Mating Rituals Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Author’s notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author’s knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.


“Mommy, what’s sex like?” asked Cherie as she helped her mother prepare dinner.

Belinda nearly dropped the potato she was peeling. She initially thought she’d misheard her daughter of 18 years so hedged for a moment.

“What do you mean, darling?”

“Well, you know, what’s it feel like for a guy to push his hard thing between your legs and enter your body? What feelings flow through you at that time? Does it feel good or sore or intrusive or what?”

Bel turned to Cherie and smiled a dreamy smile. “If you’re in love with the person who is making love with you, then it’s really wonderful, sweetheart. I love it when your father makes love with me. Why did you ask?”

“Oh, no reason really.”

“Yes, I know you. There would have been a reason. You can tell me, honey, we’re both grown women now.”

“Well, we were just talking about sex at college today and several of my friends were saying how great it was, although one said it hurt a huge amount the first time and she was scared to do it again. So I just wondered what you thought.”

Bel remembered back to her first time. Yes, it had hurt, but that was probably because she hadn’t been fully aroused when her boyfriend had entered her. She remembered how, as soon as he’d had sex with her, he’d dumped her for another virgin, who he deflowered a few days later. He was a user. How can I protect Cherie from men like him, she wondered.

“Yes, it can hurt the first time but that’s because your hymen has to be broken and sometimes that can be quite tough. The main thing is to make sure that you are well aroused before you let him in. You’ve been using tampons for the past few years now so it’s likely that you’ve already broken your hymen and won’t suffer any pain.”

“Ok, that’s fine.” Cherie looked away and Bel noticed she was blushing. “I used a dildo too,” she said quietly.

Oh, my little girl has grown up quickly, thought Bel. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Mmmm, very much. I lay on my back and used it and then I had an orgasm. I’ve done it a couple of times since and also used my fingers on my clitoris, I think it’s called. At least I think it was my clitoris. It was very sensitive and felt wonderfully sexy.”

“Sounds like it was,” replied Bel, wondering desperately what advice she should give her daughter. She wanted her first time with a man to be beautiful and memorable, not just a quickie like she’d had. He hadn’t even made her cum, she remembered, he’d simply had his fun and left her all frustrated. Not like her wonderful sexy husband Lance, who should be home any minute, she thought. “Anyway, we need to get dinner on; your Dad will be home in a few minutes.”

Later that evening Bel and Lance were lying in bed, arms around each other, as Bel told Lance about her conversation with Cherie. “I really don’t know what to recommend to her,” she said, “I do want her first time to be with a kind, considerate and loving man but also realize that it’s up to her to find such a person. I feel so helpless and unprepared to advise her.”

“Well, you really don’t have much say. She’s a big girl now so you just have to trust that she’ll find a guy who’ll love her and will make her first time a joyous occasion. Now this discussion has had an interesting effect on me, sweetie, so I think I might need some sympathy from a wonderful loving wife.”

He placed her hand on his rigid penis and she turned towards him and kissed him, knowing that there were more urgent matters than their daughter’s loss of virginity to deal with right now. She slowly caressed his cock, spreading his precum over the head for lubrication.

“Ride me, honey,” he said, his voice hoarse with desire.

Bel rolled onto him and kissed him as she felt his cock nestle between her legs, seeking entrance to her warm, moist tunnel. She let him keep searching as she continued to arouse him with her kisses and her body movements, just as she knew he liked. Then she sat up so that she balanced on her knees, wide apart to straddle his hips, her pussy wet and ready immediately above his rampant member.

“Don’t you just love pushing your big thick cock into my tight wet tunnel, darling,” she whispered to him, her words deliberately chosen to heighten his desire.

“Yes, honey, oh yes. Sit on me. Let him pierce you as deep as he can go.”

He reached up and began kneading her breasts, squeezing her nipples, pulling them, touching, feeling and caressing. It was, as usual, too much for Bel to endure for long. She repositioned herself atalar escort bayan and sat down heavily on his cock, feeling it slide into her, his head spreading her apart and his slightly textured skin stroking against her sensitive sheath. She closed her eyes as he entered her to better feel the sensations without visual interruption. Finally she sat with all her weight on him as he pressed against the end of her tunnel, filling her completely, his pubic bone squeezing her clit against her mound. She would like to have spent the rest of her life like this, impaled on her loving husband’s beautiful penis, but of course she could not.

