Mature Swinging and Swapping Ch. 02

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As I had told previously, I had convinced my wife, Claire, to go to a clothing-optional resort. There, over time, her inhibitions loosened up, and we eventually watched each other have sex with other partners. This led to more encounters on following visits, in which Claire was an enthusiastic participant. We had promised each other that we would be completely honest and up-front, keeping no secrets, and telling each other before hand if we intended to have sex with another. I admit to having moments of panic and jealousy when I see her with her legs spread wide, and a hard cock pounding into her, but Claire always told me afterwards that she enjoyed the sex, but there never be anyone for her but me. Likewise, I enjoyed the attention from other women at the resort, and would reassure her that my love for her was strong as ever. We went for several months with no problems at all, but I guess it was inevitable that trouble would arise. Sex is a powerful drug, and often leads to bad decisions. In our case, it led to several.

We had been going to the resort for a little over six months, when a new couple joined. They were in their early 50s, Todd and Bethany. Todd was one of those guys who just rubbed me the wrong way, while Bethany came off as very bubbly and friendly. Claire shared my distaste for Todd, but for some reason also disliked Bethany. She wouldn’t state a reason when we were talking about them, only that she didn’t like her, or trust her. That became a complication when Bethany let it be known that she was interested in me. Claire had left for our cabin to meet Gus, a guy we had met on an earlier visit, and with a wink and smile, told me to have fun, and to meet her at the cabin at 6. Although we still watched each other have sex with others, we had begun letting each other do it in private. I watched her lush ass swing as she walked out of sight, then surveyed the pool, looking for a potential partner. Everyone was paired off, so I sighed, and sat back, trying to decide if I wanted another drink.

“Hi Art, can I join you?” I looked up to see Bethany’s smiling face. She was a very attractive woman, about 5′ 5″, and much more slender than most of the other women at the resort. Her C-cup boobs had once been firm, but now sagged onto her chest. She had tan lines on her upper body and hips, which I found sexy as hell. Likewise, her dark bush made her stand out in a place where most of the women were shaved.

“Hi Bethany, certainly, pull up a lounger.” She scooted a lounge chair next to mine, and sank down into it. She leaned back, letting her boobs splay out onto her chest, the dark red nipples hard and erect.

“Are you here alone this weekend?” she asked, turning her head to look at me. Her eyes were gray, accentuated by her dark hair. Her hair was cut just above her shoulders, and was just beginning to show strands of silver. Her belly, was soft, evidence of bearing a child at a earlier time of her life.

“No, Claire is here too. But, she just left to meet a friend.”

“A friend, huh? So she’ll be gone for a while? I knew where this was going, and knew Claire didn’t care for her, but I answered without hesitating.

“A couple of hours. I’m supposed to meet her at 6.” She smiled, and leaned over closer to me.

“Are you allowed to play?” she asked with a conspiratorial smile.

“Absolutely, as long as we tell about it later. She doesn’t like you, you know.” I don’t know why I said that, but for some reason, I felt she had to hear it.

“Yeah, I picked up on that,” she sighed, leaning back onto her chair. “I don’t know why, I’ve tried to be nice to her.”

“I don’t know either, and I’m not sure she does herself. Is that a deal-breaker?” She turned and looked at me, once more with an eager expression.

“No, not at all. If you’re game, I damn sure want to.”

“Your cabin? Mine is occupied,” I laughed. She frowned, and shook her head.

“No, my husband is using mine.”

“Well, if you don’t mind roughing it, I know a secluded spot down by the lake.” She gave a wicked laugh, and leaned over to me.

“I like it rough.” she purred. I picked up a towel, helped her to her feet, and we set of for the trail to the lake. Almost at the lake’s edge, I turned and walked up over a small mound. On the other side, another led off through the trees, and came out to a small patch of beach. It was shaded, and cooled by the breeze off the lake. I spread the towel, lay down, and offered her my hand. She stretched out next to me, and we kissed. As our tongues swirled around, her hand slipped down between us and grabbed my cock. I responded, and slid a hand between her legs from behind, fingering her wet and hairy pussy. This lasted about fifteen seconds, before she sat up, spun around, and straddled my face, dropping her wet lips down to my tongue. At the same time, she sucked in my cock. Damn, she was good at it, and it was obvious she liked it, too. For my part, I love to lick pussy, and I gave her gash several bostancı escort long swipes with my tongue, then found her clit and circled it with the tip of my tongue.

