Mate of a Desert Prince

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In the ancient Egypt, one can find almost anything one desires. Spices, treasures and even the most delicious looking people to grace ones home. On this day, a handsome prince would find a slave so appealing; one could not help wanting him.

The day began as any would. With the sun rising and the light shining off the glistening sand of the desert. A caravan moved along the horizon, a single cage behind them. Hours before, the person within was roaring his rage and displeasure. Now he lay exhausted from the blazing sun and lack of water.

“Give him some water before he dies on us.” One of the slave traders ordered from on top of his camel. “We can’t afford for one such as him to die before we get a profit for all our troubles.” They had already lost three men just trying to restrain the man. Even as tired as the man was, none of his captors dared to try and give him anything, for fear they’d fall like their comrades.

“He has survived this long, has he not?” Another said, glaring at the man in the cage. “I say we give him nothing. He is not normal and deserves no mercy from us.” A snarl sounded, making all who remained turn to the man in the cage. Every limb and major body part was restrained in some kind of chain or bond. Under the man’s sand matted hair, golden eyes glared at everyone and no one. Who knew who the man was really mad at? Them for buying him or the one who sold him to begin with.

Their leader, the brazen man he was, stopped the caravan and leapt off his Camel. He strode over to the cage and kicked it, not even rattling the man, though his glare turned to his current owner. This man was already mad about their previous encounter. The chained man tried to tear him to shreds before someone put him down with a blow to the head.

“I know you hate us. I hate you as well.” He sneered. “But be glad for one thing. That our association with one another will end soon. For I plan to sell you to the worst master I can find and drain every piece of gold I can from your mongrel self. So be good and accept the fact that you are no longer a free man. Or die. Either way, I will be rid of you soon.”

All that came out in response was a savage growl. After hours without water or refuge from the elements, the man’s body was drained of fluids. The fact he could even growl made the leader smile. What fun it will be to see him sold off and out of my hair. He thought, turning away. Maybe I should give him to a Master so harsh and cruel, the fire in those eyes will dwindle into nothing but ash.

The caravan continued, deciding to withhold the water until the man stopped glaring at them and begged them for water.

He never did.


Prince Manu wandered through the palace with his head held high even though he felt anything but confident. He did not want to be here but it was too important to leave to a servant. Eyes drifted over him like slimy hands. He knew what they saw. The features of a foreigner. His hair was only slightly lighter than everyone else’s stark black hair. His hair was straight where other had curly and his eyes…. He tried his best to keep them staring ahead despite everyone being was so unnerved by them. Eyes so pale, one would think he was dead.

“M-my prince?” Someone called from behind him. Manu turned to the voice to see a servant in next to nothing kneeling behind him. The next to nothing wouldn’t be too strange, seeing as they lived in such a humid place, but this man wore less than a slave would. And he was not a slave.

“I am busy. Why do you bother me? ” He demanded in a strong voice, even though all he wanted to do was run from the fearful stares he received from the servants. He hated to be so harsh but as the next in line to be Pharaoh, it was necessary. “Do you wish to incur my anger? Speak!”

The servant cowered even lower, truly scared by Manu’s act. He was getting good at this. Whether that was a good or bad thing, he decided not to ponder.

“My deepest and most heartfelt apologies, Prince Manu!” He told the floor. “I have no desire to disrupt you but I was concerned that you may be lost.” Everyone gasped. No one who wanted to live would accuse the prince of anything, even something as minute as being lost. To do such a thing would usually be responded with a thousand lashes or worse. But Manu surprised everyone by just crossing his arms across his chest and staring at the groveling man with nothing more than curiosity.

“Explain.” He said, watching the man flinch with pity in his eyes. Slowly, the man raised his eyes in surprise.

“Pardon?” He stuttered, surprised that he was not being dragged out by his arms to the courtyard to be whipped. Rumors stated that Manu was harsh. Was it wrong?

“I am asking you what makes you think I am lost.” He stated. “If you’re answer is not satisfactory, you will be punished for your disrespectful words!” The man cowered once again.

