Mary’s Virginity Ch. 02

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Mary woke up the next morning and stretched, confused briefly when her body protested with a little jangle of nerves and brushed up against a large, warm someone. She remembered in a flash, her Daddy spanking her, Daddy biting her nipples, Daddy playing with her clit, Daddy fucking her. And oh Goddess, Daddy’s cock in her ass. She squirmed at the memory, her flesh heating with embarrassment and arousal.

Then she noticed that her squirming against Daddy was making parts of him wake up. She looked at his face, saw he was still sleeping, then eased the blanket back. Mary wriggled down the bed until she was face to …well, head… with Daddy’s anatomy. He must have showered after she passed out because he smelled like Axe and sleep and that was it. She stretched forward and brushed her lips over the tip. She jumped in surprise when his cock twitched and slapped her lightly on the mouth.

Her lips parted and she swiped her tongue over the slit and was just about to wrap her lips around the head when she found her hair grabbed and her head yanked back. “Good morning, baby.”

Mary rolled her eyes to look at him, her head imprisoned in his grip. “Morning Daddy. I was just…uh…”

“I saw what you were doing. Rule number one, baby girls do not touch Daddy without permission.”

Mary’s mouth dropped open in surprise. “But Daddy!”

“No buts Mary. That is rule number one. If you’re going to be Daddy’s little girl you’re going to learn what that means.” He tightened his grip on her hair.

Mary whimpered but lowered her eyes. “Yes Daddy.”

“Good girl.” He released her hair and patted her cheek. “Give Daddy a quick kiss then go pee and brush your teeth. I expect breakfast to be started in ten minutes.” Dax smiled as Mary crawled up the bed to give him a close-mouthed kiss on the lips then slid to the floor. He watched as she reached for a shirt. “Did I tell you to put clothes on Mary?”

“N-no Daddy.” She hesitated with one arm in a sleeve.

“You are going to stay home with me today, baby, and you will be nude as long as we’re in the house.”

Mary wasn’t much of an exhibitionist and it was a struggle to force herself to drop the shirt. She lowered her head, “Yes Daddy.”

“Bring me the phone so that I can call your school, baby, then do as you were told.”

Mary grabbed her phone off the nightstand and turned to give it to Dax, her eyes on her feet. As soon as he’d taken it from her, she ran to her bathroom and closed the door. Dax stared at the door thoughtfully but decided to allow her to leave it closed. This time. Dax called the school and informed them his baby was sick and wouldn’t be in that day, the following day was a wait and see situation.

Dax fluffed Mary’s pillows up behind him and leaned back, hands behind his head. Today, he thought, would be an intense introduction to the Lifestyle and some heavy training. He grinned. Shopping, then The Club. He made another quick call, to make sure those he wanted were still involved and hung up several minutes later, satisfied. He rolled out of her bed and padded into the bathroom for a quick shower then went into his room for clothes.

He pulled on boxer briefs, tucking in the cock that refused to stay completely dormant this morning, then some dark slacks and a pale blue shirt that made his eyes a darker sapphire. He tucked it in, combed his hair, pulled on socks and shoes and tucked his wallet and keys into his pockets. Then he reached into the back of his top drawer and pulled out a little box.

Downstairs, Mary was making breakfast. She kept glancing out the windows as she padded around the kitchen, her perky breasts bouncing slightly, nipples hard from the chill of the air conditioning. Her body felt energized and worn at the same time. Her clit was still tingling and her pussy was tender, felt abused, as did her ass. She ran a hand over a few remaining welts on her right ass cheek and smiled at the sharp jolt of pain. She was finally a woman and it made her happy. She was Daddy’s woman.

Mary set the table and poured his coffee, adding sugar and creamer until it was the right color. She hoped it was sweet enough. Then she put a plate of warm toast on the table, along with scrambled eggs and sliced fruit. She wanted to make perogies but the splatter from the oil just seemed like something that naked flesh shouldn’t be near. Mary glanced at the ceiling as she heard her Daddy moving around and slid into her chair as his steps sounded on the stairs.

Dax walked into the kitchen and raised a brow at Mary. “Have you done as I asked, pet?”

Mary looked confused, “Yes Daddy, coffee is ready and breakfast is still hot. Please sit down before it gets cold.”

“You are in the wrong place Mary. Get up, take the cushion off the chair and put it on the floor beside my seat.” He moved to sit down as he spoke.