“Aaah…….jeez…….fuck,” she groaned, turning loose of my rod. I sucked in her clit, and got another outburst.

“Fuuuck………shit, that feels good.” Then she plunged my cock back between her lips. I alternated sucking and licking, and soon felt her stiffen as an orgasm hit her. She released my cock, and lay her head on my leg, moaning as the contractions rippled through her. I gave her a few more swipes, making her jerk each time, then rolled her off onto the towel. I sat up, and looked at her. She was staring at me, breathing hard, wondering what was next. I pushed her legs apart, and guided my cock to her sopping pussy. The lips parted easily, and I pushed in, then lay down on her, one arm around her waist, the other around her neck. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and we were off to the races. No build-up, no slow strokes, just started hammering into her, fast as I could go.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it, fuck me hard, come on.” Her groaning in my ear only made me go faster.

Even though I was pumping at a frantic pace, she was so wet it took a while cum. While I was giving it to her, she was squeezing me with her legs, and clutching at my back, writhing under me like she was possessed. A tingling sensation started deep in my belly, grew outward to my cock, building pressure. I gave her a few more hard fast strokes, then pushed down into her and let it go. Then, I was drained, and pushed my weight up off her, onto my elbows. Her hands let go of my neck, down onto my chest, then up to cup my face.

“Damn Art, you know how to make a girl feel good.” Then she gave me a long wet kiss. We lounged on the towel chatting for a while, then decided to make our way back to our respective cabins. I was beginning to have a tiny niggle of doubt in my brain, knowing I had to tell Claire about Bethany. On the other hand I told myself, I had never told her who she could have for a partner, nor had she done so to me.

I found the cabin empty, so jumped in the shower, then sat down with a beer. Halfway through the bottle, Claire walked in the door, looking every bit the part of a well-fucked woman. Her hair was rumpled, and her knees were dirty, and her face had a flushed appearance.

‘Hi honey, I’m going to clean up. Will you fix me a drink?” She breezed past, going straight to the bathroom. I mixed a nice stiff whiskey sours for her, and sat down to finish my beer. Soon, she came out, toweling her hair.

“Whew. We went to Gus’s cabin instead. What he lacks in skill, he more than makes up for with enthusiasm.” She laughed as she said that, and proceeded to tell me about her afternoon. Gus was not her favorite, but he and his wife were friends, so when his wife couldn’t make the trip, she felt sorry for him, and agreed to have an afternoon of sex with him. After telling her tale, she asked me what I had been up to.

“Oh, I ran into Bethany, and we went down by the lake,” I said, draining the last of the beer. I sat the bottle down, and looked at Claire. She had been combing out her hair, and had stopped to turn and look back at me. Her expression was not happy.

“Bethany? I thought I told you I didn’t like her.”

“You did,” I replied. “But you didn’t say I couldn’t be with her. Besides, I really don’t get why you don’t care for her. She’s a nice lady.” Claire put her hands on her hips, and leaned forward.

“All right, I didn’t tell you, so I’ll give you that much. Darla and Cassie both know her, and she’s a known home-wrecker, Todd is her third husband. I didn’t tell you that, nor did I tell you to stay away from her, so that’s on me. Just the same, I’m not happy about it.” She stood with her arms folded across her chest, glaring at me. Claire was slow to anger, but once her fire was lit, it burned for days. I tried to clam her down.

“Look, I’m sorry, I really am. You’re right, I should have picked up on what you said. She sat down with me at the pool, and started flirting. I could have said no, but I didn’t. She’s not bad to look at, and I’ll be honest, I wanted to fuck her. It was fun, but like with anyone else here, that was it, just fun. She doesn’t interest me on an emotional level. Now that you’ve made your feelings clear, it won’t happen again.”

She still stood there, in an angry pose, tapping her foot and looking out the window. She turned her gaze back to me.

“Yes, after all, you’re a male, and your cocks do most of the thinking, especially when some slut wiggles her ass. I’ll take you at your word, that this won’t happen again.” Her words bit deep, and now I was getting hot.