“Yes, my Prince!” He answered, shivering despite the heat. “I only bostancı escort bayan ask because you are in Prince Badru’s private wing and I thought that you might not be aware that his majesty had moved his entertainment room elsewhere.” Silence flowed that rushed rant. The servant was too scared to look up.

“So,” Manu finally spoke after a long silence. “what you’re saying is that I was going in the wrong direction? That my brother decided to move once again?” The servant nodded and heard the prince sigh. “I see.”

Manu shook his head, disgusted with his brother. With what went on in those ‘entertainment’ rooms, migrating so much was unhygienic. What was he going to use the former room for anyway? A dining room?

“Fine!” He said, shocking the servant who was now staring at the prince in confusion. The man before him was different than what he expected. “Take me to my brother. Now!” He ordered, genuinely annoyed.


He should have expected this. Really, Manu should not have been as bothered as he was right now. But he did feel bothered. Sexually so.

He had been lead to his brother, Badru’s, new entertainment room. It, if he remembered correctly, used to be a place to worship the gods. But of course, Badru was not the type to hold back his debauchery just because the room used to be holy. Manu was planning to burst in, proclaiming his displeasure. He really was. But what awaited him inside stopped him cold.

Inside the room, wall to wall, was an orgy. That was the only word to describe all the writhing and moaning bodies doing all they could to reach that peak of satisfaction. Men and women clutched at each other, regardless of who they grabbed. Women moaned and cried out their pleasures as tongues and cocks brought them to the highest peak of ecstasy. Men called out as they penetrated and were penetrated themselves. Their openness bothered Manu to the point he actually ended up acting like himself and staring at the ground as he walked through the crowd of writhing bodies. There were two groups, on each side of the room, creating a single path to the front. There, Manu’s younger brother sat on a throne of his own creation. It was much like their fathers but was engraved with sexual acts and symbols. Manu never really liked it but Badru loved how everyone reacted to it.

The journey to Badru felt a lot longer than it actually was mainly because people kept looking up at him with lust filled eyes and reaching out for him. A few even grabbed his ankle to coerce him into joining their passionate mating.

The promises they made, brought color to his tanned skin. He shut his eyes and shook his head hard, walking faster. It wasn’t that he wasn’t tempted. He was. It was just that… Well, unlike his little brother, Manu was a virgin. It wasn’t something anyone but Badru knew but it still embarrassed him to no end. Because of his inexperience, Badru took great pleasure tormenting him.

“Brother! How nice to see you again.” Badru cried, drawing Manu’s eyes to him. Which immediately drifted down to the floor again. At Badru’s feet were three people, two men and a woman, showing their appreciation for his genitals. The two men kept switching between sucking Badru’s cock and balls. The woman caressed his thighs. His brothers’ expression showed how much he was enjoying himself and he even placed his hands on the men’s head, encouraging them to continue whatever they did.

“Badru…” Manu started, but stopped watching the act. Badru looked to be in ecstasy. His usually sarcastic face was relaxed with pleasure. Every couple of seconds, his face would tighten up in response to a lick or stroke. His breath rushed and his face, as tanned as any other Egyptian, flushed as he seemed both in a rush and taking his time to that sweetest release.

“You want in, dear brother?” Badru asked, through panting breaths. His head had lolled back and rolled until dark eyes landed on Manu. Flinching, Manu scowled in real annoyance.

“I need to talk to you, brother.” He retorted, looking very much like a prince. “F-finish up so we can have some privacy.” He tried to look away but found there were few places he could look without finding someone having sex.

Badru laughed, which quickly changed into a hiss. Someone, one of the men, had used their teeth on the young prince and he loved it. He pushed his adorers away, though they tried to get back to the object of their affection.

“You want more, do you?” He asked his voice so sensual, all his adorers groaned as they grew hornier. They all nodded fiercely. Badru smiled wickedly. “Well, I am about to cum. Which of you will get to taste the Prince’s seed?” He ran his finger over his cock and took some precum onto the tip of his finger and brought it to his lips. He slowly licked it off and sucked on his finger. All three people watched, entranced. They loved their prince because he knew how to rattle them up to the edge and make them beg. Badru ümraniye escort looked up at his brother to see his impatient expression.