Mary’s confusion deepened but she did as he asked, setting the cushion down then standing beside it, twisting her fingers together. He pointed at the pendik escort cushion as he picked up his coffee with his other hand. “Kneel, ass on your heels, thighs spread, back straight and your head up. Keep your eyes down. You will not meet my eyes unless I tell you to, is that clear Mary?”

Mary assumed the position he wished, placing her hands on her thighs, “Yes Daddy.”

He smiled down at her. “Good girl. Now, did you get my coffee right?”

“I think so Daddy.”

“You didn’t taste it?”

Mary glanced up, surprised, then hurriedly dropped her eyes. “Of course not Daddy! It’s your coffee.”

“From now on, you will taste it to be sure it’s right.” He lowered his cup to her lips and waited until she placed them against the rim, opened slightly, then he tipped the cup up, pouring coffee into her mouth. Some of it slipped out of the corner of her mouth and slid down her chin to drop on her chest. He sighed. “You’re going to have to get better at that. Rise up, still on your knees.”

Mary pushed herself upright, her eyes lowered to the arm of his chair, confused. All these orders from Daddy were creating a maelstrom of emotions within her — longing, anger, fear, peace, desire and a need she couldn’t quite place. Her eyes flicked up as Dax wrapped a hand around her throat and used his wrist to tip her head back. He leaned forward and licked the coffee from her chin.

“Mmmm… You definitely got my coffee right, baby. And it tastes even better on you.” With his hand still on her throat, he pushed her down until her ass touched her heels again. Then he picked up a napkin and wiped her chest. “Remember the way that tastes, that is the way Daddy’s coffee should always be.”

“Yes Daddy.” A frown flicked across her face and Dax ate, watching the emotions play out.

“Are you hungry, pet?”

“Yes Daddy.” Mary’s voice was low. She hadn’t been sure he’d let her eat at all.

Dax scooped some eggs up on his fork and held them to her lips. “Eat then.” He watched as Mary’s mouth opened and she moved forward slightly. His cock tightened as he remembered watching it disappear into the same hot, wet cavern. Maybe a blow job before they left.

Dax berated himself, ‘Control, Man, seriously. You have her all to yourself today; the teasing will be just as good for you as it will for her.’

He fed her steadily, between his own bites. Soon breakfast was over and he pushed his chair back from the table, turning it slightly to face her. “Stand up baby, I have something for you. It used to be your mother’s.”

Mary rose to her feet, curiousity on her face. “You have something of my mother’s, Daddy? How come I never knew?”

“It’s not something you give a small girl, baby, it’s something you give a woman.” He pulled the box from under his thigh and gave it to her.

She turned the long flat jeweler’s box over in her hands. She glanced at him and he nodded, so she carefully opened the box. She stared in confusion at the coiled chain inside. There were three ends to it, two with loops and one with a flat u-shaped bit of wire. “What is it Daddy?”

Dax chuckled softly and took the box back. He spread his thighs and pulled her close to him. He set the box on one thigh and lifted the chain from it, holding it just below one of the loops. He wrapped his free arm around her waist and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Her head dropped back as she moaned and her hands went to his head.

He stopped, pulling back. “Put your arms behind your back, hold on to the opposite elbow. There is no touching Daddy, remember?”

She did as she was told. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

He resumed sucking on her nipple, tongue flicking over it until it was pebble hard. Then he pulled back and slipped the loop over it. He tightened it until she gasped. He did the same to the other side. The chain dangled between her breasts, the slim silver loops glinting in the morning light coming through the window. Pale pink lapis stones connected the vertical chain to the center of the one between her breasts. It fell over her belly, stopping just below her pelvis.

Dax followed the line with his finger, sliding it over her slit and finding moisture there. “So, my little girl likes this treatment, does she?”

Mary’s face flamed as she nodded, her hair falling forward to partially hide her face. “Yes Daddy.”

“Good, because Daddy is enjoying himself thoroughly.” Dax moved the dishes on the table out of the way then patted the empty place. “Sit here.” He watched as she moved, a look of surprise crossing her face as the chain tugged on her nipples. He grinned at her as she slid onto the table, then he grabbed an ankle in each hand and placed her feet on the table, spreading her open and forcing her to lay back.