“You know, maybe this whole thing was a bad idea, coming to this resort. If it will make you happy, we don’t have to come back. I can cancel our memberships, and we can be done.” When I said that, she bit her lip, and shuffled ümraniye escort bayan her foot. It was as I thought, she didn’t want that, at all. She liked living out her fantasies, and didn’t want to give it up.

“No,” she said in a quiet voice, “we don’t need to go that far. We just need to be more careful in the future. Okay?” I got up, walked over to her, and took her in my arms. She stiffened, and kept her arms crossed, but i held her anyway.

“Whatever you wish, my dear. You know I just want you to be happy.” I kissed her on the forehead. She looked at me with a weak smile, and finally put her arms around my neck. After we ate, we returned to the cabin for a round of intense make-up sex, and I thought the matter was closed. I should have known better, because Claire just didn’t cool down that fast, once she was upset. A day after we returned home, I had to go to the college to sit in on several meetings. I had told Claire I would be home at 7, but instead I was done before 3. When I drove up to our house, a car I didn’t recognize was in the driveway. I guessed it was one of her friends. The garage doors were down, and my remote opener was dead, so I parked, and walked around to the back door. When I reached the kitchen, I saw a bottle of wine was open on the counter, with two partially full glasses. About that time, I heard voices from the back of the house.

Normally, I’m not a suspicious sort, but something wasn’t quite right here. I slipped down the hall, and peeked into our bedroom. Claire was on her back on the edge of the bed, with a guy standing next to her, his back to me. One hand was on his cock, holding it down to her mouth, the other hand was on her pussy, fingering her hard and fast. Claire was sucking on the guy’s cock, while cupping her boobs and squeezing her nipples. Even from a bad angle, I could see the guy’s cock was a big one, making her open wide to get the head in her mouth. She was grunting and groaning, twisting her hips back and forth as her worked on her pussy and clit. As I watched, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and wiped it back and forth on her face. Removing his hand, he pulled her around so her legs hung over the side, and told her to turn over. Claire did as he told her, rolling over, and letting her feet down on the floor. He stepped between her legs, and rammed his big cock into my wife’s wet cunt with an audible squish. Without waiting, he started to pound her.

It was an incredible sight, Claire leaning over the bed with her legs spread wide, and a stranger slapping against her broad ass on every downstroke. Besides having a long and thick pole, they guy had stamina, giving it to her for several minutes before he pushed it in and held it. I watched his ass cheeks clench over and over as he pumped cum into my wife. When he was done, he pulled out, and I could see cum ooze out of her. When He turned around, I was shocked, and immediately pissed off. It was Todd, Bethany’s husband. I kept my composure, left the house quietly, and drove to a bar. I intended to get drunk, but instead just sipped at my drink. Claire obviously was still mad at me, and decided to get back at me. I love my wife, but like any human being, has some faults, once of which is holding a grudge. After nursing a couple of drinks, I’d had enough, and went back home. The car was gone, and the garage door was open.

Claire was watching tv when I came in, looked up, and gave me a wave.

“Hello dear, did you solve the board of regents’ problems?” I sat down next to her, and told about the meetings. When I finished, I asked her about her day.

“Oh, nothing much. Cleaned up the house, and packed for the next trip to the resort.”

“About that,” I said, ” I won’t be able to go, they want me to sit in on the interviews with the candidates for provost.” I left it at that, waiting to see what her reaction would be. Nothing more was said, until after dinner, when we were washing the dishes.

“Arthur, would you care if I went to the resort without you? I could ride with Cassie and Bill, and you could drive over after the interviews.” She said this so easily, like it was perfectly normal. Of course, had I not witnessed her getting roughly fucked a few hours ago, I wouldn’t have thought a thing of it. As it was, I immediately assumed she was going to have another round of revenge sex with Todd. I was still sorting out my feelings, and wasn’t prepared to confront her, so I told her that was a good idea. The rest of the week was uneventful. She wanted sex every night, and was very aggressive. I was hesitant at first, but my cock responded in spite of me, and I gave it to her to her over and over. Outside the bedroom, she seemed a bit withdrawn. Not wanting to inflame things further, I let it be, knowing she would talk when she was ready. As far as the coming weekend was concerned, I decided to give her the benefit of doubt.

