Miss Martha Ch. 02

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Last night with Miss Martha was amazing, I would have never imagined that she could be so nasty and so good! I was thinking to myself as I watched her sleeping, her large breast covering the other as she lay on her side. I played with her nipple watching it harden in her sleep. I knew I had things to do at Moms so I got up to get dressed. Her eyes opened a bit, and a smile crept to her face, remembering what had transpired last night.

I glanced over at her, “Good morning you sexy Thang!”

She grinned at me her eyes shining with a new look in them as she got up and hugged me. “I can’t believe we did that last night!

“Are you sorry Miss Martha?”

“Oh in no way am I sorry, I just can’t believe we did it.”

I gave her a tighter hug, slipping my hand down between her thick thighs, touching her slit. I ran my fingers along her inner pussy lips, feeling her getting wetter. Her head leaned on my shoulder, she nibbled on my neck as my finger entered her. I pulled on her thick nipple with my free hand and she melted in my arms. We had to lie down to continue our lovemaking, her large breasts spreading on her chest as she did. My mouth went to one and swallowed as much of her as I possibly could, my finger working her tight wet pussy.

Her legs opened wide for me to reach her slick inner depths, I felt her pussy’s heat as it surrounded my finger. Her pussy clinging to my finger while I rubbed her thick clit with my thumb. I lay my head on her thigh gazing at her hairy pussy before I licked her wetness away with my tongue. Savoring her sweet juices as I began to fuck her with my face. Her hands grabbed my hair pulling me deeper between her heavy thighs as her breath was coming faster.

I knew she was close to having her first Orgasm of the morning, when I heard her begin to softly moan. Miss. Martha’s hips began to quake as she started cumming on my thick tongue. She nearly pulled my hair out as she wiggled her hips around on the bed. She cried out as her Orgasm hit her hard and her pussy began to ooze her sweet juice on my chin. It only made me lick her deeper when she came again, her legs wrapping tightly around my head. Had I looked up all I would have seen was her hairy pussy. as it was, I was too busy kissing and sucking on her open pussy to care to open my eyes.

While Miss Martha rested from her early morning sexcapades, I slid up between her large tits and rubbed my hard dick between them. Her hands wrapped them around my dick and gently squeezed them together. Pulling on her dark nipples with her fingers as she titty fucked me. I watched as her big tits covered all of my dick inside them while she held them on me.

Her chest had a light sweat on it, so I slid between them easily, My weight held up by my extended arms. Her mouth would cover my dick when I moved it closer to her lips. She does love to suck a cock, I thought as I watched her engulf the head of it. I rolled off of her chest and she returned to sucking me off. Her warm hand playing with my full balls and tickling my asshole with her long fingernail. I held her head in my hands and my hips started pumping her face, filling her mouth with my cock. I watched as her eyes closed and she moaned, sucking me deeper in her hot mouth. Her tongue was working the underside of my dick, making obscene sucking noises while her head moved around in circles.

I could not last long with her expert cock sucking, and I wasn’t going to try. Her finger felt so good when she tickled my ass with her fingertip, and jacked me off with her other hand. I felt my balls creeping up to my body and the familiar feeling in my stomach right before I shot my heavy load in her hot sucking mouth. She swallowed deeply as I shot my thick load in her throat, I held her face close to my crotch while my body shook from my Orgasm.

We lay on the bed resting as she held me close to her with a dreamy look on her face smiling when she licked her lips. I played with her hairy pussy a few minutes, she was dripping wet. I wanted to stay longer and fuck her again, but knew I had to get back to my Moms to finish the chores left to do. So I got up dressed to leave. Miss Martha gave me a kiss and a squeeze on my ass when I left.

“You can stay here again tonight if you want!” She told me as I got into my car.

“Thanks Miss Martha, I think I will!’ with wicked grin. I drove the few blocks to moms and went inside to say hi and eat breakfast.

“How was your night at Martha’s?”

“I slept like a log on her feather bed!” I replied.

We ate and talked about what I had left to do, and she found some other things she needed done. None so large a task that I was going to bitch about doing for her. I got right on it hoping to make a short day of it and get back to Miss Martha’s. It was hard to concentrate on my chore as I kept thinking about how nasty Miss Martha was in bed, and I kept getting a hard on thinking of her. And since she was the first older woman I had ever had sex with, I couldn’t wait to get back to her.

