May , Deke Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – Going Al Fresco

May and Deke check out of the motel, then sit and have farewell coffee and Danish with manager/handyman Jack and his wife Della in the small cafe there.

“We have truly enjoyed our stay, ” Deke says, picking out a cheese Danish. Do you think we could reserve the same room next summer?”

“Call two weeks ahead; and, if it’s taken, we’ll put you up in our place.” Della cheerfully offers.

“In your place? Do you have a spare room?” May asks, surprised.

“No, but we have a really big bed!” Della laughs.

Finally, during friendly hugs and kisses all around, Jack gains May’s ear to whisper, “Call soon, sweetheart.”

Waving to Della and Jack at the door, they pull away and head out onto the open highway for the coast.

“What did you think about Della’s offer, darling? Isn’t she a scream!” Deke asks. “Sounds like she’s hot to trot.”

“I thought it was quite interesting. You know, she’s really a fun person. I hope my sneaking around with Jack in the meantime doesn’t screw things up,” May says, dropping the visor mirror to check her lipstick.

“Hmm. I really am delighted that you have begun a relationship with Jack. I think you should keep that going.”

“I think so, too. I liked the way he fucked me.”

“Perhaps you can convince him to add Della to the mix?”

“Perhaps. Now, Deke, can’t you just imagine the four of us in the same bed!” They laugh. “Seriously though, I really do want you to watch me with Jack. You’d be a good sport and roger Della for me, wouldn’t you? She does have nice big tits. What about that?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Deke rejoins with a broad smile.

May adjusts her seat belt and settles into her usual summer travel mode with Deke. Her hand slips up the leg of his shorts to find his chub, which she gently fondles as they drive along. “You like it that Jack has such a nice big cock to fuck me with, don’t you? And you wouldn’t mind if I wrote to tell you that I found Della ‘finger lickin’ good’ either, would you?” May adds with a squeeze, assured that she has Deke where she wants him.

“Can’t say that it would hurt my feelings.” Deke chuckles wryly at her off-color comment. “Darling, I couldn’t be more pleased that your new sex partners are so well endowed, or that you might check out sex with a woman. In fact, I think it’s great.” Deke pauses to change lanes and then continues, “You liked Jack’s rough play with your tits, did you not?”

” Definitely! You know I love taking orders in bed. His aggressiveness is my cup of tea,” May says giving Deke’s cock a tug.

“In that case, you’ll thrive in young Major Conley’s boot camp. That was quite a story of his heroic doings in the Special Forces that Bear told us at breakfast. I guess he’d been a Marine Drill Instructor before that.”

“Yes, that’s what Bear said. And that thick prematurely gray hair of his is beautiful. ‘The Silver Fox’ – what a sexy nickname! These friends of yours are making our time together this summer really special, Deke. Fucking Bear for you was so hot, and now to think of you watching me with his even more substantially endowed son… I hope I’ll make you proud of me, dear.”

“Hey, sweet, I have always been proud of you. You’ll be as great as you were in seducing the young Conley couple Saturday afternoon. The grace with which you spread your legs for them to see your cunt while rafting in the pool drove me crazy as well. And isn’t Jim’s cock fantastic! He’s really well hung. I think it’s bigger than Bear’s. I hope you’ll get to suck it during our visit.”

“I fully intend to, darling; but what about you sucking him? There could be an opportunity when the four of us are together.”

“Jeeze, I don’t know, dear. It could work out that we’d touch in pleasuring our women, but I don’t know if Jim is amenable to that. It will depend on how it plays out. With encouragement from you ladies, I suppose something more might happen,” Deke says thoughtfully. “I imagine that you and Barbara will touch.”

“We might. I’ve daydreamt of performing cunnilingus on one of my attractive students, but I’ve never actually had sex with a woman. It might be the perfect opportunity to experiment with Barbara antalya escort before I consider Della; but I guess, as with you and Jim, it will depend on how it plays out.”

It is once again a gorgeous summer day on the coast of Maine; and by the time May and Deke reach the dock parking lot, she is wet and he is hard.

“May darling, we are about 20 minutes early, and I don’t see Jim in sight yet. What’s say we have a quickie right here?”

“Nope.” May shoots back with a shit-eating grin.

“What do you mean ‘nope’?” Deke repeats, smiling, but truly surprised, as May never refuses him anything.

“I think we should stay horny until we are with Jim and Barbara.”

“You do, huh?”

“I do.” May says, hopping out of the passenger side door before he can convince her otherwise. “Pop the trunk, won’t you, sweets? We may as well get our stuff organized on the dock.”

Vere Isle is one of the thousands of Maine islands even official navigational charts have left unnamed. Situated about half way up Casco Bay, the island is about 2 acres of flats and rocky shoals at low tide and about a half-acre of dirt rocks and dry ground at high tide. Scrub pine, blueberry and bayberry bushes thrive around the white Maine cottage with its boathouse, decks and docks, set in stark contrast with the natural shoreline.

The only access to the island is by boat, and Jim and Barbara arrive in their classic lap-strake sea skiff to pick up Deke and May just shortly after 11 AM at the public dock.

