Marrying Brother Ch. 03

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The experience I had in the last two days had been far more exciting than I had ever dreamed of. Yet, here I was, dreaming again. After the frantic fuck I had with my brother in the evening, we had our dinner and were watching the TV as I trailed off to sleep. And I was dreaming about him again. I wanted him to spread my thighs and suck my cunt off to my orgasm. I wanted him to lick my inner thighs as I laid back in the sofa watching a hot movie on the TV. I wanted him to trail his fingers along my breasts and grab them tight, as he sucked me off. It was only a dream, yet I could feel the heat. I could feel my heart pumping fast and my lips throb and shiver.

I let out a moan and woke up as if from a fiery wet dream, only to find that I wasn’t in the sofa, but in a bed, in my own bed. It was morning and the sun’s rays were beaming into the room through the curtains of the windows with a slight shade. I always like those curtains, waking up in the shade of the brisk morning sun. It was usually so romantic for me, particularly on those days after a nice fuck with my hubby the previous night. When I came to the senses, there he was my brother, between my spread thighs.

‘Oh my god!’ I gasped to myself. I was naked and I was on my bed. ‘It was not a dream. What I was thinking in my dream wasn’t a dream. It was real. It was happening right on my bed instead of the sofa. My brother was there just like I had imagined, having given me an orgasm almost. I was just a few moments before an orgasm in my dream. And now I was panting from one of the wildest wet dream I ever had.

Arvind smiled at me, asked me to lay back and relax while he continued the job he left half way seeing me wake up. He started with lapping down the juices along the sides of my inner thighs, as I grabbed his head and fiddled with his hair with one hand and grazed over my now-hardened-breasts with other. He moved on to my hairy cunt, spread my cunt lips with his fingers and continued licking from where he left, when I awoke thinking it was a dream. Soon in minutes again, I was panting and gasping for air as he led me fast into an orgasm.

Phew! What an unforgettable way to start the day. My hips were buckling up and down as I went through the orgasm, trying to keep my moaning down so that I wouldn’t create suspicions for the neighbours.

Just then my mobile phone that was beside my pillow rang. Arvind moved up beside me and was caressing my breasts, twiddling my nipples as I answered the phone. It was my hubby on my phone, to my surprise. Arvind wouldn’t have been able to comprehend anything from hearing my side of the talk alone, which went like this…


“Hi, Yeah! Good morning. Same to you sweety”

“Yeah! You?”



“Ok. Its ok for me. Yeah, already Arvind is here. So it doesn’t matter pa. I don’t know if they could manage it.”

“Ok. Its ok for me. Is it ok for her? Wait. Let me ask Arvind”

“It seems like Preethi is going to come here to study. She’s doing her third year in college now and uncle thought she could stay with us, so that she can concentrate on her studies. Is it ok for you to share the room?” And he replied with a grin.

“Yeah. Its ok pa. I don’t know how we are going to manage them. Anyway. Its ok.”

“So, when will you people be here?”


“Okay. Okay. See you da sweetie. Bye.”

I finished the call. “What? Is Preeti coming too…?? Is she going to stay with me? Wow.. is it ok for her share the room? How could she ever decide on sharing a room with a guy?…” he was going on with his questions when I stopped him.

“I know u have a thing for her. Don’t be mischievous while she is here!!”

“With you?”

“Yes, don’t be mischievous with me and also with her. She is still in college and she isn’t like me. Don’t trick her into anything! And get ready. They are almost home…!”

“What??” he panicked!

We both of us were butt naked sitting on my bed and he was fondling my breasts. He jumped as he heard me say that. The place needed a nice clean up. All our inner wears were astray all over the house, including the balcony and kitchen. The floor tiles had cum stains, as were my bedspreads.

“What can I do Arvind? Help me clean this place will you?” and moved out of the bed trying to grab all the innerwear that were on the floor şirinevler escort with frenzy.