“Oh! How sad. Brother is very impatient for my presence, which means no one is going to make me cum today.” His adorers whined, wanting nothing more than to drink that most delicious cum and watch their beloved prince climax.

“Please, Master!” One man said, looking up with beseeching eyes. “Please allow us unworthy slaves to taste your delicious spill.” The other two repeated his pleas as Badru looked down at them in triumph. He loved watching others begging for his seed.

“You want it?” He asked. They all nodded. “Then open up, you sluts.” He stood up and took his cock in hand and started stroking it fast. As much as he wanted to ride the wave of pleasure slowly but he wanted to talk to Manu too.

All three held their mouths open, desperate for a taste. All of them begging to be the first to taste him. After a couple minutes of encouragements and high speed masturbation, Badru came loud and long, shuddering as each shiver raced through his body. The first rope of cum hit one man’s cheek while they next three hit a bull eyes into each slaves mouth. They gave their thanks and drank it up. The woman even went as far to lick it off the first mans cheek.

Satisfied, Badru righted his clothes and walked past the feasting slaves to his brother and directed him to a separate room. The room was obviously his brother’s new bedroom. Though it was slightly smaller than his new ‘entertainment’ room, it still had enough room for a bath in the far off corner and luxurious bed made for relaxation. Or, in Badru’s case, lots and lots of sordid sex.

Manu turned to his brother and glowered down at him. Badru’s was shorter than him by a head and looked nothing like him, really. Badru had jet black hair and Egyptian features that Manu envied. He was lean but fit since he was always doing…. strenuous activities. Manu’s hair was much lighter by comparison and his features were strange. Like he was a beast just under his skin. It was why people often thought him a harsh man, but Badru had helped with that as well.

“You know why I’m here, right?” He asked, sitting on the bed since his legs were tired from looking for Badru so long. He had no illusions that the bed was dirty. It was in their culture to be overly hygienic. And with Badru’s hobbies, he had to be really clean. The only thing the two had in common was their father and their refusal to shave their head. Both took pride in their natural hair. Badru, the childish man he was, smirked and played coy. “What? Do you mean my migration?” He asked, knowing full well what Manu was talking about. “Well, you know me. I can’t just stay in one place for too long. It’s so boring and-“

“Don’t insult me, brother.” Manu replied, sighing. “There are more rumors about me than before. And they’re worse than the ones from before. That was you, right?”

Badru had had his back to Manu as he spoke and turned to his older brother when he finished. He leapt onto the bed and rested on his hands and knees beside Manu, grinning like an excited child. “Oh? So, you heard them, then? That’s great.” He cried, sounding so proud. “I had to make some new stuff up the other day. Someone tried to say that you were weak. I could not let them think that.”

Manu rubbed his head, both grateful and disappointed. Yes, he was happy that people thought him strong. Otherwise, father would berate him like he had when he was a child. Badru knew how much Father scared him and tried to protect him. But it was hard to keep up with the rumors since they changed from person to person and some point; he had became some kind invincible god like being that was hung like a horse and spit lightening. Almost none of that was true but what could he say?

“As much as I appreciate your kindness, Badru, you have to stop lying for me.” Manu sighed. “I understand your intentions, but it becomes complicated when you make up new things without telling me. Now I have to add infant tossing to my list of sins.”

Badru sat back, looking a bit confused by that. “Truly? I never told anyone you did such things.” Manu sighed, upset that his brother didn’t understand his words. It’s because he never said that that this was an issue. Now strangers thought he ate the hearts of their enemies. It was hard to keep up.

“But, more importantly, brother mine, I have something we can both do to cheer you up.” He suddenly said, changing the subject. Manu loved Badru but he was too flighty when it came to important matters.

“It’s nothing sexual, right?” He asked, slightly nervous. Badru was obsessed with sex. To the point where Manu was sure he’d go without food just for a turn with someone. And, to make it worse, Badru was not picky. He went for both men and women. Manu constantly fought the urge to ask why it was that Badru loved the act so much. Was sex really so enjoyable? He had very little experience so he could not say.

He escort kartal kept thinking about the few times he had accepted the touch of another and shuddered in disgust. His skin paled to a horrid white and his eyes took on a faraway and horrified look. Badru, seeing his expression, wrapped his arms around his older brother and brought his head to his chest. He stroked the older man’s head, waiting for the shivers to stop.

