Meeting Our Daughter at a Sex Party Ch. 02

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Tom Gates was fairly certain he was a bad person. His wife Tori was culpable too but as of yet they were unable to decide which of them was most to blame for the actions they took on their first visit to a sex party. They had spent a couple days on the subject now, mulling over their behaviour in between spells of total silence on the matter when their daughter was nearby. Tom hadn’t so much as looked at Rebecca since he came in her mouth.

He was ashamed of himself, but not just because of the act itself. Cumming in his daughter’s mouth was a life altering decision no matter what, but what ate at him the most was that he did it because he thought he could get away with it without her ever knowing, and then simply feast on the way it had made him feel as he did it.

He was certain of his anonymity. As Tori sucked his cock he searched his daughter’s eyes for any suggestion that she knew who they were and she gave nothing away. He was so sure that Rebecca was none the wiser that he took advantage and betrayed her. Having to spend the rest of his life knowing what he had done would have been difficult enough but instead his daughter had swiftly revealed the truth. She knew it was her parents, she knew it was her mum sucking her dads cock in front of her and she knew it was her dads cum she had just swallowed.

There was little hiding from the truth now, but he had tried all the same. Talking about it with Tori was one thing, but he couldn’t face his daughter. Tori took a whole lot of the blame as well, it was her who decided to perform for her daughter and she still wasn’t quite sure why. She was shocked by her husband’s last second decision to split his cum between his two girls, but she hadn’t scolded him for it. They both did things they shouldn’t have.

How long had their daughter known it was them? Did she know all along, or did she only realise when it was too late? There were so many questions, but none he could ever imagine himself asking her. He was terrified of what the answers may be, and for now he just wanted time to heal those wounds and for life to move on. One day he would be able to forgive himself for what he did, and if the three of them ended up just ignoring reality for the rest of time, then he was sure soon enough they would be able to carry on with things as if nothing had happened.

Tori soothed her husband’s worries when she could, but her relationship with Rebecca was similarly mute for the time being, and it seemed like the two of them had some way to go before they could communicate with her normally.


Rebecca was never really a mummy’s girl or a daddy’s girl, but as a single child her parents did dote on her and she was incredibly close to them growing up. She tried to grow up quickly after having her heart broken at 17, but she never strayed too far from her parents. She attended the nearest university so she could live at home and take the train in to her lectures and despite seemingly owning her body and sexuality in how she dressed, her parents were completely unaware of any boyfriends. They had since assumed a boyfriend mustn’t have been required given her notoriety at sex parties.

She had always been a straight shooter and honest with her mum and dad, but they couldn’t have expected this to be something she would tell them about. Tom hoped that if she had told them when she started that the two of them would have been accepting of it, but finding out your little girl wants to attend sex parties would be quite the revelation.

She was a brave and smart girl though, and they were incredibly proud of her. When they saw her that night there was no panic. As uncomfortable as it was to picture her how they saw her and to be so aware of her sexual talents, they trusted her. The only mistake was not heading home when they had the chance.

A month had now dragged by since Tom had planted the last of his load on her tongue, and he pictured it every day. His mind was twisted and his morality strained and he was still way too cowardly to speak to her. They had talked on occasion, but nothing like before that fateful night. He was starting to miss his daughter and the bond they had, and he was missing sex as well. Everything that had happened had caused a few issues with Tori in the bedroom. He just felt uncomfortable and he couldn’t shake that, even when he wanted to do so.

“I say we watch The Jungle book tonight, Lion King tomorrow. That’s the order they were released, plus Jungle Book has better reviews.” Tori was saying, but Tom’s mind was elsewhere again. “Earth to Thomas.”

He smiled her way and stretched out in his chair. He was pretty sure he needed a shower. “Yeah, sure. Jungle Book sounds good to me.”

Their slumber was quickly halted when Rebecca made her presence known, and it was the first time in a while she had initiated conversation with either of them. She was standing in the doorway in her pyjamas, holding a leaflet. “Are you two planning to go to any more parties?” she asked bluntly, and the topic of conversation being the sex parties that had caused a divide between the three of them was a definite maltepe escort surprise to her parents.

