Memories Pt. 04

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Sorry that this has taken me so long to write I hope the waiting was worth while. Hopefully the next part will not take as long. I’m not sure how many more parts there will be, when I started it I envisaged three, but here we are part 4 and more to come.



Chapter 1

David awoke to the pleasant sensation of his morning erection being engulfed in the warm embrace of his sister Cathy’s mouth. Lifting his head he looked down the length of his body and smiled at the sight of Cathy kneeling naked beside him.

“Good morning sis.”

Cathy lifted her head, releasing his cock and allowing it to slap back against his stomach.

“Morning lover, I thought you were never going to wake up.”

“I’m up now.”

“Some parts of you have been up for a while,” said Cathy as her hand caressed his engorged penis.

Slowly she kissed her way up his body, her tongue lightly running over his naked skin, reaching his face they kissed deeply, tongues and limbs entwining in their passionate embrace.

Rolling over David sensually explored Cathy’s naked body with his tongue and fingers, suckling at her erect nipples as he slowly slipped down her body. He felt Cathy jump slightly as his fingers slipped into the wet folds of her delta of Venus, exploring her womanhood and bathing in the juices of her arousal. He explored her body, his tongue delving into the valley between her breasts and slipping down to explore her navel. Her moans of pleasure filled his ears as he slipped between her parted thighs and ran his tongue over her wet aroused labia, before teasing her clitoris from its fleshy home. As his tongue slipped over her clitoris Cathy responded with load moans of pleasure and her fingers slipped through his tangled hair to press his face to her dripping womanhood.

“O god Davy that’s it lick me and finger my pussy, o fuck yes baby that feels so good.”

Cathy was in heaven, she could feel her orgasm building as David alternated between licking and sucking her clit, and tongue fucking her pussy. She screamed in pleasure and surprise as she felt her brother’s tongue press against her anus before spearing into her bowels. Reaching up she pulled at her own breasts, massaging them and tweaking her erect nipples. The tongue in her bowels was suddenly replaced by a finger as David moved his oral administrations to her pussy. The actions were too much for Cathy and she threw back her head and cried in pleasure as she orgasmed.

“Davy O Davy O fuck Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

As she orgasmed Cathy’s body seemed to lift off the bed, until she seemed to be supported on her shoulders and heels, held there by David’s probing tongue and digit as he sucked the cum from her convulsing pussy.

As Cathy’s body relaxed in post orgasmic bliss, David sat up, his face coated in girl-cum. He looked at the flushed, sweaty body of his sister and smiled, gently he turned her over until she was kneeling, her head resting on her folded arms and her arse sticking into the air. He moved behind her and slid his cock over her labia, coating it in her juices, before slowly and steadily pushing it into her pussy, filling her vagina with his hard cock.

“God Cathy your pussy feels so tight and so good.”

“I was just about to say the same about your cock; it makes me feel so full. I love the feel of you inside me. Now fuck me Davy, fuck brother mine, fill me with your incestuous sperm and make me cum.”

David didn’t need asking twice, taking hold over Cathy’s hips he started to fuck his cock into Cathy’s wet and willing body. She matched his movements, pushing backwards to meet each of his forward thrusts and burying him as deep as she could in her womb.

The bedroom filled with the sounds and smells of their passionate lovemaking as they pushed each other closer and closer to their orgasmic peak. It was at that moment that the phone started ringing; David was surprised when Cathy reached across and answered it.

“H h hello.”

“Jade, god, fuck how are yoouuuu.”

“O fuck what am I doing? I’m being royally fucked by my brother David, here listen.”

Reaching down Cathy held the phone close to her pussy, giving Jade the chance to hear the wet sounds of David’s cock slamming into her cunt. She then dropped the phone onto the bed to allow Jade to listen in as she and David made love.

Sitting in the hallway of her parent’s house Jade found herself becoming aroused as she listened to the sounds of Cathy and David’s lovemaking. Switching the phone to speaker mode she quickly skimmed her already damp panties down her legs and kicked them off. Her skirt quickly joined them as she sat on the cool wooden floor and slowly ran a finger over her aroused pussy, smearing the juices from her labia onto her clitoris, teasing it until it was swollen and hard. As she dipped the fingers of one hand into her aroused, wet pussy she pushed the other hand under her cropped t-shirt to massage and tease her breasts and rapidly swelling nipples. Jade’s hips bucked as she plunged her fingers into her pussy, breaking off only long enough to throw kozyatağı escort her t-shirt onto her already discarded skirt and panties. She tried to match her own fast approaching orgasm with the sounds coming through the speaker phone, fingers delving deep into her dripping pussy while her thumb brushed over her engorged clitoris and her other hand was pulling and tweaking her breasts and nipples. Through the phone she heard Cathy and David’s cries of release as they orgasmed together, and moments later her own cries filled the house as she fingered herself to a massive orgasm.