She lifted off him slightly then sat down again as he continued stimulating her breasts, using them as hand holds to move her, lift her, pull her down again, to stimulate them both. Lance felt the exquisite stimulation of her lightly ridged vagina caressing the sensitive skin of his penis as she moved along its length, almost lifting herself clear then plunging downwards to engulf his full length and press against his pubic bone, a sensation that was almost as sexy as that being bestowed upon his rampant cock. He felt a tell-tale tingling in the soles of his feet, a sensation he experienced when sex was at its most enjoyable and arousing.

Bel and Lance moved together like flowing water over smooth rocks, gently, lovingly, the result of many years of enjoyable encounters similar to this. Gradually each moved towards their own climax, aware of the progress of the other and tempering their own arousal to the other’s pace so that both would arrive simultaneously. Their slow and gentle movements became more frenetic, more frenzied as they lost themselves to the rhythmic stimulation, to the complementary movements of love that were as old as time itself. Their breathing was synchronized, becoming gradually more ragged, more rapid as they approached their joint nirvana. Then Lance knew Bel was there when she began a rising crescendo of a high-pitched mewling sound as she tightened her muscles and her hands gripped his biceps firmly to provide the leverage needed to allow her hips to beat a rapid back and forth tattoo on his cock, stimulating her clit and his cock at the same time.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!” screamed Bel as her orgasm overtook her, the clenching of her vagina forcing Lance’s cock to spew its juices deep within her love tunnel as he thrust deeply then held the pressure while his cock continued to pulse his semen inside his loved one.

Gradually they came down from their peaks, Bel gently laying herself forward on Lance’s chest while retaining his slowly shrinking member within her for as long as possible. They kissed lovingly and copiously, both still very much in love with each other even after 20 years of marriage. After a while then parted reluctantly, using the sexy towel beside the bed to wipe up excess fluids, then Bel lay on her side beside Lance, her head lying on the hand of the arm whose elbow propped her up as she traced patterns through the sparse chest hair of her beloved.

“That was beautiful, as always,” she murmured lovingly.

“Mmmm, yes, I love you so much, darling,” he replied.

“You know, you must be about the best lover a woman could have, I reckon. Thank you for being you, honey, and for the love you give me.”

“Well, you’re so lovable that of course I give you love, just as you give me your love also.”

“This afternoon Cherie told me she has a problem. She asked me what sex with a man really feels like. How can I put that into words? I couldn’t. Seems she wants to lose her virginity, so I suppose we can be grateful that she still has it to lose, but she doesn’t want to just lose it to any guy, as some of her friends apparently have. It’s as though she wants to give it to someone very special, rather than a guy who’ll up and leave her the next day.”

“Well, it’s good to know she’s still a virgin and that she’s got her head screwed on the right way apparently. At least she’s thinking about it rather than just finding some no-hoper to take it and run.”

“Yes, my thoughts also. But I was thinking as we made love that what she really needs is a guy like you, someone who is caring, loving, sensitive, sexy and experienced. You would tick all the boxes.”

Lance sat half way up and turned to face Bel. “You’re not suggesting that I . . .” he broke off, perplexed and stunned by his own thoughts, then he saw that Bel was grinning.

“So, you were joking, right?” he asked.

“Well, yes, and no, I guess. You would be the perfect candidate, except you’re married.”

“Yes, and I’m also her father, so that’s out of the question.”

“I didn’t realize you were so fussy about little things like incest,” replied Bel goadingly.

“Pshaw!! Little things like incest?” he repeated. “That’s a biggie, not little. That law is there to ensure that you don’t get inbreeding which can cause all sorts of problems as recessive ataşehir escort bayan genes can then be expressed with often dire consequences.”

“True, but recessive genes for such things as high intelligence or physical aptitude may also be expressed to cause beneficial changes. It’s not all bad, well, in theory it doesn’t need to be. And anyway, you’re not fathering a child with her. You’ve had a vasectomy so there’s no chance of you breeding with anyone. So what’s the problem?”

