Meeting Your Twin

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Author’s Notes: Hello everyone! If you’re reading this for the first time, welcome! If you’re a returning visitor and thinking “What the hell happened to this story?”, don’t worry. Long story short, I was unhappy with the way that my newest story was going, because I was limited by the standards that I had already set in my previous stories. Therefore, I decided to go back and change my other stories. This new version features many plot changes, with some new parts added in and other parts taken out. The main difference is that I switched the drugs from being a syringe to a pill since it seemed kinda ridiculous that nobody in these stories has a problem with needles.

Aside from that, normal story rules still apply: All characters are fictional, all characters involved in sex are 18 or older, etc.


Kailee laid on her bed, holding a small glass with a blue liquid inside. Well, the liquid itself wasn’t actually blue; it was just water, with the blue pill that had formerly been sitting at the bottom of the glass having finally dissolved after almost an hour. Kailee had a problem with swallowing pills, so she was thankful that it was dissolvable.

She had been waiting a long time for this Friday night. Her parents were out of town to be at a friend’s wedding, and she was 99% pretty sure her sister wouldn’t be home for awhile either.

So, of course, who else but her sister Jenna came into the room unannounced just as she was about to drink the solution. Kailee tried futilely to hide the glass behind her back without spilling it, but Jenna spotted it right. “Um, what is that?” she asked.

“Nothing!” Kailee replied. It was probably the worst answer she could have given, but it was all she could think of.

“Yeah, sure looks like nothing.” Jenna said with an eye roll. “Don’t tell me you’ve started taking drugs. I don’t know what that stuff is, but it probably isn’t good for you if you’re not telling me what it is.”

“Actually, it IS good for me- and why are you even home?” Yes, that was it, put Jenna back on the defensive!

“Because Jalen had to go to Solo Ensemble this weekend and she didn’t bother telling me.” Again, the eye roll. “You aren’t that great at deflecting questions, you know that? Now can you tell me what you’re hiding behind your back?”

Kailee was hesitant. If she didn’t tell Jenna, if she just pushed Jenna out of her room, locked the door, and tried to deflect her questions all weekend, she would surely tell her parents when they got back, and that was the last thing Kailee wanted to happen. Maybe, just maybe, if Kailee told her, if she showed her, then she might keep quiet.

“Alright… will you promise not to tell Mom and Dad?”

“Well, I don’t know. If it’s serious, I might have to.”

This was the answer Kailee had been expected. She knew her twin, though, and so she was sure that once Jenna saw this, she was almost sure to keep her mouth shut.

“Ok…” Kailee pulled out the glass, wiping away a little bit of liquid that had spilled over the side. She could tell that Jenna was both confused and scared of its blue contents. “This is a pill that I bought online, and I received the package about a week ago. I was waiting for our parents and you to be gone so I could use it.”

“So you’re saying that it IS dangerous?”

“Supposedly not. Assuming the website I got these from wasn’t a complete sham – and I have my suspicions about that – then this… well, I don’t really understand the complicated science behind it, but basically, it replaces your body’s cells with new ones to slow down aging.

Jenna was definitely confused by this. “Um, how does replacing your cells slow down aging? Is it even possible to slow down aging?”

“Well, you know how our body’s cells have been replicating quadrillions of times since we were born? Well, over time, some of those cells become defective, and while a few cells out of trillions isn’t a big deal, those cells will then replicate, and create even more defects.” Kailee explained slowly, “Eventually, those cells will become so defective over the decades that they’ll stop reproducing altogether, and that’s how people die of “old age” or “natural causes”. What this drug does is take your cells and perfects those defects, basically resetting them, which somehow slows down your aging- or at least that’s what I understood from the description. ‘Make a forty-year-old look like barely twenty’, that was the slogan.”

Jenna stood there, clearly confused. “But that’s not how cells work! How does resetting their defects slow down aging? This is clearly a scam, Kailee, and you- wait a minute, how much did you PAY for this?!”

Kailee’s face reddened, but said nothing; she had payed a large amount of the money she been saving up over the years.

“Damn it, Kailee, you’ve made stupid mistakes before, but this has to be the biggest! What were you thinking?”

“The reviews, or at least some of them, looked like they were real people.” Kailee said as she tried to keep her cool; she had never expected taksim escort bayan to have this conversation after all. “They claimed it had worked for them. Now, some of these reviews were complete bullshit, claiming that this ‘superdrug’ did a lot more than just slow aging. I didn’t have to read them to know to just tune those out.”

