Maid in Boston

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For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities – are of legal age!

Thanks to Mikseventeen for the editing.


I was in trouble; I had to find work, and now. The power was getting ready to be cut off, and the phone had already been shut off. I had been to the food bank and collected enough food to make a vegetable stew for my son Ryan and me, but that would only last for a few days.

“Hi, this is Abigail. I was wondering if any work had come into the agency in the last few days. I would take anything,” I said, hoping something might at least keep the power on.

“There is almost nothing coming in at the moment, Abby. I only have one weirdo that three other girls have quit on the first day, but if you are desperate, I can send you around. It pays well,” Connie said, in a worried tone.

“I have to take it, Connie, I have nothing else. Send me the address and details of what I have to clean, and I will start today if I can,” I said, willing to work in a public toilet at this point.

I was able to start at 11:00 am and get in six hours today toward this week’s pay. With the rest of the days this week, I should be able to keep the power on, but I would have to go to the food bank for food every other day.

I arrived at the address Connie sent me, and it was a beautiful luxury home in Beacon Hill. From the outside, it looked like it was worth more than I could make in a hundred lifetimes. I pushed the button next to the door and waited.

“Can I help you?” the man’s voice said, sounding low and frail.

“Hi, I am Abigail the agency sent me to do the house cleaning. Connie Jackson would have been the contact,” I said, giving as much information as I thought I needed to gain entry into this stately home.

“Yes, yes, come in and get to work,” the man said, in an abrupt manner.

I heard the door click, I pushed it, and it swung inward, revealing the entry area, you could have called it an entry hall. It was massive, with a large wood and marble staircase up the left-hand side. It had doors on both sides, with also a hallway heading deeper into the house. It looked like no one had lived here in years, and the dust was thick on everything.

“Well, are you going to get to work or not,” the same voice said, coming from a speaker mounted in the ceiling.

“I don’t know where to start,” I said, almost to myself.

“It’s all got to be done, start where you want, but get to it, I am paying by the hour,” The voice said, surprising me. Since I was not aware that what I said was going to be heard and possibly recorded.

“Well get your chequebook ready because this is going to take a while. Then I am going to have to start again by the time I am finished,” I said, letting him know the facts of what was going to happen.

A team of cleaners would take weeks or more to go over this house once, then a full-time cleaner to keep it that way. I was by myself, and I was going to be here for at least two or three months. I would go over the house and bring it up to my standards if all the rooms were anything like the ones I could see now.

I went down the hall and found the laundry room off the kitchen, they were usually near the kitchen, and this house was no exception. I filled a bucket and took a broom and covered it with a damp rag and started cleaning the high part of the kitchen walls. I worked my way around the walls, and when I got to where I could reach without the broom, I started using my hand, working down the rest of the wall.

“The others started mopping the floors,” The voice said, confirming that he was watching me.

“Doesn’t sound like they were ever willing to complete the job with someone watching their every move,” I said, countering his jibe.

“Then why are you doing it then,” he said, with just a hint of another tone in his voice.

“You have to start high in a room and work down, or everything will get dirty that you just cleaned, and I need this job,” I said, letting him know he was not scaring me off so easily.

All I got was an “ok” back.

There were five chimes from a clock in one of the front rooms I had not seen yet. I looked at my watch, and it was indeed five o’clock and time to head home to cook dinner.

“I will see you tomorrow,” I said, both to let him know I was leaving and as a little jab at his hiding from me all this time.

I got home to see Ryan sitting at his desk in his room, with some of his college textbooks spread around. They were all secondhand, and it was a community college, but I was going to push him to finish his degree if it was the last thing I did. He was not going to end up like me. I heated the stew and added some water, it was more like a soup, but Ryan didn’t complain. He did some small odd jobs, but then he fell behind, so I stopped it. He had to keep his grades up to get a good job.

“You look tired, Mom,” Ryan said, hugging me from behind as I sat at the table.

“I got a good job today, and it’s going to take a while, so I will work hard and be able to pay off some of the debts your father left us kurtköy escort with,” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

“I could help with a part-time job, we really need the money,” he said, looking at me with a worried expression on his face.

