Mature Woman Conquest: Beth Ch. 01

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Beth was part of a group. It was called the mature women Conquest league. It was MWC for short. There were a group of older women that loved to conquer men. It could be physical conquest and physical. Any type really. You get a point for different things. You would take a picture of your conquest and put it in a personal album. It was a fun little club. She loves to conquer virgins. Taking someone virginity was worth 100 points. Doing other things to them earn you more points. Namely how much each person was broken down. She currently had 10,000 points for doing different things.

Beth was very attractive. She was black and very busty. She was 45 years old and still looked good. She kept in shaped by working out. He body was nicely tone and she had long legs. She was very proud of her plump butt. She stood at 6.2 and had big biceps. She still looked feminist with him. She was a wealthy woman.

The latest person she wanted was Chris. She all ways liked him.

He was a shy black male around 21 years old. He seems to have a youthful ness about him. He was still pretty naïve about the world. He can best be described as cute. He still had his baby face and slim build. He had a nice manner about him and a nice sense of humor. He seem quiet around people he didn’t know but mostly happy a lot of the time. She wanted him to have a good time. She knew he was still a virgin. She knew him sense he was a baby.

She saw him waiting out in a rain one day when he got locked out. His parents were away for the weekend and he couldn’t find the keys he left under the rug. Beth acutely took the keys

“Are you locked out?” She asked walking by with a raincoat. It was raining cats and dogs.

“Yes main” He said

“You can stay at my house until you figure away in. I made some cookie,” Beth said. Beth all ways knew he liked her and had fantasies about her. Sometime she would leave the window open knowing he would watch. She got to her door

“Surprise your not over a girls house” Beth said

“I don’t have a girl to go to” He said

“A big stud like you. I would of thought girls would be line up” Beth winked

He blushed then said “You think so wouldn’t you but for some reason they not attracted to guys who still live with their mom and watch star trek” He joked

“Hey you a cute kid don’t put yourself down” She said rubbing his hair

He was taken inside and told him to sit down. “I am going to get into something more fitting” She said

Beth got her self ready. The tall busty black goddess looked at herself in the mirror. She wore something that showed of her thick Ebony legs and plump butt. She thought about what she would do to young neighbor. She put her lipstick on her thick lips. She put her hair in a bonnet bostancı escort to give herself a nice grandmother look but she was far from it. She hope that soon all she would hear is the sound of the young man balls slapping her ass. She was wearing long spider net stroking and red silk robe that showed of a Red bra and panties. She Walked in the room and sat on the couch next to Chris. “Y..Your” in your undewerar the young black boy said. “You didn’t think I where me Jeans all day, it’s late baby. You should slipped into something nice sugar, in fact your clothes are wet take a bath. I will run it for you”

“I…Don’t know” Chris said

“Come on it not like I haven’t seen you naked before when you were a baby. That is an order young man in the tub” She said

Later he went in the tub and undress. He got into the tub and relax”, Then Beth walked in

“What you doing in here” He said

“Ohhh We only have one big bathroom and I really need to wash up baby” She said dropping off her clothes. Her body was amazing. She had a tattoo on her ass that said Wildchild. She smiled. She had big strong arms. He could see the curve of her glistening biceps.

Beth knelt near to the tub; her thick black boobs rested on the tub’s rim. One of the black nipples touched Chris shoulder. “Mmm, let’s get our boy nice and clean! Now big black mama will take care!” She covered her hands with soap, and her fingers started rubbing his chest.

Chris sat with open mouth, just stared at her huge tits, and could only stammer, “oh. Oh yes. Thank you

maim.” Her strong hands stroked his shoulders and arms, then went downwards over his abs. His cock was already starting to lift its head when her thumb grazed it while lathering his thighs. Then she grabbed the soap again and covered her hands with it: “Well, you remember what mommy said? Always keep your weenie clean!” She first let her hand slide down to his balls, lathering and cupping them thoroughly. His cock was now already pointing upwards out of the water, and the black woman let her fingers slide up along it, puling the skin up. “Mmh, now let auntie Beth make this dickie really shining! Ah, what a good boy you are! Now give this old black lady a kiss!” Timid and obedient, Chris lifted his head towards her, while she was now rubbing his hard cock stronger with her soapy short hand, and softly pressed his lips against her cheek. “Thank you”, he murmured.

“Hey, that’s not what I call a kiss! I will teach you how to kiss a lady!” Beth shouted. Abashed, Chris’s eyes widened as she approached his mouth with her broad red lips. While jerking him now in full swing, she planted her lips on his trembling ones, then parted them with her tongue which, wet and muscles like a fish, ümraniye escort bayan slid into his mouth, stirring his tongue and licking all around his gums.