Jade relaxed in post orgasmic pleasure; slowly withdrawing her fingers from her pussy and sucking the cum from them. The sound of Cathy’s voice brought her back to Earth from her self administered high.

“I’m here Cathy.”

“Did you cum hard honey?”

“O yes Cathy, you?”

“Definitely, Davy is a great lover. Why don’t you come over later and maybe you will be able to find out.”

“O yes please,” as she spoke Jade looked up to see her mom, Suze, standing by the open front door “Shit, gotta go Cathy.”

Quickly she disconnected feeling her body burn with embarrassment as her mom stepped fully into the house and kicked the door shut. Jade was acutely aware that she was sitting in a puddle of girl-cum, with her legs parted, offering her mom a clear view of her dripping cunt. She quickly closed her legs reached for her t-shirt to clean the floor.

“Leave it Jade and stand up.”

Jade did as her mom bid, standing up she tried to cover herself with her hands.

“Who was that on the phone?”


“I see and you were listening to her fuck some boy named Davy. Hold on I thought Davy was her brother?”

“He is.”

“So you were listening to her fuck her own brother, and that turned you on, the thought of incest aroused you did it.”

“I I…”

“So tell me, does the thought of fucking your father or brother turn you on? Well?”

“I’ve never really thought about it, I don’t really know.”

“How about me Jade, do you fantasies about fucking me? Do you think about sucking my breasts and pussy? I know you’ve fucked Cathy, so do I turn you on Jade, well do I?”

Jade looked at her mom and realised that the light that filled her eyes wasn’t anger but lust, she realised she could see her mom’s erect nipples pushing against her blouse. The slight fidgeting of her mom’s body that she had first put down to anger she now realised was caused by arousal. She studied her mom, looking at her as a sexual being rather than her mom, in a way it was like looking into a mirror. She saw the same expressive green eyes and delicate oriental features, the same long black hair, and the same slim and petite figure, the only difference being her mom’s slightly larger breasts.

Looking her mom in the eye Jade allowed her hands to drop to her side, bending down she wiped her hand through the puddle of girl cum before smearing it over her breasts and stomach. Swiping her hand once more in the puddle she gracefully stepped towards her mom, smiling as she saw shock fighting with lust play across her mom’s face.

“Would you like to taste my cum?” asked Jade as she lifted her wet hand towards her mom’s face.

Her mom stepped backwards, but Jade followed until her mom’s body was pressed against the closed door. She slid her hands sensually and slowly down her naked body as she looked deep into her mom’s eyes.

“I never thought about fucking you before mom, but now you ask yes. Yes I want to suckle at your breasts once more. Yes I want to taste your pussy, to put my tongue and fingers into the place I came from.”

As she spoke Jade stepped closer to her mom, until her naked body was pressing against her mom’s fully clothed one. Reaching down she slipped a hand beneath her mom’s skirt, sliding it over her stocking clad thigh before pressing it against her mom’s panty clad pussy.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Seeing how turned on you are.”

Jade could feel the moisture seeping through mom’s panties.

“Very turned on aren’t you mom.”

“Stop this now Jade.”

Ignoring her mom’s words Jade leant forward and pressed her lips to mom’s, she shuddered in pleasure and lust as her mom’s lips parted, allowing her tongue to slip between them. Their tongues entwined, exploring each other’s mouths, sliding over each other and running over teeth and gums.

Suze allowed herself to relax into her daughter’s embrace as she enjoyed her first lesbian kiss. She was surprised at how soft it was and how much love she felt imparted into it. Suddenly she seemed to come to her senses and quickly pushed her naked daughter away.

“Jade no we mustn’t do this, this is so wrong.”

“Why? You liked kissing me didn’t you?”

“I did yes, but that doesn’t make it all right, I’m your mother.”

“Have you never wondered what it would be like? I know you’ve heard Cathy and I making love, didn’t you ever imagine it was you?”

“No of course not, that’s sick.”