It got warmer pendik escort than I had expected so I removed my shirt and wiped my face with it. I went inside and got a drink of water, Mom was sitting at the table reading her paper. I didn’t think anything of it when I noticed she was staring at me.

“How is it coming out there”

I should be done around lunch if I work at it mom.” I went back out to get finished. The morning flew by and Mom called me in for lunch, I put my shirt on and went in the house. As we ate I asked about Miss Martha, how long she had been alone, how long they had been friends, that kind of thing.

“I met Martha when I moved here and she was one of the more friendly people in town, and we went to the same church. I believe she has been alone about 7 years or so, since her husband died. She has really been a good friend to me.”

I could not help but wonder what mom would think if she knew how nasty Miss Martha was. And a big grin spread across my face.

“What has you smiling?”

“Nothing mom, Just thinking.” And I finished my lunch.

It didn’t take long to finish cleaning out the shed, I went in to get my luggage packed and out to the car.

“Are you going to stay at Martha’s again tonight?”

“Yes Ma’am, she said it was OK if I wanted too, and I have some more things to show her on her computer. I may even stay an extra day or two to help her.”

“That’s sweet of you, I know she appreciates your helping her.”

I just smiled thinking of how I appreciated her fucking me half to death. I hurried and loaded my car then drove the few blocks to Miss Martha’s house. I needed a shower and asked which one I could use.

“You can use mine if you want, that way I won’t have to clean the spare later.”

I went to her bathroom and undressed, I felt more like a warm bath than a shower, so I ran the bath water. Standing there naked I waited for it to fill. Miss Martha walked in unannounced and stared at me in my nudity, I rubbed my dick for her, watching her eyes stay on my hardening dick. She asked if she could stay with me while I bathed.

“You can do better than that, You can bath me!”

She watched as I got into the tub and got a wash cloth, scrubbing the soap bar until it was full of lather she began to wash me. I was in heaven, I lay back as she washed my entire body clean. She even massaged my back and neck while I leaned forward for her. Taking extra time and care on my now hard as nails cock and hairy balls. Slowly jacking me off and cooing at how I felt in her hand.

I almost fell asleep in the tub and would have if not for her asking me if I wanted to lay in the bed.

“Sure, it sounds better than falling asleep in here and drowning!” I smiled at her.

Miss Martha got me a towel and dried me off getting on her knees she licked my balls and sucked me for a minute. I held her hand as we went to her bedroom and lay on the bed. I was on my back with my hands behind my head watching to see what she would do. It only took a minute for her to undress and get between my legs. Her mouth was almost watering as she engulfed my cock. I loved to hear her as she sucked my cock, her slurping as she sucked up and moaning as she went down.

I held her gray hair in my hands while she sucked me, her lips forming a perfect circle around my dick. Her tongue licking the underside of me as she worked her mouth. I didn’t want to waste this load in her mouth.

“Turn over Miss Martha, I want to fuck you!”

She got off me and got on her hands and knees, with her nice fat ass waiting for me to enter her. Even better I thought to myself, we didn’t try that last night, Doggy style, Oh Yeah. I held her ass cheeks open wide, My cock neared its goal, her sweet hairy wet pussy. I felt her heat when the head of my dick entered her, her pussy grasping at me as I pushed to gain entrance in her. Miss Martha worked her ass towards me in her effort to get me all the way in her

I started fucking her slowly, grabbing her flabby ass in my palms and squeezing them tightly as I did. Miss Martha started moaning and I put the full length of my cock in her. I watched as her ass cheeks bounded. when I started fucking her faster. Remembering that she had enjoyed her spanking last night, I gave her ass a smack. Her hips bucked as I did, and I felt her pussy clinch tighter on me.

“So, you nasty wench, you really DO enjoy a good spanking don’t you!”

“Oh Yes, spank me if you want. Call me names whatever you want, just fuck me!”

And fuck her I did. I started slamming into her, her ass working to me when I pushed my hips forward. Her large tits flopping around on her chest and her crying out in the heat of the moment.

“That’s right Miss Martha, fuck it. Fuck it hard bitch.”

Hearing that she went wild, her hips worked against mine as she fucked me back.

“Yes, Fuck Me, you dirty little bastard. Make a Old Woman happy, Make me Cum!”

