Martin Luther Ch. 02

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Author’s note: There is a bit of sex in this part of the story but it might be substandard to other stories that focus more on the sex while this story is dealing with other issues.

Author is not a lawyer.

Author is not a doctor.

Author is not a priest.

All characters are over 18.

All sexual scenes involve consenting adults.


Chapter 6

Two men looking for a Big Boy

“Get your ass up.” Martin heard his uncle say.

It was already mid day when Martin opened his eyes and the day started out with Martin being yelled at by his uncle that he’d missed work.

“If you’re going to be staying here for free the least you can do is help me.” his uncle said with disappointment flavoring his words.

That day, instead of going to work Martin’s uncle wanted to do something else entirely. He ordered Martin into one of the SUVs and hardly even gave Martin a chance to shower before they were droving the rest of the day and then again and again the uncle asked Martin about his mom so again and again Martin had to tell him that he didn’t know the answers to the questions his uncle was asking. After stopping for a hamburger and waiting for the sun to pass the horizon they finally arrived at some spot. However there was no business for the uncle to conduct there.

“Here we are? Remember anything?” he asked.

“Like what?” Martin tried to clarify.

“This is it, right?”

“What exactly?” Martin was so confused.

“What we’ve been talking about. This is it, where your mom got busted.”

Oh. “Uh …” Martin really had no idea that that was where they were.

“Don’t you remember anything? Anything at all?”

“No. I mean I remember the hotel room a little bit but …”

“Ok. Was it that motel over there?”

“I don’t know. Why are we doing this?”

“What do you mean why? My wife’s sister died, man. Your mom. Don’t you need to deal with that?”

“I guess but …”

“So which motel was it?”

“I don’t remember. I was really little.”

“Try. Come on man.”

“There was a … Big Boy.”

“Burger place?”

“Yeah. I remember the big statue. I could see it from the window. I really wanted to go there and eat french fries.”

Martin’s uncle got out his phone and started to look up something. “Ok. Now we’re getting somewhere.”

“I don’t know how remembering a burger place is going to help anyone deal with anything.”

“You’d be surprised.” he said though he was really distracted as he typed out a message to someone. When he did finally bring his eyes back up he didn’t seem at all interested in dealing with Martin’s past. Instead he ordered Martin back to the SUV so they could start on the very long drive home. Martin was about to actually fall asleep in the passenger side seat but the uncle wouldn’t have it.

“(Racist expletive deleted), you got me driving here all sleepy. Talk to me. Tell me something to help me stay awake.”

Martin realized just then that there wasn’t much for him to tell his uncle. He didn’t want to relive all his sins and he didn’t want to reveal his new purpose in life to anyone yet. Besides, perhaps it wouldn’t be so great to help his uncle stay awake to talk to him. Rather getting his uncle to talk might be better. Therefore Martin started to ask how his uncle had gotten so rich.

“Oh, it wasn’t easy but once I unlocked it I was on a roll. You know what, it started with a gumball machine. I don’t even remember what I was thinking. I remember little Virginia thought it was cute cause it looked like the head of some alien on a thin body. You know, decorations. I thought it was from some movie but actually it was just how the thing was. I remember after I had it at the house for a bit I decided to ask the guy at the supermarket if I could place it outside the store and he agreed. That thing was just taking up space in my house. And then I think I was after like the third of fourth time that the store called me to come fill up the machine that something clicked. I was making so much money form just selling gumballs. Sure that alone wasn’t going to make me rich but the idea of what it represented as important. For the amount of work that I did to maintain that gumball machine was nothing compared to how much I was getting paid. You know, that’s the key. So I started to change how I worked. I wasn’t interested in a slave wage anymore. I set it up so my money made me more money. I set it up so other people’s work would make me money. That was how I did it. So then I got involved in meat packing. All these restaurants want meat so …”

Martin was still listening and asking follow up questions and the uncle was happy to talk but Martin had to admit to himself that he lost the train of logic at some point. Perhaps he was just too sleepy to fully process was his uncle was saying. Regardless, Martin had been successful in awakening his uncles slightly hyper side because the older man getting all charged up and excited telling Martin how he’d made this deal or undercut this guy and took over this market. Some tuzla escort of the stuff sounded like it might be less than fully legal or at least if it was legal it would certainly piss people off.