“You can use all that spare time getting good grades, and leave the working to me for now,” I said in a stern voice, then gave him another warm hug.

After Ryan went to bed, I cleaned the house, put all the food in the fridge, hoping the power would stay on for a few more days and keep the little food we had from spoiling. I was beat and started the shower. As I took off my clothes, I remembered I hadn’t closed the bathroom door. Just then I thought I caught a flash of movement across the hall, but I could have been mistaken.

I ran my hands all over my body; I still looked good for thirty-six, having small boobs helps. I always wished for bigger ones, but lately, I have realized what gravity will do those ladies with big kahunas. The hard work I do every day keeps my waist trim, and the sparse food keeps the rest trim.

I felt the sexual tension in my body, but it was going to have to wait for another day as I was far too tired to play with myself tonight. I stepped into the shower stream and let the hot water soothe my aching body. I shaved my legs, trimmed my pussy hair. Now dried and ready for bed, I decided to dash across the hall to my room without dressing, as I was only going to take it off to get in bed.


I made breakfast for Ryan and ate some myself, but I called out to him a few times until I finally had to go in and wake him from a very sound sleep. I didn’t like going into his room anymore as he was an adult now, and he had to have his privacy respected. As soon as I entered, I could see the tent in his shorts, oh the wonders of youth. He was beautiful laying there in just his shorts with his sheets all screwed up and covering his left foot. His hard-teenage body was something to be proud of, and I had to pull my eyes away from him and pulled up his blinds, letting in the light.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” I said, walking from the room and resisting looking back.

I ushered him through breakfast as quickly as I could, then off to college, and I headed to the bus stop. As I was sitting there wondering what made the owner such a grump, I also realized I didn’t even know his first name. His last name, I presume, was the one on the paperwork from the agency, Gardner.

I rang the bell and was greeted by the low, gruff voice of my employer, and headed into the laundry to find some new cleaning supplies, mops and the like. I started on the rest of the kitchen, taking everything out of the cupboards and throwing half of it away, as it was at least a year out of date. I cleaned all the empty cupboards before packing the little good food back in.

“I am going to throw away any date out food, is it alright if I take some of the canned food home and see if it’s alright,” I said, and waited for a reply.

“But it’s out of date,” He said, Sounding confused.

“I have been going to the food bank, and a lot of the canned food is out of date too, and it hasn’t killed us yet,” I said, keeping my head up even though I was asking for charity.

“Take what you want, I don’t use the kitchen much anyway,” he said, not as gruff this time.

I took out all the food and packed what I could carry into two bags. I left the food I could not carry today in the laundry room. It had just gone out of date so it will be ok to take it home over the next few days. The bus ride home was hard with the heavy cans, but I didn’t want to leave any of the canned meat and tuna there in case it got cleaned out. Plus, I missed having the opportunity to feed Ryan some good protein.

“How was school today, baby,” I said, hugging Ryan.

“The usual, they are piling on the work. You would think the teachers would talk to each other and not make all their assignments due on the same day,” Ryan said, heading back to his room to study.

I made up a meal out of the canned meat from work and vegetables I had from the food bank. When I called Ryan in for dinner, his eyes lit up.

“Wow, where did this come from, I thought we were on a bean only diet or something,” Ryan said, making a joke.

After the meal, I cleaned up and went to the shower washing all the workdays grime away. I let the warm water massage my sore muscles. Then just as I was getting out of the shower, the lights went out.

“Crap, Ryan, can you bring me a flashlight or a candle, please. They are in the top drawer in the kitchen,” I said, searching in the dark for my towel.

“I know where the candles are Mom,” he said. I felt sad because this had happened enough that Ryan knew where the candles were.

I saw the flickering light coming towards me, and I clutched the towel to my front with one hand as I took the candle from Ryan with the other. It was only when Ryan closed the door, and I turned around that I realized that he could see my levent escort nude ass on full display in the bathroom mirror.

I carried the candle around the house as I said goodnight to Ryan and went to bed worried that I might not have enough money from this paycheck to get the power on this week.