She Held him in her arm. His wet naked body rested against to her breast. Most of his body was in the pull as her tongue explored his twisting them together. Her arm hung timidly as she took his hand in her huge hand. She had his hand rubbing her huge nipples. She moans with pleasure. She cupped his ass. Her big hand squeezes his ass. She smiles as her tongue wet back and fourth in his mouth. He could now she her nipples trough her dress. She dropped her dress revealing a naked Chest. She held the kiss as she enters the tub. She held him and started soaping his shoulder. Her tongue never left his mouth. She twisted her tongue inside him giving him kisses. Her hand slid on his cock stroking him faster and faster

“Come baby don’t be shy let auntie make it better” She purred rubbing her young stud faster

Her gigantic soft black boobs pressed against his chest. He was breathing rapidly. Her red lace panties thinned to a thong between her sturdy things. He could feel her fleshy pussy lips rub against his thig in the soapy water. She took his hand and led it between her legs. Timidly he pushed aside the panty and felt her thick shaved cunt lips.

“Oh yeah”, her rough voice moaned into his ear, “mmh now feel the best that god has made on this earth for a guy like you! oh yeah rub it, more, stronger! aaah, this pussy is hungry, you know? Yeah, move your fingers, explore every crack, every piece of skin and flesh down there, rub all over it, yeah yeah yeah this is the hole this is it stick it in yeah one more finger into my cunthole oh yeah rub it in deep mmh good boy you learn quickly. comeon now here this is my clit yeah rub it with your wet thumb oh yeah makes me so horny guy mmh gonna be the first to feel this hard prick inside my fuckhole mmh so hard and horny yeah comeon now I´ve waited enough!”

Ann who felt Veronica´s finger rubbing her wet cunt got so horny that she bucked her whole body, a trembling climax rolled over her pale body so that her blonde hair shook over her moaning face. Veronica felt her pussy squeeze her finger in extasy.

Beth now lifted her black body slightly and straddled Chris´ cock which she still was energically jerking. Her dripping pussy was now above his bulging cockhead.

“Shhhh baby just relax. I’m going to make you feel so good. going to rock your world baby” Beth says whispering in his ear. She took his cock in her hand and start to slipped it toward her pussy

He felt his body shake as his dick was thrust in her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her neck and she held hold of his ass. She could feel his body shaking kartal escort as her came the hardest he came in his young life. “Mmmm yes shoot that load in me.mmmm shit your really cumming and your cock still hard you little fuck you” She says kissing him. She runs his tongue deep in his mouth. His cock goes in and out of her dripping cum out of her pussy

She takes him out of the bathtub. She holds him in her strong arms. His arm and legs hang as she carries the broken boy. She lets out a hardy laugh. She lays him on the bed. She stands over him. Tears of joy run down his eyes. She licks them off and brings his chin up. “You are so cute. You know that. Like a little angle” She says

She kisses him deeply and holds him down. He let out a tiny whimper. She straddles his body. The weight nearly crushes him. She looks at him as she rides him slowly. The bed shakes as she rides him. Her pussy juice squeeze around him like a vice. She rode him like a horse. The whole bed shook as she rode the young man up and down. She knew when to stop so he could last. He came closer and closer. Just when he was to the brink she stopped. It was sweet torture.

“It ok to cry a bit honey. I know this intense” She said

She held him against the wall. The moonlight from the window glisten across her body. He cried into her breast. She held him gently rocking him. “You’re the best. I love you,” He cried out as she made love to him. She laughed and kissed him gently

“Your mind now. You know that” She said wiping his tears

He nodded knowing it was true

She kept it up and then let him cum ounce she was satisfied. He came hard inside her. She came with an explosion also. He fails on her breast. “Your not quitting now are you pet,” She said. She slipped a finger in his ass and twirled in around. Her pussy juice coated his dick and hardens it. She brought his face up

“Now baby listen. Mommy going to get real rough with you. So you going to have to just hang on,” She said

“Ok maim,” He said

She started slamming him against the wall. Her pussy milked him like a mouth. She moans dripping with sweat. The young male screamed with pleasure as her mouth ravage ever part of his body. She sucked his nipples while he was still inside her. She held him by the ass. He screamed. He was filled with intense pleasure he didn’t think was possible. “Shhhhh baby just hang on” She said “Suck my nipples baby”. He sucked it like a little baby. His tongue circled her nipple. She loved his little mouth

She kept him at it for what seem like forever. It was about two hours. When she let him cum he came like a hose over and over. He didn’t know it was possible for a man to be brought to organism that much. Her owns cum soaked the bed. She looked down at her lover. He was completing knocked out. She held up a camera and took a picture of her conquest. She places it in the photo album with the others. She was tempted to wake him up. She then decided to be nice. He was a good kid. She would enjoy him in the morning.

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