Mature Secrets: Groupie Mom

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This is part of a series of unrelated yet similarly themed fictional short stories entitled MATURE SECRETS. They can be read in any order. All characters are fictional, and all are over 18.

I joined a rock band my senior year of high school. It was the first band for most of us, and we weren’t that great for a bunch of eighteen-year-olds. But we all had the usual dreams of fame, fortune, and chicks. The first couple of practices were at my house, but after that it was nearly always at Steve’s house. One reason for that was because Steve’s mom seemed to actually enjoy having us there making noise in her basement. Another reason was that I encouraged it, because I actually enjoyed being around Steve’s mom.

Mrs. Kegal was just divorced fairly recently. She is a career woman with a degree, but sometimes she acted a little silly and ditsy, it seemed to me. As the mother of an eighteen-year-old, she had some miles on her – well into her forties certainly, maybe even older. She had sort of an attractive face despite a few wrinkles. Her eyes were brown, and she had stylish teased strawberry blonde hair that didn’t quite reach her shoulders, that was usually in need of combing by the time of the evening that I got there. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, maybe 5′ 5″ tall. Frankly, she wasn’t someone that would normally be considered striking or a “babe”. But she had two distinctive features that always caught my attention: her left tit, and her right tit.

On this Friday night, as it had several other times, it started before I ever got to the basement rehearsal area. I arrived at the front door with my guitar, and, as Steve was already down in the basement, Mrs. Kegal let me in, wearing a tight thin beige sweater. She had a couple of similar ones she wore often, that clung to her big tits, and cut way down in a “V”, practically down to her bra, actually showing some of her ample cleavage. As I wiped my feet off by the door, I watched her jiggle back to the couch, where she sat and folded laundry. As she made small talk to me, she leaned over, showing cleavage spilling out of her sweater and bra, and I took my time cleaning my shoes.

As she often does, she was wearing some really tight black stretchy pants, spandex maybe or possibly cotton. I don’t even know if she had the right figure for those; her butt wasn’t all that little. I mean she had a slim waist for a mom, which made her tits look big, but she had a tad bit of a wide butt. You could easily see her panty lines through the skin-tight fabric, and her butt jiggling when she walked. I caught the other guys looking at her rear-end a couple of times. But we never talked about it, even when Steve wasn’t around. I wasn’t going to admit to my friends that I found any of their moms arousing.

She was sorting her own underwear. My teen eyes bounced from her cleavage to her pile of colorful panties, and a couple of HUGE empty bras of various pastels. They seemed gigantic to me, lying there on the couch in front of her with the cups flattened out, but then I looked at her tits and I could see that she had plenty to fill those cups with. I know that she was a working single mom and had precious little time for housekeeping. Yet it seemed a little odd to me that she would so often have her underwear out on display when she knew that several teenaged males were coming over.

I saw one thing I hadn’t noticed before. There was a glass of wine on the coffee table in front of her.

About thirty minutes into the rehearsal, Mrs. Kegal came down to the basement. She was always around at practices, and seemed to use any excuse to come down when we were rehearsing. Sometimes she had questions for Steve, sometimes she’d bring down snacks and pop, but often she just came down to listen. That’s when I would sometimes have trouble concentrating on my guitar playing, as I got aroused by the way she dressed.

Tonight that thin beige sweater showed every seam of her big bra. The fabric seemed painted to her chest as her heavy wide tits hung down a little from their own weight. The sweater scooped down to expose the top of her cleavage. That’s when I really caught Jim and Ronnie staring at her. They looked at her as she bounced down the stairs, and when she leaned over to put the drinks and snacks down on the table, they peered right into her top at her exposed cleavage.

She gave us all sexy smiles as she stood leaning on a metal poles that supported the ceiling. At the start of one fast song, Mrs. Kegal started dancing in front of us. Perhaps that glass of wine put her in a more chipper mood than usual.

As she danced, her cleavage jumped out of her bra and blouse. I could both see Jim and Ronnie staring at her bouncing tits and shaking ass, as I was. She gave Steve a smile and a wink. He just smiled and shook his head a little. She moved her shoulders back and forth, and kicked her legs up a few times.

After the song ended, Jim, our tall singer and guitarist with the long blonde hair, said, “Nice göztepe escort bayan dancing, Mrs. Kegal.” Us other boys all mumbled in agreement.

“I’m your number one groupie!” Mrs. Kegal laughed. The other guys grinned silently at her.

“Do you even know what that word means, Mom?” Asked Steve.

“Yes, I grew up in the sixties, Steve,” she laughed, although I wasn’t sure what that meant.