I packed all the food in a foam box and put a $2 bag of ice in it to keep it fresh for the day in the house. I would have to talk to the power company at lunchtime to see if I could negotiate a few more day’s grace. I told Ryan not to worry and study at school a bit later if he needed to and headed to work.

I rang the bell and just heard the click of the door unlocking; had he been waiting for me? I just started in the short hallway that leads to the kitchen. I was cleaning the walls with the new flat mop that arrived the other day that would be perfect for this job.

“Why don’t you do it with your boobs out,” he said, with a new tone in his voice.

“You would enjoy that wouldn’t you,” I said, firmly but not really that mad or insulted.

“I could make it worth your while,” he said, still fishing for an angle. He was more serious than I thought.

“I am already getting paid,” I said, not saying no, seeing that I needed some quick money.

“What about I pay one of your bills for you if you spend the rest of the day with your boobs out while you clean, nothing more,” he said, who would make this suggestion?

“Then the video will end up all over the internet next week,” I said, giving away that I was entertaining the idea.

“Nothing will ever leave these walls,” he said, and he was more confident this time, I had tipped my hand.

“Any bill I like,” I said, confirming the deal.

“I am guessing your biggest one,” He said, in acceptance of the deal.

I wasted no time and popped my top-down under my small boobs. This was better than taking off my shirt as my breasts had some support.

“That’s only half your boobs, do I get to pay half your bill,” He said, questioning the deal.

“They sway a lot more when set free, but your choice,” I said, waiting for his direction.

“I want to see all of them, I prefer a bit of sway,” he said, so I took off my top and bra altogether.

I went back to work, but I couldn’t help but notice my breasts swaying as I cleaned the walls. He certainly was getting a display for his money. I could feel my nipples harden every time I thought of the older man, I imagined at the other end of the video feed. That I knew was looking at my boobs sway with my movements.

“I had someone stock the fridge if you want to make yourself some lunch today,” the voice said, as the old clock in the hall struck once.

I went into the kitchen to look in the fridge, and it was full of food. I took out some cold meat and salad to make a sandwich.

“Do you want me to make you one,” I said, looking up at the camera in the corner.

“I have eaten,” he said, but went silent.

The afternoon went quickly, I was busy cleaning, and soon the old clock struck five times. I put away the cleaning supplies and packed a bag with some more out of date cans. I slipped on my bra and shirt, ready for the trip home.

“I have a bill here, I will leave it on the kitchen bar,” I said, waving it at the camera.

“OK, Abigail, I will see you tomorrow,” he said. I could almost see the smirk on his face.

I was tired and sore from a full day of heavy cleaning. I had only made a small dent in the house, but the two rooms I had completed looked beautiful. The house was probably built over fifty years ago and of only the finest materials. The kitchen would have only been a few years old if I had to guess. I would say he had lost his wife about that time and stopped his life to wait to join her. At least that’s what the romantic in me thought might be happening.

I got home to a house with no electricity and no one to greet me, as I had told Ryan to stay at school and study there. I fixed some food just before the light of the day faded and ate by candlelight. Then ran myself a bath surrounded by candles, I slid my fingers over my breast and pinched my nipples, I had wanted to do that all day, but didn’t want to show that I was slightly enjoying the attention of the older man.

Pulling my nipples up out of the water then letting them go; I made ripples in the water. All the while, sending a tingling wave towards my pussy. I slid one hand over my mound of trimmed hair and between my shaved pussy lips, finding my clit buzzing for attention. I pinched my nipple and strummed my clit, bringing myself higher and higher. I let out a moan as my orgasm hit me, the contractions sending me splashing around in the water.

I wrapped myself in a towel and made my way to my room and saw a flickering light in Ryan’s room.

“Hi baby, have you finished for the night,” I said, popping my head in his door.

“Yes, mom I am going to bed, I can’t read in this light anyway,” He said, pulling back his sheets.

“You will mahmutbey escort be glad to know that the power should be back on soon,” I said, hoping the boss was good on his word.

“Thanks, Mom but it’s fine, you work hard, and we can get along for a few days without power now and again,” he said, always the optimist.