“These things need a wash. Switch on the washing machine.” I yelled at him as he went into the bath. I was still naked, trying to clean off the cum stains from the floor when he finished his bath and came out.

“Akka. The washing machine is done…. Anything (else)…..” he was about to finish that when he stopped at his step watching my naked body squatting on the floor. His eyes fell on my breasts as they dangled while I was trying to clean the stain off the floor. My thaali was still around my hips, and not at my neck. Just then I felt his hand grab my hips and pull me up back to him. I could feel his hardness hit my ass cheeks through his trousers and I knew what was coming.

“Arvind, not now pls. leave me, they’ll be here anytime…” but I couldn’t stop him. I wanted him to do it again with me, yet I was trying to resist, knowing very well it is of no use. One part of my mind said, ‘They will be here anytime… not now’ the other half saying, ‘Yes, please, do it fast, fuck me now, before they come, one last time.’ He was fondling my breasts from behind and kissing me at the back of my neck by this time.

Ultimately the wild side of me prevailed. “Ok do it, quick, before they come. Fuck me. Let’s do it fast before they come.” I was saying to him. But that wasn’t happening! He was taking his own time.

“Beg me to fuck you akka, NOW!!!” he was making me his slave. One of his hands had now moved between my legs and his fingers were trying to caress my cunt and finger me then and there. I could feel my knees as if they were made of jelly. My dignity gave way to consciousness and I begged him whispering on his ears loud enough for him to hear. “Pls arvind, fuck me now, please… fuck me now, quick, they’ll come anytime, fuck me now, and I want it as bad as you. Do it…now! Fuck me please…” I was pleading him.

Then I felt his hand on my back making me bending to the front and I grabbed the table near me. I heard the rustle of his trousers being undone and then I felt his hot hard penis slip into my cunt from the back. It was my salvation for the desire I had moments back. He plunged deep into me. I let out a muffled squeal. I panted hard. I could feel my breasts dancing up and down. That feeling again spiced up my sexual urge and in minutes I was nearing my orgasm. I never got closer to my orgasms so fast. And this was happening for real with my brother!

He was hitting me like a stallion in heat. It was real hard to match his speed. Yet, I did, just like the previous times. The feeling was great, to keep up to his moves. It was like moving up to the hill. Yet it was great. In moments I heard him groan softly as he let him cum flow deep in my cunt into my vagina. Again the probability of getting impregnated by his cum, sent waves into me. I buckled and my body throbbed.

I was gasping for air as I reached my orgasm. He was there behind me, his penis still inside my cunt, his hands grabbing my hips and caressing me. I was beginning to love him just for that, for hanging around even after he had come. Then we heard the screech of the car tires. ‘Oh my God! It’s my hubby.’ There I was grabbing my towel and all the clothes I need to wear after bath, and dashing naked into the bath, with his cum sliding along my thighs to my knees. I heard the doorbell ring as the door of my bathroom closed and clicked.

‘Phew! Oh my god!’ I was panting, standing naked before the mirror grabbing the sink. I could still feel the hot cum of Arvind on my inner thighs. ‘Oh my god! What a wonderful time we had!’ It was a sensation which I couldn’t give up so fast. The excitement had left my heart still pumping so fast! My thali was at my hips and I was trying to undo it so that I can knot it around my neck again. I did it and then I heard the house door open.

And Arvind was welcoming them, “Hi Mama (uncle)… hi Preethi…”

“Hi da, How are you?”

“I’m fine Mama.”

“Where is your akka?”

“She just now went for a bath. How was your journey? Tired?”

“Yeah! Very tired.” I could hear Preethi saying.

“It was one hell of a journey!”

“Okay, I’ll show you the room. Give me your bags.” And then I heard both their voices muffle as they went into their room. “Long time şişli escort no see. You’ve changed a lot…” She was saying to him.

The shower was on. And I started shampooing my hair.

