Making of a Slave

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Tara finished lighting the candles and turned to survey her work. The basement room was dark, even with the myriad of candles set on every available space. The walls were hung with beautiful Chinese tapestries of dragons. Some were in flight, some sleeping and her favorite one was where the dragon tried desperately to evade the sword of a young warrior. The Black and red weave was interrupted by only a flash of yellow here and there. She smiled.

The ceiling had been painted black, as had the floor. In between the tapestries on the wall, were old- fashioned sconces that held the candles she had just finished lighting. Low tables sat in the corners of the room, also holding candles and various other instruments of play. Off to one side a horse was placed strategically, to allow movement around all sides. On the one free wall, hung a large X made of wood and adjustable shackles hung from all four corners. It was to this wall she went.

With a deft movement, she opened the secret door and slipped through the opening, closing it behind her. Standing on this side of the basement, you would never know what lay just a few feet away. Surveying the room briefly she decided that everything was ready for her date.

The room was very neat, low couches rested along two of the walls, a fireplace and wet bar were on the third and behind her, a bookshelf filled to the brim with literature of every nature. The coffee table held a floral centerpiece, and the end tables smaller versions of the same. Softly lit, the blue and peach tones were pleasing to the eye and the plush, cream carpet under her feet complimented the decor nicely. Looking at the mantle clock, she gasped. Time had slipped away from her.

She hurried upstairs to the bedroom, to get dressed. Taking off the bathrobe she’d put on after her shower, she perused the contents of her closet thoughtfully. She pulled a silk burgundy dress off the rack, and put it back immediately, choosing instead a black skirt, white, low-cut blouse and a black sweater. Reaching into a drawer behind the hanging clothes, she pulled out a leather corset that would be invisible under the sweater, a leather thong and matching bra, and lace trimmed, stay up stockings, all in black.

Dressing slowly she luxuriated in the feel of the leather against her skin and the thrill it gave her to know that her date would never know what hit him. The skirt went to about mid-thigh and though it looked modest, when she bent over, it afforded a nice view of the tops of the stockings and the strap of leather between her ass cheeks. The blouse was the crossover kind that cut very deeply over her full breasts; however, the leather bra was not visible. Tara leaned over to strap on her favorite high-heeled shoes and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The shoes on, she stood to admire herself.

She looked very sophisticated in a slutty way. There was no doubt that her date would get the message. Her hair was parted on the side and swept into a French bun. Her eyes flashed silver as she considered her large breasts, curving waist, shapely legs and gently flaring hips. Licking her lips invitingly, She touched her own breasts, rolling the nipples between her fingers and pinching hard. Feeling the moistness building between her legs she moved one hand under her skirt and moved the strap aside to play with herself. Her fingers explored the folds of heated flesh until she began playing with her clit in earnest. Just as she felt the familiar clenching of impending orgasm, the doorbell rang.

Stopping in the bathroom on the way to the door, she washed her hands and straightened her skirt. The bell rang again.

“Coming!” she yelled down the hallway at the front door. She dried her hands quickly, leaving the hand towel askew and hurried to the door, stopping to compose herself before opening it.

Tara pulled the door open and took in her first look at Callum. He was just like his picture. He was taller than her by about a head, brown hair and startling blue eyes. He pulled a bouquet of deep red roses from behind his back and handed them to her saying, “Hi, it’s nice to finally meet you face-to-face.” Tara trembled slightly as their fingers touched when she took the roses. A shock had raced up her arms to her breasts, causing a spasm of desire to run through her.

“Please, come in.” She said, turning to go to the kitchen to find a vase.

Callum close the front door behind him, removed his shoes and followed her into the kitchen. Placing the pungent flowers in a crystal vase Tara asked, “Would you like a drink? I’m a little nervous and I know I could use one.”

“That would be great.” He replied smiling.

“Follow me. The bar is downstairs.”

Tara passed Callum brushing his arm softly with her breasts. She felt the muscle in his arm jerk at the contact. She led him down the stairs to the comfortable den she had left just a few minutes before.

Walking behind the bar, Tara asked, “What do you drink?”

“How about a rye and coke?”

“Coming up. So, how was your pendik escort flight?”

“Good. Long but I slept most of the way. The change over in Vancouver was a hassle though.”

