Meagan’s Feeldoe Ch. 02

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Meagan discovers her man in the bedroom cupboard, because he got an orgasm witnessing her putting in a Feeldoe strap on and getting herself off. He bows his head, and…


I don’t know how I got such control over my gag-reflex…

Meagan’s eyes flicker with passion, as she sees me take her fake dick in my mouth. I feel her muscular thighs quiver with lust and as my hands travel upward to her but. Where I touch her, her muscles shivered. She looks down at me and as I look through her eyes at her burning lust, I bury my nose in the small strip of hair she leaves behind after removing the hairs from her sex. I smell her hairs as they tickle my nostrils. Her arousal finds its way up my nose. I had been south on numerous occasions, I pride myself on my skills in the cunnilingus department, but this perfume she now omits is totally new to me. Meagan smells more musky, heady, heavy intoxicating then I have ever smelled.

My dick awakes, starts twitching again, growing rapidly…

I let the plastic dick fall from my mouth as I have to come up for a breather, because that thing, lunged deep in my throat, is preventing my breathing…

How do women do that, during deep throat?

I lick her labia and mound, as I have done a thousand times before…

I take the dildo in my mouth again, and even though it is hard I take it to the hilt in one go… Meagan sighs, looking down at me, her eyes burning still with lust. I feel her buttocks, they shiver and clench, as my hands roam her strong behind, kneading her butt cheeks firmly.

Ohh, her cheeks are so smooth.

My fingers trace her crack up and down… As I do it her breathing becomes faster, more ragged, her crotch radiating more heat. I move my fingers through her crack until I reach her rosebud. Her asshole kisses my fingertips, as if it is trying the taste just before it swallows them whole.

My dick rises more and more…

Suddenly it strikes me that from the day we met “in biblical sense” she has always been immaculately smooth down there, well except for the small patch I mentioned earlier. This smooth mound has been part of her ever since we started dating…

Why have I never wondered how she got so smooth, even on parts that are impossible for her to reach?

She has never asked me to shave her rosebud and still it is cleanly shaven, always! It seems by the minute I know less about my lover of five years… I have taken the way she takes care of herself for granted, that’s for sure.

Meagan puts her hand on the back of my head so she can control the pace… I keep looking into her green eyes as she starts fucking my face. She is so exhilaratingly beautiful, my temples start throbbing like my cock does. I gag…I have to breathe through my nose… I pant, hum, as my lust builds…

This is so hot…

I never thought this scene possible… I just have to take care of my hard-on, without leaving her hard-on alone…

Oh… my dick is so hot and hard…

with closed eyes I start stroking franticly…


As I open my eyes again, looking up at her, my nostrils flaring… Meagan makes my head bob faster and faster. She must find this scene just as hot as I, her antalya escort eyes spread wider and wider. Her look is a mix of lust and amazement at what’s happening.

Suddenly there is a hint of anger in her eyes… As Meagan takes more and more control of the situation, my lust builds…

Oh…you make me so fucking horny…

She grabs my hair and forces me to my feet.

“You horny little schmuck… Spying on me, making cum stains on all my dresses, ruining the carpet” she scolds me. Her eyes burn with anger and lust. I feel how she mocks me.

“Stand up, dick-face, why were you in that closet… You’re not answering? I know how to get you to talk, to beg for mercy…”

She pulls me to my feet and drags me to our bed… She pushes me, no, flings me onto the bed.

“Kneel, asshole… FACE DOWN… On the sheets…”

My hard-on throbs as I comply…I can’t remember ever having been this horny before…I try to look at her, I want to see her firm body behind me. I imagine her figure against the light of the window behind me, her tits sticking perky at me. Apprehensively I peek at her.

“DON’T YOU DARE LOOK BACK” she shouts at me.

“You have done enough looking for today, now it’s my turn. I’m going to see you squirm at the end of my dildo, I’m going to hear you scream as I shove the Feeldoe past your sphincter. I’ll see the light reflecting on the beads of sweat that will form on the small of your back…of sheer angst”

“You still think this is a sex game, do you? Well it isn’t. It’s payback time!”

Payback, payback for what?

As I wonder about her last statement, she grabs my wrist, binds it with one of my neckties, at least I think it is one of my ties. She puts one foot on my cheek to hold me down. I squirm and moan, as she really hurts me.

What’s gotten into her, where did she learn these skills? She does it with ease and efficiency…

“Please, you’re hurting me…”

“Shut your face, you’ve hurt me as well, neglecting me, taking me for granted…!”

I Swallow hard at her words.

That’s what eating her…

The thought had past my mind as I was sitting in the closet. I have been living the easy life for far too long. I let my fire die down.

“I’m sorry…” I whisper almost without sound.

“That is a bit too late, vermin” she says as she checks the knot on my wrist.

My dick is throbbing, even though I am now truly frightened. She is ignoring my hard-on which is pointing downward but jumps upward along with the vortex of arousal thrashing through me. With my wrists bound to my back, and her foot on my head I couldn’t stand if I wanted…

Well… I can, but do I want to?

Meagan finally removes her foot that by now was on my neck. I sigh in relieve, but too early… Meagan takes my head and puts a collar around my neck…

A collar? Where did she hide that…fuck, I don’t know my woman at all…she seems too fucking experienced in this stuff.

How can she… I was her first big love? She had some small relationships before us getting together. She must have done something beside me, otherwise she would never have known this. Shure, you can read a lot about these things on the Net, but that doesn’t make you as experienced as what antalya rus escort she shows now.

FUCK what has she been up to?

“Aauww, fuck… Meagan…!!”

She isn’t really going vanilla on me. The foot she placed on my face is painful. My vision is obscured by it, but I feel her tie my collar to her side of the bed. Now there is no escaping Meagan’s punishment.