“So then I had the truck. It was mine. Instead of driving the thing myself I got George to drive it. You met him at my house. I told him, when he got the order and he went to go pick up he wasn’t supposed to just pick up for the shopping center. I arranged for some extras that would be owned by me to be put on the truck too. We still billed the shopping center for all the transportation costs and then we used the same truck to go around and sell off the extras to all the other stores. Man, I tell you, I made so much money from that.”

It was getting late but they still hadn’t arrived home yet. Martin was thinking that it was taking longer to get home then it had taken to get to the place his mom had died. They stopped but Martin could tell this was not his uncle’s estate. It was a someone’s house in a suburb looking place with nice two story single family homes going down the street as far as Martin’s eyes could see in the dark.

Martin was told to stay in the SUV and while his uncle got out and went to the door of the house to talk with another man about the same age as his uncle. The other man was much thinner and actually looked like he worked out. The way the man stood gave off a very authoritarian, almost military vibe. Martin’s uncle was showing the stern man his phone while trying to get the man excited but apparently the man wasn’t getting excited enough for Martin’s uncle. Then the uncle got annoyed and seemingly pulled rank on the other man. Martin didn’t know what kind of relationship the two had but the other man seemed to then acquiesce to Martin’s uncle. They quietly chatted for a bit and then they said their goodbye just as sleep was about to come to Martin again.

Martin had to continue to talk to his uncle on the rest of the drive home and thankfully they arrived back without any vehicular mishaps. Once they got home his uncle tell Martin to go to his ‘free’ room.

“And be quiet. Everyone’s sleeping. You have work in the morning.”

Chapter 7

Watching over a drunk girl

Martin didn’t even know what time it was. The house looked very different in the dark and he was very sleepy to the point of wanting to just drop and sleep on the carpet of the hallway but Martin was able to find his way around and make his way to the room he’d been given. Once he opened the door however he thought he must have the wrong room because the first thing he noticed was Flora sitting on the bed looking at her phone.

Flora came to him and took his hand into hers.

“I’m sorry.” Martin said assuming he had the wrong room.

“She went to sleep in your bed. I couldn’t stop her.” Flora said.

Martin was having trouble processing her meaning at first but then in the darkness he could make out someone else on his bed.


“Carla. She drank a bit too much.”



“She’s too young to drink. She needs to stop it.”

“You’ve been spending too much time with Daddy.”

“I think I could almost agree with you.”

“Well, you’re not going to sleep in her with Carla on your bed.”

“It’s fine. I still have the key to the other room.”

“Oh, you don’t have to go out there.”

“If it’s ok I guess I can take the sofa.”

“Follow me.”

Flora led Martin to a different room. Unlike the other room which had clearly been set up as a guest room this new room looked like someone occupied it.

“Go ahead. Get ready for bed.”

“Bed looks nice.” Martin said.

“Thank you.” Flora responded.

Then as Martin was looking at the bed and waiting for Flora to leave she instead came to his side and gentle put her arms around him.

“I missed you today.” she said. “Where did you go?”

“I had to … help your father.”

“He keeps you busy.”

“That he does. I guess we better talk about it, huh?”

“About my father keeping you busy? You want me to tell him something for you?”

“No. I meant. …”

As Martin’s sleepy brain was trying to string his words together so he didn’t sound like an insensitive idiot Flora took the initiative and brought her lips to his in a very gentle kiss. As Martin was kissing her the words of the psalms came to his mind. He was the dry parched land thirsty for water but instead of that water being the Lord it was this forbidden woman. This was so wrong in so many ways. Flora was supposed to be engaged to another man. She was his cousin so even if she was free Martin could not touch her. But in that moment with her sweet lips touching his he just couldn’t help himself. He put his arms around her and he kissed her.