“Why küçükyalı escort don’t I believe you? O I know why, because I’ve heard you masturbating and the things you’ve said. I want to make love to you mom; I want to show you how women can pleasure each other. Then I want to take you with me to Cathy’s and watch you make love to her and maybe even see David fuck your tight little pussy.”

“But your father?”

“Fuck daddy, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Tell me you don’t want this as much as I do.”

Jade slipped to her knees and raising her mom’s skirt she pressed her mouth to Suze’s panties, running her tongue over the wet material before sucking it into her mouth. Fingers closed around her head and pressed her face tight to her mom’s thrusting crotch. Pulling her mouth away she reached up and yanked at her mom’s panties, she felt the material start to tear and using her hands ripped them apart. For the first time she found herself gazing upon her mom’s aroused pussy, she locked her lips over it, slurping at the juices that were running freely from it and thrust her tongue into her mom’s cuntal opening. She heard her mom’s muffled cries of pleasure as her tongue delved into the opening that had given birth to her. Replacing her tongue with first two and then three fingers she lapped at her mom’s engorged clitoris, coating it in a mixture of pussy cream and saliva before gently sucking it between her lips.

Suze went wild, thrusting her hips and pressing Jade’s head between her thighs as she felt her orgasm crash upon her.

“O Jade suck me, suck my pussy baby, fuck me with your fingers. O god Jade I’m cumming o fuck yes yes YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”

Jade’s hand and face were suddenly drenched in girl-cum as her mom orgasmed, she locked her mouth over her mom’s cuntal opening and sucked the juices from her spasming cunt, using her tongue to draw the nectar into her mouth.

As her mom’s orgasm passed Jade stood up her face glistening with pussy cream, she leant forward and kissed her mom deeply, tongue exploring the older woman’s mouth. Reaching up between them Jade unzipped Suze’s skirt, allowing it to fall to the floor, she then pulled at her blouse feeling the buttons open, some breaking free to fall to the hall floor. As the blouse joined the skirt Jade caressed her mom’s naked firm breasts, teasing the nipples with her fingers.

Taking Suze by the hand Jade led her up the stairs to her parent’s bedroom and over to the king-size bed. They sat down side by side, naked bodies pressing together as they turned to each other and shared a lovers kiss.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” asked Jade.

“Jade honey, I now I shouldn’t be and that this is so wrong but yes I am. I love the feel of your young body pressing against mine and what you did with your tongue and mouth, god that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

Jade smiled at her mom and slowly ran her fingers down her mom’s cheek and over her breasts and belly.

“It’s not over yet, but I recon it’s time you returned the favour, don’t you?”

“If you would like me to, but honey I’ve never done it before.”

“That’s OK mom, just do what makes you feel good.”

Jade moved into the centre of the bed and lay back; she slipped a pillow beneath her hips and parted her thighs. Looking down she watched her mom crawl between her parted thighs, her long hair flowing free to brush over her inner thighs and waiting pussy. She caressed her own breasts as she watched her mom’s face move towards her dripping, hot cunt. She couldn’t stifle a moan of pleasure as her mom’s tongue gently slid over her swollen labia before dipping into her cuntal opening.

Suze gazed in wonder and slight trepidation at her daughter’s pussy at it glistened with girl-cum, tentatively she ran her tongue over the red, swollen labia, tasting for the first time another woman’s cream. The taste that filled her mouth was well known from having tasted herself, but also subtly different. She found the taste aroused her and quickly pushed her tongue between Jade’s labia to taste it from its source. Desire filled her as she heard Jade’s moans of pleasure as she delved deep into her daughter’s pussy with her tongue, drawing the juices from it. Although it was the first time she’d ever made oral love to another woman she new what turned her on and more importantly Jade’s administrations were still very fresh in her mind.

Jade lay back as her body responded with waves of pleasure as her mom’s mouth and fingers explored her pussy. Reaching down she slid her fingers through her mom’s long hair. As her orgasm started to build she used slight hip movements and hand pressure to guide her mom’s probing tongue.

Suze drilled her tongue into her daughter’s cuntal opening while at the same time she gently rubbed her erect clit with a finger. Her other hand was buried between her own thighs, fingers buried in her pussy and thumb strumming over her own clit. She felt Jade’s body stiffen and her tongue which was buried in her daughter’s pussy was suddenly gripped by the cuntal anadolu yakası escort muscles as Jade orgasmed. Her cries of pleasure filling the bedroom as girl-cum flooded into Suze’s mouth. Suze’s own cries of orgasmic release were muffled as she feasted on her daughter’s dripping snatch.