“You should come to our shows and get everybody up dancing,” commented Ronnie, the bass player.

“On TV they always show a woman in the front row flashing her boobs at the band,” Mrs. Kegal continued. “Maybe I should flash my boobs at your next show.”

“OK,” Jim said, with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, fine with us,” Ronnie agreed. I just smiled, but I was getting a hard-on watching Steve’s mom dance and flirt and talk dirty to us, talking about showing us those big boobs.

“Mmmm,” was Mrs. Kegal’s reply to that, smiling. “Play ‘Come On Over’ now,” she said, requesting our original song.

“We’re kind of tired of that one. We’re working on a new song,” I said.

“Ohh!” She replied, with a pouting expression. Then she smiled and said, “If you do “Come On Over,” I’ll flash you.” The band members all looked at each other and grinned, even Steve.

I don’t know if anyone took her seriously, but Jim started playing ‘Come On Over,’ and the rest of us eagerly jumped in. Mrs. Kegal stood in front of the band, smiling through the first verse, dancing in place, causing her “boobs” to shake again. Then she grabbed the hem of her sweater, with her elbows sticking out to the sides, and started to lift.

Mrs. Kegal’s bare midriff came into view. She bunched up her top with her fingers, and I could see her fingers grab the bottoms of her bra cups. With one quick movement, Steve’s mom lifted her top and bra up, and her big tits fell out. She held her top and bra over her tits, arched her back, and stuck her bare tits out at us. Her tits were white, almost transparent, and hung down a little. They were topped with large brown areolas.

I glanced over at the other guys. Jim and Ronnie, on guitar and bass, had big grins on their faces as they stared at Mrs. Kegal’s tits. Steve, on drums, had eyes as big as saucers, and his jaw hung open.

Steve’s mom smiled and shook her tits. I couldn’t believe how much they bobbled and jiggled. I thought she’d cover up again, but she just kept showing them as we played. It was hard to concentrate on our playing. We made a lot of mistakes, but just played through them.

Mrs. Kegal pulled her sweater over her head, through her hair, and dropped it on the floor. Then she reached back and unhooked her bra, and dropped it. She proudly danced completely topless, with a big smile on her face. I could see a red line from where the bottom of her bra had dug into her flesh, and her tits hung down over that in front. At first they mostly swayed back and forth and around. Then she seemed to purposely bounce around to make them fly in all directions, as she put her hands in the air and thrust her chest in and out. Her torso was pretty pale, but her tits seemed even whiter and shone like beacons, maybe because her chest and face had obviously seen more sun.

When the song came to an end, I tried to keep it going to watch Mrs. Kegal’s tits more, but the other guys weren’t thinking clearly enough for that, and it stopped at its natural conclusion. We three guitarists whistled and applauded our drummer’s mom for her thrilling performance. “Wooo! Alright Mrs. Kegal!” shouted Ronnie. Jim and I applauded. Steve actually laughed at his mom’s show.

Mrs. Kegal let out a little “Wooo!” Herself, giving her tits one last shake. She looked a little flushed. Her expression was one of surprise, like she amazed herself that she did that. But she didn’t seem embarrassed at being topless in front a group of her son’s friends, or immediately try to cover up as I feared. She said, “Now play ‘You’ll Be The One’, and I’ll keep dancing.” So we immediately launched into the medium-tempo rocker.

Mrs. Kegal stood right in front of Jim as he sang, and shook her tits in the face of the tall guitarist with the long blonde hair. She stood next to him, and pressed her tits into his right shoulder. Jim was wearing a tight tee shirt, and I watched as Mrs. Kegal rubbed her hard nipples against his bare arm. As she did this she pressed her crotch into his leg, and rubbed up and down on him, humping him like a dog. Then she reached behind him with her left hand and grabbed his ass. Jim just grinned and tried to keep singing and playing.

Mrs. Kegal did the same thing to Ronnie, our bassist, who was about my height, and like me, a fairly skinny kid with brown hair parted at the side and bangs nearly covering his eyes. She also reached down with her right hand and groped his crotch! He held his low-strapped bass to the side for better access, a clear sign that he enjoyed halkalı escort bayan it.

Then Mrs. Kegal moved over to me, and pressed her tits into my arm. She smiled at me as I felt her naked tit flesh rub against my bare arm, her long hard nipple jabbing my flesh. She put her face right up to mine, and kissed me on the lips. As I kissed back, she opened her mouth and slid her tongue into my mouth. I French kissed her as she rubbed against me. She grabbed my ass and massaged it, then reached around felt my hard cock.