“I don’t know sweetie. I doubt it.” her mother answered, and Tom was thankful she had taken the initiative and he wasn’t required to do so. Neither of them had discussed a return and therefore Tori’s answer was the first Tom had known about her doubts, and he was relieved hers matched his.

Rebecca wasn’t here to beg them or argue back or persuade them. “Well, we’re having another show tomorrow.” She waved the leaflet around in her hand. “The information is on here.” She handed it off to her mum and began to leave. “I would like you both to come.”

She left as suddenly as she arrived, leaving her parents once again shook to their cores. They had much to discuss, and it seemed unlikely The Jungle Book would make its way onto their screen tonight.


For a summer night the car was cold, and Tom was forced into putting the heat up and scrunching his hands into a ball to keep them warm as the temperatures slowly began to rise. He was alone in the car for now with his wife lagging behind, but it wasn’t too long before the sound of her heels clapped against the stone floor and the passenger side door was dragged open.

“There’s no need for it to be this cold.” Tori moaned, pulling her coat close to cover more of her shivering torso. Her lower half was barer, and Tom eyed his wife’s legs with a slight hunger. He had been off his game for a while, but he could barely contain himself when she looked like this.

“You are sure you want to go?” he asked her. The blood going to his cock hadn’t quite taken his brain out of the game just yet.

“She asked us to attend.” Tori replied, and she was sure of herself. She had argued they should go the party their daughter invited them to from the get go, and had persuaded Tom on more than one occasion to join her.

“It’s really fucking weird, Victoria.” Tom still hadn’t pulled out the drive. He couldn’t decide if he wanted her to agree with him and head back inside.

“She hasn’t spoken to us properly for weeks but she invited us tonight. If that’s where she feels comfortable to talk then we owe it to her to be there. Maybe it’s her safe space or something like that.”

Tom brought the car into action, accepting defeat, or perhaps just offering enough resistance to feel better about himself. “I’m not sure if I’ll feel particularly comfortable being there.”

“Are you the priority, or is it your daughter?” Tori argued back, and he had no comeback for that. “We fucked up and now we make it up to her, on her terms.”

“Okay, let’s just try and get things back in order then.” Tom agreed, before eyeing up her legs once more. He was praying for the return of his libido, and praying a little harder it would come without the snapshots of his daughter constantly at the back of his mind. He had some apologizing to do before that seemed possible.


The venue was a little smaller this time, and the guestlist a slight bit shorter, but the place was still close to packed when Tom and Tori arrived. The delays at home had ensured they arrived a bit late, so they had surely missed any opening performance from a generous host. Probably for the better after what had happened the last time they attended one of those.

They were barely in the door when they were met by Rebecca, who was fairly aggressive in welcoming them. She was seemingly not nervous at all about spending time together tonight, or perhaps she was nervous and just wanted to greet them as quickly as possible to get it out of the way. After everything that had happened, Tom found himself constantly unsure of his daughters motives, something he would never have expected a month or so prior. He felt like he could read her mind before, but now it was the complete opposite.

She led them away from the rabble at the front door and once away from the noise she pushed a mask into her father’s chest. “I think you two should wear these again.” she muttered, passing one to her mum soon after. “Just to be safe, you know? Some of these people are friends away from this place and they might see the two of you on my Facebook, or something like that.”

Her parents followed the instruction, falling quickly into agreement with Rebecca’s assessment of the risk involved. They put their masks on and waited for what she had in store next, but it was little more than casual conversation. “I’m so glad you came!” she exclaimed to her mum, leaving her dad to follow the two of them as they were led down a short corridor. “How was work?”

“Not too bad.” Tori replied. “It’s just hot and there’s no air conditioning so it’s annoying.”

“Tell me about it. It’s the same in our office.”

“How close is that promotion looking?”

Rebecca laughed. “I can’t even tell half the time. If I could convince my boss to attend one of these I’d be promoted first thing tomorrow.”

Tom was relieved to be behind the girls at this stage as his daughters comment had him squirming, his face a picture mecidiyeköy escort for sure. Tori just laughed along, unable to find a response adequate enough to verbalize.