Mary gasped again as her breasts slid over her ribs and the chain tightened. She watched as her Daddy leaned forward and parted her lower lips with his fingers. He sucked her clit into his mouth and bit üsküdar escort down on it. She screamed at the intensity of the sensations as he teased her sensitive clit. It almost hurt. Her body spasmed as pleasure spiked hard and he pulled back.

“No orgasm, baby, not yet.” He flicked her clit with a fingernail then picked up the u-shaped wire and said, “It’s a clip. It slides over your clit and inner labia.” He slid it in place as he spoke and she wriggled, her breath catching in her chest. “Up you get, it’s time to get dressed. We’re going shopping. You have five minutes.”

Mary’s eyes widened as she tried to force her body to stop being so aroused and get off the kitchen table. She made her way upstairs, legs widening when she discovered that walking normally made the clamp rub against her clit. Dax caught her and smacked her ass. She jerked forward a step and forced herself to walk properly. She came downstairs for minutes later, dressed in a short, denim skirt, white blouse most of the way buttoned up and untucked, and flip flops on her feet.

Dax looked her over. “You’ll do. We’re getting you something new to wear anyway.” He opened the front door and waved her through. Mary risked a quick glance at his face and he winked at her. She giggled and skipped to the car.

Dax shook his head, amused, and simply locked the house and got into the car.

“Where are we going Daddy?”

“Next town over. There’s a store there and some friends I want to visit.”

Mary’s eyes widened again. “We’re going to visit someone?”

Dax laughed, “Yes baby, we’re going visiting. You’ll enjoy yourself, trust me.”

“Okay Daddy.” She watched the scenery going by as they drove.

An hour later, Dax pulled into the parking lot of a cement block building, painted white. The windows held mannequins dressed almost modestly in leather outfits. Mary looked them over, noting the lacing up the sides of one skirt and the same kind of lacing over the breasts of the other one. Her eyes widened and she glanced at Dax through her lashes.

“Do you like those, baby?”

“They’re…nice, Daddy.” Truth was leather had always turned her on. She’d snuck into Dax’s closet and buried her nose in his leather coats more than once.

Dax gripped her elbow and guided her inside, chuckling softly. The bells tinkled overhead and a woman in form-fitting latex pants and a vest so tight it looked like paint turned from a clothing rack she’d been looking through. She blinked, leaned closer and peered at Dax. “Dax? Is that you?”

He looked the woman over from her strawberry blonde hair to the black painted toenails in dark leather sandals and grinned. “Rose!” He braced himself, letting go of Mary’s elbow.

Mary watched, eyes narrowing, as the Rose person launched herself at her Daddy, wrapped her legs around his waist and planting a big, thorough kiss on his mouth. Mary started steaming, face turning red.

Dax glanced at his girl, noted her jealousy and decided to teach her a lesson. He hugged Rose and kissed her back, briefly, before setting her down and tucking her under his arm. He turned away from Mary and leaned close to Rose to speak softly in her ear. Rose giggled and peered at Mary before returning her full attention to Dax.

Mary scowled and turned her back on them both, smothering a gasp as the chain tugged on her nipples and clit with the movement. She caught sight of the display case in front of her and her face flamed with embarrassment. Large fake cocks were laid out in rows, too big to possibly be based on anything real. Mary’s pussy twitched. It was interesting, but she liked her Daddy.

She blinked at the next display. There were vibrators and other things labeled “clitoral stimulation.” Mary stepped closer, intrigued. She looked at things called bullets and eggs and something called a pocket rocket. Then her attention was caught by an oddly shaped toy. It was hook shaped, narrow in the middle and wider on each end. It was called the We Vibe II. It said, “Unique in design, this revolutionary product is the first ever toy that can be used while making love. We-Vibe II is smaller than its original, offers 7 new vibration modes with 2 speed settings. The innovative design allows for both external and internal stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play.”

Mary didn’t understand it at all. She didn’t know what a g-spot was and her experiences the night before led her to believe that the toy went in the front and the back. She squirmed at that thought. Suddenly there was a hot body behind her, broad shouldered and very aroused as it pressed into her ass. Hands slid around her waist. “Daddy?” She had opened her mouth to ask about the toy when a strange voice answered.

“Can be if you want me to be, little girl.” One arm clamped around her waist and the other hand slid over her hip.

Mary screamed, “DADDY!”

