Megan and Nicole Ch. 01

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Megan and Nicole have been best friends for many years. It’s now the summer after high school graduation, and Nicole has just broken up with her jerk-of-a-boyfriend Tommy. Just like old times, Nikki has gone to Megan’s house to spend the night, and Megan comforts Nicole after her recent break-up. Megan’s parents are out of town on a business trip, so the two eighteen-year-olds have helped themselves to a couple of wine coolers they found in the refrigerator.

As they get to talking, Megan has a confession to make to her best and dearest friend. How will Nikki react when she learns that Megan is attracted to her and would like to be more than friends?

Megan’s Confession:

Megan looked at Nikki as she plopped down on the bed beside her. Megan was wearing very little, only a yellow t-shirt and a pair of cream-colored silk bikini panties. That’s all she ever wore to bed. As she reached for one of the Fuzzy Navel wine coolers, she smiled at Nicole. “Nik, you have on way too many clothes. Why don’t you get comfortable? And I’ll pop in a movie,” suggested Megan, anxious to see Nicole getting into what she hoped would be a skin-tight little nightie. Megan went to find a movie, as she watching from the corner of her eye as Nicole got up to get her nightie.

Nikki walked over to her overnight bag she had taken to Megan’s. It was actually the bag she had packed for her night with her jackass boyfriend, so she had a rather revealing nightie in there and hoped that Megan would be okay with it. Nikki smiled as she started to take off her clothes. She was very aware that Megan was watching her and somehow it didn’t bother her at all. She put on the next-to-nothing piece of silk fabric and walked over toward her best friend’s bed, her long blond hair flowing down her back as she moved.

Megan couldn’t help but suck in her breath when she saw Nicole getting naked and putting on the little light-blue nightie. It was sheer and see-thru and showed Nikki’s dark-pink nipples thru the fabric along with all of her sexy curves. Megan’s mouth was practically watering. She looked over at Nikki as she popped a movie in the DVD player and returned to the bed. Megan found it hard to catch her breath; she wanted to kiss Nicole so damn bad. Tonight was going to be extremely difficult, and Megan was wondering how she would ever keep her hands off Nikki.

Nikki noticed something a little strange about Megan and wasn’t sure if she wanted to call her on it just yet. But as she climbed into Megan’s bed, Nikki changed her mind. “Megan, is something wrong?” she asked.

“Nope, nothing’s wrong,” Megan denied, biting her lower lip and forcing herself to look away as she hit the button on the remote, starting the movie. In a few minutes the movie started to play; a horror flick. Megan started to wonder if Nicole had any suspicions that she wanted to be “more” than friends.

Nicole knew right away that Megan wasn’t telling her the truth as she couldn’t look at Nikki when she spoke. Something was up and Nicole was determined to get to the bottom of it. She then turned her full attention onto the movie.

As the movie played, Megan found herself getting closer and closer to Nikki, bit by bit, till she could feel Nikki’s warmth beside her. She could smell Nicole’s sweet perfume and that only managed to get her more excited. She looked over, gazing at Nikki while Nikki was looking over at the TV screen. Nikki’s mind seemed to be off of Tommy, which was a good thing, but Megan wondered how Nikki would react if she ever found out the truth that her best friend had fallen deeply in love with her.

Nicole acted like she was really into the movie, but she could see her best friend looking at her in a way she had never looked at her before. She wished that Megan would just talk to her and tell her whatever it was that was bothering her or whatever it might be that was on her mind.

Megan reached for her wine cooler, taking a long drink. She then settled back against the pillows, pretending to be engrossed in the movie. She wondered what it would be like tonight, snuggled so close to Nicole.

Nikki took a sip of her own wine cooler and tried to get into the movie, but she could still feel her friend looking at her in a strange way. Nicole started to get uncomfortable with it. “Megan,” Nicole said, putting her drink down on the nightstand and looking at her best friend. “Please tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing’s wrong, Nikki,” said Megan, giving her a small reassuring smile. “I’m just glad you are here. I’ve missed you a lot lately. This is just like old times… Well, sorta.” Megan’s smile quickly faded. She wanted Nicole so much, but was afraid of what her reaction would be when she heard her confession.

“You’re lying to me, Megs,” Nikki said, looking into Megan’s bright blue eyes. “Something is wrong. You are looking at me in a way that you have never looked at me before.” Nicole really wanted to be freaked out by the lingering looks Megan was giving her, but the looks were illegal bahis actually turning her on, but how in the world could she ever tell her best friend that?