“Ok, let’s assume that’s true. Why wouldn’t put a drug like this- one that can slow aging, for God’s sake- be everywhere right now?” Jenna countered. “Wouldn’t everyone be clambering over everyone else to try to get some of this?”

Kailee paused for a moment, before replying “I think you just answered the question yourself.”

“Wait, what?”

“Think about it; common sense would show that if everyone heard about this miracle drug, everyone would want it, and the suppliers would surely never be able to make enough for everyone willing to buy it- and that’s not even counting the poor people who can’t afford it who would probably try to steal some or something. Even if they did make enough, it would cause some serious moral and societal issues, and so the best course of action would be to keep the drug as hidden as possible while charging a high price, so that they could still make a profit off of whoever does find it. Besides, if the drug was a sham, or was even harmful, their customers would have no reason to keep quiet about their product, which is exactly what the producers don’t want.”

“Well, ok.. I guess that makes sense…” said Jenna. “But that doesn’t mean that we know its safe.”

“Hey, if you’re so unsure, why don’t you watch?” countered Kailee. “If something happens, you can get help.”

Jenna was about to reply that her being there wouldn’t make a difference if it killed her, but then stopped herself; clearly, Kailee had made up her mind, and nothing short of physical force would stop her. “Alright, fine… but are you sure that the pill still works when its dissolved? Not all pills work like that.”

“Yeah, the package came with instructions. It works when dissolved, and it’s all ready to go. The only thing to do now…” Kailee said as she leaned back onto her bed. “Is to just… do it, I guess.”

“Ok…” Jenna was still uncertain about this, so she asked “Are you SURE about this?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“Alright… go ahead.”

Kailee sat on her bed for a moment, staring at the contents of the glass. She then closed her eyes, sighed, and quickly gulped down its contents.

For a moment, neither girl moved, both waiting for something to happen. “Feel anything yet?” asked Jenna.

“No, not yet.”

“Do you know what’s SUPPOSED to happen?”

“I, uh… no, I don’t. All I know is that something is supposed to- wait a minute, I feel something…”

“What?” asked Jenna, with a mix of anxiety and curiosity in her voice. “What do you feel?”

“I don’t know…” replied Kailee, looking at and lightly rubbing a spot on her lower left arm. “It feels… strange, I guess.”

“Oh gee, thanks Captain Obvious-“

Suddenly, the area of skin changed color, becoming slightly more toned and smooth. This change then started spreading slowly outwards, no more than a centimeter per second.

Needless to say, both Kailee and Jenna were extremely freaked out about this. “Oh my God! This is NOT okay! We need to get help!” Jenna said as she frantically looked around the room for something that might help.

“No, wait!” Kailee said without taking her eyes off the skin. “It doesn’t hurt, and I don’t think a doctor can help me anyways.”

Jenna couldn’t have disagreed more, but seeing as this change was going too fast for anyone else to come help, she did nothing.

The change went up and down Kailee’s arm (neither of them realized at the time, but the change was also affecting the cells under her skin as well), and suddenly Kailee had a look of terror on her face. “Uhhhhh… I can’t feel my lower arm now.” If she didn’t have second thoughts about this before, she sure did now.

The change picked up pace, and soon reached her neck, and suddenly Kailee found that she couldn’t move or feel the rest of her body. As the change went up her face, her face began to freeze, and she finally went unconscious once it reached her brain.

Jenna, who had completely lost it at this point and had no idea what the hell was happening to her sister, tried to wake her up by shaking her, but that didn’t do anything. She was about to call 911 when Kailee regained consciousness. By this point, the change had covered her torso and most of her right arm.

“What the- now I can’t move the OTHER half of my body.” Kailee said, surprised that she was even still alive to say it.

“What do you mean?” Jenna said between sobs; she was starting to calm down, but only a little bit.

“I mean… I can only move the parts of my body that have been… “changed”, for lack of a better word.”

“Well…” Jenna said, “Based on what you said, it’s probably because your brain and nervous system are ümraniye escort bayan now made of those new cells, and are therefore incompatible with the old ones.”

“Didn’t you say earlier that’s NOT how it worked, though?”