Her pussy was dripping on my balls and I fucked her hairy maltepe escort slit hard. I licked my finger tip and stuck it in her puckered asshole, She cried out in shock and pleasure as I worked it in. I slapped her ass with my free hand watching as the red hand print showed, her ass fucking me wilder as she was nearing her Orgasm.

‘Fuck me baby, fuck Miss Martha honey. Oh God, it feels so good, don’t stop, Please don’t stop fucking me.”

I felt her pussy getting tighter as she started to cum on me, her breath coming in gasps. My sweat falling on her back from my face, I heard her as she cried out.

“Now, I’m cumming Now, Fuck Me hard Now baby.”

I pumped her sweet pussy hard and fast, she had me on the verge of my own Orgasm now.

“Fuck me Miss Martha, I’m going to cum now, make me fill you up, work that pussy bitch!”

Then I started cumming, Load after thick load, I was spurting into her hairy pussy. Her pussy spasmed in her Orgasm, as my spurting cock jerked in her. I fell on her back and she collapsed on the bed, smashing her tits as they flattened on the bed. My dick was still jerking from the intense Orgasm I had, my warm breath on her neck while she tried to breath normally again.

She felt so good with me on top of her, our sweat mixing as I rubbed my body along hers. I stuck my hands under her and squeezed her huge tits, feeling her hard nipples in my palms. I sucked on her earlobe whispering how nasty she was and how I loved to fuck her tight pussy.

“Oh I love it too, I’m so glad we did this!”

We got out of bed and dressed giggling like little children at each other. I went to her computer and she got us a beer. I drank some down and tried to find out what else she wanted to know about the computer, what she looked for on it and things. She was interested in finding out more on the history of the town they lived in and her ancestors. So I showed her how to look up things, and every now and then I would pop in a porn site just to tease her.

A couple she really looked like she enjoyed, One with a Mature theme, younger men and older women. (One of my all time Favorites also) and one that had some light bondage and spankings on it. I asked her what turned her on about the spankings.

“Well, when I was younger about 12 or so, sometimes I would act badly just so my father would spank me. It was the only time he really paid any attention to me. So I did that to be close to him at times. I felt that was the only way he could show me he loved me, I guess I found that it also turned me on as I grew older.”

“Well Miss Martha, I’m not complaining about it. I also get turned on by spanking a woman, I love to see her ass turn red and feel how warm it is when I do. And I see that you really need a good spanking as nasty as you are!” I said with a wink.

We laughed and did some more porn, I found a really good site showing some mature women fucking younger men. I personally found the ones with the hairier women more exciting. I even found one where the woman looked strikingly similar to Miss Martha, she was one of the hairier ones. You could hardly see her pussy from the hair hiding it. My dick got hard, Miss Martha noticed it and rubbed her hand on it.

“Suck it for me. Suck my cock Miss Martha.”

She unzipped my pants and I raised my hips for her to pull my pants down. Her warm mouth surrounded my cock and she slowly sucked it deep in her wet mouth. I watched as she deep throated me again. It was quite a sight, watching this 68 year old woman on her knees sucking my cock down her throat. Listening to her as she slurped it deeper in her hot wet mouth.

I could not help but grab her hair and push her face to my crotch and fuck her mouth roughly.

“Suck it you nasty cocksucker, Suck it deep!”

It only made her suck me more passionately and with more vigor when I called her nasty names. I wasn’t sure how far I could go with the name calling but what did I have to lose?

“You nasty old whore, suck my cock, make me cum in your mouth you cum sucker!’

She sucked me faster and with an even harder suction, as she pulled her head back up my hard dick. My hips shoving it as deep as I could against her soft lips. If you have never fucked an older woman, I would suggest you find one and do it, it is something you both will enjoy. Her head bounced on my dick and I rubbed her shoulders and neck as she sucked me. I pulled her face off me.

“Lick my balls, suck them also.”

She dropped her face below my cock and gently sucked them into her mouth one at a time, her mouth was so warm as they floated around in it. She then did something that shocked me, she went even further down and licked my asshole. Putting my legs over her shoulders she tongue fucked me while jacking my cock off. Damn that was great. I knew I would cum soon if she continued to do that.

I was right, not a minute had passed when I felt my sperm bubbling in my nuts.

“I’m fixing to cum bitch, suck it now. Suck my cum out of kartal escort me you whore!”