As Jade lay relaxing after her orgasm she snuggled up against her mom, sighing in pleasure as her mom’s arms enveloped her in a loving hug.

“Mmm, that was amazing mom.”

“I’m glad I did OK.”

“You were great, so what would you like to do now, we can stay here or go over to Cathy’s and have some fun with her and David.”

“I’m not sure about that honey. It’s bad enough that I’ve had sex with you, my own daughter. What we’ve just done is wrong and I think maybe we should stop now before we go too far.”

Jade sat up and turned to kneel beside her mom, slowly she ran her hands over her mom’s naked body.

“Why’s it wrong, because society tell us it is? Mom this is just another way for us to share our love for each other.”

Jade lay down beside her mom and looked into her green eyes, eyes that perfectly matched her own.

“Kiss me mom, please kiss me.”

“O Jade, I do love you, I love you so very very much.”

With those words Suze pulled Jade into her arms and they kissed each other deeply, tongues entwining as they held each other tightly.

Chapter 2

David awoke after his and Cathy’s morning lovemaking and glanced at the clock on the bedside table. Sitting up he smiled at the sight of his beautiful naked sister sleeping peacefully beside him, bending over he kissed her shoulder and then her cheek. She stirred slightly and rolled over onto her bag, giving him the frontal view of her naked body.

“Hi lover,” said Cathy with a warm smile.

“Hi yourself, sleep well?”

“Mmm, what time is it?”

“Quarter to eleven.”

“God I guess we should get up.”

“I think so, I don’t know about you but I’m starving.”

“Now you come to mention it, so am I. I tell you what, I’ll go grab a quick shower while you shave and then see about cooking is a brunch. How do bacon and sausage sandwiches sound?”


After shaving and taking a quick shower David headed back into the bedroom, from downstairs he could hear his sister singing in the kitchen. Feeling risqué he headed naked downstairs to the kitchen, looking through the doorway he found himself gazing at Cathy’s naked back, her pert buttocks seeming to be calling out to be caressed.

“Better watch the fat doesn’t splash you.”

“I’ve taken precautions.”

As she spoke Cathy turned around offering him a view of her front, she was wearing a long apron the covered her firm breasts and hung down to mid-thigh.

“I never thought an apron could look sexy before, but you certainly make that one look great.”

“Why thank you, I’m glad you like it.”

“I like what’s in it better.”

“So I see,” said Cathy as she eyed David’s rapidly hardening penis, “I see you decided not to dress.”

“Well I thought if you weren’t going to why should I. After all if Jade decides to come calling I’d only have to get undressed again and if she doesn’t come round we can still find something to do that doesn’t require clothes.”

David stepped up to his sister and pulled her close, they kissed deeply, tongues entwining as David slid his hands over Cathy’s naked body.

“God David you make me so hot, you just have to touch me and I’m ready for you, but if we don’t stop now the food will burn. Why don’t you pour the coffee while I bring the food across.”

“OK but be aware that after we’ve had the food I’m gonna eat you.”

“Yummy, sounds good, but food first.”

As David poured the coffee, Cathy carried a plate of bacon and sausage sandwiches across, before sitting down she removed the apron.

Sitting down across from his sister David couldn’t help gazing at her pert breasts, he jumped slightly as Cathy slid a foot into his lap and used it to caress his cock. Smiling at her he copied her actions, lifting his own foot and sliding it between her parted thighs, using the toes to tease her moist labia before working his big toe into her pussy.

They teased each other as they ate their brunch, keeping themselves aroused. When David saw a dollop of tomato sauce fall onto Cathy’s breasts he couldn’t refrain from moving around the table and kneeling beside her. Slowly and sensually he licked the red sauce from her breast before kissing and sucking her erect nipple. As he did this he pressed a hand between her parted thighs, slipping a finger into her dripping pussy. Pushing her chair away from the table his kissed his way down over her stomach before pushing her thighs apart and running his tongue over her wet labia. He tasted her juices, sliding his tongue into her pussy before moving upwards to bath her clitoris with a mixture of his saliva and her juices. He teased the hard nubbin of flesh with his tongue as he eased first one then a second finger into her dripping snatch, a third finger joined them as Cathy’s hips thrust towards him and her fingers locked in his hair. As he lapped at her clitoris and fingered her pussy he felt Cathy’s body stiffen and suddenly his probing fingers were bathed in girl-cum as she orgasmed. He licked them clean before replacing them with his tongue and sucking the juices from Cathy’s pussy.

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