“I hope you two want a drink because I do.” Rebecca said, and it became clear that she wasn’t leading them somewhere that would be awkward for them but to the bar. A relief for Tom, and he assumed for Tori as well. “Grab a table dad, we’ll get the drinks in.” He followed his daughters suggestion again and headed for a nearby booth. A quick breather followed as he began to process that a conversation weeks in the making could be brewing.

For a second he was lost in his own thoughts, and then his eyes went to the bar. The girls were laughing, so comfortable with each other. He couldn’t fathom it. He couldn’t even look at Rebecca without picturing what happened. He pictured her like that all the time. If she knew it was them, why did she join in? Why did she stick around? Why did she open her mouth and offer him the chance to cum in her mouth? The same questions every day. Now she was beside her mother ordering drinks at the bar, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the both of them.

They were similar yet different. Tori was a little shorter and a little slimmer than her daughter. Rebecca was a little curvier, with a bigger arse and thicker thighs. He remembered just how she looked in her lingerie at their first party, and found it easy to picture her body next to her mother’s. Tori’s boobs were bigger, but he had been fortunate enough that he didn’t catch Rebecca without a bra last time. The two had dark hair, but Rebecca wore hers longer and had it dyed slightly blended into a lighter colour towards the bottom. Tori cut hers at the shoulder. Their dresses were form fitting and figure flexing, both black and cut off at the mid-thigh point.

They joined him with drinks, still giggling and smiling as if all was okay with the world. Tom took his lager and sank a third of it, hoping for any form of courage he could find. “Chill out Thomas.” Tori said, scuttling in beside him and sipping a little more respectfully on her wine glass.

“I’m chilled out.” he said, and he had convinced nobody.

“This is what I love to do. I have so much fun here. I probably should have told you about it a long time ago. I came for a one off bit of fun and got hooked.” Rebecca hadn’t hesitated, she clearly had stuff she wanted her parents to know, and she was rifling through it quickly. The two of them listened intently. “I never expected to end up in the position I am, it’s pretty unique. I’m just popular, there’s no other way to explain it.”

“If you feel safe, we have no problem whatsoever. We agreed on that last time.” Tori said, a little relieved herself to finally be talking about it. “What happened at the end of the night was the real surprise.”

“Basically we can talk about it or just say, like, oh well shit happens. It’s not a big deal.” Rebecca offered one solution, and it seemed an easy one to take. “It was crazy I know. I got carried away.”

“As did we. Especially me.” Tori had gotten excited at the prospect of being watched and chosen to suck her husband’s dick. She was happy to share in the blame. “We’re sorry.”

Tom had to say something. “Me too. Sorry. It was fucked. I don’t know how to explain it. It just happened.” He could go again. He could talk about his shame for hours. Maybe he would in therapy. It seemed he was being given an easy out now though. A chance to laugh it off with a basic apology, and he was taking it. “I just want to pretend it never happened and get back to normal.”

“That’s fine by me.” Rebecca was smiling, she was too sweet to him. “If this is the last party you ever come to that’s okay. I just didn’t want to scare you away. Plus I just felt if you came along tonight we would be able to talk about it and get it over and done with.” She downed her drink and shuffled to the edge of her seat. “I will leave you to it then. Have a good night, please stick around and have fun.”

She stood up and planted her glass on the table. “I will stay upstairs. You two stay down here. We won’t see anything or hear anything.”

Tori nodded along, smiling the whole way. “Okay sweetie.” Rebecca would have left then, but she was stopped one last time. “I’m really proud of you sweetie. You’re amazing.” Their daughter looked so pleased and warmed by her mum’s comments. She looked to her dad, maybe for something similar, but Tom could only muster a half smile. She turned to leave them both, and the last they saw of her was a final wave as she headed on up the stairs.


Tom and Tori drank for a while. The last time they attended an event like this, they had plans. This time they came simply at Rebecca’s request, and had barely thought about anything else. They agreed to stay after she left them to enjoy her night on her own terms, but they weren’t sure they quite had it in them to take part tonight beyond cuddling up together, and getting drunk.

“She opened her mouth, Victoria.” Tom moaned. It was the first pendik escort time he had gotten onto the subject in a while, but his wife had little interest. She was kissing his neck in the booth they had sat in all evening, muttering about his complaints.