Megan met Nicole’s gaze. She just couldn’t hold it in anymore. She was going to have to come out with it. All of it. She switched off the movie, looking over at Nicole. “Nikki, remember two years ago when I went to visit my grandma for that summer? Well, while I was there…… I met someone…….and I’m not quite as innocent as you think I am,” Megan blurted out.

“Yes, I remember you going to visit your grandma over the summer.” Nicole couldn’t help but chuckle when she made the comment about being innocent. “Sweetheart, no one is ever as innocent as they say are. What happened?” Nikki asked as she was now intrigued by what Megan was going to confess to her.

Megan blushed as if Nicole were looking into her mind and witnessing all her secrets. “Well, there was this girl. Her name was Kassandra. And well, she and I……we…..had a romance. I never told you, because I wasn’t sure what you would think of that….But since I broke up with her, I haven’t been with anyone else. Although I want to be,” explained Megan, hoping that Nicole would catch the hint.

“Wow, you were with a girl?” Nicole was truly amazed by that. “I wish you would have confided in me. I thought you knew me better than that. You are my best friend, Megs, and I would never judge you,” Nikki said.

“So, what was it like, being with another girl?” Nicole asked as she couldn’t stop wondering. She was amazed when Megan had said she hadn’t been with anyone else since.

“It was fabulous,” said Megan, hearing Nikki’s words and feeling happy that Nikki didn’t think it was weird and would never judge her. “But Kassandra dropped me like a hot potato when summer ended. That part really sucked…….but I found out she wasn’t who I wanted……… so life goes on.”

“Oh Megs, I am sorry that she dropped you like that. But at least you got an amazing experience out of it, didn’t you?” Nikki asked. She wanted to know all there was to know about Megan and Kassandra’s summer romance.

“Yeah, she taught me lots of kinky things; that’s for sure,” said Megan with a devilish little grin. “I wish I could teach them to someone else, but there is no one I can teach them to.”

Nikki suddenly began blushing before Megan had a chance to get all of the words out. “Megs, I’d love it if you taught me what Kassandra taught you,” she admitted to her best friend.

Megan nearly fell off the bed when Nikki said she wanted to experiment. “Wow,” was all she could say for just a second, looking at Nicole searchingly. “Are you….uhhhh….100% certain about that, Nikki?” Megan was so hopeful, but she really wasn’t sure if she could believe her ears. After all, less than two hours ago, Nicole had been sobbing her eyes out over losing Tommy, even though Tommy was a jerk and a loser.

At this point, Nicole was over Tommy, she had gotten over him shortly after her little breakdown earlier. Nicole couldn’t help but giggle when she saw Megan’s reaction to her admission. “Yes, I am sure about this, Megan. I have never been so sure about anything in my life. I trust you,” Nikki said as she gazed into Megan’s eyes.

“Oh wow, it’s like a dream come true,” Megan said with a huge smile on her face. “I’ve wanted you so long, Nikki. You have no idea. Seeing you with Tommy made me so jealous…. I wanted you all to myself. I wanted to make love to you.”

“Oh wow. Are you serious?” Nikki asked as a big smile formed on her face. “I have to tell you, I have always been curious about what it would be like to be with a girl.”

“I never thought I would actually be able to try it out with someone, but if I’m going to experiment, I would rather experiment with my best friend, someone I trust with all my heart,” Nikki said, gazing into Megan’s sky-blue eyes.

“I never thought I would actually have you, Nikki, but now that I do, I feel as though my heart is soaring,” Megan said in a soft whisper, sliding a little closer to Nicole. “Are you ready to see what it’s like?”

“Yes, Megs. I am so ready to see what it is like,” Nikki said, unable to stop smiling as she too started moving closer to Megan.

“Okay, but if you get scared or if you want me to stop at anytime, all you have to do is tell me, and I promise, I will stop,” Megan said softly, her eyes getting dark with desire as she gazed at Nikki.

“I know you will,” Nikki said as Megan started undressing her. Slowly Megan began to undo the ties of Nicole’s nightie, watching as Nikki’s breasts gradually came into view. “Oh Nikki, you are so beautiful,” she whispered in adoration as she gazed at the perfect, medium-sized globes. Nicole couldn’t help but blush when Megan complimented her on how beautiful she was. No man Nikki had been with had ever complimented her like that.

“I can’t wait to make love to you, Nikki,” Megan whispered into her ear as she brushed her body up against Nicole’s, feeling illegal bahis siteleri her naked breasts through the thin material of her t-shirt. Megan then placed her lips against Nicole’s, kissing her tenderly, gradually deepening the kiss.

Once Megan had brushed her body up against Nicole’s, Nikki began responding to the kiss. Their explorations were soft and tender at first, but once Megan deepened the kiss, Nikki placed her hands on Megan’s breasts and slid her tongue between Megan’s lips.

