that cock, come on, give it to me, give it.”

With a deep groan, John shot his cum deep into Maggie’s bowels. As she felt the first shot reach her deepest insides, Maggie’s body convulsed into yet another incredibly satisfying orgasm, her first from anal penetration, but not to be her last. John collapsed onto Maggie’s still heaving torso, their bodies a tangled, exhausted mix of sweat and saliva and cum. Mostly cum.

“Oh my fucking God,” Maggie thought. “That was absolutely incredible. Charlotte was so right about being fucked in the ass. I can’t wait to tell her all about this afternoon. I wonder how this looks on tape. We could probably sell our own sex instructional after that.”

John gasped for breath beside Maggie, his sore, chapped cock now TKO’d for the foreseeable future. “Now,” John thought. “Let’s find out about this camera.”

Then, he had one more silent thought.



Chapter Five will solve a few mysteries, while unraveling a few new ones. Please tag along, you’re all invited. Feedback in any form, as always, is encouraged, thanks!

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