Jim is a handsome man of forty. He is disarmingly charming, and gives no hint of his history as DI at Parris Island, except perhaps for the boonie hat he wears atop the thick mane of gray hair. Currently, he is a VP for a major corporation. He and Barbara, a nurse, own this island get-a-way as well as their seaside home in Harpswell.

Jim’s hobby is restoring and maintaining classic wooden boats. The sea skiff and the lovely 28-ft. Herreshoff ketch, moored just off the island, are two exquisite examples of his dedication to that pastime.

It is a bright sunny day and a light southeasterly breeze blows from the ocean up the bay. Jim expertly picks his course through the minefield of lobster pots to arrive at the island without fouling his prop.

As they tie up and unload their gear, Barbara peeks into Deke’s two goodie-boxes to exclaim, “Wow, it sure was nice of you to bring so much food with you. Look, Jim: cheese, crackers and chips, all this fruit. That would have been enough, but my goodness, besides the beer and wine, look at this – a jug of Wild Turkey! How did you guys know it’s Jim’s favorite?”

“It was an educated guess,” Deke acknowledges, “I used to hang with a Marine fly-boy, and he drank nothing else. He was some kind of a guy, though, and it’s so good meet up with another Marine who drinks to ‘Semper Fidelis’ in style.”

“Wow, you do me honor, Deke, with such a thoughtful gift,” Jim tells them.

“Well, we didn’t want to come empty handed.” Then Deke adds with a smile and a wink in May’s direction, “And I, uh, had an extra long period to shop yesterday.”

“Well, we can’t thank you enough. So,” Jim continues, “here’s how the day is shaping up. First, Barbara’s got sandwiches for a noontime bite. Then, after lunch, it’ll be low tide, and the plan is for us to get down and dirty digging some clams to go with the lobsters I picked up from my man whose pots we dodged on the way over here for a big feed tonight. Sound good?”

Deke and May agree it sounds like fun, and the four collect the largesse and luggage and carry it up the path to the house.

“Of course, you know the dress code for our al fresco lobster feed tonight, don’t you?” Barbara asks with a twinkle in her eye as she leads the way up the path.

Deke and May think about al fresco for a few moments and jointly, to their amusement, assume a nude event. Deke, not to miss an opening like that, spouts facetiously in haughty affectation, “But, of course, m’ dear. Men with tails and women ready for the ball.”

“Absolutely!” hoots Jim, and they all laugh.

“And I understand,” May mocks, continuing the farce, ” that a cool breeze engenders testicular health, and ‘twould bid to keep fethiye escort a lady grateful she’s on Vere Isle. That’s a neat name for your retreat, but we hope you live up to it, Jim.”

“The play on virility, which you two English Profs couldn’t help noticing, struck us as funny too,” Barbara observes. “But it was actually Jim’s strong interest in naval history and the effect of Peter Ustinoff’s role in the old film Billy Budd that did it. Soft spoken but tough and deeply patriotic, Captain Vere was his type of commanding officer. So Vere Isle it’ll always be while we’re here. “

* * *

After the light lunch that Barbara had prepared, the challenge to dress the guests for the sport of the day is answered by a rummage of old clothes and sneakers. To any spies from land or sea they would have appeared as a procession of rag-clad poor. Shouldering short handled rakes and swinging wire baskets, they gingerly pick their way over barnacled rocks and then slog through the flats to the low tide’s edge.

As Deke and May, despite childhood summers at the seashore, had never dug soft-shell clams, Jim imparts a painstaking elementary lecture on locating their lairs near embedded rocks and about being alert to the tell-tale holes, which emit salt water geysers at one’s step. Once at a promising area, clammers should face shoreward and set the tines of their rakes deep to drag and hoist the dark mud of the clam bed. Patience and care not to break the shells have their rewards, as does readiness to pick the retreating beauties, bare-handed, even as diggers suffer the soaking rear action of the incoming tide.

A half-hour’s trial and error yield to satisfactory technique and mucky success; and Jim, in his hip-boots, takes the total of one hod to deeper water for washing. Jim explains that there could be muck or grit in the shells, even if not broken, and that a couple hours soak in salted water with a handful of corn meal is an aid to the flushing process.

Proud of our catch in its clean, gleaming freshness, we, nonetheless, survey the sorry-looking mess we have made of ourselves and have to laugh.

“You know, this was fun,” a mud streaked Deke declares with verve.

“Hey, forgot to tell you two,” Jim rejoins, ” the best part of our afternoon is getting cleaned up for dinner. Our shower is really al fresco, and there’s space for all four of us, if you’d care to join Barbara and me.”

“Sweet!” May pipes. Mud splattered like the rest, she jests bowing low, “Gracious Host and Hostess, we should be honored to shower with you ‘high mucky-mucks’. And I can hardly wait to get out of these soggy sneakers!” And she leads the others back to the house.

Although there is indoor plumbing on the island, the shower, a fairly large three-sided corral with four shower heads and a gate, is outdoors on a side of the cottage that is sheltered from public view. A 100-gallon tank on the roof is rainwater-filled and solar-heated, providing ample water for showering.