“Baby, leave it.” she said, suckling on his chin and then up towards his lips. “She doesn’t care, time to move on.”

“I came in her mouth.”

Tori backed away and scowled. “I sucked your dick in front of her for about 5 minutes. We are all idiots. That’s all there is to it. Now fuck me. We still have time.” She reached for her husband’s lap and started to unzip his pants, but before his cock received fresh air there was a shout from the bar.

“No fucking or sucking or anything in the bar area.” The bartender was frowning, and pointing to a huge sign. The two of them laughed and apologized, but Tori had him by the balls now and as she got to her feet he followed, and they made their way into the party. They kissed and held each other down the corridor, hands exploring each other’s bodies.

They were challenging themselves to be active and have fun, knowing fully that their daughter was doing the same thing upstairs. She wasn’t quite engaged in that activity in that moment though, as they saw her at the top of the stairs as they made their way past at the bottom. She was with Jason, the male alternative to herself that was pranced around the stage at the last event. The two were chatting, and there was quite a group hovering nearby. Tom got the impression that the two of them were basically the alphas as these parties, with groupies following them around hoping to feel the pleasure they could clearly provide.

Rebecca waved at them again, before Tori dragged Tom into a busy room that was full with the sound and the smell of sex. They had avoided this at all costs last time, scared to find Rebecca amongst it. Instead they stayed in the bar, but this time it would be different. Tori wanted Tom back on his game, and she quickly pushed him into a free spot on a nearby couch, and climbed into his lap. “We’re going to do this thing properly this time.” she whispered into his ear, grinding her crotch against his slowly as she warmed the side of his face with her breath. “One night, in front of everyone, and then never again.”

Tom nodded, and then kissed his wife. They would share one special and exciting night and then move on from everything that had happened during this timeframe. He was ravenous now, and he was desperate to release his cock in front of the other guests. To watch his wife suck it, and to put it inside her and fuck her for the eyes of so many strangers. He could see others in various stages of undress, he could hear the moans of pleasure as cock was ridden into orgasm after orgasm. He wanted the same, he wanted to forget about what came before and just disappear into the mayhem.


“You looked sexy.” Tom said, laughing at his wife. “Everybody was watching you.”

“I know.” she blushed. “I was being too loud.”

“You were having fun. There are no rules about screaming in pleasure. That’s just the effect I have on you.” Tom was proud. He was back to his best, and had pushed his wife to a number of orgasms during their performance. They had stolen the show a little. Not only were they desperate to enjoy their one night in the crowd, but they had gone without for so long since the last party that they had both been desperate to get their hands on the other once the mood struck.

They had stuck around a while afterwards, and had been in the bar for the last hour as couples and groups began to make their way home, some to bed and others to continue their parties in private. They had made a couple friends as well, chatting to them in the bar for half an hour before they had to leave. Their friends had talked about Rebecca, but instead of hiding from it, Tom and Tori listened in. Apparently she was a star and had been since she arrived on the scene. Everybody wanted a taste. It was unusual, but they felt better for having heard it.

“I heard you two had a good time.” Rebecca’s voice caught them both surprised. She was hovering by the door and surprisingly, dressed in a pair of pyjamas. “How did it go?”

“It was amazing, sweetie.” Tori answered. “We’re going to head home soon. Thanks for inviting us.”

“Is everybody gone?” Tom asked, somehow capable of talking normally to her.

“Pretty much, you’re holding the rest of us up.”

“Why are you in your pyjamas?” Tori asked.

“I’m staying the night here. This place belongs to one of the guys who runs the events but he’s out of town so I get to stay over.” Rebecca approached the two of them, took her dads beer and finished it off. “Come with me. Me and Jason are having a drink in the back room.”

Her parents followed her, happy to have broken the seal earlier in the night and now riding a good enough high to just let loose and hang out with her. It was the start of a healing process that they hoped would go smoothly. The room they arrived in looked like it hadn’t been a part of the night’s activities, given the cleanliness more than anything else. Jason was sat on the far couch, and Rebecca went to join him at first, before heading in another direction to find bottles of cider for her parents. Tom and Tori sat on the adjacent couch and greeted Jason, who was as casual as their daughter, wearing football shorts and little more.

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