Megan about lost it when she felt Nikki’s hands on her breasts. She started to kiss Nikki with a deeper hunger, taking Nikki’s hands into hers and sliding them under her t-shirt so Nikki could feel her hardening nipples. While Nicole began exploring Megan’s breasts, Megan began doing some exploring of her own, gliding her fingers over Nicole’s breasts while tracing the nipples lightly and teasingly till they stood up hard and tingling with desire.

When Megan had placed Nikki’s hands under Megan’s t-shirt, Nikki moaned against Megan’s lips. She couldn’t believe the sweet sensations she was feeling at the moment. So many wild emotions were running through her. Megan was moaning softly into the hot kiss, her fingers gently pinching Nikki’s hard nipples as her tongue explored Nikki’s sweet mouth.

Nikki had never felt anything like this. She loved everything that Megan was making her feel. When Megan began pinching Nikki’s nipples, Nikki decided to do the same to Megan. As they were kissing, Megan carefully lowered Nicole onto the bed while they were rubbing each other’s breasts and pinching each other’s nipples. Her mouth then trailed slowly down Nikki’s neck, licking gently at the sensitive skin.

“Megan, that feels sooo good,” Nicole moaned out as Megan began kissing down her neck. She loved how it felt when her best friend started to lick and nibble her delicate flesh.

“I want to make this so sweet for you, Nikki,” Megan whispered in between kisses she placed on Nicole’s neck and upper torso. “Gawd, I have wanted you for soooo long.”

Nikki ran her fingers through Megan’s long dark hair as the curls twined in her hands. “You are making this sweet for me, Megs. What you are doing to me is something no one has ever done or made me feel before……… ever.”

Megan felt her heart soaring again at Nikki’s words. She was going to make Nikki fall in love with her, if it was the last thing she ever did. “Are you wet, baby?” she whispered, kissing down to Nicole’s breasts and drawing a hard little nipple into her mouth as her hand slid down in between Nikki’s legs, finding the crotch of her panties to be moist and hot with newly-awakened desire.

“I have been wet for awhile now,” Nikki said, grinning at Megan. She then let out another moan when Megan skillfully captured one of her nipples between her lips and began sliding Nikki’s panties off at the same moment. “Ohhh yes.”

Megan gently licked and nibbled the hard little nipple, sliding a finger along Nicole’s seam she had just uncovered. She could feel how wet and hot Nicole had become. She gently began to insert her long, slender finger into the tight entrance of Nikki’s pussy.

“Ohhhh Megan! YES!” Nikki cried out as Megan inserted her finger into Nicole’s hot slit.

Gently Megan slid the finger in and out of Nikki, her mouth gliding down her beautiful body and kissing over her silky skin. “I’m going to taste you now, baby,” Megan said, spreading Nicole’s legs wider so she could view her hot pink treasure.

Nikki couldn’t believe what was going on. What she really couldn’t believe was that she was liking it….She was liking it A LOT.

Megan put a kiss on Nicole’s inner thigh, then slid her mouth slowly over to Nicole’s hard little clit, sucking it up into her mouth. “Oh Gawd, Megan!” Nikki cried out,

arching her back off the bed when she felt Megan’s begin to suck on her aroused clit.

As she sucked and nibbled on Nikki’s swollen clit, she inserted a second finger into Nikki’s pussy, thrusting it slowly and gently in and out with the first. She heard Nicole crying out in ecstasy, which only made her move her fingers faster and harder in Nicole’s tight, wet passage, wanting to give Nikki soooo much pleasure.

“Oh Megs, don’t stop. That feels so good, baby!” Nikki moaned as she began to ride Megan’s fingers as she slid them in and out of her in an erotic rhythm. She wasn’t sure how much more of this she could take before she went over the edge.

Megan had no intentions of stopping. Nikki tasted so good and felt so tight and wet around her fingers. She pushed her long fingers deeper while licking and circling Nicole’s tiny, hard clit with the tip of her tongue. She then sucked it up in her mouth again, her thrusts inside of Nikki’s snug pussy becoming much harder.

“Oh Gawd!” Nikki cried out, thrusting her pussy up into Megan’s face. “I am going to cum, Megs!” Nikki moaned as Megan continued her sweet torture upon her very aroused pussy. Megan sucked so hard, tasting canlı bahis siteleri Nikki’s sweet juices, thrusting her long fingers faster and deeper; wanting to taste Nicole’s slippery, abundant juices at the moment she came so hard.