Two sets of footsteps pounded through the store, one heavy and one lighter, anadolu yakası escort then the strange man’s arms disappeared from around her. She whipped around and pressed back against the counter. She watched, frightened as her Daddy pulled the guy away from her then ducked out of the way of Rose’s mace. While the strange man screamed at the burning in his eyes, Dax punched him twice in the left kidney and Rose called the police. Dax let the man drop to the floor then pulled Mary into his arms, stroking her hair.

Dax pulled Mary into the back room, murmuring reassurances and apologies. “I’m sorry baby I shouldn’t have left you alone. But look, I found something really nice for you to wear.” He turned her in his arms so she could see the hangers on the hooks, little bits of leather hanging from two of them. He nibbled her earlobe and whispered, “I know you’ve been sniffing my coats, wrapping yourself up in the leather. So I am getting you your very own leather.”

Mary wiped her eyes and stared. There were three hangers. Two held pieces of slick black leather and an amethyst silk blouse hung from the last. She moved forward almost against her will, the disgusting man who pawed her almost forgotten. She lifted the first hanger off the hook and fingered the skirt. It was the one she’d seen in the window, a short strip of leather with corset lacing up the sides. It was low rise and would not fit much above her hip bones when on. She grinned at him and eagerly took the next hanger down. This was a braless corset. It looked like it would hug her figure tightly. The third hanger held a deep purple silk blouse. “Daddy! These are for me?”

Dax chuckled. “Of course, baby. Why don’t we try them on?”

Mary hurriedly stripped off her clothes as Dax got comfortable in a nearby chair. She turned her back to him as she bent over to step into the skirt. Dax enjoyed the view, noting that her inner labia were swollen and slightly purple. It was almost time to take the clip off and he wondered what torment to replace it with. Ben-wa balls maybe. Mary straightened up, wriggling and tugging the tight leather into place. Dax caught her hand and pulled her to stand between his thighs. He tightened the lacing up each side then pushed her back slightly and grabbed the corset.

“It has a zipper put in the front so that the next time you put it on it will be easy to do by yourself. But this time, you’ll need help to get the sizing right.” He turned her so her back was to him then fitted it around her body, tugging the nipple and belly chains out of the top so it wasn’t pulling quite so hard on her nipples, then set about the painstaking process of threading the satin lacing through the rows of eyelets on the back. Once that was done, he pulled on them, tightening them until she gasped for air, then he loosened it just a little and tied it off. “Turn around baby.”

Mary did as she was told, staring down at herself. Her breasts had been shoved up but were completely bare. Her body was shaped more firmly and she felt incredibly sexy in the leather. She ran her hands down her sides and looked up at him, grinning into his eyes. “Oh thank you Daddy!”

Dax reprimanded her softly even as he grinned back, delighted in the look, “Eyes down baby, remember your place.” He watched as she dropped her eyes then reached for the blouse. “You look absolutely delicious and very slutty in that outfit baby. It’s perfect. But since we’re going out in public, we’ll need to cover those luscious little breasts up.” Holding the blouse open and up for her to slide her arms into, he watched as she slipped into it. Then he buttoned the middle two buttons and left the rest undone.

The black and amethyst made her skin glow like a pearl in the light of the store and it took his breath away. He slid his hand around the back of her neck, unable to resist her, and pulled her to him, taking her mouth with a dark intensity, plundering it and stripping her of all thought processes. Mary groaned into his mouth, her hands sliding up his chest before she quickly dropped them to her sides. He bit her lower lip then broke the kiss. “Rose should have the last few things I wanted for you ready by now. But there is one thing we need to do still.”

Mary watched him as he bundled her clothes — and her shoes — under one arm and asked, “What’s that, Daddy?”

“Find a replacement for the clip of course. It seems it’s a little too tight for you. You are more succulent than your mother was. I will find something else.” He was watching her face as he spoke and caught the flash of interest and the slight squirm. He made note to look in the display she’d been in front of when accosted. He led her barefoot self back out to the main room of the store.

Rose whistled softly when she saw Mary, chuckling when Mary blushed. “You were right, Dax, she is a delectable little treat.” A pile of boxes was on the counter beside her. “I think I have all the things you asked for, although I’m not sure about the boots. We tend to go a size higher with this style, just to allow some room for the inevitable swelling.” She watched Mary’s eyes widen. “Don’t worry little one, the swelling only happens if you’re wearing them for hours and doing a lot of standing. I doubt your Daddy will have you on your feet long. Come and try them on.”

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