I lay in bed, hoping the power would be on tomorrow sometime. However, even that worry could not keep the sleep away because tonight I was tired.


The next morning during breakfast, the radio started playing, and the fan on the counter began turning to signal that the power was indeed back on. This brought a smile to Ryan’s face and a sigh of relief to my lips; I hugged Ryan tight and sent him off to college then headed to the bus to work.

My hand had not reached the button when I heard a click, and I just pushed the door open. I started the day in the other downstairs room. The room was mostly just dusty, and I was just about to use a broom to brush the walls when I heard a click.

“Do you have another bill you want to get paid,” He said. I was wondering if he would want to look at my boobs today.

“What do you have in mind,” I said, trying not to show I was keen to pay another bill.

“What do you think it is worth to pay another bill,” He said, not showing his hand yet.

“What about I work in just panties today if you pay for the next power bill too,” I said, seeing how far he would go.

“I would pay for the next three months if you go naked,” he said, in a slightly husky voice.

“Just panties are all I am comfortable with,” I said, but the offer was tempting.

“Done, I am transferring the same amount, and you can let me know if it was any more when the bill comes in,” He said, talking with more animation in his voice than ever before.

I decided to play along and do a little striptease for him. I started with my top, undoing it one button at a time and removing it slowly. Then I unzipped my skirt letting it drop to the floor, I then undid my bra and held it to my breasts with one hand while I shrugged the shoulder straps off then dropped my hands taking my bra with it, exposing my boobs to the camera. I went on about my days cleaning.

“You can make yourself lunch again, and any day you work,” the voice said, just after I heard the clock strike once.

I fixed myself a chicken and salad sandwich and sat at the kitchen counter to eat.

I went about the cleaning and got a whole room done in a day, only about twenty more to go. I did rub my nipple a few times during the day as my nipples got hard from time to time, and I had to keep my legs closed because I was getting wet and didn’t want him to see my panty crotch damp.

“So, what’s your first name Mr Gardner,” I said, wondering if he wanted to talk or just watch.

“Raymond, no, Just Ray, my father was Mr Gardner, I am just Ray,” Ray said, sounding a little unsure of what he wanted to share.

“You can call me Abby,” I said.

“Raymond Alexander Gardner, the third, to be precise. So, you can see why I prefer Ray.”

I sat with my legs parted; not caring if he got a look at the wet patch that I knew would be in the crotch of my panties by now. The thought of him watching me had me feeling sexy for the first time in a long time.

“I better get back to work, and give you your money’s worth,” I said meaning both the cleaning and the boob show.

“You work harder than anyone I have ever seen, you’ll not get any complaints from me,” Ray said.

I went about my afternoon cleaning, but the bigger front room had a lot of furniture that took a long time to clean and polish. It was close to five when Ray came over the speaker.

“There is a spare room at the back, downstairs if you ever need it, it has no cameras or anything like that in it.”

“I have to get home to my son. He will be home from college soon, and I have to make something for dinner,” I said, to let him know how important this job was to me.

“I will see you tomorrow then, Abby.”

I went to the spare room Ray had mentioned. I could not resist having a little play with my clit and nipples before I dressed. I put away the cleaning equipment and got ready to leave.

“We will have to get upholstery and marble cleaners in before I finish to do the staircase, bathrooms and soft furnishings,” I said, letting Ray know there were things that needed to be done and I couldn’t do them.

“Do you know someone you trust, or do I need to search for one?”

“No, if you trust me I can arrange someone I have worked with before, I can’t guarantee them, but I have had no problems with them in over ten years,” I said, hoping Ray would trust me more.

“That will do for me, arrange it when you need them,” Ray said, sounding a little brighter this afternoon.

I took the bus home, and when I opened the door, I found that Ryan was studying in his room. I started making dinner, and we ate chatting about his day, I didn’t go too much into mine for obvious reasons. After he went to his room, I showered and wrapped myself in a towel and made my way across the hall to my room. I saw that Ryan’s door was slightly ajar and that his light was on. I could not help myself, I moved closer and could see Ryan from behind with his headphones on watching some porn on his laptop. I could see his hand moving rhythmically in his lap.

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