“I can imagine.”

Tara handed him his drink and returned to the bar to make her own.

“Are you as frazzled as I am?” He asked suddenly.

“Yes,” she replied, “but we’ll be over that soon.”

She was right. After an hour of comfortable conversation it was almost possible to forget that Callum knew all of her deepest desires and she his. They had met online and it was so easy to expose yourself and make yourself vulnerable when there is no risk of meeting. Then you meet.

The sexual tension built steadily all evening until they were both looking at each other like they were starving, and the other was a seven course meal. Callum repeatedly touched Tara’s legs and arms during conversation and she brushed against him at every opportunity. Finally, Tara thought it was time for her surprise.

“I have something for you.” She smiled mischievously.

“Oh? And what might that be?” Callum inquired curiously.

“It’s a surprise. You’ll have to trust me, can you?”

“Of course. “Callum said smiling and standing up from the couch.

“All right then, turn around.” As Callum turned his back to her, Tara reached between the cushions of the couch and pulled out a long silk scarf. Standing behind him, on tiptoe she tied the scarf about his eyes.

“Hmm… , I’m wondering how wise a decision that was.” Callum joked, obviously enjoying the feeling of her breasts pushed into his back. “Should I be worried?”

“Not at all.” She replied turning him to face the hidden door. “Just a second.” Tara opened the door and led Callum through the doorway into the hidden chamber.

“Wait.” She commanded as she closed the door behind him. Backing him up to the X on the door she raised one of his arms above his head, and before he could protest, had clamped it into the shackle there.

“Hey! Wait a minute!”

“Ah, ah, ah…You extended the challenge. I just accepted.” Tara laughed placing his other hand in the second shackle. He fought briefly, but with his other hand already restrained, Tara didn’t have too much difficulty getting him secured.

“What do you mean, ‘I extended the challenge'” He asked.

“You don’t remember?” Tara clucked her tongue. “When we first spoke you said that you weren’t “into” bondage or S&M. Then, you proceeded to send me stories about spankings and all sorts of BDSM play. I think you’re a closet player and I intend to show you how much you like what you say you don’t.”

Tara had undone the belt of his pants and was proceeding to take off his boxers when he bucked half-heartedly and announced, “I have no such likes and you know it! Now let me go and we can start over in a more comfortable manner.”

“I’m pretty comfortable the way I am.” Tara pushed a button beside the door and the shackles holding his hands were slowly cranked up until he was supporting his weight on his toes. She proceeded to remove his boxers and finish chaining his feet. Now that he was secured she lowered him to his feet again.

“Come, come now.” She taunted. “You like this, don’t you?”

He gasped as she drew her nails gently up the inside of his thigh, stopping short of his testicles. His head fell to his shoulder and he moaned as she continued her caress under his shirt to his nipples, grabbing one and rolling it between her fingers firmly.

“I see you do.” Tara laughed watching his penis spring to life, bobbing against one hard thigh. Tara took a pair of scissors from the closest corner table and began to cut away his shirt, letting the blades slide over his skin and sending shivers coursing through his body. His shirt fell to the floor in pieces. She placed the scissors back on the table and took a moment to admire his body.

He looked firm. Wide shoulders, well-molded chest, trim waist, and strong legs. His sex was still half engorged and looked to be slightly above average in size. She ran her hands from his shoulders to his knees in long, sensual strokes. He shuddered and gooseflesh rose on his already flushed skin.

“I believe you’ve lost all reservations already. Perhaps its time to move on to more interesting forms of stimulation.” As Tara went to choose something from the table Callum thought that perhaps this isn’t so bad. He liked the feeling of being dominated but, in due time payback would come. Tara came back and he could hear a snapping sound. In one hand, Tara held a leather collar that she quickly fastened about his neck. The other held a chain that she snapped to the metal loop at his Adam’s apple. It dangled down to mid-thigh and he could fell the cold steel against his skin, occasionally brushing against the heated flesh of his arousal. Tara removed the whip dangling from her wrist and placed it over his shoulder, letting it slide down his chest to flick at the head of his engorged cock. He shuddered again, spasms of pleasure coursing through maltepe escort his body. She wielded the whip expertly, flicking it repeatedly over his nipples and thighs, the many strands stinging the skin slightly each time, never causing any real pain but instead a delicious sensation that sent more blood rushing to his thick arousal. Finally, she placed the whip between his legs, flicking upwards, causing it to hit his balls and the sensitive skin on the under side of his penis.