“It’s still wrong. It’s illegal, it’s immoral, it’s against normal Christian principles and, well, it’s just wrong.”

“Hmmm, since when have you been so judgemental? Just because it’s illegal doesn’t make it wrong. It’s illegal to have more than one wife unless you belong to some religion that permits that, then it’s not illegal for you. Immorality is relative and apparently arbitrary because what is immoral in one culture is normal in another. If you wish to bring God into it, well, there are numerous Biblical examples of husbands having several wives. Really, whether it is right or wrong is simply based on your perception, which is based on your perspective, your culture and your upbringing.”

Lance was silent for several minutes. While he enjoyed the academic exercise of crossing mental swords with his darling Bel, this was becoming a little too personal for his liking and he did not want it to end in a fight after their beautiful love-making earlier. Perhaps it was time to sleep on it for a while.

“Ok, I’ll concede that what you say may have some merit, but still the whole idea of having sex with my daughter, as you seem to be proposing, is abhorrent to me.”

“Well, I’ll take your concession, thank you, and point out I was only talking in theory; I was not suggesting that you go and fuck your daughter tonight or any other night. However, if she asked you, nicely, persistently and persuasively, I wonder what might happen.”

“Nothing, of course, I’d simply point out a few facts to her and she’d be on her way.”

“Well, well, well. So if a young, nubile woman came to you and pleaded with you to make love to her, and if I gave you full permission to do so, you’d simply push her away? I know you enjoy reading sexy stories, and I certainly enjoy you reading them to me, and I know you enjoy browsing the porn sites on the Internet – no, don’t tell me you don’t, the browsing history gives you away – yet you completely rule out the possibility of teaching your daughter about sex simply because you’re her father? It would seem that parents are there to teach their offspring about all aspects of life, so what is more important to a woman than losing her virginity? Why shouldn’t it be a father’s sacred duty to teach her about sex and introduce her to loving, enjoyable sexual relations?”

Lance was confused. He had enjoyed his love-making with his darling wife and the last thing he had expected was to be harangued over his conservative attitudes towards sex within the family. He completely folded.

“Darling, you have raised some excellent points and I’d like some time to think about these. Meantime, I’d also like to go to sleep cuddling you in my arms. Enough for tonight, honey?”

Bel knew she had won him over and that he only needed time to lick his wounds and concede defeat. She allowed him to retire gracefully, as any wise wife would. “Yes, sweetheart, think it over and let me know your conclusions sometime. I love you, honey. Thank you for being you.”

They kissed long, slowly and lovingly then, embracing each other, dropped into deep sleep.

Over the next few days Lance had time to consider what Bel had said. He also took time to see Cherie as a grown woman who could be capable of and desirous of sexual relations. He had to admit that Bel was right; if she was not his daughter and if Bel was quite happy for him to enjoy a sexual relationship with her, he certainly wouldn’t hesitate to engage with her. Until then, he realized, he had viewed her only as his daughter and, as such, only in a non-sexual manner. He caught himself on several occasions gazing at her and wondering what she would be like in bed, how her probably sparsely haired pussy would feel against his fingers and his groin, how her slippery vagina would feel against his penis as he penetrated her for the first time. He felt himself becoming hard at the thought.

Over those days Bel and Cherie had several conversations with Bel probing Cherie to see what her thoughts were on the possibility of her father teaching her about sex and taking her virginity. After Cherie’s first adamant refusal to even consider such a possibility, she gradually came round to firstly accepting the proposal in principle and then to considering the possibility as a foregone conclusion and wondering when her father would agree. This change had been brought about by the same persuasive arguments Bel had used with Lance and Cherie saw nothing inherently avcılar escort wrong with the thought of having sex with her father and certainly agreed that losing her virginity in her own bed to an experienced male such as her beloved Daddy would be preferable to some fumbling novice in the back seat of a car.

The following Saturday evening they were all at home, Bel and Lance having decided on a stay at home evening while Cherie, in view of her change in attitude towards her would-be suitors, had cancelled a date and had no other plans for the evening. Bel suggested they could watch an on-line movie so she had connected the computer to the large screen television and went online to choose one she thought they would all like. They settled down to watch what Bel told them was a rom-com.

