Mattress Delivery

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This is a true story


I had been waiting for this day to come now for so long and it was finally here. Today was the day that I was getting rid of the old prison mattress that I had been sleeping on for so long. That is what at least my gf had been calling it because it felt like you were lying on an old prison bed. Both of my parents were at work on this hot summer day in July. It was just me at home waiting for my mattress to come.

This summer I had just turned 18 and I was looking forward to spending a lot of time with my gf any chance I had. She was so happy that my parents had gotten me a new mattress for my HS graduation. She was also excited about being the first of many things to do on it. This was very exciting to me.

I kept looking out the window of my bedroom every so often to see if the delivery truck would be out in front of my house, but no such luck. I was getting tired of waiting and really horny so I decided I jack off to porn in my room. It was a hot MILF getting it hard from two guys in the porno. My room was very hot that day so I was only wearing a T shirt and jockey shorts. For a tall slim guy I had a nice thick long cock. I had just shaved my cock the day before and it looked so good. I had left a patch of hair at the top of my cock. It kind of looked like the way a girl shaves her pussy.

It only figures that now the doorbell rings. I was happy that it was here even though it was 2 hours late. I sprung out of my chair at my desktop in my room and shut the monitor off quickly. The doorbell rang again and with just my T shirt and jockey shorts on I ran to open the door. I figured let me open the door, then I can put my pants on. I certainly didn’t want them to not leave my new mattress. So with a semi-hard cock in my shorts that you could totally see, I opened the door.

It was two big black guys in their mid-30’s. They already had my new mattress at the door. The bigger black guy was carrying it himself and staring right at my cock.

“We got a king size delivery here for you.” The black guy with the clipboard said as he looked me up and down.

“Which bedroom is it going in?” He asked.

I told him mine and the bigger guy carried it in and started up the stairs. I told the guy downstairs I needed to change and he told me I had to sign a few things. He then walked back to the front door closed it and locked it. I thought that was kind of weird because I didn’t ask him. I told him again I needed to step away and change and he told me they were in a hurry. He then asked if Joanne was home, the mattress order was in my mom’s bostancı escort bayan name. I told him no and that my parents wouldn’t be back till 6 o’clock.

I was really starting to get mad at him. He was making me stand there in my underwear in my own house. If these guys weren’t so big and muscular I might have said something. Just as I signed for the mattress the other guy walked downstairs.

“We just need to go upstairs and make sure the mattress is the right color and size.” The bigger guy said.

I started to walk upstairs towards my room when both guys followed. As I walked up the upstairs I could feel both guys looking at me.

“It looks right to me.” I said as I walked up to the bed.

“It sure does.” One guy said looking at my ass.

It was the bigger guy that carried it up. He now asked me to sit on the mattress. I did and it felt so soft. He then walked over to me and lifted me back up on my feet. I asked him whatthe hell he was doing and he didn’t even answer me. He yelled to me to put my hands behind my back and keep them there. I started to walk away and he grabbed me and told me he would knock me out if I moved again. The other guy was sitting on the mattress just watching. I was scared now.

He told me to put my hands behind my back again. I locked my hands behind my back this time. He grabbed my T shirt and lifted it off and threw it on the floor. I couldn’t believe it when he leaned in and french kissed me. He then asked the other guy to watch out front. The other black guy left and headed downstairs.

He leaned back in and kissed me as he cupped my ass this time with both hands. He leaned over me as his overpowering tongue swirled around mine. I fell back on to the mattress with him over me. He was really kissing me deep. He had both hands on my face as he made out with me. As our lips came apart he told me I better not move or he hurt me.

As he stood up I laid there motionless. He reached for the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down my legs. I couldn’t believe how hard I was. He was a great kisser, OMG!. He pulled them down my feet and off. He then grabbed my ankles and licked my feet and toes. He grabbed me by the legs and pulled me to the edge of the mattress.

He told me legs up, knees bent and back. I listened. With his index finger he rubbed up and down my asshole slit.

“Are you a virgin baby?” He asked as he rubbed my slit.

I told him I was. I had never even had sex with my gf yet.

“You have the cutest little ass.” As he just rubs my slit.