Unlike the frenzy of the previous night this time they both got fully undressed. Martin thought that he would, like before, just get on top of her and start to fuck her but Flora had other ideas. She had Martin to to his back and then to Martin’s atalar escort surprise she started to suck his cock. Martin was laying there with a mouth on his dick. He’s missed this. He had to be honest and admit that he’d really missed this. Who was the last girl to suck his cock? Oh, the evil one. Shit. The girl he got back to his dorm in seminary had only just let him fuck her. And that was the last time he’d had sex before Flora. That had two years ago almost. Two years of denying himself. And now he was in a bed with woman who was supposed to be his cousin only he’d just met her really. He felt Flora take the head of his dick down her throat and he realized that he didn’t even know her.

Without warning Flora stopped sucking on Martin and she came up to him and kissed him. Martin could taste the faint trace of dick in her kiss but didn’t complain. She got on top of him and lowered her hot eager pussy to his erection. And then he was inside of her again. The joy of fucking. Why was he doing this? Why was he letting her do this? What happened to becoming a priest? He should stop this. Was he actually going to stop this? He thought for just a moment … hell no. His hands reached around and grabbed Flora’s smooth ass as it went up and down or back and forth on his cock. He reached his fingers around to feel the ooze of lubrication at the place where her pussy lips and his cock met. His other hand went to one of her breasts to feel their perfect size, shape, and softness. Oh, it was wonderful. It was just so wonderful to be with a woman again.

“Cum for me baby.” Flora whispered in his ear. Not that Martin needed any encouraging but those words were music to his ears. He had half a mind to do as he had always done and pull out but something in him could remember that he wasn’t supposed to for some reason. He started to cum inside of her and that seemed to make Flora very happy as she kissed him. Martin actually wouldn’t be able to remember later how long the kiss went on for because he passed out not much longer after fulling her pussy with his seed.

Martin looked at the woman dancing naked for the king. He felt his spear in his hand and the weight of his armor on his chest. Martin turned his head to take in the opulence of the palace and then returned his attention to king was was just then getting his dick sucked by the dancer.

“Your sire if very pleased with you my dear.” the king said. “Are you ready to receive my blessing.”

The girl seemed to hum her answer to the affirmative with the king’s dick in her mouth.

The King put his two hands palm down on the top of the dancer’s head as she continued to suck him. “Receive my blessing. HA!”

The girl’s body jerked and Martin could understand that the king was cumming in her mouth.

“Do not let any of the royal jizz touch the floor. It is precious. You must consume ever last bit.”

It seemed that the girl did so and the king was pleased. Once finished the king was standing there with his dick still exposed while the girl rested next to his leg and clutched him like a slave.

“Martin, my loyal subject and master of my guard. Approach.”

Martin came close as summoned.

“Yes, sire.”

“Have you done as the lovely Salome asked of you?”

“As you command, sire. John, the baptizer, is in the palace hold.”

“Martin, has your king not always been like a father to you?”

“Indeed, sire.”

“I know arresting him wasn’t easy for you.”

“He put up no resistance, sire”

“Yes but I know you wanted to go to him. You wanted to participate in this baptizing that everyone was doing.”

“It was so fashionable for a while.” the woman said.

“Martin, you, like all of my subjects, are like a son to me. Your king will always take care of you.”

“I am ever grateful, sire.”

“Beautiful Salome, does the incarceration of that madman please you?”

“It does, highness.” the woman answered and then added, “If I please you may have ask one small additional request.”

“You do please me and so your king will grant it.”

“If John is only in prison his followers may come for him and he may escape us. It would be best to take his head and send a clear message to all in the realm that you alone are king. You are a good king to us and we should seek no other succor from foreigners or false prophets preaching false gods. Surely the divine would only speak to us through your highness. It is the natural order of the world. God will surely always guide you and you along to truth. Only you can tell us the will of the heavens. God will now allow you to err.”

“Very well said, my child. I see the royal seed has gifted your tongue with eloquence.”

“If it please you my king I desire to taste of it again as often as you’ll let me.”

“May I ask a question of Salome, sire?” Martin requested.

“Your king permits it.”

“Salome, beautiful and wise now thanks to the grace of our king. Your words confuse me. I am but a simple man. Can you help me to understand? Are you to say that God cevizli escort had taken away our king’s free will and because of this he can not err?”