“Hi sweetie. Missed me a lot?” My hubby was asking from the other side of the bathroom door.

“Hi Sri (Srihari)… yeah. How was your journey. Ok?”

“Very tired.” He was saying.

And then there was no sound.

When I finished my bath and came out of the room, he was dead asleep. ‘Poor guy, should have been a tiresome journey.’ I mumbled as I kissed his forehead and came out of the room.

Arvind was watching TV. Preethi had just then finished her bath and entered the kitchen. Indeed, she too had changed a lot. She is 20 now. It has been more than a year since I’ve seen her. ‘Wait, something is different about her. No, it’s not her looks, something is wrong. Yes, she looked dead tired just like my hubby. But something else is different… Like she’s having a sore cunt.’ She couldn’t walk properly. Could that have happened?? I was guessing. I knew I was adding two and two. Both my hubby and his sis were tired. I’ve never seen him so tired. May be today. But if both were tired, could that have happened. May be… may be she was having her periods.’

“Are you okay dear? You look so tired?” I asked her.

“No. I’m okay akka.” She too used to call me akka, even though I was her sister-in-law.

“Are you having your periods?” I whispered to her.

“No, akka, I’m okay. It’s just that I’m tired from the journey. Lot of traffic jams, the car stalled. Anna only fixed it. I had to help him. That’s it. Nothing else.”

If it wasn’t her periods, now my suspicions grew like a cloud ball. And I couldn’t believe my hubby fucked his own sister, just like I did my brother. ‘Wow…’ the thought itself was so kinky, incestuous and overwhelming.

“Do you need any help here akka?” she was asking.

“It’s ok. I can manage. You have some rest. You look very tired.” I was tired too, what with a great cunt sucking and fucking from my brother, but I did send her to sleep.

Then came my brother. “Need some help, akka?” He grinned.

“Yeah, help me with those vegetables, will you?” And we both started cooking together.

“Are you okay?” he whispered.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Are you?” I whispered too.

“I’m fine akka.” Saying so, he looked if anyone was watching and gave a quick kiss on my cheeks.

“Stop doing that when they are around okay?” I admonished him whispering again.

“Okay. Okay. Did you notice Preethi has changed a lot now? She has grown a lot since I’ve seen her.” he said.

“Yeah! I noticed. I noticed a lot other things too.”


“Don’t shout; keep your voice down… I think Preethi and your Mama had nice fuck yesterday during their trip.” I let out my suspicions to him.

“What??” he was about to yell when I closed his mouth.

“What?” he asked now in a low voice.


“How do you say that??” He asked me.

“Both of them are dead tired. I’ve never seen Sri like that. I’m sure something happened. Beside, she has a sore cunt. She isn’t walking properly.”

“How can you say that? There may be a number of reasons for her getting tired.” He contradicted.

“Believe me da. I’m a woman. I know. She isn’t having her periods, so obviously the only way she can have a sore cunt is as a result of a nice fuck. Just like I had…” I couldn’t stop letting out a giggle.

“I can’t believe that!” he said.

“Yeah, me too. But I’m sure it happened.” I said to him.

“Well, that makes it even.” He grinned as he put his hand on my other side and fondled my breasts even with my blouse and bra on them.

“Sush!” I silenced his laugh. Yet, allowed him to continue his fondling, with an eye on the kitchen door.

It was really a miracle that I finished off the cooking, with all his fondling and kissing. I had to push him out so that I could finish the cooking. We both had our breakfast and watched the TV. Hours rolled on. Afternoon came and Arvind was sleeping on my lap in the sofa, as I was watching the TV. My hubby woke up once in the middle, saw him sleeping on my lap, didn’t say anything as always.

It was so innocent, for my brother to sleep on my lap. Again, my hubby went to sleep. suadiye escort I was bored. Evening came. Arvind woke up. I checked out the other two. Preethi was sleeping with her chudi still on. Obviously, she’ll have to give up her privacy to share the room with a guy. At first I thought how I’m going to keep both Arvind and Preethi away from each other. Now I was wondering how I’m going to keep my hubby and Preethi away from each other!