I was so hard ümraniye escort and turned on by him now; guy or not I didn’t care. He yelled to the other guy to wait in the truck. He stopped rubbing my slit as he took off his shirt and shorts. Then he quickly removed his boots and socks too. In just his boxers now I looked at him. He was buff. He must have worked out every day. He went to his knees and looked at me lying on my back. He spread my legs apart a little more and told me to take me knees and pull them back as far as I can. I did and I could feel the air on my asshole as I just shaved ironically the day before. As I couldn’t go any further I felt his hot tongue on my ass. He licked me all over. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I was moaning so much.

His tongue was so deep in my ass. It felt like it was going to come out the other side. He stopped a second and told me to relax. I dropped my feet on the bed as he let me reposition. He spread my thighs open then pulled me closer to edge of the mattress. I felt his tongue lick my hole again. I was so wet from his mouth. He was eating me so good I had to make sure I didn’t cum.

He stood up and grabbed me by the arm. I was now kneeling on the bed as he kneeled in front of me. He grabbed me by the waist with his arms and kissed me. I felt his other hand go to my wet ass slit.

“You have such a nice pussy.” He said

“Sit up over there on your dresser baby.” He told me.

I walked over to my dresser with my cock rock hard. I could feel the cold slick wet from his mouth on my ass as my legs moved. I hopped up on the counter with my cock standing hard and my balls so tight. My feet now hanging off the dresser as I looked back at him. His built black body had me so hard I was twitching.

“Hands behind your back boy.” He yelled

“I don’t want to have to tell you again.” He says as he watches my cock throb.

I felt his tongue go over my balls as he took two fingers and rubbed up and down my shaft. He rubbed up and down my shaft as I throb and moan. He took my cockhead in his mouth and sucked it hard. I felt him start to finger my wet asshole too. He sucked my head so tight down to the base while he fingered me that I came so quickly. I shot all my cum in his mouth. His lips were so tight around my cock that not one drip came down.

He picks me up by the waist off the dresser and puts me on the bed. I fell back on the mattress with my hands behind me.

“Get on all your fours for me.” He asked.

I got up on all fours and faced my ass to him.

“Face me.” He says.

I escort kartal turn to face him as we walks closer to me. He pulls his boxers down that are right in front of my face now. His big black cut hard cock springs to attention. I can’t believe how nice his cock is. I swallow as I look at it so close to my face. I look up and see that he can notice my face. He now puts both his hands on his waist and wiggles his hips in front of me. His cock right in my face. I open my mouth and look at him. He slowly moves his big black dick in my mouth. I start to suck his head. He takes it out and I lick the shaft from his big head to his tight balls. I lick back to the tip and a big spurt of hot precum oozes out. I licked it and I loved the taste.

“Spin around so your ass faces me now.” He told me.

I spun around on all fours on the bed. I felt him get on the bed and crawl toward me. He pushed me back down on the bed.

“You are too cute of a white boy to be fucked from behind.” He said.

He crawls over me and starts to french kiss me. He grabs both my hands and puts them behind my head. Keep them there he reminds me. His naked buff body feels so good over mine. My cock is so hard. As he is kissing me deep he bends my right knee up, then the other. Now on my back with both my knees bent I feel him rub my wet slit. As his body smothers mine I felt his cockhead rub on my asshole. His hot precum drips out while it probes my opening. My tongue wrapped away unable to speak I feel his cock pop my cherry. Just his head in me was so tight around my ass. I try to yell but manage only a high pitch yelp.

“Wow you are tight baby” He said.

My eyes just keep rolling in the back of my head as his cock head stretches me open. I feel his cock pop out of me as he tries to go in.

“Spread your legs more baby.” He told me.

I did and spread my legs wider on the mattress. He leaned back over me and forced his tongue back in my mouth. Unable to speak I felt his hand open my ass cheeks. His hard cock now pushing its way inside. His hard cock slides all the way in till his balls push on my ass. I try to scream as he sucks my mouth. I lay here with my ass full of cock and him tongue tying me on my new mattress.

He starts to move his hips and fuck me. A few more pumps and I cum all over us. He slides all the way in with his balls resting against my wet ass. I wiggle my body from his big cock as I feel him pin me down. I feel his cock start to shoot hot cum in my ass. He pumps my ass and all I can feel is hot cum running out my asshole and down my thighs.

He quickly gets off me and gets dressed. I can’t beleive what just happened. I notice all our cum all over my new mattress and wonder how I will explain this.

He runs out my house as I hear the delivery truck start. I see them pull away as the cum in my ass is still running out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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