“I don’t know WHAT to believe anymore…”

After a few more moments, the change was complete; when Kailee stood up, she appeared to look exactly the same as before.

“Did it work?” Jenna asked. “You look the same as before”

“As it should be.” Kailee replied. “Remember, all its supposed to do is slow down my aging. I guess we won’t know if it truly did something for at least a few years.”

“Oh, it looked like it did SOMETHING, alright…” Jenna replied; people’s skin do not start randomly flipping over for no reason. “Speaking of which, how do you feel?”

“Um… I don’t know.” said Kailee as she looked over herself. “I guess I feel… a little stronger, little more energetic, and younger.”

“What the hell is YOUNGER supposed to mean?”

“I… I don’t know, it’s hard to describe.”

Jenna looked back over Kailee. “Hmm… I think we should inspect the rest of your body, just to make sure nothing changed.”

“Um… ok, I guess” Kailee didn’t say it, but she was now feeling super warm and was practically sweating (probably all the excess body heat from that transformation), so she didn’t mind taking off some of her clothes.

Kailee took off her shirt, and Jenna quickly looked over her torso. She didn’t see anything wrong, but she told Kailee to take off her pants anyways; it never hurts to be sure. Standing in only her bra and panties, Kailee was relieved to hear that there were no obvious changes.

Now that it appeared (At least as far they could tell) a success, Kailee decided to drop her bombshell on Jenna. “Um, Jenna… there’s something else I have to show you.”

“Oh god, what is it NOW?”

Kailee moved over the her dresser, opened one of the drawers, and pulled out what was probably the last thing Jenna expected to see: another blue pill!

“I only ordered one,” said Kailee, “and yet they sent me two for some reason. I was going to just keep it around, maybe even use it as evidence in a lawsuit case if the drug backfired. But now that we’re sure that it won’t kill us…”

“But we don’t know that!” replied Jenna, “this could still kill you eventually!”

“Maybe… but think about it; living until you’re 150 years old, if not older! And besides, if its harmful, I’m still dying anyways. Could you seriously live with that?”

After a quiet moment, Jenna sighed. “Fine, but… this didn’t actually hurt you, right? In the sense that you felt pain?”

“Not at all. In fact, I’d say that it would have been pleasuring if it wasn’t so damn weird!”

Jenna slowly laid down onto Kailee’s bed as Kailee got the glass filled with water again. As she did so, Kailee looked at Jenna’s blue eyes and reflected on how nervous she looked. While both of the girls were smart and did well in school, Jenna was probably the smarter and more popular of the two: She had almost all A’s, she had lots of friends of all backgrounds(Girl or boy, smart or dumb, white or minority, etc), and she even spoke 3 languages(English(duh), Spanish, and partial Korean; why she chose Korean, Kailee never knew). However, while most people wouldn’t consider her a pessimist, Jenna was an almost-constant worrier and doubter, always wondering if she was doing whatever she was working on right, or if she was making a bad choice.

On the other end of the spectrum, Kailee might not have been the better student, but she was by far more “street-smart” as their dad liked to say. She had a habit of letting her mouth run sometimes(which had been the cause for more than one detention), and while she was definitely NOT an optimist, she had a much more positive outlook on things than her sister. She was also a loner, with only a few friends.

As she looked away, Kailee suddenly felt a strange sensation in her own eyes. Unbeknownst to her or Jenna, her eyes changed from their natural green color to blue, and even slightly changed shaped. By the time she blinked, the transformation was already over, and the sensation had gone away. Kailee thought nothing of it.

As Kailee (who was still just in her bra and undergarments, by the way) moved over to Jenna to begin the transformation, Jenna noticed that something was off with Kailee’s face, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was, so she didn’t say anything. Still, it increased her unease.

Kailee dropped the pill into the glass and handed it to Jenna. She quickly drank the whole glass (she didn’t have a problem with swallowing pills like Kailee did), and the process went exactly the way it had the first time. It started in her arm and moved up, before reaching her neck and paralyzing her, and finally made her unconscious. Kailee noticed that the process was going slightly quicker with Jenna, probably due to the fact that she was slightly shorter than Kailee by a üsküdar escort bayan few inches. As Kailee thought about this, she didn’t notice when her own body shrunk down a few inches.