She moved back to where her son Steve was drumming on his stool. Her tits were eye-level with him, and he looked sideways at her as she shook her tits right in his face. She stood behind him, held her tits in her hand, and wrapped them around his head. Steve had a big smile as his mom rubbed her tits all over his head. He turned sideways, and clamped his lips on her right nipple. Mrs. Kegal pressed forward and let him suck on her tits. She reached down and rubbed his crotch.

I began to suspect that Steve’s relationship with his mom must’ve been a little unusual.

Mrs. Kegal danced back to the guitarists and knelt in front of Jim. As he played his guitar, she unzipped his pants, and pulled out his hard cock. Ronnie and I moved closer to them to see what she was doing. She stroked Jim’s cock for a minute, then left it sticking out. Jim was on my left, and Ronnie was on my right. It was sorta funny watching him playing guitar with is hard cock out.

Mrs. Kegal passed by me, stood in front of Ronnie, and whipped out his hard cock. She jerked him off for a minute, them moved in front of me. I could feel her reaching under my low-slung guitar, unzipping my pants, reaching in, and pulling out my stiff cock. She slid her fingers up and down my shaft, and I pretty much stopped playing guitar, and just held the guitar to my side with my right hand. Then she dropped to her knees right in front of me. She leaned forward, and wrapped her lips around my cock head. I looked down to see Mrs. Kegal’s lips stretched around my red cock, sucking up and down on the shaft. It felt great, and I arched my back to thrust the cock out at her. I could feel her wet lips pulling on me and then sliding back down, her hair tickling my hips and thighs.

While sucking me, she motioned for Jim and Ronnie to get closer. She reached out, and grabbed both of their cocks, and jerked them off while blowing me.

Groupie was right! She was taking on three cocks at once, while we were still playing our guitars!

I couldn’t contain myself anymore, and abruptly came, right in Mrs. Kegal’s mouth. She didn’t seem angry or surprised; she simply swallowed my cum like it was ice cream.

I staggered back and sat on my amplifier, as the rest of the band finally finished the marathon song. Mrs. Kegal stood up, but kept jerking the other guys. “THIS is what groupies do,” she explained. “I’m your groupie, boys, do whatever you want to me, all night!” She loudly exclaimed.

Steve stood and walked around from his drum set. Jim and Ronnie were too horny to worry about him, but I wondered what he’d do or say to his mom, or us. Jim began to fondle Mrs. Kegal’s right tit. But Ronnie didn’t seem to know what to do with it. He gave her left tit a couple of light taps, like he was afraid it was going to bite him. Then he lightly slapped it a few times. “It’s hard!” he exclaimed.

“No, it’s soft!” Countered Steve. “See?” He put his hand on his mom’s left tit, lifting and jiggling it, and squeezing the flesh through his fingers. Mrs. Kegal said nothing, just smiled. This was getting even weirder!

So Jim and Ronnie, seemingly with her son’s permission, then freely felt Mrs. Kegal’s big tits, each putting both of their hands on one of her big mammaries. Mrs. Kegal moaned, arching her back. They lifted and kneaded each of them, lifted them, successfully tried to make them bounce and jiggle, and tweaked and tugged on her nipples.

While still feeling her tits, Ronnie placed his other hand on Mrs. Kegal’s ass, and groped it over her tight pants. Then Jim put his hand on her crotch and rubbed her protruding spandex-covered pussy mound. Ronnie slid his hand inside her pants and panties, and squeezed her bare ass. Jim put his hand inside her front, and caressed her mound inside her panties.

“Take my pants off. Strip me, boys,” the horny mom requested. Ronnie and Jim finally put down their guitars, and pulled her pants and panties down together, and revealed her light-brown pubic hair that covered her pussy. I’d never seen a naked woman before, except on the Internet. Did all older women have pussies this hairy, or did Mrs. Kegal leave it natural from “growing up in the sixties,” as she’d earlier said?

The boys resumed feeling her naked pussy and her very white ass, which may have been a little large, but her cheeks were pretty round, and I enjoyed looking at it. From the positioning of Jim’s hand ikitelli escort bayan I knew he’d inserted his middle finger in her pussy, causing her to moan.

I wasn’t going to miss out on this! I stood back up, leaving my wet cock hanging out of my pants, and stood slightly behind Mrs. Kegal’s left side, reached in with my left hand, and felt her left tit. It was an amazing sensation, a marvel of nature. It was at once firm and heavy, and soft and pliable.