Moments later, Nikki’s body began to quiver and shake as an orgasm took over. She couldn’t believe how hard and how fast she began to cum. “Megan! Ohhhh YESSSSSS! Megan!!!!!” Nikki cried out as she came.

Megan sucked, licked, and tasted, drinking the sweetness of Nicole’s cum as Nikki continued to quiver and tremble and her hot pussy muscles became a tight band around Megan’s fingers. Gently she withdrew the fingers, licking them while gazing into Nicole’s eyes. Nikki too stared back into Megan’s eyes, totally dazed.

“How was that, baby?” Megan whispered, licking her sticky lips and looking into Nicole’s sparkling aquamarine eyes.

“My Gawd, Megan, you made me feel things I have never felt before,” Nikki said, smiling at her best friend. “That was truly amazing.”

Megan looked very pleased as she caressed Nicole’s long blond hair and gave her a sweet smile. She then pressed her lips to Nikki’s, kissing her intimately so Nicole could taste her own feminine delights in the kiss. Nikki couldn’t believe it when she tasted her own juices in the intense kiss. What shocked her even more was that she liked it. Nikki leaned in, deepening the kiss.

As their tongues twined together, Megan pulled Nikki closer until every part of their bodies were touching. She slowly ground her wet pussy which was soaking her panties against Nikki’s while Nikki’s tongue teased hers. Nikki moaned into the kiss as Megan was taking her places she had never been to before. She began running her fingers through Megan’s hair as they wildly kissed.

Megan loved how responsive Nikki was. It was so much more satisfying making love to Nikki than it had been with Kassandra. She had greatly desired Kassandra, but all these feelings and emotions made the sex even hotter. Megan could feel herself dripping as she began rubbing her barely-clad pussy against Nikki’s thigh.

“Wow, Megs. You are truly an amazing girl,” Nikki said smiling. “That Kassandra chick was such a fool to let you go.”

Nikki then looked deep into Megan’s eyes. “But her loss is my gain,” she said as she began tenderly caressing Megan’s cheek.

Megan looked lovingly into Nicole’s eyes. Her little clit was rock-hard and tingling, and her panties were absolutely soaked. “Thank you, Nikki,” she said as she heard all of Nicole’s sweet compliments. “Will you please make love to me now? If you don’t want to…….I could ummmm……do other things.” Megan’s voice trailed off; she wanted to cum so badly but she wasn’t sure if Nicole was ready for that or not.

Nikki looked at Megan. “Ummmm…” she said as her lower lip quivered.

“I don’t know how to tell you this, Megs,” she said as she gazed into Megan’s sapphire eyes.

“I don’t know if I am ready to be on the other end just yet….This is all still new to me,” Nicole confessed as she hoped that her best friend would not be upset with her.

Megan gently kissed Nikki. “It’s okay,” she said, smiling as she lay back on the bed and removed her t-shirt, followed by her damp, silk panties. “Will you please just touch my breasts and whisper something naughty to me? I want to make myself cum. I really need to cum… after watching you cum…..and tasting you.”

Nikki began blushing. She touched Megan’s perfect breasts and leaned over, whispering something kinky into her ear. As Nikki was whispering naughty things to Megan, she found herself getting turned on. Nikki continued to fondle Megan’s breasts as she played with her hard pink nipples.

As Nikki was teasing her breasts with her fingertips, making the nipples go rock-hard, Megan slid a hand down between her legs, rubbing her clit while also touching Nikki. Megan lightly pinched one of Nikki’s nipples with trembling fingers. When she heard Nikki whispering “kinky nothings” into her ear, she began circling her throbbing clit faster and faster, feeling her body tense as she was just about to cum. “Cum for me, Megan… cum hard,” Nikki encouraged.

“Nikki!” Megan suddenly screamed out, her body quaking as an orgasm came over her. She was cumming hard as Nicole was whispering sexy things into her ear. Her climax felt so good, and Megan never wanted it to end. Nikki’s lips curled up in a smile when she saw her best friend having a major orgasm.

Finally the sweet waves of pleasure washed away, and Megan looked over at Nikki. She pulled Nicole close, holding her lovingly. “Did you like it, Nikki?” she asked, not wanting to make Nicole uncomfortable or introduce her to too much too fast. Her worst fear was that Nicole would say she didn’t want this.

“Yes, Megan. Yes, I liked it,” Nikki said, trying to reassure her best friend that she hadn’t done anything wrong. Nicole was still trying to take in all that happened within the time she got to Megan’s house upset over her break-up with Tommy, till now.

Megan smiled, giving Nicole a light, tender kiss. “Do you want to watch the rest of the movie now…or do you just want to lay here and hold each other?” Megan asked, wondering what Nicole was thinking or feeling.

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