It did not take long at all before Lance and Cherie realized that, as well as being a rom-com, the movie Bel had chosen was one in which there was overt sex, nudity and incest. It was obvious that she had more than entertainment in mind. As they watched, seated on the sofa with Cherie between Lance and Bel, the scenes on the screen became raunchier and it didn’t take long before all three of the watchers were showing signs of sexual arousal. Lance was the most obvious, with a large bulge in his trousers, while he noticed that both Bel and Cherie were unconsciously caressing a nipple when their arms were folded across their chests or rubbing their crotch if their hands were in their laps.

Once the movie had finished and the lights were turned back up from their dimmed setting, they sat and looked at each other for a few minutes, taking in their flushed cheeks and unsettled demeanor.

“Well, that was interesting,” began Lance, “Not the usual type of movie you choose, darling.”

“Yes, it was certainly a little more explicit than I imagined,” conceded Bel, “But we’re all adults so no harm done.”

“Maybe no harm done,” replied Cherie, “But I’m guessing that you two will go to bed and fuck each other silly while I’ll be left all alone in my bed with nobody and nothing to relieve the arousal I feel. Just because I’m not married and don’t have a date, doesn’t mean I don’t get sexy and need relief too,” she added petulantly.

“Well, I don’t really see how we can help,” said Lance, “Do you have any ideas, honey?”

“Well, there is one thing you could do,” replied Bel, “But you probably wouldn’t do it for her.”

Lance colored with embarrassment and looked away from Bel and Cherie.

“No, it wouldn’t be right,” he murmured.

Unseen by Lance, Bel gave Cherie a wink of encouragement. Cherie snuggled against her father, placed her hand on his crotch, feeling his semi=hard penis, and said as sexily as she knew how: “Please fuck me, Daddy. Please fuck me and take my virginity so I’m a real woman.”

Lance couldn’t believe his ears; his own daughter asking him to take her virginity. He was certain that Bel was to blame, that she had put Cherie up to this and that this was all part of the plan which began with the incest movie. Still, what was he to do? Even he had come to the conclusion that quite possibly it made sense for a father to teach his daughter about sex and to take her virginity, if she wanted that to happen, because it could give her far healthier attitudes towards sex than she might otherwise have. But for it to actually happen, and for his wife to actually plan it, and for his daughter to actually ask him in a way that had caused his cock to harden and his stomach to lurch with desire, was that too much? It was, he decided, far too much; far too much for a red-blooded virile man to ignore and refuse. He turned to look at her, taking her hands in his.

“Sweetheart, is that really what you would like?”

“Yes, Daddy, it really is. Please take my virginity and make me a woman.”

Lance glanced up at his wife, noting the smile on her lips.

“And are you willing for me to do this for Cherie, honey?”

“Yes, darling, I am very willing for you to take our precious daughter to our bed and lovingly and tenderly relieve her of her virginity if that is what you’d be willing to do for her. It is probably the greatest gift a father can give his daughter.”

“Then, what are we waiting for?” asked Lance, standing up and helping Cherie to her feet. “Sweetheart, if you wish I am willing to make love to you sexually as a man makes love to a woman. If that is what you desire, then come with me to my bedroom.”

“Daddy, I do want this but can Mommy watch too please?” asked Cherie.

Lance agreed and the three of them walked swiftly to Lance and Bel’s bedroom, where Lance dimmed the lights until they shone with a seductive gleam.

I held Daddy’s hand tightly as he led me into his bedroom, with Mommy close behind. She reached forward and squeezed my shoulder for encouragement before sitting in a chair in one corner of the room. Daddy sat me on the bed then adjusted the lights until they lit the room dimly, enough to see but not enough to cause any embarrassment. He then came back to me and assisted me to stand, then embraced me and began kissing me. Now obviously I’d been kissed by boys before, what 18 year old hasn’t? But these kisses were the best! They sent tingles of arousal right through my body. If I had a boyfriend who kissed like that I certainly wouldn’t be at home tonight, I thought.

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