No one hesitates to strip, as everyone is glad to shuck dirty duds and wet sneakers. There is a wrist rope by every showerhead, and everyone starts to lather up hands.

“Ladies before gentleman, right Jim?” Deke asks, looking to his host.

“Definitely!” Jim agrees. “You take Barbara and I’ll take May, if that’s okay.”

Barbara and May agree to maintain similar ploys in sequence to give the guys equal treatment. “Okay, mind your manners: tits first!” Barbara directs. Then, legs apart, shoulder width, the girls cross their arms behind their heads so that their tits stick out proudly. Deke soaps Barbara’s D-cup beauties with special care, using both hands. As he soaps her up, he massages each breast and teases her nipples to hardness by running the soap over the tips. Rinsing the soap off, he then gives little sucking kisses to each nipple that make Barbara’s juices start to flow.

Jim has May turn around and reaches around her to rub her C-cup tits. He alternates breasts, soap in one hand, groping with the other. He pulls on the nipple to lift each breast so he can soap under it. May loves her tits to be manhandled, and the feel of Jim’s stiffening cock pressed against her ass really kaş escort excites her.

Then the girls have at it. They have the men ‘assume the position’, hands up against the shower walls, asses out and legs spread. Both women start at the shoulders and work their way down. Soap bars slide up and down the crack of their partners’ asses with particular teasing attention paid to each pucker. Soapy fingers rim the hole and then, one or two sneak inside, prompting groans and stiffer dicks.

Like quarterbacks waiting for the snap, Barbara and May work with both hands to lather up bags and balls. The warm water pours over the men, and they spread their legs wider. The slick of the soap intensifies the sensation as the women grope. A ball in each hand, they carefully squeeze and finger each nad.

One soapy hand cupping Jim’s scrotum, May then grasps his tiller with the other and slides her hand up and down, jacking his slick stick. “Mmmm. Great heavy weather helm you have here, Captain Conley,” May teases as she twists and tugs his cock, which, she notices, is slightly longer and thicker than that of his father.

“The board of education is quite rigid over here,” Barbara quips, laughing.

“Oh, yeah,” Deke moans appreciatively.

Jim reaches over and shuts off the tap for his showerhead, signaling to the rest that it is time to towel off. Soft plush towels warmed by the sun await the foursome on the line just outside the shower. The women buff the men dry, and then it’s their turn.

Jim hands May her towel and gently, but firmly, tells her, “I’d like to watch you towel off, May. Would that be all right?”

Without a word, May nods her assent. Jim stands about five feet away, stroking his cock. May employs the towel to alternately veil and reveal herself in a kind of exotic dance, while gazing directly into his eyes at each turn. After carefully drying each round cheek of her ass and each shapely leg, she bobbles her breasts and rubs her tummy. As Jim’s cock wags with increased growth, May becomes increasingly wet in her exhibition. Finally, holding the towel at each end, she rides it back and forth to dry between her legs. “I don’t think this part of me is going to get dry, Jim. I think I am going to stay very wet unless you can help me,” May breathes huskily.

Jim approaches and enfolds May’s undulating body in a gentle but manly embrace and whispers in her ear, “You are so very sexy, May, and we are both aroused and ready.”

“I agree,” May whispers in return.

“Barbara? Deke? May I interrupt? Now that we are clean and, I might add, hornier than ever, it’s time Barbara and I shared our hope that you’ll want to remain nude throughout the evening and get to know us better. We were hoping you two would be willing to swap mates all night in separate rooms.”

“We had the very same thing in mind, didn’t we, sweetie?” May bubbles.

“Ya man, we think that’s a terrific plan for our first night!” Deke adds.

“Great! But, before that can happen,” Jim declares, ” we need to make dinner.”

“I know you will be in charge of the clams,” May reasons thoughtfully, “and Barbara will need my help in the galley. And, of course, I want to stay nude for both of you. It’s such a lovely tease, and then we could touch each other from time to time. Is that okay?”

” Hell, yes, that’s standard operating procedure here on Vere Isle. And, hey, let’s have a drink. Could you use a Wild Turkey on the rocks?”

“I’d rather leave that for you guys. What I’d really like is a scotch and soda, if you have it.”

“I’m sure we have it in ship’s stores,” Jim brags. They kiss lingeringly and head for the kitchen, holding hands.

To be dried, Barbara has stood, arms out and legs spread like a snow angel, for Deke to rub the thirsty towel over her lush body, pausing to express his appreciation with enveloping kisses — her nipples, belly button, ass, neck and mouth. “Mmmm, you smell so good, Barbara Allen, I want to eat you,” Deke hums in her ear.

“Must be the Oil of Olay soap,” Barb muses, “and I hope I can hold you to those words later on this evening. You are such a sexy guy. It will be nice to fuck all night long! I’m glad you’re for it, Deke. Right now, though, there’s work to do in the galley. I found a lovely ripe avocado in the market yesterday to add to a spinach salad. Could I prevail upon you to get that together for us?”

“At your cervix, Madame,” Deke winks, with a servile bow. “I shall devote myself to it.”

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