Face down Ass up on my own bed. Fuck, I am about to explode…

Meagan uses one of her nylons to blindfold me. I am rendered helpless… and never in my life been more aroused as I am right now… Her other nylon is used as a gag.

Speechless, blindfolded I lay bound to my bed with my ass pointing at the ceiling. The love of my life wears a strap-on and is talking very angry at me… Even if she hadn’t explained earlier, I still would have known what’s coming next…

A cold substance is spread around my asshole. I sigh in relief, Meagan feels so angry that for a moment I was afraid she would plunge the Feeldoe, as it is called apparently, in my rectum without any lube. My relief is short-lived though. She starts to lubricate my sphincter…but instead of one finger, she plunges first two and then three in…

“Ooeff…” I utter a slight moan… She turn her hand 90 degrees, and makes a ‘come hither’ gesture…

“Www, th’s ghd” I mumble… She pulls out the gag.

“Wow, that’s good” I mutter again

“Ah, you poor thing, has no one ever massaged your prostate before?? You might be in for some pleasure after all” she says softly.

With that the anger in her voice subsides, and she removes her hand.

“Your ass has been stretched enough by now… lets have some fun”.

Kneeling behind me I feel her nudge my hole with the fake dick… I brace myself.

“Don’t tense up, it will hurt more” she warns me,

“…relax, and push out while I push in”

“Oh Meagan…”

“From now on you shall refer to me as mistress, at least when we are in these situations…” Meagan said. “

“Your behaviour will determine if I will have to enforce it in the rest of our lives. Got that?”


“Yes love…” I whispered

As I inadvertently use the name I always use for her, immediately I find out what she means with enforcing.


Meagan loges the dildo that was nudging my asshole in my colon. It has KY on it, but the pain is excruciating. My cock was hard, but deflates instantaneous. If I wasn’t strapped down I would jump out of the window just to get away from that pain. But there is no escape…

“Yes mistress,” I say with a small voice…

“WHAT, Speak up boy…”


As I speak the words Meagan wants to hear, my cock stirs…My mind squirms, tries to squirm away from the impact of these words, but my body now tingles all over as I realise that submitting to Meagan turns me on. I inhale and feel the hairs in the back of my neck stand. The dildo now slowly starts thrusting.

The words “Yes Mistress” freed something in me. My being shifts… Shocked by the notion that I like being the submissive, I feel my dick growing to its former glory.

“Slave…feel my feeldoe fucking your puny little ass… antalya ucuz escort Before I’m done with you, you won’t be able to sit for days…

The “feeldoe” causes shivers running from inside my ass to the tip of my dick.

Meagan shifts a little, rises. The Feeldoe is now moving vertically downward.

“Oh god, Mistress…uhn…uhnn…”

Every time it rubs my inside I feel a jolt of pleasure running down my cock and exploding in the tip.

“So you like your prostate stimulated, Do you?”

My prostate, yeah, that figures. She told me she would do that

“DO YOU!!”

“Yes Mistress…I do, very much…”

“You should answer me faster…otherwise I will do this!”

Auauww…auwauwauww…” I wine as Meagan grabs my balls and squeezes…

Now that the pounding of my prostate goes on at a steady pace the feelings explode. I feel tiny shivers on my skull, along my spine and in my glans. Every time I think the pleasure can’t go any deeper Meagan does something to prove me wrong…

“OH Mea…Mistress… I never…want to…lose…you”

Meagan says nothing, puts her hands on my butt cheeks and positions herself more above my ass. She thrusts precisely on my prostate again.


It feels like I’m coming, only there’s no cum. Meagan takes hold of my dick, slides her hand down to the tip and spread fluid around.

That’s pre-cum, I never do that…?

In the whole of my 30 year life I have only had a drop of that maybe 5 times. Meagan cotes my glans with it and starts to stimulate me with her fist. The pressure, the tingling, the pleasure builds… I can’t see my love hovering above me, I just feel her on top of my ass, her hands leaning, kneading my butt, stroking my back. Her knees push against my sides. I hear her breath become shallow, rasping…

Then only senses, there are no images of the technical act like normal. The lack of vision induces images, all images of our fucks we had in the past years tumble in front of my eyes.

Me on top, Meagan on top, her perky tits, bouncing. Fucking on the kitchen table, in the car. Meagan face in the throes of orgasm. Her sex over my head , slowly lowering…

“Umpf… Oh god… Oh Mistress…umpf… hmf”

All the girlfriends of my life merge with the image of Meagan…

My bedroom 19 years,..Umf…a swimming pool changing room.”Ohh… ohh… ohh…”

Toilet in the local theatre 28…umf…first blow job… ahh… ahhh… hooker…future prom queen… blow job…

And then, suddenly… all images vaporize. All that’s left is feeling… caught in a vortex of senses, its peak on my dick where Meagan’s hand is in control

“Oh Mistress… I’m going to come…can I come please…”

Her grasp on my cock gets tighter. I feel her knees bore my sides. She shudders.

“NO, you… had… your… share… me… first” she says through her teeth.

And then my balls explode…but as I feel the cum rushing…

“Oh Sam I… there… ohh… hohh… huhh… hnnn… nnnmmm”

“Megahh too… oohh… hhh… hhhhhhhh…”

Then the lights went out…

“Wow…darling, that was great…” Meagan says, as she kisses me as I come to.

“You were far away for some time… big guy”

“Meagan you’re the greatest…, but we need to talk…”

Her eyes cloud.

“Don’t worry, I want you as Mistress for the rest of my life.”

“But there is some stuff you didn’t tell me about”…

“Okay… well…” she says as tears well up in her eyes…

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