Martin watched as the naked Salome tried to find words to answer but then the king interrupted and he did not seem pleased.

“Martin, you are right to say you are a simple man but you need not ask Salome to explain her words. Your king is your father and teacher. It is thus, God aligns his will to mine and imposes that will no nature. If I change my will then God so changes his as he is bound to me as all my subjects are. If I say that the sun shall be from now forward the moon then so it shall be. If I change my mind and say that it is sun again then it must be so. Whatever I will in that moment is thus naturally the good and anything opposed to my will is by definition the bad. Now, your king has graced you with knowledge above your station for long enough. Go, and take the head of criminal called John. Do not return to me without it. Your king commands you.”

Martin lost his breath there for a moment as his heart filled with sorrow but he knew he could not oppose the king or it would mean his own death as well. The king held the power of life and death over everyone so in a very real way it was as if he was already a god on earth.

“Martin.” the king added. “Do not let your heart be troubled. Do this small task for the lady Salome and I make you this promise before her and all here present. She will be yours to warm your bed and bear your children. Would you like that? I know you would. I see you looking at her. Your king is kind enough to share. You will have such a wise wife once I am ready to deliver her to you. You and you along of all my subjects will be given this gift to place your cock into the same mouth that has permitted to have mine. You will be able to fuck the same pussy that you king has fucked.”

Martin swallowed. “I … I would be honored, sire.”

Salome rose to her feet and approached Martin. She put her naked body up next to his and Martin could tell in himself that no matter that she had been with the king he did still desire to have her body.

“I will give you many strong sons and my fortune will be yours. Kill this man John as our king commands.”

Martin was about to put his arms around her but the king did not allow it.

“Fulfill your task and then she is your but not before.”

“It will be done, sire.” Martin said.

He turned to leave the throne room and walked to the dungeon. The trip seemed to be shorted than Martin expected. In no time at all he was standing in the cell with this man John who had caused so much trouble that the king was allowing his head to be cut off.

“If you really are a prophet, tell me why I am here.” Martin said to him. The man was young, about the same age as Martin himself but he was thin and frail from malnourishment.

“Thou shalt not kill.” the man said. “Have you forgotten God’s commands?”

“The king commands here.”

The prisoner who was seated looked up. “I will not fight you. You are not ready but remember that I said this. I am not the one. Look for the one who is to come after me.”

Martin pulled out his sword and used it to point to the block that was then there in the cell. The baptizer went to it and embraced it without fear. Martin raised up his sword and brought it down. Then right as it might have made contact Martin realized what it was he was doing. He was beheading John the Baptist. The John the Baptist. How could he be doing this? He tried to pull his hand away to stop this action. He pulled with his whole body to prevent the crime he seemed now to commit.

Martin jolted awake in a dark room before the sun had even risen. His arm was raised up into the air and he was covered in sweat. He tried to understand where he was and he discovered that he was not alone. He was not yet really used to the bed in the room he’d been given yet but even still he could tell that this was not that bed. The bed he was then currently in was much softer and the sheets smelled really good. His vision came back to him more fully as his eyes adjusted and what little light there was came into focus. He slowly eased himself away from the other person as he tried to remember how he had gotten here and why he seemed to not have any clothes. As the other person slowly stirred she revealed herself to him bit by bit until she turned herself in the bed to face him.

“Aaron.” she said as she started to put her hands on him and snuggle closer to him even as Martin was trying to get away.

That name and that voice let him know exactly who this was. He felt his cousin Flora kiss him on the cheek as she put her arm around him and squeezed him. She thought he was her fiance and that put a fire in his ass to get the hell out of there. As he tried to pull away and get out of bed she pulled him closer and then got to where she could kiss him on the lips.

Ok, so like … a beautiful naked woman was kissing him and somehow all the other parts of his brain got stuck in a repeating loop of inaction as he went ahead and kissed her. It was just so nice. Later he would be kicking himself but in that moment he couldn’t resist her. But there was the fact that this was his cousin and that made this all kinds of wrong. And there was the fact that she was supposed to be getting married.

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