With my right hand I grabbed her left ass cheek. It had some of the same qualities as her tit, in that it was both heavier and harder than I’d expected, but soft and squishy and jiggly. My cock was still out, and again quite stiff, and as I reached in it poked Mrs. Kegal in the butt cheek. She looked back at it, and stuck her rear out. I took the hint, moved slightly to my right, and let my dick head goose her just a little. That was a near-orgasmic feeling right there, my cock sliding just at the edge of her ass crack, my pelvis making contact with her two soft naked cheeks, like a hot dog lying in a bun.

Mrs. Kegal then knelt, and alternately sucked on Jim’s and Ronnie’s cocks, much like she had mine, with much ferocity. And much like me, each of them came in her mouth rather quickly.

While the cocksucking was going on, I watched while sitting on my guitar amplifier. When Mrs. Kegal finished swallowing Jim and Ronnie’s cum, she wiped her mouth, stood up, and looked at me sitting on my amp.

My amp has the power and the two speakers built into one unit. It’s about as tall as the top of my knee, and it’s built really sturdy. I was sitting on the edge of it sideways, with my cock still out of my pants. Mrs. Kegal approached me, looking at my hard dick. Without a word, she grabbed the waistbands of my pants and shorts, and yanked them down. I lifted my butt off the amp for a moment, and she pulled them all the way off of my feet, leaving me bottomless. She turned her back to me, sticking her white ass in my face. She spread her legs wide, and then dropped her bare bottom down on my bare lap.

I grabbed Mrs. Kegal’s fleshy waist. She reached between her legs, grabbed my cock, and aimed it at her pussy. She lowered her torso down on it, and the head slid into her pussy, which was very lubricated and slippery. She wiggled down, and my whole cock was swallowed up into her pussy. Just like that, I was fucking a grown woman for the first time!

Mrs. Kegal’s knees did most of the work. She bounced up and down on my lap, keeping her back straight, doing squats on me. Her tits were jiggling, and I couldn’t resist the urge to reach around her and squeeze them. Then I leaned back on the amp and just let her go at it, using her knees to rapidly bounce on me.

Jim and Ronnie approached us to watch. Mrs. Kegal motioned them closer, and she took each of their cocks in her hands, and gave them hand jobs while she fucked me.

The feeling of the lubricated fuck box sliding up and down on my throbbing cock was an even greater feeling than I’d ever imagined it would be. Mrs. Kegal’s love canal was wider than my pussy, but I could feel her tighten her pussy around it, and it felt plenty tight to me.

Mrs. Kegal didn’t hold back. She was panting and whimpering as she bounced like a basketball. She started grunting, sounding to me like a crude older lady, but it turned me on that she was enjoying fucking me so much. “UH! UNNG! Hunngg!”

Even though this would be my second orgasm of the night, it didn’t take me long to cum up into her. Her reply was “Hummmmph!” “OWWWWW!” She thrashed around on my torso, shaking the sturdy amplifier. Then she stiffened up, and fell back onto me.

Mrs. Kegal climbed off of me. My butt was sore from the hard amp, so I stood up. Mrs. Kegal took my place on the edge of the amplifier, panting and perspiring. But it didn’t take her long to call, “C’mon, Ronnie, over here.” She spread her legs wide and leaned her elbows back on the amplifier.

Ronnie obediently stood between her legs with his cock out. Mrs. Kegal seized it and guided it into her pink glistening pussy. Ronnie had to lean over himself and put his hands behind Mrs. Kegal on the amplifier, to get the proper balance to fuck his friend’s mom. His cock slid in slowly, and his first few pumps were slow. But once he smiled and got comfortable, he thrust faster and harder.

I liked the way Mrs. Kegal’s big tits sloped back as she rested on her elbows. They jiggled and shook each time Ronnie pumped her. Her thighs also shook and jiggled with each thrust. Mrs. Kegal’s eyes were open, looking up at Ronnie with a dirty smirk on her face, occasionally wincing when he trust his cock particularly hard.

It didn’t take Ronnie long to cum either, apparently. After some rapid fire humping, he slowed, and slowly pulled out, with no complaining from Mrs. Kegal.

Jim was sitting on Steve’s drum stool. Mrs. Kegal got up and approached him. “OK, big boy, down with those trousers!” She ordered. Jim obliged, dropping his pants all the way off. Mrs. Kegal grabbed a drumstick, and put the butt end up to her pussy. Fortunately, it was a brand new stick, with a slippery lacquer finish and no splinters. She took Jim’s hand and placed it on the stick, allowing the longhaired singer/guitarist to slowly work it in and out of her twat, while she reached over and jerked off Jim.

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