“Do you like it?” She asked coyly.

“Yessss” He hissed through clenched teeth.

“Yes, what?” When he didn’t answer, Tara flicked the whip across his hips, hard. “Yes, Mistress.” She prompted.

“Yes, Mistress!” He repeated quickly.

“Right, then. Would you like to see me now?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Beg me.”

“Please Mistress, let me see your beautiful body.” He immediately begged.

“Are you going to be good?” Tara toyed with his nipples, firmly.

“Yes, Mistress. I promise I’ll be good.”

Tara leaned up to untie the blindfold and Callum bent blindly to capture her mouth. She smacked him soundly on the ass.

“Don’t touch me! Never touch me unless I give you my express permission first!” She scolded. “For that, you will be punished.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress. It won’t happen again! Please, please take off the blind fold.”

“Since you asked so prettily….” She untied the blindfold and let it fall to the floor. Callum’s eyes took in the room before resting on Tara. She had begun to take off her clothes. First the sweater, then the blouse, revealing the black bra and the top of the corset. The skirt fell to the floor in a heap as she swayed her hips back and forth, running her hands over herself, pinching her own nipples and rubbing herself against her hand.

“Do you like what you see?” She asked continuing her seductive movements. Callum swallowed and tried to regain moisture in his mouth before answering.

“Yes, Mistress. You’re beautiful”

“Do you want me?”

“Yes, Mistress. Very badly.” He rasped.

“Would you like to suck on these?” She ran her hands up to her breast and began playing with her nipples again; walking towards him until they almost touched.

“Yes please, Mistress, may I?” He asked bending his head and finding that he did not have enough give to reach her creamy breasts.

“First, you’ll come with me.” Tara unhooked the chains holding his hands and feet, leaving the shackles in place and led him to the horse. Which looked like a padded picnic table, only thinner. This time, he complied without the slightest hesitation, letting her snap the shackles to the metal loops near the bottom of the horse. He lay across it with his head free on one side, the horse beneath his stomach and his nicely rounded ass high in the air. His knees rested on the lower bench attached to the horse.

Tara retrieved a riding crop from the closest table and sat on the opposite bench inches blow his face. He was looking right into her lap. “Can you smell me?” She asked.

“No, Mistress.” He answered honestly.

“Would you like to?” She moved al little closer.

“Oh…yes.” He struggled to get closer to her barely covered pussy. The riding crop came down on his buttock with a loud snap, leaving a pleasing red mark.

“Yes, Mistress! Please let me smell your pussy!” He amended quickly, holding himself still.

The riding crop came down again, this time on the other cheek. Callum hissed in a breath with obvious pleasure. Tara continued her abuse, alternating between his cheeks and taking care not to hit the same spot too often. With great effort he managed to keep still and resist trying to bury his nose in between Tara’s creamy thighs. When she was done, his ass shone a brilliant red and he was panting with suppressed desire. Drops of pre-cum were dripping off his, now purple cock and landing in a little puddle on the floor. Feeling he deserved a reward after taking his punishment so well, Tara lifted herself off the bench enough to afford him the scent of her sex.

He breathed in deeply, but neither said nor did anything to earn her wrath.

“Do you want a taste, slave?” Tara cooed at his bent head.

“Yes, Mistress.” He answered docilely.

“Did you like your punishment?”

“Yes, Mistress. Very much.” His chest was heaving with the effort to stay still. He could feel the embarrassed flush of heat in his face.

“Alright, I think you deserve a little taste. You’ve been such a good boy.” She smiled, running her hands through his thick hair, as she gave him his instructions. “Use only the tip of your tongue and never lose contact with my pussy. If you do, I’ll have to punish you again. Do you think you can manage?

“Yes, Mistress.” Came the breathless reply. Tara turned her back to Callum, giving him a view of the smooth skin of her ass and the tops of her thighs. Pulling down the leather thong, she bent over widening the slit of her swollen pussy and giving him access to that part he wanted most. kartal escort “Now.” She commanded.