When Jenna regained consciousness, she too could now only move the changed parts of her body. When she was finished, Kailee asked her how she felt, and she replied the same thing that Kailee herself had said earlier. While Jenna too was now sweating from the heat of the transformation, Kailee didn’t bother to take off her shirt, as she was sure that she was fine too. As she stood up, Jenna noticed that they were now the same height, and she was pretty sure that Kailee was supposed to be taller than she was. Not wanting to freak Kailee out, she instead asked “Hey, is there any information in the package that you might have missed? Anything at all?”

“Um… I don’t think so.” Kailee replied, slightly confused by Jenna’s sudden unease. “All I saw was the syringe instructions. I guess I can take another look, though.” She moved to her dresser where she had hidden the package to look again.

As she bent over to take it out, Jenna caught the sight of Kailee’s ass, which was partially exposed by her panties. Jenna reflected on the fact that Kailee was probably the hotter of the two; with her long dyed brown hair(usually tied back in a ponytail), her beautiful face, her slim athletic body, and her nice ass, she could easily have gotten a few guys after her. However, due to her running mouth and loner nature, she never really got into any relationships with anyone.

Jenna, meanwhile, was the exact opposite; her long dyed red hair(also usually in a ponytail), fat checks, and larger, more muscular body wasn’t quite as attractive to guys, and yet many had tried to get with her; some because she was smart, some because she was friendly and welcoming(at least to newcomers), and a few because they just liked her large boobs, her one advantage over Kailee in the looks department. However, those relationships never lasted very long, due to Jenna’s pessimistic nature.

That wasn’t the whole story, though; since middle school, Jenna had realized that she had had actual, real crushes on some of the girls in her class, and she came to accept that she was bi-sexual. She had even tried to get with a few of those girls, but they either flat-out refused or fell through later on. She never told anyone besides those girls that she was bi-sexual, though, not even her parents, and ESPECIALLY not her sister.

See, Jenna might have been embarrassed to even admit it to herself, but for awhile now, she had actually had a crush on her sister. Now, it was still one of those half-hearted, little kid kind of crushes, so it wasn’t that bad, but when Jenna eventually found out what incest was and why it was bad, she almost completely stopped thinking about it, banishing those thoughts to her dreams or the occasional late night sexual fantasy.

As she watched her sister, Jenna felt her butt cheeks clench, and then… it almost felt like they got BIGGER.

Needless to say, Jenna was freaked out about this, but when she stood up to see what happened, she couldn’t tell if they had gotten bigger, since it was hard for her to turn her neck that far. They definitely felt like they had expanded, though; it felt like her pants were about to snap!

Kailee finally pulled out the package, but when she turned around, she noticed that Jenna was now standing and looking very nervous, and asked: “Uh, is something wrong?”

“No, no, I’m fine!” replied Jenna. It looked like it was now HER turn to try to get out of a tough spot!

Kailee quickly noticed her sister’s expanded ass, and told her “Bullshit, you’re fine! Turn around.”

Realizing that there was no way out of this, Jenna did as she was told. Kailee came up and examined her butt, and it didn’t take a scientist to figure out that, yes, it had gotten bigger. Still, she wanted to be sure; this experiment had gotten very serious, very quickly. “Take off your pants” she ordered.

“What? Why do I have to take them off?”

“Hey, I took MINE off when you asked!”

Jenna sighed. “Okay, fine.”

She did as she was ordered to do, and Kailee examined it once more. She didn’t really know what she was looking for, and she didn’t find anything else. However, when Kailee stood up, Jenna finally noticed her sister’s eyes.

“Oh, hey, uhhhhh… can you…” She didn’t want to completely scare the shit out of her, so she just said: “Want to go look in the mirror?”

Kailee, confused and frightened by her sister’s sudden anxiety, did as ordered. She didn’t see anything at first, but when she finally noticed, she totally freaked out; her eyes had transformed. What she couldn’t figure out, though, was A) why it happened and B) why her eyes were now specifically bigger and blue (as opposed to, say, smaller and brown).

As Jenna came over to the mirror, she immediately realized something both creepy and amazing: her sister’s eyes now looked exactly like her own. Clearly, there was some sort of connection here.

At the same time Jenna realized this, Kailee looked back at Jenna’s new ass, trying to figure out her own connection between the changes. Her neck was much more flexible than Jenna’s, so when she turned to look at her own ass for comparison, she noticed that they were now the exact same size. She also finally realized that she was now the same height as her sister.

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