After the interviews were finally concluded, I went home to get some things. Claire was kartal escort gone, of course. I drove to the resort, arriving after dark. After checking in, I walked to the cabin, and as I approached, I noticed it was dark, except for the bedroom. My heart was pounding, afraid at what I would see, and when I looked through the window, my fears were confirmed, although not in the way I expected. Claire was there, with two men, but neither of them was Todd. I had not seen these guys before. One was short and stocky, with olive skin and extremely hairy. He was behind Claire on the bed, fucking her with long steady strokes. The other guy was white, slender, with no body hair, and a long cock. He was leaning back against the headboard, with Claire between his outstretched legs, sucking on his cock. I had never imagined my conservative wife would ever let two strangers have her at the same time, but there she was.

A flurry of emotions hit me at once; anger, pain, heartache, and unfortunately, lust. My cock betrayed me, getting hard as I watched the scene unfold, and my hand joined in, slipping around my shaft and stroking away. The swarthy guy doing her from behind leaned over and picked up a plastic bottle. Unsnapping the lid, he poured it down through the crack of her ass. Claire didn’t seem to notice, her eyes were closed, and I could hear her moans as the two guys took her from each end. The guy in back withdrew his cock, it looked to be about seven inches, and started rubbing it up and down between her cheeks. Then, he put the head at her asshole, and gave a push, popping it into her. Claire’s head shot up.

“Fuck, what are you doing?” She tried to turn around, but the guy in front held onto her shoulders, while the other one had a firm grip on her hips.

Once her was in, the dark guy wasted no time, giving another push, and sinking in until his pubes were brushing her ass. Claire was writhing in pain, but couldn’t break loose. I started to leave, then thought no, I was going to let this happen. She had gone too far, and she was going to have to suffer the consequences. So I watched as one guy took her in the ass, and the other pushed her head back down on his cock. She was whimpering, but stopped resisting, and resumed sucking him off. This went on for a few minutes, then the guy in her ass pulled out.

“Flip her over.” he said. They rolled Claire onto her back, and got on their knees on either side, jacking away. Soon, the skinny guy starting squirting gobs of cum onto her face and neck. He was followed a few seconds later by the other one, who added his load to the mess on her face. Cum was spattered from her chest up into her hair. Their loads delivered, the two got up and wiped off their cocks, and left the cabin, walking away and laughing. I had cum too, and after wiping my hand on the grass, started to go inside, then thought better of it. Claire was still on the bed, her hands over her face. I left, making my way to the outdoor bar, and ordered a whiskey and water. About halfway through, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Looking around, it was Cassie.

“Hey Art, can I join you?” I pulled up a stool next to mine, and watched as she slid her chubby ass up onto it.

“Whats’ up Cassie?” I asked, sipping my drink. She ordered a screwdriver, took a drink, and gave me a serious look.

“I normally don’t get involved with other folk’s lives, but I like you and Claire, a lot, and Art, I’m concerned. I know Claire is pissed off, but I never thought she’d go off the deep end like she has.” She took another drink, and waited for me to respond.

“How much do you know?”

“Well, she told me she got the number for that asshole Todd, and let him come to your house for an afternoon fuck. She wanted to get back at you for playing around with his wife. Bethany is bad news, but it was Claire’s fault for not being more clear about wanting you to steer clear. I don’t fault you for doing Bethany, after all, that’s what goes on here.” She stopped to take a drink.

“I went to the cabin when I got here. She was with two guys, never saw them before. They were giving it to her, one in front, one in back.” Cassie let out a long sigh.

“Yeah, I saw her leave with them. She’d had too many cocktails, and I told her it was a bad idea, but she didn’t listen. Did you do anything?”

“No, I just watched. They weren’t nice, one of them shoved it in her ass. I’m finding it hard to feel sorry for her.” Cassie laid a hand on my arm.

“I understand, honey. Maybe this will cool her off. So, now what?” I shrugged, and finished my drink.

“As I see it, I have two choices. I can go back to the cabin and console her. Or, I can let her stew for a while, and have a little fun with a willing partner.” I looked a her, raising an eyebrow in question. Cassie shook her head, and laughed.

“Art, you are a hardass, never would have guessed it. I’d spread my legs for you in a heartbeat, you know that, but this time, I have to pass. Don’t want to get in the middle of this. And Bethany isn’t here, thank goodness, so you can’t make that mistake again.” She threw her head back and laughed. I laughed too, it was hard not to around Cassie. I glanced across the bar area, and on the other side sat a very attractive Latina.

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