“I know how you are, Manu.” He said, softly. “I would not do that to you. Please, just relax and breathe.” After a couple of harsh pants, Manu relaxed in Badru’s chest. He noted how warm he was and how much he loved being this close to someone and not having to hide his true self. He wrapped his arms around Badru’s torso and hid his face.

“You know,” He muttered, his face now red. “I’m pretty sure I was the older one here.” Manu was so glad no one saw this side of him. He’d die of embarrassment. Or his father would do the deed for him. Whatever came first. Badru laughed uproariously. He loved how sensitive and dependent Manu was with him. It was like keeping a pet that no one knew about.

“You are. Physically.” He retorted. “But I’m older in every other sense of the word.” He teased. Knowing how Manu felt about said dependence. He knew what memories haunted his elder brother’s mind. He felt the same, though his fears were often hidden. Though it seemed unfair to hide his problems, he knew he was the stronger of the two. He could take it.

“Brat.” Manu retorted, looking up at him. He was scowling for real now. Badru smirked back. “So what are we doing that will ‘cheer me up’?” He asked, almost afraid of what his brother would do. He had a raging mischievous streak.

“I heard there a new slave coming in that is to be delivered to father today.” He informed his enthusiasm back in full swing. Manu just let it go, knowing he could do nothing to stop him in this plan. He was already planning their defense for when father ultimately found out.

“Let me guess. We’re going to redirect them again?” Manu stood up and stretched a bit sore from having to bend down just to hug Badru. He was damn near twice the young man’s size. It was no good. “You know, you really should stop this, Badru. Father will one day punish you much more harshly than he has before.” He warned hoping it sunk in this time.

No such luck. Badru laughed, arrogantly. “No way! I have you to defend my honor.” He stated, confident. Manu decided not to enlighten him on how much his defense was wearing thin on their father’s patience. Seeing that Manu had stopped his halfhearted attempt to steer his brother away from his plan, Badru took that as a ‘yes, I’ll help you.’

Taking Manu by the arm, Badru dragged him out the room, through the orgy that was still taking place and out the palace.


The two rode down the Nile to the market place in relative silence. Badru sat in the seat under the canopy while Manu stood in front him, pacing back and forth. His footsteps and the sound of waves hitting the boat were the only sounds. Badru watched his brother with a bored expression.

“You are going to make a moat in the middle of our boat, Manu?” He asked on a sigh. Looking at the shore, he saw passersby’s kneeling to them. They could tell who rode on the boat and showed the proper respect. “You really need to relax. No one will know it was us, anyway.”

Manu turned to Badru, clearly worried. “Are you kidding me!? That’s what you said last time and what happened then?”

Badru looked away. “Father scolded us.” He muttered under his breath.

“That’s right! And yet here I am, helping you once more.” Manu complained, stroking his head exhaustively. “Do you know how much trouble it is to make sure you don’t cause so much trouble, Badru? It’s almost like you like getting-.”

“Manu!” He cried, drawing his brother’s gaze. He was looked across the river, his expression transfixed on the shore. Manu turned his head to see what caught his brother’s eye so readily. On the shore, three slave traders walked with a slave behind them. Messy hair covered the man’s face. He was muscular and fit, towering over the others yet was complacent, like he had no strength. Strange. Manu thought, frowning.

He turned back to Badru, about to ask what he wanted with the them until he say his brothers expression. It was like he was possessed and had nothing on his mind but that Slave. And that was who he was staring at. The slave who had only then turned his head toward them. The second their gazes hit, Manu felt like an outsider. Like he was intruding on some special moment in time. Which shouldn’t have been the case since this was a slave he was talking about. More importantly, it was his little brother the slave thought to ogle. Impudent! He was about to order the rowers to go faster but Badru stopped him.

“Brother, I want him.” He said, his gaze never leaving the slaves.

“W-who?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“The slave over there.” He said, finally turning back to Manu, who flinched at the expression there. If he hadn’t known better, he would have sworn it was a love filled expression that graced his dear brother’s face. “Give the order, Manu. I want him. Now.”

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