She could’ve broken her neck she jumped to my cock so fast to catch it as I started cumming. The first shot hit her nose as her mouth covered my cock, the rest she caught in her mouth as I shot off and held her face to my cock. She took her mouth off me and licked my shaft from bottom to top her hand squeezing me gently forcing my spunk to ooze out the end as she licked it up with the tip of her tongue

“You taste so good.” she told me as she licked the last drop off.

I could only lay back in the computer chair and smile at her as she looked up at me from her knees. I had just helped her up and pulled my pants up when we heard a knock at her door. She answered it and I saw Mrs.Wilson standing there.

“Well hello Jeff! What are you doing here?”

“Oh just helping Miss Martha with her computer a little bit.”

“I have thought about getting one, but they are so complicated to use, I would never learn how.”

“Naw, you could learn in no time couldn’t she Miss Martha.”

“Of course she could, after all I learned didn’t I?”

We all laughed at her comment and went in to get some coffee. Miss Martha asked why Shirley came over.

“Oh I had some spare time on my hands and thought it had been too long since I had visited you Martha. Is it really that easy to use a computer?”

“I don’t think it would take you long to learn with Jeff helping you.” Miss Martha said to her.

Mrs. Wilson sat there sipping her coffee while Miss Martha rubbed my leg with her foot under the table, when her foot pushed on my dick I almost jumped and Miss Martha just smiled at me with an evil grin.

Mrs. Wilson was another widower, her husband had passed away about a year ago, and her children lived out of state, so I explained to her how she could use email and even a camera with a computer to see her Grand Children if she wanted. She looked impressed with the idea.

Mrs. Wilson was a short kind of fat woman, I believe she is 73 and another friend of Moms so I was willing to help her in anyway I could. We sat there and finished our coffee when I suggested we all go and play on the computer, showing her the benefits of owning one. She can’t see very well so she was leaning over me looking at the monitor, her heavy breast laying on my shoulder. I couldn’t help but get excited knowing what had transpired between Miss Martha in that chair not 20 minutes ago.

I made sure when ever I moved the mouse that my arm brushed her tit when I did. I saw her face flush more than once when I did that, but she never moved away from me. I laughed and told her why I had come over to help Miss Martha.

“I never knew she was into porn sites!” I joked, Miss Martha blushed and called me a liar as she did.

“It was a mistake, I never meant to go to those sites.”

I had to laugh as her embarssement. Her face flushed red from embarrassment, Then I resumed to Mrs. Wilson short internet course.

“You mean they have nasty places on the internet?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am, there are a few of them, what are you interested in? I’m sure we can find it on here.”

She wasn’t sure what to do so, I let her try it out. I moved over and she sat in front of the computer.

“What do I do?”

“Just type in something you are interested in and hit the enter button.”

She did and it came up with a medical sight, we looked at it a few minutes and she and Miss Martha talked as she read the page. Miss Martha reached around behind Mrs. Wilson and grabbed my cock teasing me, I gave her the “Stop It” look. That was all I needed for Mrs. Wilson to see her do that, so I thought a little payback was in order. I moved behind Miss Martha and slid my hand up the crack of her ass and gave her a squeeze. She jumped and gave a small squeal, I laughed when Mrs. Wilson asked what happened.

“Nothing, I just got a little startled is all.” Miss Martha answered.

Mrs. Wilson asked some more questions about the internet when she misspelled the word and a porn site popped up on her.

“Oh My Word! How did that happen?”

I smiled thinking how Miss Martha had done the same thing.

“You can have that happen whenever you misspell something, or put in the wrong word. A lot of porn sites do that on purpose to get you to the web site they own.”

It happened to be one of two men and one woman having sex. Mrs. Wilson was blushing trying to figure out how to get out of there, Miss Martha asked her.

“Come now Shirley, don’t act like you never had sex before. You have 5 children, you don’t do that without having sex!”

“Well no, but I never looked at this kind of thing before either!”

I noticed she didn’t look away from the screen though. Damn these older women were not shy about sex I thought to myself. Miss Martha was a bold woman anyway, and she asked Mrs. Wilson.

“When was the last time you got laid Shirley?”

Mrs. Wilson blushed, “That is not something we should talk about in front of this young man I don’t believe.”

“Shirley, this young man could probably teach you a thing or two!”

I could not believe they were talking like this, not at their age, and not with me standing there.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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