Callum obeyed immediately, sticking his tongue into the moist pink flesh with enthusiasm. Tara moaned with pleasure as he caressed every inch of her pussy with his tongue, flicking over her lips, finding the little depression under the hood of her clit, playing with the entrance to her vagina, never once taking his tongue off her skin for a second. He could smell the juices flowing from her pussy but was denied the taste of her in his mouth. It was driving him mad, not to taste her sweet flesh, and he felt himself shaking with the urge to press her juices to his palette and savor the salty sweetness he had found between her thighs. In a moment of utter weakness, he reasoned that she would never notice and covertly ran his tongue over his own lips in an effort to taste her.

Tara immediately pulled away, clucking her tongue in disappointment. “And here I thought you would behave.” She admonished. “I guess you haven’t had enough yet.” Tara walked around the bench, running her hand over Callum’s vulnerable form.

“Such a nice ass, all nice and red.” She cooed as she went to the corner table again. When she returned, Callum felt her opening his ass cheeks and smearing, what he assumed was KY, on his ass hole. First one finger plunged in and he tensed and bucked slightly. Tara reached between his legs and grabbed hold of his painfully hard erection.

“Don’t move.” She commanded, pushing another finger in to join the first. She fucked his ass with her fingers until she was satisfied that it had been loosened and relaxed enough to insert the butt-plug she had retrieved from the table. She rammed it in right to the base and proceeded to strap it on so it wouldn’t fall out while Callum moaned and tried desperately not to move as she still had a vice grip on his penis.

When she was done strapping him in, Tara had another surprise for him. Sliding under the table, she placed his rigid prick into the confines of a studded cock-ring. The leather bound his balls tightly causing a jolt of pleasure to rise through his body, and making his muscles tense around the butt-plug. She licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip of his bound penis and it jerked in response. Callum shuddered with desire and very nearly came in her face.

“Ah, not yet, you don’t.” Taunted Tara, giving him one final squeeze before rising again. She came around the table and stood directly in front of him. He looked up and could just see the nipple clamps she had placed on her breasts. A chain hung between them, that when pulled would pull tightly on the clamps. She placed the chain in his mouth and directed him to tease her breasts.

“If you do it to my liking, I’ll let you suck on them.” Callum pulled on the chain with alternating pressure while Tara gasped and moaned and played with her clit, pinching and flicking the little nub with expertise.

“Now, suck my clit.” She ordered. Callum sucked the hard little hood into his mouth with relish. He could feel that she had begun flicking him with the whip again. Tara admired the little red stripes she was leaving with her lashes and the sight of his submission combined with his enthusiastic mouth on her clit sent her spiraling over the edge into an explosive orgasm that left her legs weak and her blood pounding in her ears. She backed away from Callum and undid the restraints at his wrist. Walking around the table, she undid the ones on his ankles as well.

Tara guided Callum so that he was sitting on the low bench leaning against the bulk of the horse. She reattached his arm restraints to the sides, leaving his legs free. She leaned over him, letting her breasts swing in his face and waited for him to take the bait. He just looked up into her eyes, awaiting permission.

“That’s a good little slave.” She purred. “I think you deserve a big reward. You may suck on them now.”

Callum went to it with zeal. He tongued her breasts all over sucking her large nipples into his mouth, nibbling softly until she commanded that he bite them. He obeyed, rewarded with her sharp intake of breath and soft moaning. The taste of her skin was intoxicating, like peaches. Before Callum had his fill, she removed her breasts from his reach and traced a line with her tongue from his neck to his thighs. She circled his throbbing erection teasingly, licking his balls, sucking them into her mouth, nipping firmly at the soft skin where his legs join his torso. His legs were vibrating when she finally placed her mouth over the head of his cock, flicking her tongue into the slit and tasting the salty pre-cum again. Little by little, she worked every inch of him into her mouth, relaxing the muscles in her throat to take him all in. She played with his balls, tugging and pinching them while she worked her mouth like magic. Feeling the thickening at the base of his dick, she commanded, “Don’t cum.”

He fought it with all his strength. The urge to cum in her mouth was so powerful that he almost lost control. He tightened his muscles in excruciating effort, but it only caused the butt-pug to send even more pleasure into his groin. Tara stopped. Devastated, but still intact, Callum breathed a sigh of relief, until Tara lowered her wet pussy onto his huge erection.

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