“Coming to the market?” I asked Arvind with a wink.

“Yeah! I’ll drive.” He grabbed the car keys and we were off. Just as we hit the road after the purchase, on our way back, he wondered aloud. “I couldn’t imagine they are doing it.” He was saying.

“So what, didn’t you do it with your sister?” I teased him.

“Yeah I did, but even then…” he let out a sigh.

“Yeah I know how u feel. I too feel the same way. But hope we’ll get over that.” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He parked the car.

“Want some ice cream?” he asked.

“Yeah! I wouldn’t mind.” Soon he was back with a double sundae.

“Why just one?” I asked.

“We’ll share. He grinned.” I started licking the ice cream. As I put my hands around him, I could see his penis throbbing out of his jeans. Slowly, I unzipped his jeans and pulled off his brief.

“Wow…” he gasped as I held his penis in my hand. He slid the tinted car windows up and switched on the air-conditioning. Sunday evening and the traffic was moving at a snails pace. It would take an hour to reach home. And it is a lot of time.

“Want me to take off my blouse?” I asked him.

“Hmm.. yesss” he said.

Soon I was topless. I had let my sari go off my shoulder. Unbuttoned and took off my blouse. Then, I took off my bra and threw my blouse and bra to the back seat. My thali was dangling along my cleavage. My sari was still clutching my hips. There I was, sitting beside the driver’s seat, half naked at the top. My breasts were getting hardened slowly.

He put his hands around my shoulders and started fondling my left breasts. I bent down and started licking his hard penis. My hot breasts grazed over his thighs. I could feel his hands groping all over the small of my back. With every single suck I gave to his penis, he gasped and groaned, yet managed to keep the car on the road with the traffic.

10 minutes passed. I should say I’m an experienced cock sucker. The cock sucking is at the best when you build a tempo and then let the guy trail off a bit and then start over again.

And I can get that he was enjoying every bit of it from the sounds he made. He suddenly grabbed the whole of my right breasts with his palm and clutched it hard that the sensation ran all over me.

Now I was fully in it, trying to cum him off. He was gasping and his hands now moved into my petticoat, finding the ultimate treasure, my cunt, trying to finger me as I sucked his cock. We were so much in heat, that we sweated even with the air-conditioning fully on. My slurping sounds disappeared in the music from Radio Mirchi. The announcer was saying ‘Sema Hot Machi’. I almost giggled hearing that with his penis in my mouth.

At one traffic junction when the lights were red, our senses ran the lights. “Ammaaaaa…” he let out a panted gasp and I could taste his cum on my throat. It spewed glob after glob of his precious cum and I gulped every single glob of his cum. Soon, he was over. Yet, he was fingering me.

“You ride carefully. I’ll finger myself.” I said to him.

“Show me fingering yourself. Take off your petticoat.” He said, and I rolled up my petticoat and saree to my hips. With my thighs spread, I fingered showing myself off to him as he drove to home. Just before we reached home, I came. Then I put on my bra and blouse, smoothed down my petticoat and saree. The crumpling of my dress couldn’t be noticed as it was already dark in the night.

We came home. I should say we sneaked in!

As I changed my dress to nighty, again I noticed something wrong.

My hubby was sleeping naked. He never used to sleep naked. He never liked it that much. It’s me who always loved to sleep naked. Still with disbelief, I checked in on Preethi, she too was sleeping. But she wasn’t wearing the chudi! She was wearing a nighty and pretending to sleep just like before. Now I knew for sure, these siblings were fucking like rabbits just like both of us! What a family we are!


I’m here after a long time… Hope everyone likes it. As always, please send me a feedback, and suggestions to improve and more kinky ideas to develop the story further. Hope you had a hot and wet time reading this part. To be continued…

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